Popular Hookah Lounges in NYC

Popular Hookah Lounges in NYC

Popular Hookah Lounges in NYC

People in New York City, often search out for the neighborhood bars and clubs when the weekend comes around. Hookah has become very sought-after recreation in recent years. Like the booze and mint tea that settles you in the intensely peaceful state, hookah is also made for the mobs that are handed out amid the peer groups.

Hookah has its origin in the earliest India, and it is considered as a respite activity for the wealthy class.

Hookah is available in guava, apple, cherry, mint, and other tempting flavors. Before you inhale the pipe, which is usually made up of glass. Hookah now has become very popular over the worldwide beyond its native locale. 

Popular Hookah Lounges in NYC

Name Location Experience
Rooftop hookah lounges in NYC
Jimmy’s 38 NYC 156 W 38th St New York, NY 10018 Outstanding hookah flavors and rooftop is classy with immense arrangement
Layaly Café 4409 Broadway Astoria, NY 11103 Many flavor options for hookah, great atmosphere, and pretty large roof
Babylon Hookah Lounge 208 E 34th St New York, NY 10016 Great variety in hookah flavors and decent rooftop
Hookah lounges with dance floor in NYC
Le Souk Lounge 510 Laguardia Pl New York, NY Good hookah flavors at moderate prices, chill dance floor
Mehanata – The Bulgarian Bar 10012113 Ludlow St New York, NY 10002 Amazing hookah selection, two chill dance floor, there are lovely porch swings instead of stools
Arabesque 4 E 36th St New York, NY 10016 Romantic environment, great hookah options, excellent dance floor, has belly dances.
Hookah lounges with food in NYC
Chill Bar and Hookah Lounge 7810 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209 Excellent location and atmosphere, incredible hookah flavors with fresh fruits, modern menu selection for food
Déjà Vu 3322 28th Ave Astoria, NY 11103 Intimate and romantic atmosphere, one of the best place for hookah, Food is made with great texture and taste
Gardenia Terrace 826 10th Ave, New York, NY 10019 Sophisticated place with extraordinary ambiance, hookah is five star, pretty more significant menu for food
Hookah lounges with games in NYC
Desert Rain Lounge 107-29 Metropolitan Ave Forest Hills, NY 11375 Intimate atmosphere, great hookah, games like cards, connect4, Jenga, etc. fantastic Groupon deals
Ignited Restaurant & Lounge 3027 Steinway St Astoria, NY 11103 Perfect for special events, hookah awesome with lasting flavors, games options like Uno, card and board games, etc
Nebu Hookah Lounge 86-72 80th St Woodhaven, NY 11421 Relatively small but intimate place, delicious hookah flavors. They have night games on Sunday
TajMahal Lounge 25-27 Steinway St Astoria, NY 11103 Perfect for game nights and special events, calm ambiance, hookah is great with lasting flavors, you can watch games with hookah and play board games, etc

Rooftop hookah lounges in NYC

Jimmy’s 38 NYC

It’s a popular place in New York City to visit. Inside the interior of the site is beautiful, although its outside view is not much fascinating. The area has excellent ambiance with good lightning. Seating is spacious both inside and outside. There is an outstanding rooftop with immense arrangement.

Your ID will be checked by the host when you get entry into the place. There is a proper dress code to visit the site. You can wear trendy casual, but flip flops are not allowed. Perhaps in the wintertime, the host might start checking the coat also.

 Hookah is available during the brunch. It has tempting flavors that are around $30. Its refilling will cost you $15. Birthday brunch is good. If you want to go out for the birthday celebration Thursday and Friday night is best. Drinks and Food available at the place are too excellent and worth pricing. Drinks that are available on the menu are around $12, but many other beverages out of the list are $14. 

Music is the best mix of old and new songs. You can also make special requests to the DJ for the songs. The place becomes vibrant with the touch of Urban Hispanic music. The food and hookah are decent with friendly service.

Overall they have excellent service. The staff is energetic and friendly. People usually the ages of 21 to 40 are found there. They are strict about the two hour table period. One more plus point is bathrooms are always clean. Visiting this place is one of the best activities at Queens New York at night.

Layaly Café – Best Hookah Bar

Layaly Café is the charming place of Astoria to enjoy hookah and relax. The site is somewhat quiet from inside. Ambiance is appealing and up to the standard. Moody lights make the atmosphere with great texture. The dining room is typically small. Many televisions are there to watch football, baseball, and soccer matches, etc. At the back, there is a classy rooftop that is open and relatively large.

