All About Dr. Jays Store New York City

All About Dr. Jays Store New York City

All About Dr. Jays Store New York City

Life is all about experience and adventures. People do a lot of things for the sake of pleasure and enjoyment. One thing that most people love to do is to go out for shopping. There are numerous shopping stores in New York City where people can go and shop.

“Dr. Jays Store” is a renowned shopping store in New York. It is a clothing store where we can find clothes, footwear, and other accessories too. Dr. Jays Store offers the best clothes in town for Men, Women, Kids, and Extra-sized people. This outstanding store has one of the most freakish and sassy collections of clothes. It has approximately 17 outlets in New York City.

Dr. Jays store also has an online portal from where people can buy their favorite clothes and accessories. A large number of people purchase through their online portal, and it is getting even more popular day by day.

All About Dr. Jays Store New York City

Dr. Jay’s legacy was started back in 1975 when it opened the doors of its first-ever Dr. Jays Store in the south Bronx, New York. It was the time when culture and music were revolutionizing and evolving in New York when this store got opened.

Since then, Dr. Jays Store becomes the pioneer urban clothing brand in the area, which gave new sensibility of clothing among people and became very popular with time. Later on, it began to sell clothes online and captured more fame. A huge number of people purchase clothes from it, and they love the store very much.

Walk-In Outlets of Dr. Jays Store New York.

With the establishment of the first Dr. Jays Store in Bronx New York, the outlet got critical attention, and in no time, people started going there more and more. Thus, the store began to grow.

In a short span of time, it became so famous that they had to open new outlets in the surroundings. Dr. Jays Store provides the best urban clothing to its customers. 

The outlets of Dr. Jays Store, which you can find in New York City are as follows.

Outlet Name Address in NYC

Dr. Jays 215 East Fordham Road, Bronx New York

Dr. Jays Ladies 237 East Fordham Road, Bronx New York

Dr. Jays 949 Southern Boulevard, Bronx New York

Dr. Jays Ladies 1043 Southern Boulevard, Bronx New York

Dr. Jays 410 Westchester Ave, Bronx New York

Dr. Jays Ladies 2914 3rd Ave, Bronx New York

Dr. Jays Ladies 479 Fulton Street, Brooklyn New York

Dr. Jays 485 Fulton Street, Brooklyn New York

Brooklyn USA Ladies 523 Fulton Street, Brooklyn New York

Brooklyn USA 523 Fulton Street, Brooklyn New York

Dr. Jays 895 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn New York

Dr. Jays Ladies 912 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn New York

Harlem NYC 256 125th Street, New York NY

Dr. Jays 138 Market Street New Wark, NJ

Dr. Jays Ladies 146 Market Street New Wark, NJ

Dr. Jays Queens, New York

These are all the walk-in stores of Dr. Jays Store, which you can find in New York. You can easily find these stores and go there to window-shop or maybe buy a thing or two. You will enjoy the amazing and funky collection of the season.

Things Available at the Dr. Jays Store

There are numerous things which we can find at Dr. Jays Store. This store offers a variety of clothes, footwear, and accessories for Men’s, Ladies, Kids, and Extra sized individuals. Here is the description of the major items and accessories which we can find easily at Dr. Jays Store.

  • Shirts

Dr. Jays Stores has a diversity of shirts and Tees with different sizes and colors, including formal and casual shirts, along with the collection of polo shirts. 

You can also find colorful and vibrant shirts and tops for Ladies and cartoon themed shirts for your Kids. Visit your nearby Dr. Jay Store and explore the exclusive clothing. You can find exciting designs for Cupid’s Undie Run at this store.

  • Pants

Dr. Jays Store offers one of the best variety of jeans, including skinny jeans, baggy jeans, slim fit jeans, Low waist jeans, and the trending ripped jeans. You can also find some Sassy and Stylish pants for Ladies and Kids. There are outlets open in Queens New York.

