Affordable Sweet 16 Venues in NYC

Affordable Sweet 16 Venues in NYC

Affordable Sweet 16 Venues in NYC

So it is your 16th birthday. Ah. This time is purely enchanting. I must say it is the sweetest time to step the ladder of being an adult, where you see specific beautiful changes in your life and body.

What should we do on a sweet 16? One would want to hang out with their friends, party with them like wild cats, and roam around the street like wanderers.

But to celebrate a birthday bash, one has to arrange a party and look for ideas that would be light on your pocket and your friends.

Well, don’t worry as we have just got the best ideas for you to celebrate it. We have a whole big list of restaurants and cafes where you can go, and we would also love to mention some fun activities that could be done to celebrate the best sweet 16.

So do your makeover, dress up in the loveliest gown and step into your heels as we are going on a Sweet 16 tour with lots of crazy ideas.

Affordable Sweet 16 Venues in NYC

Sweet 16 venues Location Features
by CHLOE 60 W 22nd Street, New York, NY Perfectly Instagrammable, Hipsters Mecca, Vegan-friendly.
Alice’s teacup 156 E 64th St, New York, NY.

102 W 73rd St, New York, NY

Best Brunch with funky drinks and cocktails.
Old Rose 113 Jane St, New York, NY Affordable, Italian, Pink and attractive.
Ellen Stardust Diner 1650 Broadway, New York, NY Perfect Broadway music, singing waiters, dance and yummy food.
While We Were Young 183 W. 10th Street, New York, NY. Instagram haven, best glittery cocktails, friendly staff.
Selamat Pagi 152 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY. Indonesian cuisine, affordable and heavenly delicious.
Café WHA? 115 MacDougal St, New York City, NY Perfect for those who love late night music, sassy bar with nice menu.
Sweet Cats Café 168-17 Union Tpke, Fresh Meadows, NY It’s Meowlicious, sassy and elegant. Props and walls are perfect for Insta and Facebook.
Pietro Nolita 174 Elizabeth St, New York City, NY Pink as F**K, Italian cuisine at its best, cheesy and perfect.

Let’s start reviewing some of the best spots in New York and see what they are offering:


Allow us to begin with one of the best eat-out place for vegans. CHLOE is one of the best vegan eateries in New York, and it has lots of outlets spread across the region.

The restaurant has been founded by two partners, one of which is named Chloe. They aimed to serve the best vegan food and desserts to its customers. Their success spread widely, and now they have some successful outlets working across NY.

The specialty of this venue is that it offers some of the best desserts, like cupcakes, ice-cream, and cookies, etc. The delicious taste of these also attracts the non-vegans. Other than that, you will find some vegan burgers, pasta, and sandwiches as well.

The ambiance of this place is so serene. You would see the light-themed walls with baby pink colors. The bar is nicely lit, and you could see funky captions on the walls. This place is perfect for your Instagram snaps.

The store opens as soon as 7 am and closes at 10 pm. Some other stores might open at 10 am as well. So visit by CHLOE and experience the best desserts and food with your friends for your perfect sweet 16 party and fabulous snaps.

Location: 60 W 22nd Street, New York, NY.

Alice’s teacup

One of the best locations for celebrating a sweet 16 tea party with your gang is Alice’s teacup. They not only serve you with tea, but they have a nice variety of coffees and desserts to offer as well.

The Fox sisters in 2001 founded this mesmerizing place. For the past 18 years, it’s developed in a hotspot for hipsters and youngsters. They sit here and sip a cup of hot tea or Latte and enjoy their free time.

You will find some mouth-watering and eye-catching brunch options on the menu. You can order Scones, Crepes, Omelets, and Pancakes. The tea, on the other hand, comes with its separate list as they are offering about a hundred different varieties of tea. WOW!

As soon as you enter this café, you will feel like you are Alice in the Wonderland. You will witness a chalkboard where today’s special menu will be written. Inside you will see artistic pastries and colorful cookies in the display that will increase your temptation.

So if you want to celebrate your 16th name day with a hot cup of tea, funky pastries, cakes, and lovely friends, then come over to Alice’s teacup and enjoy the brunch. The timing of this eatery is 8 am to 8 pm.


  • 156 E 64th St, New York, NY.
  • 102 W 73rd St, New York, NY.

Old Rose

As beautiful as its name, this place has something unique and alluring inside it. It attracts you like a Pink Ballerina, dancing to get your attention. This place is a must-visit place and perfect venue for a sweet 16 party.

This Italian café is located on the first floor of the Jane hotel. It opens from 7 am to 11 pm (Sunday to Wednesday), and 7 am to 12 am on the remaining days. This place is the main attraction of those staying at the Jane hotel.

