Best Restaurants for Birthday Parties in Manhattan

Best Restaurants for Birthday Parties in Manhattan

Best Restaurants for Birthday Parties in Manhattan

Manhattan, New York City, which is famous for its gigantic buildings, amusement spots, and exhilarating nightlife. This place is made out of love.

If you have watched the popular series “The Sex and the City,” you already know how fascinating Manhattan is. Compassion, beauty, and never-ending parties are things that make Manhattan famous.

Some have quoted as the city that never sleeps, and it is correct to every bit. The nightlife of Manhattan is full of temptations and guilty-pleasures. I have attended a few of the Birthday Parties of my colleagues in Manhattan.

So what if you want to arrange a surprise birthday for your friend who lives in Manhattan, but you have very little knowledge of the spots where you can celebrate it?

Well, you don’t have to worry as the NewYorkLines have got you covered. Our editors have picked some of the best locations in Manhattan for Birthday Parties, for you to choose from. We have tried to select a restaurant for almost every cuisine, and this will surely help you decide.

Best Restaurants for Birthday Parties in Manhattan

Here is the comparison chart for the Popular Restaurants in Manhattan for Birthday Parties:

Restaurants for Birthday Parties in Manhattan Location Cuisine/Type Famous for
Tijuana Picnic 151 Essex St, New York, NY Mexican Tacos
AnTalia 17 W 45th Street, New York. Turkish, Mediterranean Kebabs
Up & Down 244 W 14th Street, New York. Drinking Bar Drinks and cocktails
Wu’s Wonton King 165 E Broadway, New York, NY Chinese Roasted Pigs and ducks.
OTTO Enoteca Pizzeria 1 5th Ave, New York City, NY Italian Pizzeria Prosciutto Arugula
The Musket Room 265 Elizabeth St, New York, NY New Zealand (Kiwi) Quail
Sadelle’s 463 W Broadway, New York. International/Local Bagels and Fish
Playa Betty’s 320 Amsterdam Ave, New York. Californian/Street food Burritos, Quesadillas
Vandal 199 Bowery, New York City. Thai, Korean and Peruvian. Chicken Parm
Barcade 148 W 24th St, NYC Drinking Bar/Arcade games Martinis, beer and cocktails.
Sons of Essex 133 Essex St, New York City. American Chocolate Bacon Bark
Jue Lan Club 49 W 20th St, New York, NY. Asian Dumplings
Earl’s Beer and Cheese 1259 Park Ave, New York, NY American/International Pork Belly
Short Stories 355 Bowery, New York, NY. Mix Impossible Burger
The Industry Kitchen 70 South St, New York, NY American/Italian Golden Pizza

Here is the list of eateries you can go to celebrate an epic birthday party for your friend or someone special.

Tijuana Picnic

Do you want to celebrate a Frida Kahlo themed birthday party? Then this Mexican eatery is all yours to plan and enjoy. You can find this unique spot in Lower Manhattan that is just perfect for birthday parties.

From its exquisite menu containing a rich infusion of Mexican spices and aromatic flavors to its heavenly divine drinks, this place takes you to Mexico. This is one of the best places for birthday parties in Manhattan, New York City.

The neon-themed basement is hauntingly beautiful. Dancing under that big ball is everyone’s desire. That place is up for bookings. So if you want to perform some Mexican tango moves, then book yourself right there and enjoy to your fullest.

You can accommodate up to 30 people at the dining party hall, or you can accommodate up to 60 people at the basement hall. Don’t forget to try their Sassy Senorita!

AnTalia – Restaurant for Birthday Parties

If your friend is a fan of Turkish delights, then there is a perfect spot in Manhattan that can serve for this purpose. The AnTalia restaurant is one of the best Turkish restaurants in NYC that is perfect for birthday parties.

Here you will find both the Turkish and Mediterranean cuisines. The sumptuous flavorful kebabs to the all-famous Hummus to their mouth-watering Baklawa; this restaurant certainly embarks you on a pilgrimage to the streets of Antalya.

The restaurant is comprised of two floors, and their cart-shaped seats are absolute love. The upper hall is spacious enough to host an exquisite birthday party. The prices are cost-friendly as well, even for a 3-course meal.

So if you want to celebrate a birthday with some traditional tunes of Turkey and lovely food, then do visit AnTalya. Don’t miss their Turkish Ginger Ale before checking out; it will surely help in digesting that food.

Up & Down

If you are a fan of dimmed lights and serene ambiance with lots of options to drink, then this bar is your right choice. If you are planning a birthday party, then this venue will be quite superb.

The elegant interior of this place makes your night more joyful. The deep-blue color is celebrated inside, which makes it even more fascinating. This nightclub will surely send you into frenzy.

As far as the birthday party is concerned, it can be done either on the upper floor or the lower one. The upper portion has beautifully nailed the lighting system, if you want a more private gig, then you should prefer upstairs.

If you want more warmth in your party, then stay to the ground, the cozy atmosphere and comfortable seating makes you stay there even more. Don’t forget to try your luck with someone in the “Staircase to nowhere,” this secret room will take you somewhere (ha-ha)!

