Best Late Night Indian Restaurant in Manhattan NYC

Best Late Night Indian Restaurant in Manhattan NYC

Best Late Night Indian Restaurant in Manhattan NYC

There are a lot of takeout joints in New York City, committed to providing authentic versions of Indian cuisine. Now the NYC is taking hold of the new wave of south Asian cuisines.

The topmost spots for the Indian food in New York City, are located in Manhattan. These spots are placed precisely at the French or Italian standard for ethnic food.  

The Indian restaurants in Manhattan are very diversified and aesthetic with inventive twists on amazing flavors and bold décor.

You can use this guide if you are looking for the authentic menu experience for the late-night Indian restaurants. We have narrow down 13 top restaurants where the dining experience is in full-blown. 

Best Late Night Indian Restaurant in Manhattan NYC

Here is the comparison chart for the Top-Rated Indian Restaurants in Manhattan, New York City.

Late Night Indian Restaurant in Manhattan Location Phone Experience
Amma 246 E 51st St, Frnt 2, NYC, 10022-6513 +1 212-644-8330 Upscale North Indian restaurant, inventive and intimate setup, food is excellent, perfect for events
Swagat Indian Cuisine 411A Amsterdam Ave, Manhattan, NYC 10024-6209 +1 212-362-1400 Setup is intimate, Perfect for inexpensive quality meal, and the best part is its excellent service, great wine selection
Brick Lane Curry House 99 2nd Ave, Manhattan, NYC, 10003-8383 +1 212-979-2900 Place is spacious, décor is minimal, food is awesome, affordable prices, Bring your own booze place
Darbar 152 E 46th St, NYC,10017-2610 +1 212-681-4500 Small place, Perfect for the calm meal, excellent food and drinks, there is a bar area,
The Kati Roll Company 99 Macdougal St, New York City, 10012-5031 +1 212-420-6517 Perfect to have evening snack, inventive selection for rolls, exceptional taste
Bhatti Indian Grill 100 Lexington Ave, 28th St, New York City, 10016-8975 +1 212-683-4229 Original Indian flavor, lovely atmosphere, food is cooked with perfect spices
Utsav Restaurant 1185 Avenue of the Americas, Plaza Entrance on 46th Street between sixth&seventh Avenues, NYC 10036-2601 +1 212-575-2525 Relaxing place, authentic Indian flavor, Décor is dark and heritage looks, there is a bar area
Nirvana 346 Lexington Ave, Frnt 1, NYC 10016-0938 +1 212-983-0000 Perfect for teens and romance, red color I prominent, food is perfect from starters to desserts, appealing signature cocktails
Dhaba 108 Lexington Ave, Manhattan, NYC, 10016-8927 +1 212-679-1284 Perfect for chill loud music lovers, excellent food, extensive menu selection for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, clubby decor
Dawat Haute Indian Cuisine 210 E 58th St, New York City, 10022-2030 +1 212-355-7555 Upscale cuisine, large menu selection, excellent food, good presentation
Bukhara Grill 217 E 49th St, Manhattan  NYC 10017-1501 +1 212-888-2839 Perfect for spice lovers, casual atmosphere, outstanding food, ample options for vegetarians
Panna II Garden Indian Restaurant 93 1st Ave, Manhattan, NYC 10003-2922 +1 212-598-4610 Best part is its décor, perfect for fun dinner and pictures
Mint NY 150 E 50th St, Manhattan, NYC 10022 +1 212-644-8888 Modern décor, intimate and romantic ambiance, perfect place to relax, awesome food, excellent cocktails menu selection


Amma is an upscale North Indian restaurant located on the busy streets of Manhattan. It is a unique small setup that is wonderful and inventive.

The restaurant is among the best choices in mid-town Manhattan for late-night dinners. It is among the few late-night Indian Restaurants that are becoming famous with every passing day.

When you enter the door, you step into the peaceful world with unique décor and welcoming service. The place is crowded and cozy. The restaurant is perfect for events and occasions.