The restaurant serves Italian cuisine, which means you are up for some divine and flavorful pizzas and pasta. You will find other options, such as the Octopus. You will discover a decent variety of salads as well. Their Clam Pizza is one of the best in town, so you don’t want to miss that. You will get drinks also on the menu.

If we talk about the atmosphere of the restaurant, it is pretty calm and clean. The waiters are attentive to you. Even though it is located in a hotel, it is still less noisy.

The hauntingly beautiful drawings on the wall makes your dining experience more enjoyable. The tea-pink paints and theme will make you feel like you are in Barbie’s world.

So if you want to celebrate a perfect sweet 16 with your friends and you are in the mood of savory food, then Old Rose will be a viable option. Don’t forget to take your snaps with the Centaurus drawings.

Location: 113 Jane St, New York, NY.

Ellen Stardust Diner

This venue is probably one of the best in today’s list as it is full of music, disco, and happenings. The Ellen Stardust Diner is your ultimate spot for crazy partying and welcoming the 16th year of your life.

This eatery is located in the heart of New York.

The menu offered here is quite fascinating. You can get some fantastic fish n chips from here. There are other options available as well, such as pasta, burgers, etc.

The thing which is Ellen famous for is their desserts like the divine Rainbow Cheesecake. They are heavenly delicious, and they make you want to come back for more. Don’t forget to try their exclusive S’ mores milkshake.

The ambiance is what makes Ellen Stardust Diner so unique. Would you like your waiters to sing for you? If yes, then Ellen’s diner is the right place. You will see waiters singing and dancing on the bar. They will make you dance like a cowboy or maybe sing you the perfect Disney Fairytale song for your birthday party. This is one of the best restaurants in Manhattan for birthday parties.

The eatery is decorated like a disco nightclub with chairs, benches and tables and disco ball hanging upon you. The lighting is so colorful and attractive. But if you want to spend your Sweet 16 there, you must have to be in line as many visitors want to enjoy their food inside while the waiter entertains them.

Location: 1650 Broadway, New York, NY.

While We Were Young

Whenever you go to the West Village, it always surprises you. While We Were Young is one of those surprises. This beautiful café has one of the best cocktails to offer, and its colorful cocktails have made it to the Instagram trends already.

Bradford Dunigan founded it in the year 2017. He lived near this place and always thought that there is something vibrant missing in this neighborhood. So he opened up this small café to remind everyone that we all are young by heart and spring never dies.

This eatery has an excellent menu on the list. It is famous for its cocktails. For example, you must try their signature cocktail named While We Were Young. It’s a sweet lavender-colored drink made with vanilla blue pea flower syrup, lemon juice, vodka, and champagne. Other famous drinks are the slimy green Kale Margarita and the all-famous Pillow Talk.

Other than that, you can munch on the food items, as well. Try their Buttermilk fried chicken. It comes with their signature Kale Waffles, maple syrup, and a tangy sauce.

If we talk about the interior, the place is small with a bar in front where two or three friendly bartenders are always smiling and happily making your drinks. They might dance as well if the weather’s good. The tea-pink sofas are comfortable to sit with fresh pink flowers on the vase.

This place is a haven for Instagrammers; they love to take pictures of their food. You will enjoy celebrating your 16th birthday here. The bill always comes with free gummy bears for you, YUMMY!

Location: 183 W. 10th Street, New York, NY.

Selamat Pagi, Popular place for Sweet 16

If you have a taste for Asian cuisines and you want to experience the best flavors of Indonesia, then Selamat Pagi will be the perfect choice. It’s quite an affordable place to dine out in NYC, and its ambiance is ideal for celebrating a little sweet 16 birthday with your two introvert friends.

This eatery was opened back in 2012. This venue aimed to introduce the rich flavors of Indonesian food. They strive to serve both the traditional and modern dishes of the area. One thing that I liked there is that they use organic materials mostly, and they have vegan/vegetarian options as well.

If we take a closer look at the menu, it is simple and elegant. You can see poultry items, seafood, and meat, organic and herbal foods as well. They offer a special brunch on weekends also. 

Their specials include the grilled Fish covered in banana leaf. You might also want to try out their Curry Laksa, which comes with tofu, shrimp, and eggs.

The ambiance of this restaurant is quite and simple. You would not find any excessive noise of traffic or people here due to its location — simple seats with small tables.

 The walls are decorated with Indonesian leaves and light pink wallpapers. You will see lanterns made of paper hanging on the ceiling. Still, it makes the perfect Instagram spot.

The restaurant is open on weekends too. The dinner timings are from 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm. So if you want to enjoy your birthday and spend some quality time with your friends in a small area of Brooklyn, then Selamat Pagi will be your ideal location.

