best milkshake places in NYC

Best Milkshake Places in NYC

Best Milkshake Places in NYC

New York is the best country for sweet tooth people. You can get your desired Milkshake with the highest to the lowest price, as you know, New York is expensive because of brands many other countries started a business there.

The milkshake restaurants have more audiences between 6 to 8 PM, when people are coming back from their hectic day. People usually prefer basic flavors like chocolate, vanilla, or seasonal fruits, very few are those who like fusion. Milkshake releases brain fatigue in hot summers like July in New York.

Some milkshake restaurants have maintained their taste from ages and some, which are new and struggling to maintain their taste. They provide a good source of Vitamins and Minerals, which are essential for the body; they are full of nutrients.

So below is the list of most famous milkshake restaurants in New York City:

Best Milkshake Place Location Address Reviews
Black tap West Village Midtown136w,55th st, New York. It’s a good place and the ambiance is friendly.
Brooklyn Farmacy and soda fountain Carol Gardens. 513 Henry st., New York.


It was a good experience.
Bill’s Bar and Burger Midtown West 16W,51st St, New York. We went there for the birthday party and we enjoyed a lot.
Odd fellows Ice cream East Village. 55E, Huston, New York. Their Chocolate and Vanilla ice cream shake were so delicious.
Lexington Candy Shop Upper East Side 1226 Lexington Ave, New York. I recommend it, go give it a try.
Momo Fuku Milk bar East Village 215E, 13st, New York It has long lines, but trust me it is worth waiting.


Taiyaki NYC China Town 119 Baxter St,  New York There you’ll forget all your problems. Such a comfortable place.
Harlem Shake Harlem 100W, 124st, New York. This is my kid’s happy place.
Bare Burger Midtown East. 514 Ave, New York. They have an amazing variety of Burger and Milkshakes.
Van Leeuwen East Village 48.5E, 7th St, NY It feels like Home.
Shake Shack Mid Town 691, 8th Ave,  New York There’s always hustle and bustle.
Creamline Chelsea 75, 9th Ave, New York I love their caramel shake.
Davey’s Ice Cream East Village Manhattan 137,1st Ave, New York. It’s a must-go Milkshake restaurant in Manhattan.
M&M’S World Manhattan 1600, Broadway, New York. My whole family loves the Ambiance and shakes too.

Best Milkshake Places in NYC 

In this article, our editors have added these amazing places for Milkshake in NYC. A Milkshake can change your mood from worst to best, from ordinary to extraordinary.

Milkshake is a type of dessert that can be used as a sweet drink and sweet cream as well in short you can drink and eat it as well, and especially when it comes to New York, it is MUST drink for weekends.

Even on weekdays, it is most popular for office break time. It is also known as a stress alleviator drink. I know that everyone has its own opinion and taste about everything. It is located in Midtown NYC.

Black Tap

It is one of the famous milkshake restaurants in New York. They have a large variety of burgers, beers, and Shakes. People usually go there because they feel very comfortable, and they have very reasonable prices.

They have famous Craft Burgers and Crazy Shakes; shakes have good taste. The formation of shake is very creative, they not only make shakes, but they also decorate the shake so well that at first sight, people thought not to drink it but to save it in their drawing rooms.

They have a number that is difficult to choose from. It is the most recommend milkshake restaurant in New York.

Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain

This Best Milkshake place was established in 2010. It has different timings for days like: From Monday to Thursday is open from 11 AM till 10 PM On Friday it opens from 11 AM-11 PM On Saturday it opens from 10 AM-11 PM On Sunday it opens from 10 AM-10 PM.

They have a huge variety of Shakes, they also have Red vine. They have their website from where you can check out their menu. They can also arrange events and parties; they have such a breathe taking rooftop view. Along with their shakes, their cookies are also famous.

Bill’s Bar & Burger

It was established in 2009. It is one of the big burger spots. It has famous Disco Fries, which are famous for the gravy and cheese, along with this it has Super Satisfying Shakes. It opens at 11 AM. Their milkshakes have a separate fan base. It is among the famous Milkshake places in New York City.

Odd Fellows Ice Cream

It was established in 2013. At first, they only have Ice Creams later, and with time they added Ice cream shakes, beers, and vines. It opens daily around noon and closes at 10 PM. They have 500 flavors of ice cream, which they add up with their milkshakes. 

Lexington Candy Shop

It is one of the oldest restaurants as it celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2015. They maintained their magical taste, and they have a huge variety of Shakes, Ice Creams, and Candies. They are considered as fusion masters in Milkshakes.

Their breakfast will be made your day from ordinary to extraordinary. It is open from7 AM-7 PM from Monday to Friday. On Saturday it opens at 8 AM-7 PM. On Sunday it opens at 8 AM-6 PM. They have a website on which you can check out the menu. 

 Momo Fuku Milk bar

It was established in 2008. It is famous for its Milk Bar Cereal Milk, which is topped with corn flakes and other things Milk bar pie, and they launch these two products first later they introduce their shakes and pastry.

This Milkshake bar opens at 9 AM. It got awarded for its amazingly delicious desserts. The Environment there is so relaxing and helps to relieve stress.

Taiyaki NYC

This famous Milkshake place was established in 2016. It is famous for its Fish shaped ice cream cones. It is a Japanese brand, and it is one of the best Japanese brands in New York City, it is trusted by the people of New York. It has a huge variety of ice cream, and ice cream shakes.

Plus, they have many other types of desserts, like pies, brownies, and pastries. Their Fish-shaped cones have dragged many people from other counties to visit them. Their Fish-shaped cones are the symbol of their brand as the name suggests Tai is taken from the Japanese Red Seabream fish. 

