Best Calligraphy Schools in New York City

Best Calligraphy Schools in New York City

Best Calligraphy Schools in New York City  

It is rightly said, Calligraphy helps you express your feelings. I love this art of Calligraphy and I live in NYC. In this article, I have added a detailed description of the famous schools that offer Calligraphy classes. My team did all the research and got feedback from the students, who have visited the school or have friends learning Calligraphy in New York City.

Everyone is eager to do something. No doubt, life in New York City is very busy, but people find time for their hobbies. People of New York City have a lot of hobbies like painting, photography, singing, gardening, drawing, sewing, hiking, scrapbooking, archery, and many more.

Best Calligraphy Schools in New York City  

Here are the popular calligraphy schools in New York City. These calligraphy schools are easy to access because of their fame. You can go there and make yourself the best calligrapher.

Name of the School Address
Brooklyn Brainery 190 Underhill Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238
Laura Hooper Calligraphy 177 Prince Street
New York City, NY 10012
Craft Jam 103 Sullivan Street New York, NY 10012
Brooklyn Craft company 165 Green point Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
92Y (92nd Street Y )(between 91st& 92nd street) 1395 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10128
Craftsman Ave Gowanus, Brooklyn 117B 11th St between 2nd and 3rd Avenues Brooklyn, New York 11215
Society of Scribes Gramercy, Manhattan 214E 21st St between 2nd& 3rd Avenues New York, NY 10010

Brooklyn Brainery

Brooklyn Brainery is a community-driven education system. Faculty is providing affordable classes about everything. Various courses of calligraphy are conducted here. The detail of the course is given below,

Modern calligraphy boot camp 

The cost of this course is 82$. Beginners and left-handed can also join this class. The age requirement is 18 or more. The class size is 12 students. And the instructor’s name is Danielle Rothman. It is a one session calligraphy course.

Danielle Rothman provides you the necessary instruction. In your first step, you will learn about the making of letters, also about alphabet calligraphy and brush calligraphy. In the second step, you will be familiarized with dip pen calligraphy.

After joining the class, a set of markers, papers, pen, and ink are given to the students for practice. The starting date is not still announced, but soon it will be announced, and you can get info on the school website.

Watercolor floras and calligraphy 

The course cost is 65$.Under the supervision of Danielle Rothman. This course is for beginners. You will learn how to combine watercolors floras beautifully with calligraphy. Under the modern calligraphy technique, you will learn how to blend the colors with letters.

You will also receive brushes, water, and oil colors, and paper sheets for practice. You will be informed about the class when it will be conducted.

Chalkboard Art Workshop

The price of the workshop is 70$. The workshop is for all levels, and Danielle Rothman conducts the class. It’s a three-hour workshop. After attending this workshop, one can enable to create of a chalkboard sign for home.

Before you use chalk markers first, you have to command on hand lettering. You will receive a chalkboard and chalk markers for your practice. Soon the session will be started. Come here to join the classes.

Modern Calligraphy for Graphic designer 

About the class, you can get information on the site. Where you can register yourself.

Laura Hooper Calligraphy

This workshop has trained about 5500 students from 2014. The session is starting from 17 November, and the timing is 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The registration fee is 225$. The instructors Laura Hooper and Alyssa Law are sisters. Both are running the school. The instruction lesson is for 2.5 to 3 hours.

The workshops provide you a pen holder, two nibs, black ink, instructional book, alphabet tracing pad.2.5 hour footage video lesson is given for beginners to expertise the students on the upper and lower case of alphabets. Refreshments like snacks are also provided.

For beginners, if you want to pick up calligraphy, first, you have to take the starter tools, and you have to watch the video tutorial for practice and learning at home. Then secondly, you have to attend an in-person workshop.

If you want to perfect your calligraphy where ever you in the world, you have to join the Laura Hoopers Calligraphy on patron. Then you will receive guidance and videos. You will receive instructions about the writing in a straight line. After this, you will learn about the best styles with exemplars and tutoring videos.

Craft Jam, Calligraphy School in NYC

Craft Jam is a platform that holds DIY workshop occasions. This platform connects teachers and students. You can learn everything to make a start with calligraphy. Jam Master will train you with basic techniques and guide you with exercises to improve your calligraphic talent.

The holiday session is starting soon. In this session, you will learn about calligraphy on plastic ornaments, glass, and cards. How to dress up a Christmas tree, gift tags, and cards with a greeting and loved one names. The session cost is $85 + 7.54 sales tax. 

Under this platform, the following workshops are starting soon.