So if you want a perfect birthday bash where the DJ is playing your favorite sick tunes and the best hangover of your life, then go Up & Down.

Wu’s Wonton King

Are you a fan of mouth-watering Chinese cuisines? If yes, then Wu’s Wonton King is the perfect spot for your Chinese food cravings being one of the best restaurants in Manhattan for its authentic Chinese taste and vibrant menu.

The menu includes lots of unique dishes that you won’t find anywhere else in NYC. They offer a variety of Seafood, Wontons, Noodles, Rice, and Poultry items. But the signature dish of theirs is the beautifully roasted Suckling Pig.

The suckling pig is served whole to the customers, and its taste is so palatable that it is the talk of the town. Other than that, try their roasted Duck as well, it tastes terrific. It is one of the most famous restaurants for birthday parties in Manhattan.

The restaurant, just like any other Chinese restaurant, is simple and confined. The hall can be booked for a birthday party of not more than 15 people. So if you want to celebrate a Chinese-themed Birthday Bash, then do visit Wu’s, Wonton King.

OTTO Enoteca Pizzeria

Ah, mademoiselle! It is your birthday. Allow me to introduce just the perfect pizzeria to you, which will take you all the way to Italia. And besides friends are life, Noi non potremo avere perfetta vita senza amici.

This place is considered to be the best in town due to its authentic Italian flavors, home-cured meat, and perfect blend of spices. The wine served here is blissfully rich. The Pizzas are full of tangy flavors and celebration of meaty cheesiness. Don’t forget to try their Prosciutto Arugula.

The whole interior of this place is designed on the concept of a train station. They strive to serve you like you are an A-class traveler searching for heaven. The hall can be booked for parties and gigs, and it can accommodate more than 200 guests.

So do try this venue out and say Essere pieno come un uovo.

The Musket Room

The Musket Room is a traditional Kiwi restaurant that delivers some of the best New Zealand foods as well as local delights. This eatery is a blend of nature with contemporary art and old-rustic interior.

The servings in this restaurant may not be enough to fill your appetite, but the flavors do make your taste buds dance. Each of the dishes served in this restaurant looks like a piece of art. The luscious taste of quail is something you would not dare to miss. Their desserts are so unfamiliar and divine.

The restaurant consists of a main dining hall and another dining room with a soothing view of the garden. Both of these halls can be booked for parties, and they can accommodate 10 to 60 people. So do check this place out and celebrate with your besties.


Sadelle’s is all about mouth-watering Fish, a variety of salads and breads, and irresistible Bakery items. My God! Their cakes are the best.

If you stumble upon its menu, you will see some decent options to go for. You can order their Salmon; especially the smoked one is much popular there. Or, you can eat a light salad or a bun if you want to eat light. Don’t forget to try their bagels. They are stacked in a rack and trust me they are too yummy to share with anyone.

As you enter this restaurant, you will feel vintage vibes. The hall is beautifully lit and makes you feel warm and happy in these harsh winter days.

There is one dining hall on the first floor that is big enough to accommodate up to 200 people. If you want more privacy, then there is a hall present on the third floor. You won’t regret celebrating your special day here.

Playa Betty’s

Whenever I listen to Lana Del Ray, she reminds me of those Californian beaches and the cool breeze which gently touches your hair. This restaurant does the same thing. The Playa Betty’s is all about Californian and Mexican food.

The menu compromises of lots of options to eat and one thing that you might like is that they have specific dishes for kids as well. If you are a mommy, you would be relieved to know that. You will find a variety of Tacos, soups and salads, Burritos and Quesadillas. The main course is impressive and reminds you of the beach foods.

The décor of this eatery is so funky and Instagrammable. If you and your friends are hipsters and want to celebrate your birthday chilling on endless Margaritas and spicy tacos, then come at Playa Betty’s and enjoy.


This place has my heart. If you are a seeker of art and you want to celebrate your birthday in an artsy way, then there is no better place to enjoy than Vandal.

The menu alone is so diverse here that you get confused about what to order. You can find an infusion of modern and street food on the list. The menu offers Thai, Korean, and Peruvian cuisines. It also provides some ecstatic desserts that will burst flavors in your mouth.

This place is an absolute favorite for party beasts. The funky paintings and graffiti look so good in the photos. Remember to take a selfie with the Pink Rabbit.

This place is also a nightclub so you can enjoy many drinks at the bar, you can dance to the sick DJ beats and make your special day worth remembering. The halls are big enough to host big fat parties so don’t worry about that.

So come to Vandal and make each moment count!


Are you a fan of video arcade games? Do you and your boys want to celebrate your birthday at a place where you can get games with drink and food? Then buckle up and come to Barcade at once.

This bar is the perfect definition of class. You can get a variety of drinks like beers, wines, and cocktails. The food here is better than expected as this bar offers some high-quality Sandwiches and Burgers. You might also find salads and some zesty appetizers.

