Best Day Care Center in New York City

Best Day Care Center in New York City

Best Day Care Center in New York City

Childcare or daycare is the skill or action of looking after or providing quality care to a child or many children at a time. Most of the time, the children are looked after by their parents, siblings, or any other legal guardian. 

Finding a good daycare center in NYC is a hectic task for both working-class and businessmen. So, they are unable to bring about the early care and development of their kids and rely on the right daycare center. All the daycare centers mentioned here have a dedicated curriculum for kids, based on their age group.

Your child may be an infant, a toddler, or a preschooler, the purpose of an excellent daycare center is to meet the demands of the parents who want to bring about quality care of their kids by maids, baby sitters, nannies or other caregivers.

Many daycare centers in NYC are offering state of art facilities for kids. In 2020, many new daycare centers are being opened in New York City that are perfect for budget-conscious parents.

A standard early childcare plays an essential role in the development of a child. It influences the moral, social, mental, and psychological behavior of a child. 

Childcare embraces a broad spectrum of professionals, trained personnel, institution, social, and cultural conventions. Daycare providers may be a child’s first teachers who play a countable effect on the early childhood education of the child.

As the majority of women of New York City belongs to the working class as they are either running NGOs or work in NGOs or work in a bureau or run a huge business. So, in this tiresome business routine of the women of New York, the care and development of their children have not carried out the way it should be carried out.

Best daycare centers rely on carrying out the care and development of their kids by a standard quality daycare center. Nowadays, to find out a good quality Day Care Center is not an easy job.

Best Day Care Center in New York City

Let us discuss some of the top-rated daycare centers in NYC. Our editors have picked out some of the best daycare centers of New York City for you guys to select from them. These best daycare for kids, meet the standard requirements of the parents about the care and development of their children. So, choose one that you think is best for your kid.

Day Care Center in NYC

Address and location

Famous For
Daddy’s Day Care Center 256th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215, United States

Homely Atmosphere, Professional services. Also provide home-cooked food, meals, and snacks.

Zusin Family Daycare

271 17th street Brooklyn, NY 11215 south slope

Skilled staff .safe and nurturing environment

Friendly atmosphere. Also, provide extended hours on request

ABC Child center

109 Nassau Ave(between Eckford and Leonard streets) Brooklyn(green point), New York 11222

Provide excellent protection and safety to your child. The programs are for your infant, toddlers, and preschoolers. Parents provide meals for your kids.

Bryan’s Educational Center

3922-3924 Church Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11203 United States

Warm cheerful stimulating environment. Provide breakfast lunch and afternoon snack.

Bellevue Educare Early Childcare Center

462 1st Ave. Chapel Hill. Suite D-100 New York NY 10016

Includes Staff and children from all parts of the world. So, diverse cultures and different languages blend into one place

The Learning Experience

20 west street Suite 1A New York, NY 1004, United States

The coaching curriculum is the best one. Focus on the inbuilt skills of the child.

Hilton Heights Kinder Care

1205 Hylton Heights Road Manhattan

Staff is much nurturing and service for children of about six weeks to 12 years

Tender Tots Childcare Center

531 E 137th Street, Bronx, NY 10454, United States

Provide extraordinary Infant, Toddler, Preschool, UPK and Afterschool programs.

Daddy’s Daycare

Daddy’s daycare is one of the best daycare centers of Brooklyn, NYC and contains a license from the City Department Of Health Bureau Of the Day Care of New York. This amazing daycare meets the standard requirements for staffing, health, safety, discipline, nutrition, and other necessary regulations of the New York City Department Of Health Bureau Of The Day Care.

Daddy’s daycare is a group of well-known family home daycare for providing standard quality care to your children from six weeks to five years of age. The staff is well qualified and much concerned to bring about the care and safety of your child and considers your child as their own.

They believe that children are their future and provide a safe, nurturing, caring, supportive, and extreme loving atmosphere to your child. Their mission is to best guide the child in the initial phase of his/her life so prepare him/her for the next upcoming stages of his/her life.

Besides providing quality care, they also offer the best prepared organic/natural meals and snacks to your child. Also, provide an appropriate curriculum for children covering all the mental physical, emotional, social, and cognitive aspects of their development.

Gym, art, crafting, reading playing music ad-games are also a part of co-curricular activities. Large Indoor play areas and outdoor playgrounds are also available for kids to play and grow physically.

Parents claim that they are satisfied after getting their kids enrolled and advised those, who are worried about the care and protection of their kids, to get their children admitted to daddy’s daycare and get rid of worries about looking after their kid.

Zucin Family Daycare

Another popular daycare in Brooklyn is Zucin family daycare, which has a license from the New York States Office of Children and Family. The Zucin Family Daycare is famous for its promising commitment to the protection and nurturing of your child.

Staff is much dedicated and provides excellent safety protection and security to your child. Whether it’s an infant or a toddler or a preschooler from 3 months to four years, their focus is to provide standard quality care and a warm, friendly, loving, and happy and nurturing environment to your child. They are much concerned about the natural rights of every single student.

