Newyorklines.com is the Ultimate Guide for New York City. 

My name is Cathy and I am living in this city for the last 8 years. I love this amazing city and now I am married here with 2 kids. I have started this website with my local writer friends and with a team of volunteers who visit these amazing places and discuss with the local community to get their reviews.

There are three main categories:

Events and Festivals in NYC 2021 – We have included all the small and big events that happen in NYC.

Best Places to Visit in NYC – Get accurate information about the amazing places.

Everything About NYC – It covers all the details about this beautiful city, learn what local people are saying.

We will be adding many more categories in the coming days. Our team is spending countless days and nights in making this the best place for the NYC community.

If you are planning to visit NYC, this is the right place to search for your favorite destinations. We had added tons of amazing places in Manhattan that you can visit.

This platform is the ultimate solution for the local community along with foreign travelers. We have added a detailed local guide for you to explore this city.

We have added details of all major local places with their details. We have detailed articles on the best hotels, restaurants, bars, beaches, culture, music, theatre, schools, and local services. We bring the best of NYC under one roof, you will be amazed by the detailed description of places that you will love to visit. Read our blog here.

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