Best Places to Shop for Valentine’s Day in NYC

Best Places to Shop for Valentine’s Day in NYC

Best Places to Shop for Valentine’s Day in NYC

New York City is known as the City of Romance. You will see couples of all age groups wandering on the streets, their hands in hands, singing their hearts out, and living their best love lives. Ah, they are so adorable to see.

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, there are things to do to make your other one feel special. It will include a romantic date night with lots of gifts, chocolates, and food. In this article, our editors have added 9 of these famous places to shop for Valentine’s Day 2020 in New York City.

We know you want to gift your bae with the perfect Valentine’s Day present, and that is why we are here.

Best Places to Shop for Valentine’s Day in NYC

Look at the options mentioned below, and they include some famous spots in NYC where you can purchase a wonderful present for your better half. Don’t forget to show us some love.

Best Places to Shop for Valentine’s Day 2020 Gifts Category Recommendation
MarieBelle Chocolates Ganache boxes
Bulletin Broads Wardrobe Satan socks, Misogynist tears mugs
Domus Antique Gifts Thai candles, Moroccan bags.
CatBird Jewelry Diamond and Sapphire rings
Strand Book Store Books Love stories, rare books.
Josefinas Shoes Ballet flats, Showgirl collection.
Pink Olive Low-cost cute gifts You are Loved collection
Butter Lane Cupcakes Cupcakes and cakes Banana base cupcakes.
Ode à la Rose Flowers Forever Roses bouquet.

Here is the detailed description of all the Top-rated places that are famous for Valentin’s Day Shopping in New York City.

MarieBelle NY

Love is incomplete without chocolates. Chocolates have become a part of our romantic gifts so much that it has become a cliché to gift your lover a box full of them. That is why we are starting our list off with one of the most excellent chocolate gift box providers in town.

Maribel Lieberman is the owner and founder of this store. She is a passionate lady who wanted to discover exotic flavors of chocolate. Since the 2000s, Lieberman has gone from home-based to a well-established store both inside and outside the United States. She wants to spread love and peace with her chocolates.

The MarieBelle store can provide you with a list of beautiful gifts. You can buy their ganache gift box, which comes with little ganache pieces.

The pieces and prices may vary in every box. They provide luxury and corporate gift boxes, as well. It is among the top-rated shopping place for Valentine’s Day 2020 in NYC.

If you want an exceptional gift for your lover, order their customized gift boxes. They make ganache out of milk, light and white chocolates, and matcha and dark chocolates as well. You can order chocolate bars, ganache bars, Choco-dipped cherries, and many other flavorful desserts. You can also order yummy macaroons as well.

You can also order on their website and even get a little discount on the items. They will give you budget-friendly gift boxes to luxurious and expensive ones. They will provide delicious heart-shaped ganache boxes on Valentine’s Day 2020.

The timing of this store is:

11 am to 7 pm (Monday to Thursday)

11 am to 8 pm (Weekends)

So if you want to impress your loved one with the best chocolate gift ever, then there is no better place than MarieBelle.

Location: 484 Broome Steet., New York, NY.

Bulletin Broads 

Honey, if your babe is a real feminist, then Bulletin Broads is the best place you could find here. This place is such a badass spot where you will find tons of surprising things for your empowered girl.

Alana Branston and Ali Kriegsman are the co-founders of this fantastic spot. The primary mission of the duo was to empower women through their apparel. They also support small investors and businesses as well as online sellers. They let them highlight their products on their designated shelves, which is equally beneficial to both parties.

The store is a perfect gift spot for this Valentine’s Day. The city of New York is known for its feminist revolutions. Their products come with such cheesy captions that if you are a guy entering into the premises, you will pretty much come out red.

So basically, they contain all types of items in their wardrobe. From hot and sexy tops to chic accessories and everything your feminist girl would appreciate. For instance, they come with socks that say Devil is a woman. Or mugs that come with the caption of “Misogynist tears.”

Best thing of all is that this place is extremely cheap. You can buy some unusual gift items at a wholesale rate. From Monday to Saturday, the store timings are from 11 am to 8 pm. The store closes an hour early at 7 pm on Sundays.

So what are you waiting for? Go to NoLita to this store and make your girl happy.

Location: 27 Prince St (Mott St) New York, NY.

Domus, Famous for Valentine’s Day Shopping

If your lover happens to be a person who loves decorative pieces and artisan jewels in the house, or they like its significance on special days like Valentine’s Day, then hop into Domus. This unique gift store in Hell’s Kitchen is the perfect spot for you to buy economic and cute gifts for your better half.

The crazy travelers Luisa and Nicki conceived the idea to open a store that would be more like a home (and this store means Home in Latin). Their love for traveling and collecting unique items from different places made them open a store that would provide home to all these unique gifts. This store is so diverse that you can see various cultural items here.

