Best Fishing Spots for Kids in New York City

Best Fishing Spots for Kids in New York City

Best Fishing Spots for Kids in New York City

The only thing that kids want to do nowadays is playing only. But we, as parents, we only worry about the safety of our kids, whether it is a park or a gaming zone. Kids in their free time love to have fun. But the parents need to decide what is good for their kids and what is not.

In this article, our editors have explained 8 of the famous fishing spots for kids in NYC.

Fishing is always a fun thing to do in your meantime, and the parents nowadays totally understand its benefits. Everyone should spare their time and go fishing with their kids. If you live in New York City, this activity is a must. This activity helps parents to build a bond with their kids and get to know them better. On the bright side, kids also seem to love this activity.

Kids love to take part in these types of activities. So, fishing is a good thing to do with kids on weekends. Fishing is a healthy activity also. At least, better than video games. Eating fish is healthy, but eating fish after catching it is a fun thing to do.

Best Fishing Spots for Kids in New York City

We have the best fishing spots for you, where you can take your kids on a picnic and spend some adorable time together. The rivers and lakes of New York are very famous for their beauty and nature. Taking your kids to these lakes can be a healthy decision for you.

Best Fishing Spots for Kids in NYC Location                                                                   Facilities
Hudson River Park 353 West St, New York, NY 10011 Boats, rental bikes, books, food court, fishing spots, natural lake
Prospect Park Lake Brooklyn, NY Zoo, biking, skating, playgrounds, fishing spots, natural lake
Crotona Park 1700 Crotona Ave, The Bronx, NY 10457 Crotona Nature Center, Sports courts, playgrounds for kids, fishing spots, natural lake
Harlem Meer, Central Park Charles A. Dana Discovery Center, East Side at 109th Street. Sports corners, historical buildings, skating courts, pools, WIFI, food courts, Fishing Spots, natural lake
Oakland lake, Alley Pond Park 56th Ave, Bayside, NY 11364 Library, Museum, Zoo, beautiful fishing spots, tulip trees, natural lake
Clove Lakes Park 1150 Clove Rd, Staten Island, NY 10301 Dog walking areas, Sports center, Bathroom, Skating area, rental boats, fishing Spots, railings, BBQ Spots
Kissena Park Lake              Kissena Blvd and, Booth Memorial Ave, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365 Bocce Court, Biking areas, Sports center, food court, bathrooms, Fishing spots, WIFI
Baisley Pond Park Baisley Blvd, Jamaica, NY 11434, United States WIFI, Pedestrian tracks, bathrooms, Sports court, Fishing Environment, Showers, Dog walking areas, biking, BBQ

Hudson River Park, Famous Fishing Spot

Hudson river park is located in the southern area of Manhattan and has many beautiful areas to hang out with the family and kids. The park is next to the Hudson River, which is why this park is a good spot for kids to fish. The railings secure the riverside of the park, that’s why the park is recommended to fish because it is safe for kids.

If you live nearby that park, then I would suggest that you should always go to this park for a run because it has really good tracks. The park has many places for boat excursion. Boats are parked on the sides of the river, where it connects with the river.

The boatman is always available there in the open hours of the park for families to have a nice time and take a tour of the river. If you want to take your family and kids to the river, then the park has life jackets for all ages because the park worries about your safety.

The boats are quite amazing at this fishing spot for kids, and they also take you below the Brooklyn bridge which is very famous in Manhattan.

You can also book yourself a boat ride for several hours if you want to fish for hours. The Hudson River is famous for the striped bass fishery. You can simply take a worm as bait, put it in the hook, throw in hook in the river and wait for your fish to take it.

You could see New Jersey from the Hudson river park across the river, which is quite a beautiful scene to watch. This park is so huge that even you get lost or cannot find where you are, they have written the names of the streets on every street.

Hudson river park has an area named Chelsea Pier. It contains all types of books. If there is a person in your family who does not want to go fishing., he/she can go for books too.

There is so much to do in only one park, it is a fun place to visit. Other facilities aside, this is a great place to fish for every age. Pssssstttt Recommended!

Prospect Park Lake – Best Fishing Spot for Kids in NYC

The prospect park is located in the heart of Brooklyn. The park is famous in Brooklyn for its only lake and nature. The park is the best place if you want to get away from the city and cars and want to embrace mother nature in your day. It is located in Brooklyn city. 

The park was a small-sized zoo before, but it was a bit upgraded with time. Now, it is not only a Zoo but also contains a museum and boats to take a tour of the lake. The prospect park lake is very famous for its largemouth bass fish, which is a good-sized fish.

