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Best Dog Grooming Salons in New York City

Best Dog Grooming Salons in New York City

I live in New York for a couple of years, and it is challenging to manage time for such activities that make you feel relaxed. In New York, people have different interests and hobbies. Everyone has their likes and dislikes.

My hobby is keeping pet dogs. Keeping dogs is not an easy job especially when you have a hectic routine. I currently have a cute poodle dog, and I love him so much. Finding the best dog grooming dog in NYC is not an easy job, we have listed 18 of the famous dog groomers.

Keeping pets is a healthful activity. It keeps me refreshing and energetic whenever I play or cuddle with my dog. It is a time-consuming activity. You have to take care of your pet. You have to look after its diet, health, and grooming.

You have to give proper attention to your pet and spend time with it, or you can take your doggo for a walk. Maintaining a dog grooming schedule is always recommended, you can always visit dog grooming places with your pet dog.

New York is a vast and bustling city. There are a lot of appealing activities to do here. Keeping a pet dog is an engaging activity in New York. But don’t worry, there are many best dog groomers in this fantastic city for your pets.

These top-rated dog grooming places are easily accessible and very useful if you have pets. The dog grooming salons are unique for your dogs, where you can take them with you and make them look more relaxed and attractive.

Best Dog Grooming Salons in New York City

Like humans, pets also need grooming and care. It is complicated for us to wash them and take care of them properly.

For this, we have dog salons where we can choose our pets for a spa and trim. Dogs need a trim, wash, and proper checkup after a regular interval. These are the necessities of your pets through which they look more beautiful and healthy. The famous Dog grooming centers and salons of New York are as follows.

Dog Grooming Salons                         Address   Affordable or Not
Wanda’s Pet Grooming 22 Bradhurst Avenue, NYC Affordable
Paws in Chelsea 145 West 24th Street, New York City. Affordable
D for Doggy 156 West,  New York City. Affordable
The Pawlour 723 6th Avenue, Brooklyn, NYC Affordable
Bark Avenue Grooming 167 West Street, NYC Affordable
Lisa’s Pet Styles 22 Bradhurst Avenue, NYC Affordable
Pet Smart 1107 Broadway Suite, 101 Manhattan, NY. Affordable
Pup Culture 521 Broome Street, New York, NY. Affordable
Walter’s Pet Styles 201-C East 33rd Strt, NYC Affordable
Le Pet Spa 300 Rector Place, New York, NY. Affordable
Disco Paws 31-19 Ditmars Boulevard, Astoria, New York Affordable
Dog Friendly Grooms 63-48 Forest Avenue, Ridgewood, New York. Affordable
Posh Pooch 30-82 51st, Woodside, New York Affordable
Towne House 288 8th Avenue, Chelsea, New York. Affordable
Bushwick Bark 175 Knickerbocker Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. Affordable
Camp Canine 46 West 73rd Street, New York, NY. Affordable
Doggy Stylez 356 East 87th Street, New York, NY. Affordable
Snowball Salons 943- Columbus Avenue, New York, NY Affordable

Wanda’s Pet Grooming Salon

Wanda’s Pet Grooming is considered to be the most famous pet grooming salon in New York. It has been serving for many years in the city. Wanda’s is a place where you should take your pet regularly. It is at 22 Bradhurst Avenue, New York, NY. It is a pleasant and huge salon where you can find lots of beautiful pets.

The salon opens early in the morning and serves the pets till night. The management is very polite and friendly with pets. It is a perfect place for the grooming of your pets.

The services for pets at this salon are hair trimming, nail cutting, spa, and hair dye, etc. These services are not too costly. You can go there and make your pet looks cooler at affordable prices. This is among the best dog grooming salons in NYC.

Paws in Chelsea

There are countless popular pet groomers in New York, but Paws in Chelsea is one of the oldest pet groomers in New York. It is serving in the city for over 24 years. It is at 145 West 24th Street, New York, NY. It is a significant and well-decorated salon. They have trained groomers for pets that deal with pets with great care and love.

They also have a pet care center along with the salon. They provide the best facilities for pets in the city under the supervision of experts. Services for pets available at Paws in Chelsea are hair trim, nail cutting, pet spa, and much more.

They also have customized clothing for your pets. Make sure to take an appointment before going to the salon to experience the best dog grooming in the city.

D for Doggy

D for Doggy is a reputable and well-known dog grooming salon in New York. It is an affordable salon in the city and easily locatable. It is an excellent and clean salon where your pet feels comfortable and relaxed. The salon is opening its door for the customers in the morning and serves them till the evening.

The salon has a team of professionals and well-trained groomers for the pets. The senior groomers at D for Doggy has experience of years in pet grooming, so you don’t have to inquire about the quality of the salon.