Although they provide protection and safety services from 8 in the morning till 6 in the evening., but also offer extended hours at the request of some parents. Also, offer Parents Night Out upon request. Moreover, part-time and full-time options are also available upon request.

The daycare also provides organic breakfast lunch and snacks to your kids and is very conscious about the health and nutrition of your child. Personal hygiene of your young one is mainly focused.

So far as the curriculum is concerned, they follow the Mother Goose Time curriculum is available for the kids who are one year six months or older. Mother Goose Time is a nationally recognized pre-school curriculum relying on research. It fosters a joy of learning through sensory-based experience.

The well-trained staff provides excellent educational services regarding physical mental, social, and cognitive aspects of your child’s personality. The team make your kid understand different things by the help of toys. Exciting indoor activities enhancing the creativity of your child and outdoor activities, including playing in outdoor space is also available for kids to play and grow physically.

ABC Child Center New York City

ABC Child Center of Brooklyn is a well-known “home away from home” kind of daycare center having almost 25 years of experience of care, protection, nourishment, and safety of millions of children. Its stall is well-trained, well-qualified, and experienced in providing three types of curriculum programs for three categories of kids, including infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Infant’s programs rely on providing strict safety care and protection to your infant. The beautifully designed classrooms rely on strict safety and cleanliness standards. These classrooms are cleaned and sanitized every day. Each class contains three sections

  • Playing area
  • Feeding and Diapering Area
  • Sleeping Area

The playing field consists of a small space with a soft rug onto which many toys books and other equipment are placed for a kid to play and explore, learn, and develop.

Feeding and diapering areas include small separate spaces where your child’s feeding bottles and diaper bins are kept isolated from those of others.

The sleeping area is a low light area of classroom containing personal cot, meeting the standard US safety requirement, for each baby.

Toddler programs promote critical thinking imagination and socialization of your toddler. As this age group is curious and ambitious to learn and grow. So, when the weather conditions are right, toddlers are taken for an outing to a nearby park. Your toddler gets its food four times, and the parents provide for their kids.

Pre-school programs include an enjoyable environment for learning and exploring, which allows the kids to grow and develop to their fullest. Classrooms are large spacious with big windows to allow sunlight to pass through. Every evening these classrooms are cleaned and sanitized.

The team divides the Children into three age groups from 2 to 2.5, from 2.5 to 3 and 3+. Each child is focused and attended individually. The parents get the daily progress of their children through E-mail in the form of photos and videos.

Bryan’s Educational Center

Bryan’s Educational center is a well-established daycare of Brooklyn, NYC and has been successfully serving the East Flatbush community for almost 31 years. You all know that a child’s brain develops to 90 percent of its adult size by the age of five.

So, initial years of brain development are very crucial and inclusive in the active development of the brain. This popular daycare for kids provides a conducive environment for the growth and development of your child in collaboration with its trained and much-dedicated staff. The knowledgeable teachers implement a holistic approach to teaching, including an in-depth look at each child’s cognitive skills.

Self-trust is the essential thing in understanding seeking and learning. The teaching and nurturing staff recognize and promote the inbuilt skills of your child that differentiate it from others and polish your child to identify themselves as distinct from others. They instill the sense of self-trust in your toddler, encouraging him/her to explore things on their own.

They make sure that your toddler is having fun during their course of learning the basics, which is the foundation of their academic carrier. Their experienced and qualified staff is proactively engaged to make your kid enjoy what he is learning because if a child is not interested in what he/she is doing, he/she may not absorb properly.

Their toddler programs are much promising and facilitate logical thinking and reasoning. The team and staff make a lot of effort for your child to be creative and expressive. The professionally trained staff blossom your preschooler into a well-balanced child.

They also provide breakfast lunch and afternoon snack to your kid. The personal hygiene of kids is so much concerned. Parents claim that they are much satisfied after getting their kids admitted to this best day care in NYC.

The Learning Experience

As the question of your child’s early education and coaching arises, The Learning Experience is the name that comes to the minds of natives of Manhattan. The Learning Experience, as the name indicates, is a very experienced, well-known daycare that meets the standard requirements of a child’s early education planning and development.

The learning Experience provides dedicated staff to enlighten the creative, compassionate, and cognitive young minds through their specially designed curriculum. Their enrichment programs promote the active learning skill of young brains during six very critical stages of early development.

The agenda included in their curriculum helps the children recognize and maximize their inherent cognitive physical and intellectual skills.

Their educational and training programs mostly rely on quality learning, and they believe that how a child learns is equally as important as what he learns. Their toddler programs are designed to develop the love for learning and seeking in a child. The Qualified and much-trained staff do so by keeping things simple but funny.

The daily lesson includes phonics, etiquette, manners, rhymes, and poems that promote a positive attitude throughout the day. The center also provides additional programs like soccer, yoga, music, dance, art with no extra charges.

