Best Fitness Centers in New York City

Best Fitness Centers in New York City

Best Fitness Centers in New York City

Everyone wants to get in shape and stay healthy. Life in NYC is busy and with a hectic schedule. We can stay healthy by adjusting your lifestyle and by joining a fitness center. You want to get in shape! Well, you have come to the right place.

I have several best fitness centers for you that can help you achieve your goals in a lot less time and can help you build some stones under your body.

New York City is famous for many amazing fitness centers and gyms. In this article, our editors have explained the 11 Best Fitness Centers in New York City.

Fitness is a basic need for every individual because it not only gets you in shape but also enables you to improve your metabolism and can give you many other medical benefits that you don’t even know.

Best Fitness Centers in New York City

There’s no need to worry if you are bad at stamina, carrying a fat belly, or having trouble focusing. These fitness centers will help you experience a better side of life, which you haven’t explored yet.

So, without wasting any more time

Let’s see what fitness centers we have at best in New York City and dive into what services do these gyms offer!

Best Fitness Centers in NYC Location Services
Manhattan Plaza Health Club 482, West 43rd St., NYC, NY 10036 Personal Trainer, exercise classes, Pool Classes, Massage Therapy, Climbing Clinics.
24 Hour Fitness 153 E 53rd St New York, NY 10022 Fitness Plans, GX24 Studio classes, Custom App, lockers
Crunch Fitness – 38th Street 144 W 38th St, New York, NY 10018 Cardio, Cycling, Yoga, Dance fitness, Action sports


Mid-City Gym 345 West 42nd Street New York, NY 10036 Strength Training, Cardio, Stretching, personal training, Unlimited Training, Tanning
Mercedes Club 550 W 54th St.

New York, NY 10019

Personal Trainers, PT Inquiry, Spa, Cycling, Indoor, and Outdoor Pool
New York Underground Fitness 440 West 57th Street, NYC Personal Trainers, upgraded equipment, Bathing Area, Smart Training
Independent Training Studio 161 W. 22ND ST. NYC Personal TrainingTraining, studio rental, Assessment routine
Retro Fitness 1 New York Plaza, New York, NY 10004 Towel Service, Massage, Chiropractor, WIFI, Physical therapy, Bring a friend
92 May Center for Health and Fitness 1395 Lexington Avenue

New York, NY 10128

Cardio, Pool, Exercise Studio, Lockers, Gymnastic Studio
Planet Fitness 66 Boerum Pl

Brooklyn, NY 11201

Free training, open 24/7, cardio and strength equipment
Harbor Fitness 9215 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209 WIFI, Juice bar serving, Yoga, Cardio, Steam Room, Lockers

Manhattan Plaza Health Club

MPHC offers a complete plan to achieve your fitness goals. If you are looking to increase your stamina for sports, want better strength and endurance, or if you’re going to increase your ability for specific games, this is a better place for you. This is among the best fitness centers in New York City.

This fitness and health club seeks for those people who want to decrease pounds of weight through an exercise routine and with the help of motivated and experienced trainers to help you tackle your challenges. MPHC has a 75 FT Pool, which can open its roof for fresh air and sunshine. It has a rock-climbing gym with a 5000 Sq. FT. Gym and has world-class fitness trainers for your needs

Services that MPHC offer:

  • Personal trainer
    Exercise Classes
    Pool Classes
    Massage Therapy
    Climbing Clinics

Personal Trainers:

Yes, if you have a lack of knowledge, training can be tricky, but they are here to help you with their trainers. Personal Training includes a set of routines and games that can vary concerning what you want.

It includes Sports, Power, Flexibility, Weight loss, Recovery, etc.  Trainers are always present to help you out with your goals and maintain a healthy environment for your Fitness.

Exercise Classes:

Exercise Classes are the best and fun to begin. MPHC offers Broadway Jazz, which strengthens your workout and sweat while dancing and learning jazz techniques.