They deal with the pets one by one so that pets feel comfortable during the makeover process. The makeover process includes trimming, nail treatment, and much more. Visit this exciting salon and make your Dog looks more appealing.

The Pawlour

New York has many pet grooming centers where you can take your pet for treatment. The Pawlour is one of the best pet grooming salons in the city. It is at 723 6th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. It is a magnificent and classy salon. The salon is serving its four-legged customers from dawn to dusk with care and love.

The salon has friendly and expert staff. The salon has specialized services for cats and dogs. During grooming of the pets, the management did not allow more than one person with the pet so that the pet will stay calm and comfortable.

The specialty of this salon is Lion Cut. Take your pet to The Pawlour and get a lion cut for your pet and let it roar.

Bark Avenue Grooming

The Bark Avenue Grooming is the famous and trustworthy dog salon in New York City. It has been serving for more than ten years in the town. A vast number of people take their pets to this fantastic salon. The dog salon is easy to find, and it is also not much expensive.

The salon has fantastic architecture, and its atmosphere is also calming and relaxing. The salon has a professional team for the pets. You can have nail, tooth, hair treatment along with the flee treatment at affordable prices.

This dog grooming salon also has a pet daycare if you are busy somewhere you can leave your pet at The Bark Avenue Grooming and pick it up when you are free. Make sure to get an appointment before going to the salon to avoid any inconvenience.

Lisa’s Pet Styles, Best Dog Groomers in New York City

Lisa’s Pet Styles is a popular pet salon in New York. The quality of this salon is unmatchable. It has a very attentive staff that deals with its customers amicably and respectfully. This dog grooming salon provides the perfect environment for your pets where they feel content.

This salon provides affordable and satisfactory services for pets. The services include hair trim and styling, nail cutting and treatment, flea spa and tooth treatment, and much more for the pets.

Numerous people in New York visit this particular salon for dogs grooming are satisfied with their services. Make sure to visit this place for the grooming of your pet to enhance its beauty.

Pet Smart

Pet Smart is a prominent place for the grooming of your pets. It is the most stylish and fashionable salon for pets. It is at 1107 Broadway Suite, 101 Manhattan, NY. Lots of people go there for pet grooming. It serves visitors from morning to evening with great care and attention.

Pet Smart has moving services for the pets. It includes nail and hair treatment spa, and much more. It also has dog food in it and a clinic at the site for the checkup of your pet. The salon also offers daycare and training center for your dog.

They have built a dog-friendly environment where your pet can play and train with ease. Do visit this fantastic salon to experience one of the best pet grooming services in New York.

Pup Culture, Dog Grooming Salon

Pup Culture is an outstanding pet salon in New York. It is known for its quality services. The salon opens early in the morning for your dog. It has certified trainers and groomers that treats your pets gently.

The address of this salon is 521 Broome Street, New York, NY. The salon has many beautiful paintings of pets and a contemporary interior in which pets feel quite comfortable.

The salon also has a daycare service for dogs where your pet can stay and plays with other beautiful doggies. The grooming services comprise hair, nail, ear treatment, along with spa and tooth treatment. The salon also offers pick and drop facility for your pets.

This dog salon also has unique drying techniques which depend on the breed. It is a must-go salon for your dog where your dog can get the best grooming and looks more beautiful.

Walter’s Pet Styles

Walter’s pet Styles is serving in New York for more than 40 years. The salon has specialized groomers that are expert in fluffy cutting. The environment at this salon is elegant and precise.

The management is also so kind and friendly. It also has a daycare center at the site where you can leave your dog y under expert supervision.

The services provided by the salon include hair ear and nail treatment. They also specialize in fluffy cutting. Dogs at this salon get washed with anti-allergic shampoos and conditioners that make their skin glow. This salon also deals with cats.

You can also have a customized hair cut for your dog depending upon its breed, size, and structure. Take your pet dog to Walter’s Pet Styles to experience the best fluffy haircut in New York.

Le Pet Spa

Le Pet Spa is an astounding dog salon in New York. People love to take their dogs to this salon. It is an affordable salon where anyone can go and groom their beautiful dogs.

The dog salon remains open for the entire week for the beautiful pooches. The salon has well-trained groomers that change the whole look of your pet.

Le Pet Spa offers nail, ear, teeth, and hair treatments for the dogs. They use exclusive products for the treatment of dogs that are not harmful to your pets.

The salon has a tidy and spotless environment in which the pets feel comfortable. They also have a variety of dog food and other nutrients for your dog. They also provide home delivery for such products. Do visit this salon with your dog and make your dog look more appealing.

Disco Paws

Disco Paws have been serving the pups and are prevalent in New York for many years. The salon has qualified graduates from famous pet grooming institutions in New York. The salon specializes in Hair Trimming of dogs no matter what the breed is.