This store has got the perfect home items that we can gift our loved ones. You can go for beautiful Indian bags or spicy Thai candles.

You will find a good range of Moroccan and African hand-made items. You can also go for their love mugs. In short, this store has a variety of things that women, especially housewives, loves to buy.

The store also has a collection of paintings of artists from different regions which you can buy to impress your partner. The place opens at 12 pm and closes at 8 pm (Tuesday to Saturday). It opens at the same time on Sunday but closes a little early at 6 pm. Mondays are off.

So don’t miss the opportunity and buy a fantastic gift from Domus. All the items are budget-friendly, and you will love their quality as well.

Location: 413 West 44th St., New York, NY.

Cat Bird

Here’s the tip to buy the best gift for your date.

Number 1: it should be shiny and glittery.

Number 2: It must be unique and eye-catching.

And we all know there’s no better way to this than jewelry. No woman can ever say no to ornaments, and if you plan to propose her on this particular day, then you must check out this fantastic store named Cat Bird.

Rony opened the Cat Bird in 2004. Initially, it was just a small store which she rented with support from her family and loyal friends. She always fascinated about the art of making mesmerizing jewelry, and in this way, she expanded her store. The Cat Bird excels in providing the best jewelry for special occasions and events.

They have a wide variety to offer. You can take a look at the fabulous earrings and studs. Tiny diamonds beautifully carved on the earrings make them look dazzling. Their rings have come directly from heaven, the stones cut perfectly, and the lustful shine of the diamonds sends you into an aura. They also have items like anklets, charms, and necklaces.

The items here can be quite expensive, depending on what you want to buy. They have a decent list of things that you can buy under the $200 range. I’m sure you will find something unusual in this section. Besides, you can go up higher if your budget allows.

The main store is on a busy Brooklyn street. There are other locations available, too, like their newly opened store in Manhattan and their Jewelry studio.

The store opens seven days a week. It opens at (12 pm to 8 am) from Monday to Friday. It opens at 11 am and closes at 7 in the eve time on Saturday. On Sunday it goes from 12 pm to 6 pm.

Location: 219 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

Strand Book Store

As I already told you, not everyone loves jewels and glitters, some love to read. There could be no better present than to gift your lover a perfect book. To pick the best book, you will not find any better place in Manhattan then the Strand Book Store.

Benjamin Bass laid the foundation of this bookstore in 1927. Later on, his son Fred Bass continued his Father’s Legacy of selling the best books. Fred and his daughter Nancy gave their heart and soul to this place. That is why it has become an iconic spot in NYC.

The book store deals with the latest and rarest books. They also buy and sell used books. They have one of the biggest collection of books in New York. You will find such rare historical novels that are not available anywhere else.

Their love section is what you were seeking. You will find a vast collection of novels and love stories. You can gift him Rumi’s love poems, or you can gift her the fifty shades of Grey collection or other love stories that you like. It will be a perfect gift.

Other than that, you can also pick some other things to gift, such as a cool and classy reader’s mugs or a beautifully written gift card with love quotes. All of these items come with amazing and exciting deals and prices. They have special cards and gift boxes for Valentine’s Day, so it will be quite easy to pick something for your partner.

The store is open throughout the week. The strand bookstore opens at 9:30 am and closes at 10:30 pm. So hurry up and grab a book for her. You can make a cute basket with chocolates, flowers and a book.

Location: 828 Broadway, New York, NY.


Some love books, some love ornaments, and some clothes. But one thing that these girls love to receive as a gift is shoes. So if your girl is obsessed with shoes like Carrie Bradshaw, then don’t hesitate to search the best shoe for your girl in Josefinas.

Founded by three Portugal women named Sofia Olivera, Maria, and Filipa, the purpose of this shop was to create something magical and dreamy. They wanted to put their hearts out in all of the shoes, and they succeeded in it. You will not find such an elegant collection anywhere else. You will see a vast selection of shoes.

You can go for the Vintage collection shoes or modern ones. There are ballerina and dancing categories, as well.

They have individual sections for funky people and hipsters. Don’t forget to check their feminist shoes; they are the talk of the town these days.

If you want to shop the best for your girl, then do consider buying from their all-famous Ballet flats. Their Carmen, Sisterhood, Pink Power, and Moscow collections are such a work of elegance and epicness. You might also go through the Showgirl, and On Point collections, they are like the trendiest.

Josefinas opens at 11 am and closes at 7 pm. If you want the perfect gift for your ballerina, then there is no better option than this. But beware of the prices, all good things come with a price.

Location: 252 Elizabeth Street, New York City..

Pink Olive, Best place for Valentine’s Day Gifts in NYC

It’s the small little effort that counts. Not everyone can afford lavish gifts for their Valentines. So don’t worry as this cute little gift store Pink Olive will provide you a lovely gift.