Boxing at MPHC will help you to pace yourself at intense interval training. The boxing drills include sparing, partner drills, and shadow boxing will improve confidence for a better overall you!

Cycling includes a spin cycle with a rhythm-based ride that gets your entire body involved.

Run Lab, where a 45-minute interval treadmill class geared towards all levels of runners and walkers!

A Classical Mat call is related to the exercise created by Joseph H. Pilates that an emphasis on core strength, alignment, breath, and range of motion and is open to all levels. It offers all types of Yoga.

Pool Classes:

The pool Classes include adult Beginners swim, which meet once a week in the shallow alcove. The students learn necessary water skills, float, glide, flutter kick, crawl, and many more.

Massage Therapy:

MPHC offers a large variety of massage therapy that can restore body function and reduce body pain. They also offer massage for pregnant women in which many of the therapists are certified and can offer you a great time.

Another type of massage that is known as Shiatsu, the form of acupressure; this massage helps to balance energy in our body.

Climbing Clinics:

MPHC has a separate climbing gym for climbing lovers, which is for beginners to intermediate level and is designed to provide you with the knowledge, technique, and confidence to take your skills to the next level.

24-hour fitness/Midtown ultra-sport gym

This gym has a lot to offer to its members that include Cardio equipment, which helps the members to do cardio. If they talk about circuit training, then midtown ultra-sport also supports a pleasant environment for circuit training.

Lockers are available in the gym to keep personal items and laundry. Free WIFI serves as a purpose for non-stop social media access, and all need to access the internet. Group cycling in the gym provides a healthy and conversational environment to members for better interactions and maintain a social atmosphere among the members.

The indoor pool is provided for water exercises and for those who love to swim. The lounge is available to rest. The facility of personal trainers is offered to members so that they can achieve their goals with extra help and guidance.

Private training area and individual viewing screens are a reasonable effort by the gym for members to see their progress and angles to get to know their mistakes. Sauna and Steam rooms are also available.

When you step into this spacious New York gym, you’ll feel the difference.

The energy and inspiration, vibrant community, unmatched amenities, and the trainers give some of the best studio classes in New York.

Come in and see all you notional and a lot of, under one gym membership and one enormous roof.

Fitness class categories for members:

  • Strength – Group up to urge stronger and challenge each muscle.
  • Cycle – ride along with the pack to new levels of Fitness.
  • Dance – Torch calories as you move to motivating beats.
  • Cardio – Burn your way to a better day.
  • Martial Arts – Punch and kick your way to ultimate Fitness.
  • Athletic & HIIT Training
  • Turn up the heat and ride the after-burn.
  • Yoga – Breathe away stress and uncover your strength.
  • Active Aging – Maintain your health, get active, and have fun.
  • Pilates & Barre – Strengthen your core and sculpt your body.
  • Pool – Build your Fitness, whereas going straightforward on your joints.

Crunch Fitness, Best Gym in NYC

Crunch Fitness is a place where your goals become gains. Crunch was started modestly as one small gym in a humble basement studio in New York City’s Greenwich Village in 1989 as a welcoming place for a diverse group of people to get fit.

They believed in the power of Fitness to improve lives. They also think that exercise is a hard-working this to do so they fuse training and entertainment so that they can make serious exercise fun. They have more than 300 locations and counting!

This kind of gym offers services like:

  • Cardio
  • Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Dance fitness
  • Action sports
  • Crunch Fitness offers High interval training; they provide 5000 square feet of proprietary equipment and give a session called HIITZONE, which contain four types of classes that include:

AccelerateHIIT takes you through a set of cardio techniques that will burn your calories and make you sweat. PunchHIIT enables you to perform martial arts and punching techniques on a punching bag.

StrongHIITwill enables you to focus more on control than strength.ExtremeHIIT will boost your capability as it the hardest among all techniques, and it will enable you to reach your maximum strength.

Mid-City Gym

Mid-City Gym offers a 30-day trial in which members can try everything for 30 days, which includes two weeks with a trainer, unlimited team training, unlimited gym usage without any risk and obligations.