It is offering sturdy hookah in many tempting flavors. Their flavor’s options for hookah are excellent. Plastic hoses are provided to customers with hookah to ensure cleanliness. They always change the coals without extra charges. Their prices are affordable and high. Fresh orange head hookah and lemon/mint fumari hookahs are reviewed delicious by the visitors.

Menu includes fresh juice, soups, sandwiches, and outstanding American style appetizers. Lamb Shish Kebab is one of the particular food to enjoy here. Also, try their special regular Egyptian dish koshary. The dish is delicious and prepared with great texture.

They took excellent care of the place, and their staff always response friendly. Setup is speedy. The team let their customers enjoy up to a few hours, and sometimes tea is refilled maximum two times. The owner of the café often welcomes customers. Prices are reasonable for service and hookah. This place is quite famous among the Hipsters.

Babylon Hookah Lounge

Babylon is the most well-known hookah lounge in NYC. Ambiance is good and more of a restaurant type. It will be decent If they keep the inside lights a little dimmer than usual at the place. The place is worth spending. Outdoor seating is available for almost three small tables. Rooftop is decent.

 Food and hookah are decent there. There are a variety of generous hookah flavors. Fruit head hookahs are around $30 and have a variety of flavors, whereas regular hookah costs $20. They also offer many other expensive, exclusive hookahs for affluent.

 In food, they have very few options for vegetarian-friendly ones. Mediterranean diet available there is excellent at a reasonable price. You will have to get the bottle service if you want a seat in the back area. The service is available in the back area. Reasonable happy hour prices for the drinks are available.

DJ is available at the place, and he plays almost everything like hip hop, bhangra, Arabic, reggae, etc. The dance floor is small, but you can have a lot of fun there too. Usually, around the witching hour, there are belly dance performances at the weekend.

Their service is based on “first come first serve” they don’t take any reservations. So, specifically at the weekends, you would have to come early there. Customer service is slow and needs to be improved. 

Hookah lounges with dance floor in NYC

Le Souk Lounge

The spot is a great place to visit if you want to dance, drink, and enjoy hookah. The lounge is pretty extensive, along with two floors. The spot hit a classy fun vibe with a balanced bar and dance floor. But wait at second-floor coat check is compulsory that is around dollar three. The bathroom is on the 2nd floor.

They have Great flavors in drinks and hookah at moderate prices. The club is a perfect fit if you are looking for a boozy brunch at night atmosphere. In a group of twenty, it’s around dollar 45 per person, including tip and tax. They have an exceptional bottle service. Tuesday night is much recommended to visit the spot for you.

Food is best with fast service, and they have unlimited mimosas and mojitos. They serve food in huge platters. They have exceptional Mediterranean cuisine must try hummus. Their staff is decent and greets well with the guests.

Additionally, there is a mini club on the 3rd floor. Third-floor club contain couches along the walls and bar light placed in the middle. Ambiance is great. They keep a lively vibe at the spot to hit. Dj plays many tunes and keeps the visitors pleased. A great party can be cracked there with chill hip hop music. You can also request your choice of music to be played. The bar is opening unlimited for about two hours. There are also belly dances on the dance floor. The lounge will make you feel relaxed and different. 

One of the great plus is they have excellent ventilation system.

Mehanata – The Bulgarian Bar

The place is a famous NY bar on the lower east side with a lot of fun. It’s a unique and extraordinary must-visit spot. Crowd at the venue is usually young and vibrant. The gathering includes people from all countries and mixed ethnic. 

There is a small dance floor on the 1st floor to entertain live performances. Aesthetic and décor of dance floor is European fashioned. The loveliest thing is at the bar area is there are porch swings rather than stools. It’s gratifying and romantic to drink and swing as well. Cocktails are also available. Everything is decent without the service. 

The second floor has consisted of a bar and a pretty large dance floor. There are poles to chill and dance on. Ice cage is built on that floor (2 mins for $20 all you can drink shots). Ice cage is pretty small, like a stall. It’s a little cold than AC, but it’s not a freezer. Usually, Latin music is played on this floor, like Brazilian, salsa, etc.

Hookah bar is located on the top floor. Their hookah and beer selection is good. The bar is east European type, so its prices for drinks and hookah are reasonable. Overall modern pop music is played all around the spot. Both up and down DJ s are striking.


It’s one of the famous Arabic spots in NYC. The atmosphere is lit and beautiful. Ambiance is romantic with a high fun vibe. There is a lovely lounge, chill bar area with tables, and a comfortable dining room. The place is perfect for a birthday or any other celebration.