Modern calligraphy boot camp

This workshop is for beginners who love hand lettering, no experience is required. This workshop focus on dip pen calligraphy. You will learn about the basics like preparation of pen and nib, handling of pen, practicing with pen holder, strokes to form letters, tricks to connect letters. You can also learn how to apply calligraphy guidelines on envelops and greeting cards.

The class booking cost is 163$. 

Watercolor brush lettering 

In this Craft Jam workshop, you will learn how to blend and mix the shades of watercolors, Practice different designs of alphabet, words, and phrases. Hand lettering worksheets, brushes, and paper material will also be provided. You will also learn about littering on gift tags.

The course cost is 70.7$.

Self-love hand lettering

It is a two-hour session class, in which Jam master will encourage you to generate something incredible. You create a piece of fine art with a beautiful trend that will boost your self-esteem. You can create a unique design that will inspire you.

 How letter your favorite TV Quotes

You will be trained to create a piece of art for your home and office that will make you happy whenever you see it. The eccentric quotes become more fantastic after hand lettering

In a 2-hour workshop, Jam master will inspire you to create the letter. First, you will watch your favorite show on TV to get an inspirational quote. Then you will know about the necessary tools and techniques for the designing of the letters. After this, you will get instructions about styles. Then you create a fantastic piece of art.

The maximum class size is eight students, and the course cost is 59.88$. Book your tickets now.

Brooklyn Craft Company

Brett Bara founded Brooklyn Craft Company. She is a Brooklyn resident, and for the craft activities of New Yorkers, she made this institute. The instructor is Margaret Fu; you can learn and everything about this beautiful art. Your instructor will guide you for practice and encouragement for developing your lettering style. Following calligraphy classes will be conducted here.

Modern calligraphy

First, learn about this beautiful art and then create your styles on envelopes and turn them into artistic pieces. Margret Fu will provide you instruction on the essential elements of hand lettering. You will practice different phrases and words, and after that, you will be able to create furnished pieces, cards, and invitation envelopes.

Beginner brush lettering

You can learn about the basics of brush lettering. You will learn about this beautiful art. Practice will make you so perfect that you can create an excellent masterpiece. No specialized training is required. You will learn about the strokes that are used in making letters. In this workshop, you will also learn styles of calligraphy that will engrave your lettering. After attending this workshop

 You will have complete knowledge of calligraphy tools and also have ideas on how to use them. You will know about tips and tricks and the basic strokes of brushes, the combing of the lower and uppers case of letters. You can find ideas about the joining of the letters to form words and phrases. And in the end, you will able to create your letter card.

The course cost is 75$ dollars. All tools will be supplied to you, and the class schedule will be updated soon.

Embroidered lettering

Nicole Adams is the course instructor. You will learn about unique, easy, and fast techniques to put letters on the clothes and denim jeans with a special beading needle. This workshop will cover the designs of texts, how to put your book on fabric, and how to create the chain stitches.

Students have to bring their denim and jackets and other material for lettering. However, tools like needles and embroidery silk are provided to you. At the end of class, students will leave with the beautiful creation of letter art on their denim.

The course cost is 55$ with the workshop length of 3 hours.

A unique course is embroidery on denim, whose cost is $45. The T-shirt embroidery cost is 45$.

92Y (92nd Street Y) 

It is the world’s cultural community, studio, school, and workshop, and Jewish organization for people of all ages. Its goal is to repair the world. This school is providing you a safe and inspirational home for your interests and activities. It’s the school of art that makes you a professional calligrapher.

Following calligraphy, courses are conducted here.

Calligraphy for beginners

Here you will be trained to make your style. You will learn about the tools like pen, paper, inks, nib, papers, and brushes and get the knowledge to use them. You will be trained for the structure of letters and also learn three different styles.

The course instructor’s name is Elizabeth White-Pultz. The course price is starting from 249.00$.

Calligraphy Basics for Wedding invitations 

If you are getting married, then you will be guided by the professional Elizabeth White-Pultz to learn the basis of invitation cards and menu cards making and envelope addressing etiquettes. Also, learn how to place these cards in envelopes. Card models and charts will be supplied to you. Tools are available at Paper Presentation 23 West 18th street.

Copperplate Calligraphy

You need a white bond paper, plastic ruler plastic and aluminum pencils, pen for copperplate, black ink, sponge, and a drawing board. All the supplies are available at John Neal Bookseller. The workshop instructor is Elizabeth White-Pultz. In this class, you will practice classical styles and modern lettering.

Other courses

There are many different courses like the decorated letter calligraphy in which you learn about the making of initials and the Calligraphy‖(building of the alphabets with the use of colors, their composition when you work on short poems).