They offer seven goal-oriented, specialized training programs, which is a series of arrangements designed to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.

Services that they offer are quite interesting:

  • FITX Abs and Butt
  • FITX Endurance
  • FITX Level Three
  • FITX Level One
  • FITX Strength
  • FITX CrossTrain
  • FITX Freestyle

They offer the best tanning rates in Manhattan, which include the features such as, members can avail the facility of tanning by an angle of 360 degrees because they provide lamps reflected in hexagonal way. Speakers are available for better tanning experience.

Customers take sessions that vary from 5-15 minutes as per customer demand. Air conditioners, illuminative material, and the most amazing thing about their tanning area is that you will never be disturbed by any other person there. You will always have a separate machine for you because your time is precious for them.

There prices for tanning at Mid-City Gym completely blow away the competition.

Mercedes Fitness Club

The Mercedes club came into being in 2012 as a luxury lifestyle and recreational space for the residents of the adjoining Mercedes House. But now, Now, they are open to the public and attracts professionals and fitness enthusiasts who live and work in the Hell’s Kitchen, Upper West Side and Chelsea neighborhoods.

It is a destination Health Club and fitness community in Hell’s Kitchen, which combines 75 weekly classes, professional staff, and upscale amenities.

Mercedes Club boasts gorgeous all-day natural light and incredible outdoor spaces, making it as unique and beautiful as its Members. This gym values Excellence, Integrity, Teamwork, Accountability, and Fun.

The Spa in The Mercedes Club includes all types of Massages. i.e., Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pre-natal, and Hot Stone. These facials include clear skin, anti-aging, bright skin, hydrating, detoxifying, express facial, and back facial. Waxing includes face and body wax and other types of add-ons too.

Cycling in Mercedes club includes ‘The ultimate’ studio bike called THE SC3, which has so many smart features that empower your workout experience. The gym receives gorgeous, all-day natural light that brightens your day and lifts mood.

If you are looking for a perfect fat burn with a natural healthy environment Mercedes club is a better place for you where it features

Vinyasa Yoga
Yoga Fundamentals
Yogic Stretch

Barre Bootcamp

Body & Boxing
Boxing Basics
Intermediate Boxing
Muay Thai


Location: 550 W 54th St. New York, NY 10019

New York Underground Fitness Club

The gym is located in the basement of a hotel, which is shared with guests coming into the hotel. This gym is a lot less than other fancy fitness centers, but it also contains several equipment that is hard to find in other luxury gyms.

Along with being serious and committed to work, the trainer at this gym are very friendly and maintain a quite pleasant environment throughout the day

The gym is not like the big luxury gyms but is slightly larger than the hotel gym in which this gym is located. The gym also manages to give a good workout space even though it is small. It does not require any initiation fee. Just pay the monthly payment plan and enjoy it.

Eric, the owner of the gym, is always kind to every member. He takes good care of all the facilities that the members need to have a good workout experience with the latest equipment and a clean atmosphere. This is like the secret gym of New York, although the best.

Independent training Studio

Jeff Bell and Carlos Leon are the master trainers as well as the founders of Bellion’s body. They have been the pioneers of the fitness industry for decades and have set a dynamic and fun community of expert trainers and motivated clients.

The spirited team of Bellion created a wide range of fitness programs, which also include their signature 30-minute high-intensity class that tone the body and strengthen muscles, which help burn all the fat in a single workout.

Before starting your experience with this fitness center, Bellion Body schedules a free assessment that includes Intake Form and Discussion of Goals and Health History, Postural and Movement Assessments, Fitness Test, Body Weight, Fat Composition, Short 1-on-1 Workout. The trainers then decide which fitness program is best for you to achieve your goals.

Bellion rates differ in such a way that Single Class costs $35, 5 Classes costs $165, 10 Classes costs $300.