The main attraction of this eatery is the gaming option. There are lots of arcade games places inside the bar, and you can play them with your pals. All the classic and modern games can be seen in this place. The ambiance is a bit noisy, but hey, boys are loud when they are cheering up their playmates.

For all gaming fans, if you want to eat light snacks while enjoying the gaming session, then hop into Barcade for some endless fun.

Sons of Essex

Are you located at the Lower East Side of Manhattan and searching for an excellent spot to celebrate a birthday? Then look no further as the Sons of Essex have got everything you desire for.

This eatery provides a decent menu comprising of some good meat and poultry items. You will also find some salads, breads, and desserts. The main focus of this restaurant is to promote local cuisines and celebrate American food.

You will find the ambiance quite soothing due to dimmed lights and soft music. There are special packages for birthdays here where you will be given a Sundae with or without Champagne. This will make your day more memorable.

You can also book your birthday by going to the “Sons of Essex” online portal. So don’t waste time and go there if you haven’t been there yet.

Jue Lan Club

Here I present, the most prominent restaurants in Manhattan. The Jue Lan Club is a fantastic eatery that offers you an excellent menu based on mainly Asian cuisines, especially from China and Japan. This place is ideal for night parties in Midtown Manhattan.

If we look at the menu, it is quite extensive. You can see a lot of options, which includes noodles, wontons, soups, appetizers, rice, dumplings, seafood, poultry, cocktails, wines, and much more. You can also choose a brunch menu and customize it as well. Moreover, they offer Gluten-free dishes as well, so if you are so conscious about your diet, you can choose from it.

This restaurant is a haven for parties. They have many private rooms and halls that offer different seating capacities. The rooms are equipped with bars, fireplaces, excellent lighting, luxurious furniture, and eye-catching décor.

If you are an art fan like me, then you can choose the 1932, Warhol, or the famous Forbidden room. If you are more into a hipster theme, then you can slide into the Graffiti Alley, the walls, décor, and ambiance will make your day worth remembering. You will fall in love with this place if you pan for a birthday party here.

So visit this beautiful place and enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t forget to take good pictures of your Instagram and Facebook.

Earl’s Beer and Cheese

Not everyone is a fan of spacious restaurants. Some like to sit in a small café or bar with their introvert friends and enjoy some quality time with their friends. This Earl’s Beer and Cheese qualifies up to their expectations.

The menu of this eatery is only limited to a few items. You can order Mac’ n ’Cheese here or some burgers. Do try their Pork bellies, they are so juicy and crispy. The cheese items are the stars of this restaurant. Don’t forget to try their chilled Beer; they make your taste buds sing an ode.

This small retro-styled restaurant is the talk of the town. You will see the old-style chalk written menu from which you can order. The restaurant has a Small space with stools and benches, hanging lights, and a bar from where you can order your food.

The walls are decorated with artistic paintings. The deer wall will make you connect with nature even more, and the experience there is unexplainable. So hurry up and go along with your buddies or date and enjoy this beautiful ambient place. They can even make special arrangements for birthday parties.

Short Stories

Are you a fan of stories? Do you crave for a restaurant in which every dish has its tale to tell? If yes, then you will be a fan of this famous All-day bar in Manhattan known as “Short Stories.” This is also famous for birthday parties among teens.

Its menu has some constant items, while most of the time, chefs from different cuisines come and make such excellent story-telling dishes that send its eaters into awe. You will find a decent collection of cocktails, Beer, and wine on the menu. Don’t forget to try their all famous Impossible Burger.

This place is a fantastic hotspot for youngsters and adults who wants to celebrate their Name Day with their best buddies. The pink flamingo-ish color of the walls and stools are eye-catching. They are perfect for a Pink-themed girl’s birthday party.

Industry Kitchen

The showstopper of this article is the one you will find on the Eastern shore of Manhattan. The Industry Kitchen redefines your culinary experience with a breath-taking view of the Eastern River and Brooklyn Bridge. This restaurant is one of the best fine-dining places you will experience in NYC.

The menu consists of astonishing starters, beautifully cooked main course, pasta and salads, and the yummiest desserts. The signature of this place is their wooden oven made pizzas. The flavors of these pizzas are what you won’t find any other site. Their Special Pizza is one of the most expensive Pizza in New York as it is served with the best quality caviar and 24k gold leaves. OMG! The best restaurant for birthday celebrations in Manhattan.

The restaurant is covered in a big area. If you want to stay indoors, you will be seated on wooden chairs; the glass walls will help you capture the picturesque beauty of Brooklyn and Manhattan. If you intend to go outdoors, you will be seated in comfy seats, welcomed with the cold water breeze. You will also find outdoor screenings as well.

So this might be the best place to go and enjoy your special day with your loved ones, family or friends.

Final Words:

You are very special, this time of the year is the period where you make new resolutions and cherish all the moments you have spent with your loved ones. Make this day one of the most memorable days that will stay long in your deep chambers of memory.

Keep smiling, keep shining, and keep blowing the candles!

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