Grace Kang opened this gift shop in 2007 to tell people that it is love that matters the most. Her gift store is more like a celebration of art and love. It is a perfect spot to buy things for babies and birthdays. Pink Olive has three more stores in Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and Manhattan.

One of the trendiest things to buy here are the gift paper cards. They are so adorable that they can melt anyone’s heart. They also have cute bracelets, and their Vintage Love Bracelet is terrific. Or you can get your lover the mug titled You are Loved. Their gift bags also come with the same tag.

You can also find scented candles for your perfect date here. There are also other beautiful items such as Love cushions, pink prints, and their Love matchboxes. This place is a delightful spot to go and pack loads of love into a gift box. This is among the popular spots for buying gifts for Valentine’s Day in NYC.

The Pink Olive opens at 11 am and closes at 8 in the night till Saturday. It closes two hours earlier at 6 pm on Sunday as it has four stores so you can go to any of them which is near you.

Location: 439 E 9th St (1st Ave) NYC.

Butter Lane Cupcakes

Everything is fair in love and war, and when it comes to Cupcakes, one can kill for them. Everyone loves cupcakes, and it’s one of the hottest selling items on Valentine’s Day. Besides, who can provide more soft and yummy cakes than Butter Lane?

Butter Lane was established in 2008. Since then, Butter Lane has become a favorite spot for New Yorkers. They love to buy their cute cupcakes when they pass by. The owner, Lisa, wants to give her best in this field, and she encourages people to join her cooking classes so that more people get to taste their yummy cupcakes at home.

Talking about the cupcakes, you can buy them in packs. You can buy two, six, or a dozen cupcakes. You can also get customized and special assorted cupcakes for special events. They make just the perfect cupcakes for Valentine’s Day in NYC, so your partner will be happy to receive them as a gift.

The cupcakes come with 15 different icings. Their cookies n cream, blueberry, Maple Pecan, and Honey Cinnamon icing cupcakes are a delight to eat. You can choose base flavors like Banana, Vanilla, and Chocolate. They have cookies, cakes, and crepes as well; you can also try them out.

Butter Lane opens at 11 am and closes at 10 pm from Sunday to Thursday. On Friday and Saturday, it closes an hour late at 11 pm. Valentine’s Day will be on Friday, too, so you can grab your cupcakes from there as late as 11 pm.

Location: 123 E 7th St, New York, NY.

Ode à la Rose

We have checked everything off the list. We are done with jewelry, chocolates, books, cards, candles, and cupcakes. Now is the time to pick our last thing to present, which is a magical bouquet. You will find lots of flower spots in NYC, but if you want something even special and unique, then go to this best place for Valentine’s Day Gifts.

The French boys Louis and Olivier founded this flower shop. They wanted to make such a shop that would celebrate colors and flowers. They claim that each flower of theirs has a different story to tell, and they want to go to someone who values relationships, love, and peace.

There are lots of options available in the store. You can buy a bouquet from their collection, or you can customize them on your own. Their flowers are fresh, their colors are vibrant, and their fragrances are heavenly.

They have got flowers for every occasion. Their signature bouquets sell like hotcakes. One of their best item is the Forever Roses. It is a big stunning bouquet with striking red color perfect for Valentine’s Day. You will be amazed to know that this bouquet has exceptionally preserved roses that can last up to 2 years. Wow!

They offer home delivery too so you can deliver flowers to your lover. They provide an efficient delivery system, and your partner will be surprised to see a mind-blowing bouquet in front of them as soon as He or she opens their eyes.

The operational hours of this shop are from 9 pm to 6 pm (Monday to Friday). On Saturdays, it starts to sell their flowers at 10 am and closes at 1 pm. Sundays are off.

Location: 120 West 28th St, New York City..

What to gift your special one on Valentine’s Day?

Well, it all depends on what intrigues him or her the most. Some people love to receive chocolates as a gift. It symbolizes that the love they have is sweeter than chocolates.

You can also gift them jewelry. For example, you can gift each other Platinum rings or identical piercings, lockets, or bracelets. It looks cute and cool at the same time. You can also gift accessories like bangles, watches, bands, etc.

Some people love clothes. The best gift for them will be to buy them new clothes. An iconic dress from Bloomingdale’s will make your lover fall in love with you even more. You can also buy them shoes like the Manolo Blahnik ones which Carrie loved to wear.

Not everyone loves roses and diamonds, some love books. If your bae is a book lover, then you can also gift a book to them. Know what type of novels they love and the genre. It will be the best gift for them.

Lastly, don’t forget to buy a beautiful bouquet for your partner. Pick their favorite flowers and give them so that they never forget that heavenly scent of love. EVER!

This day is yours, this city is yours, and this time is yours!

Celebrate it like it is the end of the world, cherish each moment with your lover, and make it worthwhile. May this day and all the coming days bring you the best of happiness, laughter, and joy.

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