Harlem Shake

It is a casual spot for milkshakes, burgers, and other unique fusions. It has a stress free environment. You can hang out on weekends, it opens at 8 AM.

The prices are reasonable that anyone can afford it easily. It has interesting deals at weekends; in short, it offers you the package of happiness with their Milkshake. This milkshake place is quite famous among the daily travelers. 

Bare Burger

They are famous for their organic food, which they got from farmers. It is the best place for carnivores you can fulfill your craving by having their delicious burgers and milkshakes.

They have excellent standards of hygiene, and of course, the Milk and fruits were always fresh, they do not compromise on their quality. They have ice cream shakes and fusion shakes.

Van Leeuwen

It came into existence in 2008. It is famous for its ice cream, and ice cream shakes. You can get your favorite ice cream, and ice cream shakes from there. I have seen many kids there on a daily basis.

Even while writing this article, our team visited this place a number of times, just to have their best Milkshake. Another thing that makes this Milkshake place unique is its price list. You will be surprised to see their rates, they are just out of this world.

Shake Shack

This is one of the best Milkshake places in NYC and was built in 2004. It is an advanced version of roadside burgers, shakes, hot dogs, and much more. It feels so natural to sit there. It has affordable prices; anyone can get their hands on their needed shake.

Creamline – Best Milkshake in NYC

It has a huge variety of Shakes, (milkshakes, ice cream shakes ) burgers, sandwiches, Fresh seasonal juices. It has desserts like brownies and pastries.

It has online home delivery, dine-in, and takes away services. Its Caramel Shake is just so amazing if you have not tried it yet, please go I am sure you will never regret it. It is among the top-rated Milkshakes in NYC.

Davey’s Ice Cream

It is the best shop for ice cream and milkshakes in New York. They have a variety of incredible cookies, shakes, marshmallows pies, and many more.

They also have a website where you can see the menu and order it as well. Its milkshakes are fewer shakes and more cream, like classic creamy ice cream, but they are still called Milk Shake.

M&M’s World

MMs deals with a huge variety of Chocolates, and they are famous for their gifts for weddings, birthdays, and Valentine’s day. So if you have a friend who loves chocolates in your surroundings, show your love with chocolate presents.

It has long lines on weekends; kids usually prefer to go there. It is such an interesting place that no one wants to leave it. 

Five Guys

So the first one which we visited was Five Guys, they have good shakes, and the prices were also reasonable students like us can easily enjoy milkshakes on weekends.

They have got some nice add ons also with their milkshakes. You can even order Ice-cream along with the milkshake. If you ever visit this place, you will find many students waiting in line for this Best Milkshake in NYC.


The second one which we visited is Wendy’s, they are famous for their thick milkshakes and frosty. They have delicious chocolate and vanilla shake, which are present in four different sizes. And prices were also reasonable. This milkshake place has good Ambiance that make people to visit this again and again.

If you are a budget-conscious person, this is the best place for you. You will find delicious Milkshakes at a cheap price. Even we were astonished at their prices for milkshakes.

Burger king

Then we visited Burger King, and it has introduced Dr. pepper shake. I must recommend it go and do check it once, and Burger king usually has three major flavors like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.

Although it is famous for its fast food, but their Milkshakes have got the best flavor in New York City.

Sonic Drive-in

My friends visited Sonic Drive-in, I missed it but heard such a worth sharing reviews about it, they are technically not shaken they present their shakes as Ice cream. There is a huge variety of milkshakes, or you can say ice cream shakes. They have reasonable prices as well.

The best thing in this Milkshake place is its delicious taste and hygienic environment. You will fall in love with this amazing place. This is the reason more and more people visiting this place.

Steak N Shake

Then we Visited Steak n Shakebtw this was the 10th day of us having Milkshake, and literally we were fed up. As we saw the menu we got excited to come to know that they have 20 different flavors so we can easily choose from it, no doubt it was the best decision of us to go there, their presentation was so good we and price was also reasonable. 

Some milkshake restaurants are trending on the internet because they have a more online audience. Having an online audience is also a blessing nowadays, especially in New York City. 

There are some restaurants which were famous for their other foodstuff, but they have such delicious milkshakes, and these are : 

Go burger Truck

As the name suggests, they are famous for their burgers, and they play with the buns. They are so creative that they love to make Crafty Burgers, along with burgers, along with magical milkshakes.

This amazing place offers thick creamy milkshakes, they have a specialty in some flavors like chocolate and vanilla. Their specialty is the Vanilla Milkshake. This place is famous among the Hipsters.

Village Burger Joint

No doubt their burgers are mouth-watering, but their milkshakes are not less anymore. They have fruit milkshakes, Oreo shake, chocolate chip shakes, vanilla, and caramel shake as well.

Their plus point is that the majority of their audience are Students, and they have a nice and comfortable place in which students can gather and discuss their projects or assignment. 

Giant Milkshake Trend

Nowadays there is a trend of giant milkshakes that are dragging the attention of many people, and people are spending so much money on giant milkshakes, so what they do is they made the milkshake jar so fancy by decorating it with edible stuff, so it looks so mesmerizing in first sight.

It attracts a huge number of the audience, mostly are the food bloggers and vloggers. New York is famous for its uniqueness as never fail to amuse people.                    

Final Words:

New York is the spot for tourists, and there is a huge number of tourists who came to explore New York. There is a famous saying that: New York never sleeps. It is not just a saying it’s a reality a night in New York. Life is so busy in New York; having a free day is a myth here.

There are restaurants that open in the morning. Milkshake is the type of drink which is a full, healthy package, it is very easy to handle that one can take it to the office it doesn’t require any large or proper space, instead of unhealthy meal drink like Milkshake should be preferred. 

If you have any questions regarding it, you can comment below.

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