The ambiance is calm and romantic with cool accent lights. The restaurant setting is quite intimate. The atmosphere of the cuisine is very conducive to conversation.

The place feels like a hidden gem in Manhattan. The site is perfect if you want an upper scale spot for a romantic dinner setting. They usually play soft background music.

The restaurant provides various exquisite choices of north Indian food with old and inventive flavors. Everything in the food menu, even desserts, is fantastic.

Portions are large. Food is perfectly cooked and delicious with an elegant presentation. The chicken recipes are also quite tasty like tandoori chicken and chicken tikka.

They have the best-eaten breads that are adequately cooked and warmly served. Try their delicious Lacha paratha and jalapeno bread. The place is pricy but worth it. They also have an incredible dessert section. They have an incredible wine list, but their cocktail menu is limited.

The staff is dedicated and helpful, and the service is welcoming. All the servers are polite. The remarkable thing is that the team pairs the wine with the food, which makes the overall experience better.

Swagat Indian Cuisine

Swagat is an intimate family-owned and unique Indian joint that is located on the upper west side. The place is found reliably fantastic among all other local family-run restaurants on the top west side. It is the best place to get a quick bite for your own or for a group that wants an inexpensive meal hangout. 

The ambiance is warm and cozy but not packed. The spot has lovely décor and a friendly atmosphere. Never forget to make the reservation before your arrival. Overall prices are reasonable as per the New York standard.

Food is excellent at reasonable prices with generous in portion size. Food is always served hot, and it is good at both quantity and quality. They also have a large selection for vegetarians.

They have lovely curry dishes and tasty soups. Chicken pakoras, a lamb dish, lamb samosas, and Garlic Nan are the best and have slightly different spices.

Chickpeas are a must-try authenticated Punjabi food. They have delicious desserts section as well, like Gulab Jamun and very famous Khoya, that is dumpling dipped into rose flavored syrup and served warm, etc. Their selection for wine and beer is outstanding. They have great lunch specials as well.

Service is efficient, and it is the best part of the restaurant. The staff is friendly and very helpful in recommending flavors and picking tasty dishes. It is among the top-rated late-night Indian Restaurants in Manhattan. NYC.

Brick Lane Curry House

The restaurant is a type of British curry house that is similar to the East London style Indian joint. It is a third location on the second avenue, 5th Street. Brick Lane is an excellent option if you are in the east village and looking for inexpensive and tasty (spicy) food.

The ambiance is calm and nice. The place is spacious inside, clean, and friendly. The décor is minimal and decent. The atmosphere is not fancy, and it is similar to Brick Lane in the United Kingdom. Prices are logical for NY. You will always receive some papadam and chutneys while waiting for the food to snack on.

Food is flavorful and well-cooked and can moderate the spices of any dish. Portions are ample. They have well-seasoned food that is not very spicy. They also offer some tastier options if you are brave enough to try. Drinks are excellent at logical prices. Mango lassies are very good.

Must try the delicious lamb jalfrezi curry and lamb biryani if you so much hungry because it is very filling. The bread, curries, Lamb Rogan, Chicken Jalfrezi, tandoori chicken, Peshwar Naan, and house rice are delicious.

Sauces are prepared with great taste and textures. Meat quality is also good. You can take delicious Rasgula, rice pudding, chocolate mouse, little bread balls in melted honey, etc. for desserts.

The service is pleasant, and the staff is accommodating and friendly. They do not have a liquor license. So it’s bringing your booze place, and luckily there is a very affordable bottle shop next door.

Darbar, Best Indian Restaurant In Manhattan

Darbar is one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Manhattan with two levels. The lower part of the restaurant is a bar. There are tables in the bar area for the pre-dinner service. Dining service is available at the upper level, and it has a very calm atmosphere. The place is perfect for a relaxed and quiet meal.

 The ambiance of the restaurant is warm and welcoming, but it can be better. The spot is simple, clean, and chic. The place is small and looks to be a family-run. The prices overall are reasonable for quality, location, and ambiance.

