Best Jewelry Engraving Services in New York City

Best Jewelry Engraving Services in New York City

Best Jewelry Engraving Services in New York City

The fashion today is very challenging for all of us. Men and women are equally in no pain pressure of following the trend. Every past generation had its trending codes of fashion. Our generation is struggling to get the best of this fashion period.

In this article, our editors have explained 8 of these famous places that offer jewelry engraving services in NYC.

Engraved jewelry is one of the most beautiful and pacifying trend nowadays. Everyone has their kind of taste of engraved jewelry, and almost everyone is attracted to it.

No matter what age you are once in a lifetime, you find embedded jewelry stuff charming. Engraved Jewelry is getting famous in New York City. There are many good Jewelry Stores that have engraving services in NYC.

Engraving means putting or stamping Impression. It involves making design prints or impressions on jewelry using different techniques. These techniques include cutting, acid corrosion, or using different kinds of tools.

Engraved jewelry can be anything a ring, a bracelet, a watch, or a pendant.

You can also go to an Engraving jewelry shop and can get a jewelry piece of your own choice with your name engraved on it.

Engraved jewelry is something classic, as well as historical. The origination of engraving jewelry is associated with First BC in Egypt & Rome, where some immensely beautiful and captivating eye gems were found. Those gemstones were called cameos.

Those gemstones were considered very precious at that time. And the idea of engraved jewelry started from there. Engraving now days is also concerned with unique personalized engraving of jewelry in which you can go and can get an engraved jewel of your own with your own choice of design.

Best Jewelry Engraving Services in New York City

Now there are different types of engraving. It is hand engraving, and it is machine engraving. Or it is  Computer-based engraving. This computer-aided engraving gives more charm and reliability to the jewelry.

Below is the comparison chart for the best jewelry stores in NYC.

Either you want to give it to someone or either it is your special occasion’s jewel. Engraved jewelry makes your special moments worthy. So, if you wish to some best-engraved jewelry stuff, we are here to help you to get some best & amazing services.

Best Jewelry Engraving Services stores in NYC Address Services
J & F jewelers 2015 86th St, Brooklyn, NY

11214 United States

custom jewelry, jewelry engraving, store & online services
Thea Grant 63-b Pearl Street Brooklyn New York 11201 United States Engraved & stamped jewels,

affordable rates

Gougasian Fine jewelry. 62 W 47th St Ste  206D Manhattan NY 10036 Engraved jewelry, wedding, engagement bands, and rings, respectively. Engraving in one day service
Things Remembered Staten Island Mall 2655 Richmond Ave Staten Island, NY 10314 Engraved & personalized jewelry for Women and Men.

The store offers a massive range of accessories and other personalized engraved stuff.

Engraving service in one hour.

Fitzgerald Jewelry. 251 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY,11211 Engraved jewelry (wax engraving, Fabrication, and CAD)
Facets 97 A 7TH Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215 United States For best engraved personalized and customized jewelry.
Ailla Jewelry 2301 King, Hwy, Apt IF, Brooklyn, NY 11229 United States For customized engraved photos and texts on jewelry
Brooklyn charm Brooklyn NY (347)689-2492

New York City

Engraved customized jewelry, personalized designed jewelry.

J & F Jewelers Inc

For a fashionista, nothing is worse than moving into a place to find another woman with the same piece of jewelry on.  And nowadays, it is challenging to avoid this trouble when modern fashion has become so mainstream. To avoid this problem, this store is providing you a large variety of customized jewelry.

Because people wear jewelry to make a statement, everyone has their style and fashion taste. For this purpose, this store is providing diverse categories of engraved, customized jewelry.

The store is providing services of Custom jewelry, wedding bands, Engagement rings, jewelry & watch repair. This engraving store is also offering you handmade bracelets and necklaces on your demand. Either it’s an engagement ring or a wedding band.

You can get the jewel of your choice from this store. This shop makes your special occasions more worthy. For your convenience, the store is open for six days of a week from 10.00 am to 6:30 pm.

You can go and visit the jewelry store and get engraved jewelry of your own choice. The owner and other staff of the store are very cooperative. They listen to their customers with patience and provide the best customer services.

The store also provides a service of repairing your damaged jewelry. So if you have broken something accidentally, this jewelry store can help you with this as well. Sometimes some of us are not habitual of carrying cash with us, J & F jewelers are solving this issue for you, and you can pay your bills with credit cards.

If you somehow cannot go and visit the store, then the store gives you the facility to contact them online. It is a  very impressive move by the marketing experts for advertising and increasing the sales of the store.

Go or visit the online J & F Inc store to buy your favorite and most desirable engraved engagement ring and wedding band because the store is offering the best of everything.