So, if you handover the fishing tackle to your kid then make sure that you hold your child properly because the fishes are quite tough.

The park serves the best natural greenery in Brooklyn, and one of its qualities is that it is not expensive. The ducks floating in the ponds are very beautiful to watch. Overall, the park serves to be an open and natural atmosphere. This place is a great place to bike, skate, camp picnic, boat, and fishing.

Fishing gear is not available in the park, but if you have a nice set of gear, then the place is great for you. The lake used to be too dirty in the past. The lake is clean at present, and because of its cleanliness and nature, there is a huge amount of fishes in its heart.

The lake does not contain barriers to its borders, but if you can take care of your kids and they listen to you, then it is a good place to visit.

The park is always crowded on weekdays whenever there is nice weather in Brooklyn. Saturdays in good weather are the best days of Prospect Park. If you like being social and want your kids to make friends and fish together, you are right to visit Prospect park lake.

If you want to do everything at a park which includes fishing, biking, skating, boating, zoo, etc. the prospect park is the best in Brooklyn. Of course, the lake of prospect park, I have to say the lake is really impressive for fishing and boating.

The lake view is just like the one that we often watch in action movies. So, if you live inside Brooklyn or anywhere near it, Prospect Park is a recommendation from our side.

Crotona Park

Crotona Park is a famous park in the Bronx. The people of the Bronx love this park for its nature. The greenery, the large trees, the hanging trees, the tracks, and the fountains, everything about this park is breathtaking. The park faced financial issues before but is now fully funded by the organization and is the full-fledged park.

The park is always crowded with people in the summer. It is always busy. But in winter, the park is a lot less used. Sometimes, the park has hip hop shows, concerts and wrestling events in winters. The park is huge compared with the other parks in the Bronx and welcomes the people of every age.

Crotona has many playgrounds for the kids and family to play their favorite sport or games. Crotona park has a lake named Indian lake, which is covered with railings inside the park. You will need a permit to fish there. Kids and parents love to visit this lake for fishing and to feed the fishes.

The best thing about the Crotona park about fishing is that they have a Crotona nature center. This nature center guides and teaches the laws, qualities, pleasure, and satisfaction of nature, which also includes learning how to fish for every age.

Kids love their sessions in which they teach them and train them for water and fishing. They guide the kids with their skills and make them take a lot of interest in fishing in their spare time.

They create an environment where kids see other kids taking an interest in fishing, which is cool to watch. So, when something is cool to watch then it is cool to perform too. In this way, kids indulge themselves in fishing and have a great time.

Kids who have never been fishing came to make fishing as their best thing to do on weekends. People share their stories of how they started loving fishing after visiting Crotona park, Indian lake. So, if you think that your kids do not like fishing, our team would suggest that you visit Crotona Park once to give it a try.

Harlem Meer, Central Park

The park is located in Manhattan. It is the urban style park of Manhattan. The park is divided into three parts. Gladly, it is one of the most famous parks in New York. The tourists from all over the world also visit this park when they visit Manhattan. The park has an average of 42 visitors in a whole year.

The park has a historical past, which is why the park contains several ancient small and large buildings. If your kids love to visit historical places, then this park is the one which your kids are going to like. Talking about fishing at the Central Park, the park offers a free fishing pole to the visitors. Although fishing inside Manhattan is illegal, but if you want to pleasure from fishing and teach your kids to do so, this is a good place for you to visit.

Although fishing aside, the park is huge. The park starts from 59th street and ends at 110th street. You can bike, jog, sit, and read newspapers in a tree shadow or on a bench. It also contains large fountains.

The place called Charles A. Dana Discovery Center, located on the northern side of the park, will guide you through the rules and regulations for fishing. The only thing that they are strict about is that you can’t keep the fish that you catch from the spot. The spot is known as Harlem Meer. The place contains several swans, which are very eye-catching. Kids always get attracted to these types of things.

The Harlem Meer lake contains a large number of fishes like largemouth bass, sunfish, and blue-grill sunfish. If your kid can catch any one of them, he will always ask you to go fishing at that spot. This Lake is a nice place to fish, but remember, you can’t take it with you. It only offers you to experience fishing.

Oakland lake – Alley Pond Park

Oakland lake is located in Queens, New York. The most beautiful and clean lake in Queens. This lake is accessed through Alley Pond Park, the nicest park in Queens. In that case, you will not have to worry about how you will access the lake with your kids. The park provides a good spot for Oakland lake to fish alone or with your fellows.