Retro, Best Fitness Center in New York City

The Retro fitness center offers Top of the line equipment, Retro Smoothie bar, State of the Art training, pro shop and group fitness classes, Towel Service, Massage, Chiropractor, free WIFI, Physical therapy Retro result personal training and functional training. Retro fitness center spans with 150+ locations over the nation.

If you love to try different workouts, then retro is the best place for you because each retro Fitness offers a wide range of group exercise options in one place so that you don’t get bored and do not stop making progress. If you are searching for more options, then retro club offers you club promotions and web-only deals to find plans and special offers that are right for you.

Retro Fitness also offers you to bring a partner with you with a guest pass and catch up with him/her. Retro Fitness offers you more than just a workout routine. They offer you a gift card after every amount of time so that you can share retro love with your families and friends.

Retro Fitness offers annual memberships to every customer according to their needs and goals.

92 May Center for Health, Fitness, and Sport

92 May Center is owned by a Jewish organization that has been working with the gym for the past 140 years and has hitched up many techniques for martial arts empowered the community for a better world.

The Jewish Organization is a non-profit organization, and it always has been seeking to help and empower the Jewish community through its services.

The cardio court of the gym is upgraded to the latest equipment for life-changing facilities regarding fitness. The cardiovascular equipment is loved by the members and is recommended by every human being training at that spot. The water rowers, the treadmills, the strength equipment, the Dumbbells, the stepper, and many other facilities are breathtaking.

They have a 25-yard pool in their fitness center, and this pool is one of the most elegant pools in New York. 92 May Center introduced the first commercial indoor pool in Manhattan. They train the members to become professional swimmers and provide all the facilities accordingly.

The sports court and gymnasia are the finest of all. They have maintained every floor, and all the courts are air-conditioned. You can play basketball on the wooden floors that are too good to become your favorite.

Planet fitness

Planet fitness has been working in Brooklyn since 1992. It was just like a regular gym before and worked in a small area of New York City. As time passed, they realized that why can’t they work with 70 to 80 percent of New York’s population. So, they decided to achieve their goals by changing the gym’s environment from casual to luxury. You will this gym among the best fitness centers in NYC.

The change was a revolution in the Fitness industry because more and more people started to work out at the gym and gave it a try. They started to give a friendly and pleasant environment for the people so that they can come and feel like home. Many people saw the gym as their comfort zone after this revolutionary change.

Among all the other qualities, Planet Fitness is one of the cheapest all-time gym for the people who have low budgets. It offers all the good services of those luxury gyms that everyone cannot afford. If the one only goes for the equipment and does not use any other facility of the gym, then he can even go for a monthly of $10 and workout.

The gym is an all-time air-conditioned, and they have a friendly staff. The gym is open 24 hours a day. So, you do not need to worry about your workout. You can go whenever you like.

The gym is located between Atlantic Ave and State St. Brooklyn Heights. I recommend the people of Brooklyn to at least give it a try.

Harbor Fitness NYC

Harbor Fitness is serving from the past 28 years in many parts of New York and has opened its fitness centers in six parts of New York City. They try their best to satisfy their customers as they are now one of the favorite fitness centers for the people of New York.

Harbor fitness offers customers to boost their energy with the help of boxing routines. At Harbor Fitness, many Punching bags are available in the Gym where the members can develop and modify their strength according to their needs. This is one of the famous fitness centers in New York City.

The Harbor Fitness center always cares about the budget of every individual and tries to offer budget-friendly subscription plans including monthly and yearly. They are offering a $699/year subscription so that you can enjoy their service for a whole year at a reasonable price.

If we talk about the staff, they are very friendly and cooperative. The gym offers exercise classes, Zumba, and Yoga Classes. The protein shake of Harbor Gym is my favorite. The gym is for every age of person. i.e., from young to old. The gym is kindly renovated, and the machines are upgraded to the latest.

The Harbor Fitness has nice street parking, and they accept credit cards. The timing for Harbor Fitness in the working days is 05:00 am – 11:00 pm, whereas it is 07:00 am – 09:00 pm on weekends.

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