Thea Grant, Best Jewelry Engraving Store in NYC

Most of the people out there can relate to deep things like particular places, specific dates on which something amazing happened to them. And usually, want to keep these dates and moments with them in the form a jewel.

If you are one of the people and want something unusual like a bracelet, a ring, or a necklace engraved with your special moments’ date, or a place name, you should visit Thea & Grant Once for sure.

This jewelry engraving store provides multiples services of engraved and stamped jewels. Either it’s a name or a date or an inspirational quote. Hand-carved beautiful and long-lasting gems are available.

As the engraving store is offering a vast range of engraved jewelry, customized engraved and stamped jewels are also available. This store is offering a wide variety of jewelry. You can buy carved Bracelets, Necklace, Rings, and Other Miscellany.

You can get the jewel of your own choice at very affordable rates. These engraved articles are between 45 $ -175 $.  If you want to buy a high line collection store is offering multiple jewels in the range of 190$. – 600$.

Store has not forgotten the Men’s jewel category. The store is providing a fantastic service for Men’s Jewel. Either you want to buy an engraved watch with a particular date, or you want to gift a bracelet to someone with an inspirational quote or a nickname on it, you should consider Thea grant for that.

Store services are very suitable, and it entertains its customers in a very professional way.

They discuss the design details with you in an exact manner and give you precisely what you have imagined.

You should go and visit the store for versatile engraved jewelry. The store provides its services from Wednesday to Saturday 12:00 pm -7:00 pm. For more convenience store also remains open on Sundays 11:00 am-6:00 pm.

Gougasian Fine Jewelry, Same Day Engraving in NYC

If you want something customized, which is almost what that you imagined in the first place in your mind, then you should go and try this store in Brooklyn. The store is offering fabulous engraved jewels which are so reliable and long-lasting that you will worth your decision of going and visiting the store.

No matter what it is, either it’s a personalized item, an engraved wedding band, a birthday present precious jewelry, or glass. The stores provide you with engraving to an extraordinary level — things that are of your king and taste. Multiple designs are available.

If you are in need of and trying to find a beautiful cut and fantastic in design engraved engagement ring, then I will recommend this store for sure. You can go and find incredible layouts for your special moments. The owner of the store can help you to find the best models of your choice and jewelry taste.

The store provides engraving services within a day. If you are in a hurry & you, want to buy something which is as beautiful as an engraved jewel. You should consider the stunning range of many jewels and other engraved things in this store.

The prices of engraved rings, wrist cuffs, money clips are competitive and affordable.

They are not very expensive and out of range. You can find a very beautiful design in a very affordable range.

The store provides you its amazing services five days a week. Store remains open from 10:00am-5:30pm.Services remain closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

For emergency purposes, if you cannot go to the store, then the store provides you the service of online contact for telling your design details. This is the best advertisement technique by the store for the improvement of sales.

The owner of the store is so skilled and such a professional man that he hears you with patience. He deals with his customers in a very professional manner. He helps his customers in choosing more beautiful and classy engraved designs.

Things Remembered

If you are a fan of engraved jewelry and stuff and you want it in the first hour of your order, then you should visit this store for sure. Store offers you multiple engraved jewel accessories.

Engraved birthstones are one of a specialty of this store.

This jewelry engraving store provides a wide range of personalized items for every category of humans.

Either these are customized things or anything. Things Recommended provide you everything on the front desk immediately.

Either it’s a birthstone, a bracelet, a ring, a necklace, watches for women, you can get engrave it from things remembered. If it’s a birthday gift for women or it s a wedding band or an engagement ring, you can get it engrave here.

If you want a personalized gift, you can visit the mall and can choose a design of your own choice now you can engrave that here in things remembered in less than 4 hours.

A wide range of personalized gifts and accessories are available for men and women. It includes Christmas, birthday, wedding, bags, wallets. You can buy jewelry from anywhere and can get it engrave from Things remembered in a very impressive service.

Engraved monogram jewelry is also available. Either it’s a bracelet or a pendant.

With women jewelry, men’s personalized engraved jewelry and stuff are also available. You can get a name engraved on a ring or a bracelet. Unique birthstones can be engraved with birth date or initials.

For your services store remains open from Monday to Friday 8:00 am- 8:00 pm. And on Saturdays the store remains accessible from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm. On Sundays, the store remains completely close all day.

If you are far away from the engraving store and cannot visit it, you can contact the store online.

The store provides you the facility of contacting them online. Where you can tell them what you want, and they will discuss it with you with patience and politeness.

You can talk to a business representative. The person will discuss every minor and major detail of your order or the design which you want. These online representatives behave in a very professional way.