Location: 152 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY.

Café Wha?

If you are a fan of NY bands, then you already know how iconic this place is. Café Wha is one of the oldest and most prominent clubs in NYC, and it could serve as the best birthday spot for your sweet 16.

This place was established in the late 50’s. Since then, this café has been opened and shut down many times due to specific reasons. Now, this café has been re-established, it has shown some best talents in New York in these years.

This place also serves some tasty snacks to munch while you listen to the soothing music. You can order appetizers such as chicken tenders, tacos, Mac n Cheese bites, and other tangy options. There are a few options for salads too. For mains, you can order their famous Mac n Cheese and Wha Burgers. Fries, hot wings, and delicious desserts are also available. The bar serves the best drinks.

As I have already mentioned, this place is all about music. You will listen to some of the best artists and bands of NY here. The interior is dark and spooky with old bricks on the walls. You will love it inside if you are a hipster by heart.

The bar opens at 8 pm and closes at late as 3 am. But one thing you need to do is to take an adult with you, a friend, or a brother as this bar has a little restriction for minors without a guardian. Just enter inside and enjoy the best 16th birthday ever with some sick Jimmy Hendrix tunes.

Location: 115 MacDougal St, New York City, NY.

Sweet Cats Café for Sweet 16

This famous bar at Queens is every girl’s dream place. This charming little place known as Sweet Cats Café is the ultimate answer to your sweet tooth cravings.

This café offers the best desserts in Queens. Each item of this dessert bar is purely made of love and lots of Pinky sparkles.

Their menu celebrates the Pink color, and they are offering quite an extensive one. You will find a wide variety of crepes, irresistible cakes, and heavenly creamy dessert cups. Tea and slush of different flavors can also be found on the menu. Their specialty drinks are fantastic, especially the Rainbow drink and Red devil Milk. Oh boy, they will take you someplace far away.

The ambiance is perfect for celebrating a 16th birthday bash with your friends and family. If you love to take photos and upload it on your Instagram, then you will be amazed to see that this place has got lots of spots inside.

You will see amazing pink floral walls next to your seats. As sweet as the name, you will see cute little kittens on the walls playing with their friends. Other than that, you can also take photos with the angelic wings on the other walls. Standing between those wings will surely make you look like a fairy from the Fairytopia.

The timing of this café is 11:30 am to 10:30 pm in the night. You should consider celebrating your sweet 16 in this beautiful little place. Don’t forget to dress yourself in a lovely tea pink gown.

Location: 168-17 Union Tpke, Fresh Meadows, NY.

Pietro Nolita

All right, here is the showstopper of this article. The Pinkest restaurant you will find in NYC is this Italian eatery named Pietro Nolita. This eatery describes itself to be Pink as F**k.

Pietro Quaglia and Mina Soliman established the restaurant. They wanted to give this restaurant a touch of Milan. To them, pink was a symbol of uniqueness, prosperity, and modernism. They induced different shades of pink to this eatery.

The pink menu book comes with a lot of options. You can have either a fantastic morning brunch or you can come with your friends for a delicious lunch and perhaps you can also come for dinner with your special one. The menu includes Italian foods such as pasta, salads and soups, appetizers, and of course, the magnificent main course.

The main course includes their special Octopus, which is delicately grilled with olives and chickpeas. Or you can also taste their divine Fusilli al Limone, which is topped with the all-famous Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and lemon. Mamma mia! I am already hungry.

The restaurant is an eye-catcher from the entrance. The lustful pink paints with the neon signboard, which has the restaurant name, is the perfect spot for your Instagram and Snapchat photos. The interior itself is a piece of Paradise. The pink walls with pink light lamps, fluorescent tube lights, and the pink floor, even the bathroom is Pink.

The seating is mostly half-size dining seats with little pink or BnW table on the front. The food is delicious, the interior is Pink AF, and what else do you want to celebrate your perfect sweet 16 girl?

Location: 174 Elizabeth St, New York City, NY.

Other spots you might love to visit

Check out these fantastic spots also to celebrate your sweet 16. You will like them

  • Banana Pudding of Magnolia Bakery
  • Taiyaki Ice-cream of Taiyaki
  • Burgers of the Burger Joint
  • The 1 dollar Pizza slice of Percy’s Pizza
  • Customized cakes of City Cakes.

Final lines

This time of the year is so special. Your 16th birthday will only come once in your life. We want you to celebrate it as the most memorable day of your life. Our editors have tried our best to suggest the places that were quite economical for your budget, and you can easily enjoy here with your pocket money.

If you know a place or you think that we can add up more to the list, then we will be happy to take your suggestions. Till then, keep enjoying your life in New York and stay warm.

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