Food at the restaurant is tasty and plentiful in portion size. The food is served quick and hot. The menu is preset with a large selection. Their special house menu is outstanding. Prices for food are reasonable and up to the New York standard. A bottle of wine with tip and tax is around dollar 150. 

Try Naan bread garlic with chicken entrée. It is made with perfect spice and flavor. Also try the delicious tandoori vegetables, excellent lobster in spicy red sauce, lamb dish. Deserts are watery; you can try rice delicious pudding dessert and shrikhand etc.

Drinks are also great. Must try out is their great special Kharma drink. Although the restaurant has gluten-free food options, but they do not offer gluten-free beer. Their wine list is average.

The cuisine provides decent service. The staff is very helpful, gentle, and engaging. Their service is fair to mid-level. The only problem regarding the restaurant is they want the visitors to leave a bit early.

The Kati Roll Company, Late Night Indian Restaurant

This is a small joint located in the center of Greenwich Village. The place is like the casual Indian and Pakistani Dhaba restaurant. The cuisine is crowded, and the site is good to have some desi junk food. It is perfect for an evening snack on a cold night.  

Décor is funky like local Indian type with torn Bollywood posters placed on brick walls. The place is like a hole in the wall. There are three round tables and stools. Overall the ambiance gives a very woody feel. It is the type of Indian fast food place where you go at the counter to order and pay.

They have a great selection in Roll with excellent filling. The Roll is an exceptional American version and worthy of its reputation. Roti is cooked perfectly for the rolls, and it is crispy. The rolls are great value for money. The dishes like Kosha Mangsho (goat), the Shammi kebab roll, the beef tikka, and were all tasty.

The place is pricy if compared to the size of the Roll. Roll idea is inventive; it is like Indian food that is rolled like a burrito. They are also offering the right vegetarians menu. Paneer, beef, and Egg chicken roll are recommended must tryouts for everyone. It takes more than a roll to fill you.

Drinks and beer are also available at the cuisine. Mango lassi is excellent. Staff is gentle and quick, but none of them are Indians (globalization). The service is good.

Bhatti Indian Grill

The place is a small upper scale and highly authentic north-Indian restaurant. It is located in the heart of NYC, where you can get a good view of the world. If you are in a hurry, this is the place where you can go and eat. This place is not for relaxation.

Décor is cozy, subtle, and well done. The atmosphere is lovely and romantic. Ambiance is decent yet eclectic. They have renovated the seats. The tables are close to each other and quite small. The place is loud and crowded. So the suggestion is to make a reservation before you arrive.

The food is absolutely an original Indian, fresh and flavorful. Portion is a bit small in size. The food is well cooked with perfect spices and consistency. The menu selection is large.

Prices are affordable. Dessert section is right must try rice pudding or mango mousse. For incredible flavor combinations, try signature dishes. Must try their different Kabobs, and they are superb.

Drinks have a limited selection at a reasonable price compared to other nearby restaurants. You can also get staples like a glass of red or white wine or Kingfisher beer. To cool down the spice aftermath, you can take a mango yogurt drink. Beer is also available but on a limited menu. They do not have a full bar area.

The service is excellent and quick. Some of their staff are not as attentive and helpful. Never forget to make a reservation, especially for weekends.

Utsav Restaurant

Utsav is a popular place in Manhattan with an excellent mid-town location near Times Square. The site is quiet and relaxing with the touch of fusion and a fair amount of old school Bollywood music at subtle volume. The atmosphere is delightful and calm. Downstairs is a bar as you enter. The upper level has a big dining area. Seating is also available in the open.  

Ambiance is pleasant and family-friendly. The spot is decorated with lovely antique lighting and spacious windows. Overall the décor is dark, and heritage looks. The restaurant is just incredible, and it’s a must place if you are roaming there. Overall prices are moderate to high.

The spot has an authentic Indian food flavor with outstanding aroma. They have delicious fresh appetizers. The food is tasty and has good value. For Indian food lovers, this place is just perfect. There are so many choices for vegetarians. They have moderate food portions. Coffee is nice.