Disco Paws has amicable and acknowledged staff. Services at this salon include a spa, nail cutting, ear cleaning, and flee spa to the pooches. They also have a daycare for pups where they interact with other puppies and learn basic manners and a positive attitude. The salon will offer a special discount for new customers. If you have not visited this salon, then pay a visit to this salon and get the discounted grooming for your pooch.

Dog Friendly Grooms

The Dog Friendly Grooms is a magnificent and elegant dog salon in New York. It is famous for the treatment and works in detail with the owner of the dog.

They ask so many questions regarding the health, attitude, diet, of your dog before grooming. It helps them a lot to understand the nature of your pup. This salon is at 63-48 Forest Avenue, Ridgewood, New York.

The dog salon has a specialized treatment plan for the stinky and wounded dog. They also have a first aid treatment for the dogs. The environment of this salon is amicable and comfortable.

You can have a haircut of your pooch as you want. Dog Friendly Grooms is a must-go site for you and your Dog. Do visit this grooming salon and make your dog look more stylish.

Posh Pooch

Posh pooch is an exquisite pet salon in New York and has been serving for many years. The staff and groomers of this salon are amicable and cooperative with both the owner and the dog. They deal with all their customers with great care and love. The salon has a beautiful interior and colorful paintings of pets.

The Posh Pooch also offers health treatment at the site along with other essential grooming services. They have toys and goodies for your pet dog. This is one of the best dog groomers in the city.

You can purchase them for your dog and enjoy watching your dog playing with them. The salon is not much costly. Visit this salon for the best grooming of your dog and make it looks more attractive, active, and fit.

Towne House

Town House is known for its specific behavior towards its four-legged customers. Due to this gesture, an immense number of people visit the salon. Along with their pets and get satisfied with their service. It is at 288 8th Avenue, Chelsea, New York.

They have skillful groomers for the grooming of dogs. Their services involved specific breed cuts, curly cuts, hand stripping, spa, and much more.

The dog salon is affordable and easy to find. You can make an appointment by calling them and visit them after calling. Towne House is a place where your dog can get the most competent grooming in New York.

Bushwick Bark

Many famous dog groomers are serving pets with care and love. A tremendous amount of people take their dogs to the grooming centers in New York.

Bushwick Bark has its unique importance and standard among all of them. The dog grooming salon has goodies and food supplies of various kinds of pets.

Bushwick Bark has toys, food supplies, and customized clothing for dogs and cats also. Their services include hair and nail treatment, along with the spa. Visit this marvelous salon with your dog and get a crisp and smart look for your dog.

Camp Canine

Camp Canine is one of the most successful and hot favorite dog salon in New York. It is a professional salon and has professional groomers in it. This salon has a beautiful interior and attentive staff. It is also affordable and does not cost you much for the grooming of your pet.

Camp Canine provides food supplies and services to the dogs, which include breed-specific cuts, customized cuts, spa, and much more. You will get the complimentary teeth treatment from the salon.

The unique thing about this salon that it provides free services to stray dogs and treat them with great affection. Visit this premium salon to experience the best dog grooming in New York.

Doggy Stylez

Doggy Stylez has been operating for over ten years in New York and has maintained its standard and quality. It became famous among the tenants in a short time due to its dedication and hard work. The salon has a modern interior and spa service for the dogs, which makes them more useful.

Doggy Stylez services include flea spa, nail grinding, teeth scaling, and much more. The grooming package consists of two categories half groom and full groom. In the half groom package, you only have essential services.

If you choose a complete groom package, your dog gets the treatment from head to toe, including hand scissors. Make sure to take an appointment from the salon before visiting.

Snowball Salons

Among various dog grooming salons in New York, Snow Ball salon is the place where you can find all the essential and detailed grooming of your dog. It is the perfect place for your dog to get all the primary treatments. It is not too costly, and it will not upset your budget.

Snowball Salons treatment includes flea and ticks bath, oatmeal bath, nail and hair trim, eyes and ear treatment, and much more. The products used in the treatment are organic and safe for your pet. They treat the pups with great care and attention. This is among the best dog groomers in the city.

If you want reliable and healthy grooming for your dog, then this is probably the best place for you to go with your dog and witness him grooming at its best.

Final Lines:

The dog is a gorgeous and lovable creature. Keeping a dog is a healthy and time-consuming activity. If you have a dog at your home, then you have to take care of it very seriously. You have to keep a check on its health, diet, and nutrition, and most importantly, it’s grooming.

Take good care of your dog, and he will love you even more because it is the most loyal and lovable pet in this universe. Go for a walk with your pooch and play with him, and when it licks you with joy, you will get delighted.

Trust me when you play with your dog, and he fetches the ball for you. It is the most beautiful feeling in the world.

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