  • Footwear

Dr. Jays Store offers some top quality Boots, Sneakers, and Athletic shoes for your gaming and workout sessions. You can find your favorite footwear here. Be the first one to grab a pair from Dr. Jays Store.

  • Jackets

Dr. Jays Store has one of the best hip-hop styled latest jackets, including casual and formal jackets, along with long coats. These are available in different colors and sizes. They have stylish jackets for Women, and Kids too.

  • Backpacks

You can find a variation of accessories at Dr. Jays Store. Other than clothing, this store offers the coolest collection of accessories for its customers. 

You can find beautiful and colorful backpacks there. Visit the store and buy stylish backpacks for your college and impress your pals. I have seen many Hipsters doing shopping at these stores. 

  • Watches

The accessories at Dr. Jays Store are watches, backpacks, socks, and glasses, etc. There are many beautiful and stylish wristwatches for Men, Women, and Kids with different and eye-catching designs and shapes. Go to the nearest Dr. Jays Store and get a matching wristwatch with your dress to enhance your personality.

  • Shorts

Summers are incomplete without shorts. People wear shorts in summer and enjoy different beaches. Dr. Jays Store has one of the finest collection of shorts. These shorts are available in different sizes and colors for Men, Women, and Kids. 

Go and buy your favorite shorts at Dr. Jays Store and make your summer more entertaining. Don’t worry; they have XL and XXL sizes as well.

  • Hats

Hats are also included in the accessories that are available at Dr. Jays Store. People love to wear Hats, they are so trendy, and they also save you from the scorching heat. This store has one of the best collections of the Hats for its customers, including different sizes and colors for Men, Women, and Kids. If you are a hat lover than this is probably the best place for you to buy one.

  • Leggings

Dr. Jays Store has the finest collection of leggings for Girls and Women. Dr. Jays Store has separate walk-in stores for ladies where you can find clothes and accessories for ladies only. You can find leggings with different designs and colors in all sizes there. Go to your nearby Dr. Jays Store for ladies and enjoy shopping with your friends.

  • Skirts

Skirts are widely used by ladies and girls worldwide. Dr. Jays Store has the latest collection of skirts for its customers. This collection includes skirts of different sizes and colors for ladies. Hop into the store to buy the skirt of your choice.

  • Kids Wear

Dr. Jays Store has a collection of clothes and accessories for kids, as well. It has a separate store for kids where you will find all the stuff related to kids only. This kid’s store has caps, socks, pants, shirts, footwear, and much more. Visit the Dr. Jays Store Kids for exploring one of the best junior costumes and accessories in town and make your Halflings more beautiful and stylish.

What’s special about Dr. Jays Store?

Dr. Jays Store, New York, is an urban fashion themed shopping store. It is very popular among other exciting shopping stores in New York. People are satisfied with their pricing and quality. 

The specialty of this store is that it has a variety of clothing, footwear, and accessories for “Large People” with reasonable prices and a diversity of “Athletics” clothing and footwear.

 Don’t worry if you can’t find your size while shopping. Just visit Dr. Jays Store, and you will surely get what you want and make yourself look classy with your favorite clothing and footwear.

Is Dr. Jays Store Economical?

With such diversity in clothing and accessories, one might wonder if Dr. Jay is economical or not? Well, there are numerous clothing stores in New York which are expensive and do not offer quality to their customers. Among them, Dr. Jays Store is offering the best clothes and accessories at very economical prices.

Usually, the stores impose extra money for extra sized people as their size is not easily available. But Dr. Jays Store is not like that. A huge number of people visit there and buy their favorite articles at reasonable prices and are satisfied with their price and quality.

Quality at Dr. Jays Store

There are several stores in New York which provide clothing at a very high price, and the quality of the clothes is also not satisfactory. The Dr. Jays Store is providing high-quality clothes and accessories for its valuable customers all over New York.

The fabric of the clothes and accessories are of great quality.