Must tryouts of the spot are delicious Grilled Chicken Angara, butter chicken, chicken curry, rice, and other Indian nibbles. Dessert section is limited. You can try Gajar Halwo with vanilla ice cream or rice pudding for dessert, it is excellent. The cocktail menu is superb and worth a look.

Service is slow compared to other nearby restaurants. Staff is knowledgeable and helpful for patrons in recommending the portion size.


The restaurant is a perfect fit both for teens and romance. Ambiance is fantastic and high for Indian cuisine. The atmosphere is warm, cozy, and lit. There are plenty of rooms which are nicely decorated. Conversation is comfortable to hold at the place. The dining room is upstairs. Red color seems very prominent in the restaurant.

Excellent food from starters to desserts and is cooked with perfect spices. House salad is outstanding. The food is beautifully plated and has ample portions. Malai kofta, vegetable samosas & mango chutney, Fried Manchurian Cauliflower, and Hendricks martinis are the most recommended dishes. They do not have many options for vegetarians.

The list of signature cocktails is so appealing, and it is most with vodka. Overall the music is excellent, but they don’t have live music. Your visit will be incomplete without restrooms; they are exemplary. This place has pretty decent service and professional staff. The site is little bit pricy


Dhaba is a small late-night authentic North Indian food spot. The location is busy and good for hangout. The atmosphere is perfect for chill rock music lovers who want to enjoy loud music. The cuisine is a favorite for night owls, as it is kept open later than many other full night service places.

The place is a little more chic than many other Indian restaurants with cool lighting fixtures.Décor is more like a club, and seating is tight. The restaurant has got an indie feel to it. They have mason jars for the drinks. Ambiance is more like a hip bar or lounge with pretty dim lights, which adds to its vibe.

The food is tasty and has large portions. Their menu and food is nicely seasoned. They have extensive menu selection for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Their starter choice for vegetarians is awsome.

The cuisine offers an excellent combination of British version curries on the last page of the menu and draft version beer. They have funky cocktails. They have minimal dessert options. Don’t miss the Gulab Jamun in the dessert section.

The drinks are awesome. Must try the mango lassi and unique hot cauliflower appetizer; it’s a different kind of dish. Try classic saag paneer and well-spiced lamb dhansak, vegetable bhalu, and malai kofta, and this will not disappoint you. Prices are reasonable and exceptional. Beer menu is plentiful and cheap, but available options are limited. Service is above par. The staff is friendly and attentive. Staff is good at recommending flavors, as well.

Overall they play Indian rock music at the restaurant, which adds to the atmosphere. The spot has joined those HIP places where the music is played with high bass.

Dawat Haute Indian Cuisine

Dawat is a lovely joint located in mid-town east, and it’s one of Manhattan’s best Indian cuisine. This is the spot where you can spend money and have an exceptional evening. The place is definitely a fantastic north Indian cuisine. It also serves a couple of south Indian dishes, as well.

The ambiance is calm and nice. The atmosphere is airy and upscale. There are ample rooms. Although the décor is old but it adds. Interior looks like an upscale French cuisine rather than the casual Indian décor.

The food is outstanding, but the portions are a bit small. Menu is extensive, and there is a wide range of choices available. Food is tasty and worth spending. The presentation is beautiful. Definitely check Shrimp Caldin, Lobster Shehnaz with lemon rice, Chicken Tikki Masala, green sauce, Lemon rice with cucumber raita for a great meal. They also have a great variety of tasty chutneys.

In the deserts section, brandy sponge cake and dessert wine are perfect ending. Must tri kulfi, it is very creamy. The drinks are excellent. They have an extensive wine and beer options which include great Indian wines as well. Overall the prices are reasonable.

Service is efficient but needs a bit of improvement. Staff is gentle and knowledge, but there are few people to serve food. Servers will attend you quickly and never let you wait for them. Manger often greets the customers and takes them to the table.