Craftsman Ave

It’s a studio that provides you the space to explore your thoughts on the paper in the form of letters. This studio introduces lettering with their best designs. The instructor will give you information about the baseline and lettering angles under your ideas.

Brush lettering workshop

Course instructors are Barbra and Carla. Under their supervision, you will learn about basic strokes and lettering styles under different scripts. You will be trained about different types of brushes that you have to use. You will get demos to improve your brush skills that make you comfortable.

The class level is for beginners under the age of 18 and older. The course cost is 400$.

Society of Scribes 

It is one of the most appreciated institutes of art in the world. It started in 1974 and is located in New York City. It’s a nonprofit educational institute that encourages the education, training, and exercise-related to calligraphy.


It is the beautiful handwriting of the Italian Renaissance. Students learn the use of traditional tools and cover the small and capital letters by using a dip pen with black inks. Once the students go through the Italian styles, then they learn other methods such as foundational and black letters.

The instructor is Anna Pinata. The class is for four hours with a lunch break. The class timing is from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm. It’s for beginners and all class levels. The course cost is 260$.


It’s a beautiful hand developed technique. Mostly used for wedding and official events. Here you taught about the basics of small and capital letters with the use of a pointed pen.

The class is for 5.5 hours with a half-hour lunch break. The course is from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The instructor’s name is Elliner Holland. She has command on both Latin and Arabic writings. The course cost is 290$. The class is for beginners and all levels. It may be challenging to find the calligraphy tools, so all the supplies are available on John Neal Books. If the instructor provides the material, then he will charge you 1$ to 10$.  

Prototyping Letter form 

First, you start to experiment with ink and paper. Then you will learn about the principles of calligraphy, and by using them, you will generate ideas and also learn about the use of conventional and non-conventional tools. The material used for this purpose is paper, tape, ruler, Non-water proof inks, and dish for ink.

The course instructor is Lynne Yun (an artist, Calligrapher). The cost is 85$-105$. Pre-booking and registration are necessary because the seats can be reserved.

Decorated letters 

This type of calligraphy is used to highlight the notes. You will learn how to draw and design the Roman capital letters. You will learn how to outline and decorate the letters with Gold paint. The material used is Ink, watercolor set, paintbrushes, ruler, Watercolor paper, and plastic palette.

Kathy Milici is the course teacher (a designer and calligrapher) who move around the world for teaching as an instructor of calligraphy and also maintains her business about calligraphy. The level of difficulty is for beginners and all levels. The class cost is 854$.

Romance of Writing on dark paper 

Writing on colored color papers like black, Navy blue, dark chocolate brown could be delicate, but once you practice, it will give you a lush and charming look of the paper. You will use different metallic and white colors. You will about the use of solid colors with blending and wetting techniques. You will use some salts and alcohol that will provide you a path for writing the text.

The material that you need is a dip pen with different sizes of nibs, transparent inks, mixing brushes, a ruler, and sheets of dark color papers. Barry Moretz is the teacher of this class. The course cost is 89$, and this class is for the intermediate level. 

Chalkboard lettering

Chalkboard lettering is a stylish way of writing. Ribbons and borders are used to create a chalkboard letter piece. All the work is performed on the large surface of the chalkboard.

The material used for this purpose is Black and white charcoal pencil, raiser, sharpener, ruler, graph paper, sheets of black paper and mechanical pencil. You have to pay the material cost of 12$ to the instructor.

Cora Pearl is the course instructor. This class level is for advanced beginners to all levels. The course cost is160 $. The classes will start from 21&22 March 2020, and the class timing will be 10:00 am to 4.30 pm.

Final words 

Calligraphy is the way of writing. Calligraphy is a human-made work that has an inspiring beauty. It is useful to express yourself. It sharps your brain and enhances the connection between your eyes and hands. It retains an excellent effect on every person.

Computer and typography cannot give the handsome feeling that you receive from your hand made letters, invitation cards. Handmade letters, religious documents, wedding, and birthday cards attract the attention of the bibliophile. It is the reason that people are still connected to calligraphy in New York, and it is getting fame day by day.

Each person in this world has not attractive writing. Only scarce people spend time to explore their book, and it takes loads of period to become a professional calligrapher. People are tired of alphabetic writing systems, typewriters, and printers. Through calligraphic art, people can express themselves. Calligraphy is creativity, while typography is a technique.

To make yourself the best creator, artist, and Calligrapher. Practice will make you perfect by attending workshops in these schools. Good calligraphy will be born after training in these school classes. When you are guided under the pleasant environment of the school and taught by teachers, your calligraphy will improve.

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