They have an excellent hookah option. The best thing about the place is they didn’t bother us to buy a drink or food to get hookah. Prices for food, hookah, and beverages are high but pretty okay for the entertainment they provide. I went there last year after the Cupid’s Undie Run event.

There is a dance floor in the club area. Music and DJ are great with live dance performers. Visitors are encouraged to dance all night. There is a lot of fun with live belly dances on the dance floor. The place has a lot of fun on Thursday & Saturday. They involve crowed with music requests.

Overall the food is excellent, and it’s Moroccan and Mediterranean. Usually, the service is excellent. The staff is super quick and attentive. On Sunday, the place is open. 

Hookah lounges with food in NYC

Chill Bar and Hookah Lounge

The place has an outstanding location and atmosphere. It’s always considered an excellent hookah lounge in Brooklyn. The interior is nice. The spot has a comfortable ambiance with functional space. Décor is great. The atmosphere is relaxed and chill. There are Couches as well. If you want a hookah, don’t forget to ask about it when you enter the front door.

Hookahs are incredible and available in many flavors and choices. They have hookah with fresh fruit head and ice hose (make smooth). They have special on hookah each day. They also have a decent beer selection. Prices are affordable for everything, as well as hookah. 

Unique about the spot is it’s perfect for couples and huge groups. For food and drinks, there is a large and modern menu selection. Food is fantastic to taste and enjoy — especially the type of finger food and bar snacks. The service is good. The staff is diligent and engaging.

Dj plays a variety of great music, and that is fantastic. He keeps the party going all night with pop, hip hop, old, and Arabic music hits. There is a belly dance on the dance floor every Friday at 11.00 pm. 

Déjà Vu

Beautiful venue place with a delightful atmosphere. It’s a chic spot to come early evening and relax with drinks and hookah. It’s a romantic Mediterranean fashioned lounge with a lit vibe. Ambiance is charming with dim and intimate lighting that glows orange. Décor is classy and unique. Although it’s a small spot, it hits. Outdoor seating is also available. 

It’s one of the best places for hookah with delicious flavors. Staff refill the coals at around two dollars. In Astoria, it’s the best hookah-dance vibe. 

Food is superb and well cooked. Feta, fries, Tiramisu, margaritas, hummus, red pepper dips, and Panini, etc. are fresh and perfect in taste. Hookah is awesome. There is a happy hour deal till 10:00 pm. Overall, the prices are reasonable. They have friendly staff and excellent service.

DJ keeps the chill going with fire music. At the weekend, the place becomes chill at late-night with high energy dance. Usually, there is a small crowd at the lounge. Location is perfect for those who don’t want to be around many people. 

Gardenia Terrace

It’s a sophisticated bar and restaurant. The spot is busy, modern, and Mediterranean fashioned. Ambiance is extraordinary and comfortable. If you are looking for a beautiful ambiance to hang out, then the place is perfect for you. You can come here for a decent date. It’s an ideal place for groups to come in and chill.

 Lightning is dim and intimate. There are beautiful mini table candles that add a touch of romance. Choose the small table because the high tables are not cozy. Everyone at the place is well dressed and sophisticated looking. Afternoon and night visit is perfect to calm and hangout. Also, visit the outside area. There is nice seating available. But remember they remove it early. The spot is a lounge rather than a bar. This place is best for tourists.

You can plan for a night out as well as brunch. The place is five star for the hookah. High prices for hookah, but its quality is high. Hookah is available in many long-lasting flavors. The staff is swift in changing the coals. 

The food is delicious. A pretty more significant menu for food is available. The taste of food is Middle Eastern type. There are drinks and cocktails, as well. The staff is very caring and dedicated. DJ plays a decent hit of international music on most nights. The place is good at setting the mood. 

Popular Hookah lounges with games in NYC

Desert Rain Lounge

It’s a beautiful and quiet private place in a nice area. Ambiance is spectacular and comfortable. The atmosphere is pretty relaxed with decent colors. There are separate booths. It’s a generous hookah lounge with a chill vibe. The ambiance of the place is super trippy. There are Black lights inside the bar. It feels like a glow in the dark. The bar is decored with the animal drawing placed on the walls. Televisions are also placed everywhere in the lounge. There are mostly young crowd at the bar.