If you want to have a B.B.Q picnic at the lake, the place is likely to be a fit for you. Several restaurants are located within walking distance from the lake. You can buy your sandwiches and drinks and sit by the lake and eat in a healthy and natural environment.

The fishermen of Queens usually choose this lake to go on a boat and fish for their food. But you can stay with your kids at the shore of the lake, set your border, and have fun with your kids. The maximum depth of the lake is 60 feet, and it covers the area of 10 acres. So, we suggest you take good care of your kids when you take them fishing with you.

As the New York waters contain a numerous amount of largemouth bass, Oakland lake also has a large number of bass fish than other fishes. But bass fish can be a challenging catch for the kids which will let them experience more from them.

So, go and have a nice fish picnic with your little fellas, and have fun.

Clove Lakes Park

Clove Lakes Park is a public park and is open to every aged individual. The park contains a history in itself during world war 2. The park is more a natural park rather than a modern technological park. The park is home to a hundred of mammals.

The park has several different natural things to watch, but the most eye-catching of all is the ancient tree. The tulip tree is ancient and is 300 years old.

The mammals in the park are not dangerous, and they only care about their food and safety. A lot of visitors try very hard to get a picture with them, but they are always shy. The park lake contains not only bass fish but also bullhead fish, bluegill, and carp.

There are so many leafless trees. They create a very dramatic scene together, and they are a real deal to watch. Places at Clove Lakes Park are nice and cozy. You can always come to a place like this with your fishing gear and leave all worries behind. But if you have kids, then you can have a great time fishing with them at this spot because here, you will find a variety of fishes, both large and small.

The park is famous for its wildlife because a lot of mammals are freely touring the park always, and they are easily seen everywhere. Wildlife photographers very appreciate the place because they always take some good pictures with them whenever they are here. The female mallard, the glossy ibis, the muskrats, the male mallard, the great eagle, and the white Pekin ducks give a peaceful sight to every individual.

The park gives a unique sensation to its visitors and makes them to visit again and again. The park contains land as well as water mammals. These are a few of the reasons because of which the park is loved so much by the people. If you are an animal lover, this park is a place for you.

Kissena Lake for Fishing

The Kissena lake is situated in Queens, New York. The Kissena Park provides great fishing spots for kids as well as grownups. Several fishing spots let you to choose the best spot for you. The lake delivers a beautiful scene to watch. There are a lot of trees on both sides of the lake which serve as a home for many birds.

If you want to see the best view of the park, then go to the eastern side of the park and turn yourself towards the lake. The lake is guarded with fences from some spots, but some spots are left without fences for a better view and easy fishing. Kids love that place because they play a lot of games there with a scene of water and trees.

All the things at that spot give a nicer and healthier view. The lake serves an important role for the fam of Kissena Park.  Those who love to fish in Queens often come to Kissena Park Lake, but whenever they do, they are never disappointed.

Dawn and Dusk are a beautiful scene to watch at Kissena Park. Whether you are with your partner, kids, or friends, you will always enjoy your time there. A natural velodrome is situated at the center of the Kissena park, which seems to be very delightful for the bikers.

The depth of Kissena Lake is only 4 to 5 feet and covers 9 acres of the area. Elevation can go up to 19 feet, which makes it not a larger one but a quite small lake.

Well, if you want to are worrying about the kids, then don’t. They provide railings around the lake, which is quite a nice spot for kids to enjoy fishing and nice green water. The fishes available in Kissena lake are also a large number of largemouth fish, which we commonly call as bass. The lake contains other fishes like pumpkinseed, crap, eel, bluegill, and more.

So, if you live in Queens, near this park, do not miss out on your weekends and do visit Kissena Park for picnics and, most importantly, Fishing.

Baisley Pond Park

This park has nice spots for fishing. The park has a beautiful lake which is surrounded by railings for people’s safety. So, the park is good for those who want to bring their kids to fishing. The park is situated in Jamaica that is the neighbor town of queens, which is quite a peaceful place.

The park is famous for its beauty and lake. It contains a number of sports courts for people to have a fun time together. Bathrooms are available at the park. WIFI facility is also available in case you are facing issues with your network. Park security is always monitoring the lake on the spot. So that if you are not able to pay attention to your juniors when they are present for your kids’ safety.

The park also has several playgrounds which attract every aged person. So, no matter what is your age or your gender, you can visit this park and have great fun with your kids.

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