Bukhara Grill

It’s a decent restaurant that is centrally located between second and third avenues in East Manhattan, very close to mid-town hotels. The place offers authentic North Indian cuisine. The location is homey and classy.

Ambiance is helpful but not fancy. Lightning is good as well. The home is busy. The atmosphere is a casual Indian style. The place is perfect for spice lovers.

Food is delicious and superb at a logical price. Portions are decent. This place offers excellent Indian hospitality. There are ample options for vegetarians. Food is perfectly cooked with good taste. They have outstanding tandoor dishes.

The best part of the restaurant is its food and Indian spice art. Dal Bukhara is very rich and smooth in flavor, and it’s a must-try out. Place is also famous for Indian kebabs.

The desert section is superb. Before you order for any dessert, you must try Shakori Rasmalai from the options. Prices are affordable like dollar 6 to 8 for appetizers and dollar 20 to 30 for mains. The drinks are fantastic and a bit expensive. Menu is decent for cocktails and wine. There is a lot of upselling, which is a bit disappointing.

The service is courteous and stoic. Waiting staff is helpful and makes sure that everyone is comfortable or not. The owner is very gracious and welcoming. Staff is attentive but not very helpful in recommending food options to patrons.

Panna II Garden Indian Restaurant

The restaurant has an attractive location in a building with three other competing restaurants. It’s an extraordinary and lively place. It’s a fun place where you can bring kids as well. Best place for Instagram photos. Cousine gets crowded, so try to go early.

The décor is astonishing, and it is the best part of the restaurant you have ever seen anywhere else. The day-glow colors and hanging lights are making the atmosphere of the place. When you enter the home, it feels like you are inside a Christmas tree that is loaded with lights. The joint is perfect for birthdays. Ambiance is fun, and it is definitely a place to laugh, and you can also bring kids. Seating is cozy.

Food is good to average. The portion size is small. If you want to have a fun dinner, this is perfect for you. Chicken malai is a must-try. They have a delicious dessert section. The restaurant is a bit expensive. Music is loud, and the playlist is Bollywood.

Soft drinks are available. If you want to drink wine, you can bring it on your own. The waiter will uncork it and serve it without any corking fee. Service is not efficient and needs improvement. The staff is friendly.

Mint NY

This is a small restaurant that is located near the theater district and Grand Central station. The place has modern minimalist décor with gloomy lights. The atmosphere is lovely and quiet. The site is almost similar to the restaurants located in major Indian cities. The spot can be a go-to for theater trips.

Ambiance is intimate and romantic. The atmosphere is lovely with nice white tablecloth décor and the hardwood floors. The place is perfect if you are looking for some peace and quiet. There are comfy tables inside the bar area to relax.

Food is superb, and the menu is delightfully rich in selection, which you will hardly find anywhere else. Food is flavorful and spicy. They have excellent bread and chutneys. It’s challenging to cook perfect Indian food, but this place is doing well. If you have not experienced real Indian flavor yet, then do visit this joint. Spice stuff is perfectly spicy; bland is perfect bland, creamy is perfectly creamy. Prices are reasonable. They have quality desserts, as well.

They have excellent menu selection for a cocktail, wine, and appetizers. Starters are superb and include lamb seekh kebab, vegetable samosas, spicy cauliflower and chicken in yogurt, etc. The Lasooni Gobi is hands-down, the best dish ever to give a try. Taste is an original Indian, and the presentation is fantastic. Meat quality is best, and portion size is ample. Happy hour is till 7 pm.

Service is a bit slow but accommodating. Staff is good at recommending food and flavors. Mint is pretty expensive, but it is a must-try as it is always prepared with fresh quality ingredients. Hot chocolate mud pie is a worth try. The place is perfect for business, friends in small groups, and couples. 

Final words

There are a lot of Indian restaurants in Manhattan. You must have the perfect idea about the place you choose to visit. For Indian food lovers, we have provided detailed information and reviews for the most popular restaurants. You can explore the best Indian food places by using this guide.

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