The friendly, warm, and also engage the kids in various thrilling activities like investigating the earth, wind, and water through hands-on activities. The staff also guides the children in scientific exploration activities. From such exciting activities, children learn so much through their experiments. Moreover, these activities develop a sense of teamwork in children from different regions.

Hilton Heights Kinder Care

As a parent, the toughest decision is to select a standard quality early education for your child. This is another one of its kind that promises the world-class quality of early childhood education to your young one.

As it is well- known that early childhood is a time of remarkable brain development and thriving. The attention and focus on the education of a child during these thriving years of its development plays an essential role in creating a strong foundation for their future growth, development, and learning potential.

The well trained and well qualified and experienced nurturing staff of this daycare center is much devoted and dedicated to care, safety, and protection of your kid. They are very passionate about developing a sense of discovery, joy, and wonder in every child. They guide your kids to discover the things on research-based standards and assessments.

Language and literacy development programs promote the active involvement of children to convey their thoughts, ideas, and feelings through conversation and writing skills. They enhance the children’s ability to understand and demonstrate early reading skills. Social and emotional development programs promote the ability to express their feelings and develop relationships with others.

The physical development curriculum provides opportunities for your kid to build up muscle skills, strength, stamina, and sufficient knowledge to live a sound and healthy lifestyle. They also enlighten up the cognitive and mental perception to make your child able to sense different aspects of his/her life keenly during the years of his/her growth and development.

Whether your child is an infant or a toddler or a preschooler, go and get him enrolled in daycare and get relaxed about all kinds of worries about your kids’ protection, security, and development. The well trained, much-dedicated staff and members consider it an obligation to look after your kid as their own and provide an excellent safety and protection to your kid from every age group from six months to twelve years.

Bellevue Day Care Center

Bellevue Educare daycare center works in Collaboration with Bellevue hospital center. It dedicates all its efforts to providing high-quality programs to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in a safe, nurturing the warm, friendly, and supportive environment.

This best daycare center is committed to exploring the cognitive, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual skills of a child. As it works in collaboration with Bellevue Hospital Center, it provides accessible and affordable education to young ones of employees of the hospital.

Bellevue Day Care Center provides excellent scope standard guiding practices in their curriculum, promoting teacher and kid relationship, where the teacher and the child interact in a friendly environment to encourage active learning.

This interaction between a student and teacher is t ‘intentional teaching’, which differentiates Bellevue daycare center from others. The teaching techniques and strategies are implemented in such an organized space and environment that promotes active learning by keeping the child’s brain engaged in seeking and attaining.

The curriculum precisely relies on teacher and kid based learning and understanding activities. There are five main course areas like block area, sand and water area, book area, toy area, art area, and house area.

The interest of a child in a specific area determines its intention and learning behavior, so the teacher adopts the strategies accordingly. The teachers, trainers, and the children come from all the regions of the world, so different cultures, different languages, and different customs combine into one place at a time, which promotes diversity in learning and seeking different things.

This variation in behaviors of children from different regions of the world makes your child learn more and more about a variety of different things and enhances the active communication skills of your child.

Tender Tots Childcare Center

Tender Tots Child Care Center has earned its name in providing a safe, clean, and nurturing environment to your child. In their two exemplary branches, they offer 24-hour services full of fun and stimulation to your child. They have all their efforts dedicated to the upbringing of your child.

At Tender Tots, the team and staff collaborate and work hard to provide the best care to the infants. As extraordinary care has a significant impact on all the developmental aspects of a child’s growth, quality care is their much-focused objective.

The dedicated staff concentrates a lot to elaborate fine and noticeable motor skills to your infant, which helps them to support their heads, stand up, crawl, and finally start walking and jumping. These skills develop a sense of playing together in your infant.

The dedicated teacher spends considerable time with physical involvement like holding, coaxing, and cuddling the infants and make sure that they are getting proper physical contact essential for the well-being of your infant. Here in the center, your child’s health and hygiene are the main focus of interest.

Any visitor and teachers are strictly advised to put on their shoe covers or change the shoes before getting in the room of infants. The changing tables contain changing table sheets to make sure that every baby is dressed up in a sanitized environment. All the toys are well-sanitized

Toddler programs provide excellent opportunities to inquire and discover different things through play. The energetic staff develops motor skills in toddlers that make sense of playing, jumping, and running during playing hours.

Pre School programs offer seven different styles of learning. Visual style includes learning through pictures and images; aural method promotes learning through music and sound. Verbal or linguistic style promotes learning through words in writings and speeches.

Physical form promotes learning by using body language such as moving your hands, arms, and legs. The logical method of education refers to logic and reasoning. Social style promotes learning different things in a group or groups. And solitary form promotes learning alone.

Other programs for ages four to five, like UPK programs and After-school programs, are also available for students.

So some of the Best Day Care Centers in New York City, are mentioned for you guys to choose from and get rid of your biggest problem about a standard early education of your child.

All the above-discussed places are concerned with providing an excellent primary early learning to your child and meet the standards of care, protection, safety, health, and nourishment at infant, toddler, preschooler, and after school levels. So go and get your child admitted to the daycare center of your choice.

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