Along with the Hookah, there are drink options, as well. Alcohol is also served there. You can also bring your booze. Overall, the prices are reasonable. They have excellent Groupon deals. In only dollar 33, four persons can get four beers and two hookah. Tax and gratuity is also must to pay.  

It’s lovely to know that there are games (cards, connect4, Jenga, etc.) to play for fun. You can select your competition. It’s great fun to have a drink and play games as well. Another plus is you can bring your food to the place. You can enjoy all this till your heart desire.

The staff is very active and dedicated and good at recommending the flavors. There is no need to ask for changing the coals. They are very attentive to it, and it is free of cost. The owner is friendly. He ensures that customers are relaxed or not. 

Dj plays great, hitting music. They play hip hop and soca songs. They have considerably changed their prices and menu options along with the years. They carry only cash transactions, but ATM is available there. The only problematic thing is their hard seats, which are wooden made. It will be comfortable to have cushions within the places.

Ignited Restaurant & Lounge

The place is excellent for special events like holidays and game nights. It is perfect for large groups. The ambiance is calm and relaxed with a chill vibe. There is a stylish section with a circular sofa near the window. The part is quite large for the crowed with clean and comfortable seating. There is a legit VIP area at the lounge. The middle area consists of booths, and its sides are linked with the tables. Entrée is free. The place is more like a club.

Hookah is pleasing with long-lasting flavors. Must try mango Mirchi hookah; it’s impressive. Special Green ice is one of the best-selling hookah flavors. Alcohol is not available at the lounge. Happy hour deals are decent for every day. Timing for a happy hour is 2 to 8 pm. Hookah for happy hour is around dollar 15, and there is a twenty-five percent discount on all food items.

Games (Uno, board and card games, etc.) at the place add much fun. You can watch sports with hookah and order food as well. A lot of televisions are present everywhere to watch games. There is a DJ booth, and the music is booming. DJ days are from Friday to Sunday from 9 pm to 2 am.

They have efficient customer service, and it’s exemplary. The staff is well informed about all the items and flavors. Their suggestions are always entirely about the tastes and flavors. Overall this is a bright spot. The team is quick at changing hookah coals.

Moreover, food is spacious and tasty. Hawaiian burger is fantastic, must try it. The owner of the place is so humble and genuine. He always comes to say hello to the visitors at their table.

Nebu Hookah Lounge

It is undoubtedly a chill place to hit. If you are in Queens or NYC, you can come here with your friends for fun, especially on weekends. Although the space is small but it’s quite enough for your needs. They have an intimate ambiance. You will have a glorious time to spend here. It has almost two floors. Lightning is the right kind of dark blinking light with multicolor effects. They check ID at the door. You must be of 21 years or older to get enter.

Their hookah and drinks are decent quality-wise. Prices for both are reasonable. All hookah flavors are yummy. It will be cool to try ice tips with hookah. With a beer bucked, you will receive free hookah. This free offer will be available to you from Friday to Sunday from 8-10 pm. There are game nights at almost 10 pm on every Sunday.

Overall it is the best place to enjoy. The downstairs area is best for a small birthday celebration. There are almost two decent booths with sitting tables.

Several types of music hits from Latin to hip-hop are played there. The good thing is there are two DJs available at the spot. That’s why there is always a chill crowd at the bar. You will love that everyone at the place keep jigging and dancing.

The staff is super-friendly and wholehearted. They make sure free red-hot charcoal to keep hookah going all the time. Team make sure that drinks are open to everyone. They have limited drink options. Another plus is the spot has clean bathrooms.

Taj Mahal Lounge

The bar is not a party type. But the place is best to have fun and play games. The site is small but accommodating. The interior and décor are exceptional. The staff is energetic and quick. Fantastic customer service they have. The employees are all around there to ensure quality service.

Do watch a soccer game with hookah. Hookah’s price is affordable. A good plus about the place is they have games like board games etc.

Menu is limited but fresh and delicious. It includes fresh fruit smoothies, hot teas, and hookah. Bring your food to eat at the bar. Try to reach early to the lounge because the place is small and gets fill.

Music is striking. For the most part, they have the right playlist of hip hop music. The bar has a Middle Eastern atmosphere. So they also play Arabic music as well. If you want to make music requests, then do ask them. They accept demands if the songs are proper.      

Final words

There are many places for hookah in New York City. People in this city often are in search of such sites at the weekends. There is a variety of hookah bars with rooftops, food, games, and dance floors. We have discussed each in detail. You can read and explore your required place with proper information about the categories mentioned above. 

Team – NewYorkLines.com

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