The customers of this store are satisfied with its price and quality. They are famous for their quality products; that’s why this is the leading clothing brand of New York. 

A large number of people go to Dr. Jays Store for seasonal shopping and purchase their favorite clothes and footwear to enhance their beauty and personality. You must also visit the store and enjoy its high-quality products.

Visiting hours

Dr. Jays Store is quite a spacious and attractive shopping store. It is easily accessible and has various outlets in New York. The timings for Dr. Jays Store are from 9:00 am to 11:00 pm (EST) from Monday to Friday, and 11:00 am to 7:00 pm (EST) on Saturday and Sunday. 

Visit your nearby Dr. Jays Store outlet with your friends and enjoy shopping in one of the finest shopping stores in New York.

Sales and Discounts at Dr. Jays Store.

Numerous shopping stores in New York offer special discounts and sales on various items available at stores. It helps them to attract more customers to their store, and they can conveniently sell their products at comparatively low prices.

From this sale, people can buy clothes at nominal prices. In this way, the sale is a treat for such customers. Dr.Jays Store also has exclusive deals and discounts for its clients across New York. 

This discount attracts shoppers, and they can easily purchase their favorite clothes and accessories at moderate prices. So, what are you waiting for check the dates of sales at your nearby Dr. Jays Store and grab the opportunity?

Is there any web portal of Dr. Jays Store?

Yes, there is an online portal of Dr. Jays Store, where you can find almost all the articles that you can find on the walk-in stores of Dr. Jays Stores. You have to sign up at Dr. Jay’s online store with your valid email address and get started.

You can also purchase your favorite item on their online portal by visiting their portal, and your article will be at your doorstep within a few days, but the prices may vary. It is very useful for the people who can’t visit the walk-in stores due to their hectic routine. 

So, all the busy people out there hit the portal of Dr. Jays Store and purchase your favorite item; maybe you will find a discount on it.

Order Processing and Shipment

When we order something from the online portal, our first concern is that the shipment would contain the same item that we have ordered, and we should get the delivery as soon as possible. 

If you place the order before 9 am, the product will be dispatched later that same day, and if you place your order in midday or evening, then the product will be dispatched the next day. You will get the shipment in a maximum of three to four days.

Can the order be placed on the weekend?

No, the order on Friday afternoon and evening and the orders of Saturday and Sunday will be processed on Monday. After placing your order, you will get it within four days. So, it’s better to place your order on weekdays if you want to get the shipment early.

Can the order be Canceled or Changed?

Well, once you can place the order at online Dr. Jays Store, the order cannot be changed or canceled. This usually happens because they ship the orders as soon as they confirm it. But don’t worry, you can contact the customer service representatives if possible they will surely entertain your query.

How to get Promo Codes and Promotions at Dr. Jays Online Store?

It is quite simple and easy. Once you sign up at the Online Dr. Jays Store and start placing orders through it, you will start getting notifications from the Customer Service Representatives. You will get notified about promo codes and promotions via email, and you can use them as you want. 

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up with your valid email id and enjoy the unusual and exciting promotions from Dr. Jays Store.

Can we return anything at Dr. Jays Online Store?

Yes, we can return the items like footwear, shirts, pants, and fragrances. Undergarments are not included in this policy. One thing you should keep in mind that the items that you are returning should not be used, damaged and changed. 

You must return the items with the receipt and the packing box in which you received them. The items will be returned to the Returns Department of the store, and then you have to wait until you get notified about your returned items, and then you should further proceed with them.

Can we exchange articles at Dr. Jays Online Store?

No, you cannot exchange articles at Online Dr. Jays Store due to its swiftly changing inventory at stores. But you can send back your articles to them and can place a new order and pick your favorite articles again through Dr. Jays Online Store, or you can get a refund.

Final Words

In this great city of happenings and fashion, this store is the pathway of style. This store has got a lot for you, visit here and explore the latest fashion trends. 

Besides, don’t forget to dress for the best!

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