If you want to buy a large stock and are a business representative yourself, you can leave your company logs and details of your demand online and can chat with the representative of the store.

Fitzgerald Jewelry

If you have any idea in your mind regarding your engagement ring, you should visit this jewelry engraving store immediately. This store is providing one of the best services regarding engagement and wedding special jewelry items.

Hand engraving and hand customized jewelry is attractive to everyone. But as far as stone engraving is concerned nowadays, this engraving is a very technical & very precise to do task.

This requires expertise and particular tools to make a masterpiece.

The jewelry engraving store offers a huge range of jewelry, either it’s a ring, a bracelet, a pendant, or a watch. The store offers very beautiful, as well as colorful designs. Either it’s a design of your own choice, or you want to get it engraved by a design of a famous designer.

The store offers a range of charismatic fabricated jewelry. So if you like handmade engraved jewelry, then I recommend this store to you. Other than hand, there is wax engraving; if you want to buy customized wax carved jewelry, either it’s a ring or a wrist cuff, you should visit this store.

Most of the people like hand engraving but to give perfection to your imagined design more precise technique is involved. To get a beautiful ring that is engraved the same as what you imagined, Fitzgerald jewelry includes computer techniques and brings you a very beautifully mesmerizing reality of your imagination.

The jewelry engraving store offers you a more precise technique based jewelry in which stone of your own choice is being engraved in the design of your own imagination through computer-aided technique. An organic feel goes to wax carving.

Fabrication gives off more handmade touch. But perfection is through Computer-aided jewelry design Technique. (CAD Technique). CAD technique means an engraving process in which computers and their technologies are involved. Through computers, whole design and structure are being made and analyzed.

The representatives of the store are so cooperative and polite the discuss your design with you in detail. If you want to bring your imagination into reality, you must go and visit this store.

For services, stores remain open On Monday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm, and on Tuesday 11:00 am to 9:00 pm, and from Wednesday to Saturday store provides its services between 11:00 am – 8:00 pm.

To provide more power to your imagination into reality store is also serving on Sundays from 12:pm to 6:00 pm. To get one of the best personalized engraved jewelry, you should visit Fitzgerald jewelry.

Facets Jewelry Store

If you want to buy fine engraved jewelry with beautiful designs and reliable quality, you should once visit Facets in Brooklyn. This store offers multiple services. In these services, you can get personalized custom jewelry and gift.

A wide range of engraved jewelry is available in this store; either it’s a ring a bracelet, a beautiful watch, or a pendant. Everything is possible. Customized engraved jewelry is available where you can style your jewelry the way you want to.

Either you want an engagement ring to be engraved, or you want an eternity wedding band Facets provides you everything in multiple categories. Most of the engraving is personalized engraving, and this engraving is machine engraving outside the rings in which the design is engraved through using different machine tools on the ring.

Store is mostly famous for the engraving of personalized jewelry and gift, and if you want a perfect and beautiful personalized jewel piece, then you should consider this store as the best place for your concerns.

Multiple accessories of jewelry are available if you want to buy engraved wedding bands, then you should consider the wide variety of these stores of wedding bands. If you want to customize your wedding band store will help you in that case as well. And you will get the best of your requirement.

Store provides you the service of custom engraving outside the ring in which you can get your demanded design according to your own choice and demonstration given to the representative of the store service.

If you want to engrave your name on a pendant or a bracelet or a watch, the store offers you this service according to your own choice of jewel and other details. Either you want to engrave a top portion of a jewel or the entire jewel.

Either you want to buy a beautiful engraved ring, earrings, or a bracelet. Or you want to customize your required jewel. The store is providing the best of everything engraved. The store provides a vast range of options to its customers.

For services, stores remain open from Monday to Friday 11:00 am -7:00 pm, and on Sundays, 11:00 am -5:30 pm. On Saturday, the services remain closed.


Most of us want to gift someone their and our pictures together just to remind them every day that we are with them. The most pacifying feeling is to watch your picture impression engraved on a metal piece.

If you are one of them and if you want your photo to be engraved in a pendant or a jewel, then you should give this store a glance. This store offers you a versatile engraving option in which you can get your picture or a picture of choice engraved on a pendant.

If you want to preserve your special memories in precious metal forever, image impression on a pendant is the specialty of the store. This special item is very impressive and versatile. Personalized engraved jewelry is also available. You can check and select your own kind of style of the jewelry.

The image is directly engraved on the pendant using a special micro-diamond needle etching machine. This technique is so long-lasting and reliable. You can keep the pendant with you for years without damage. The prices of engraved pendants are so affordable.

These engraved pendants are available in black and white imaging. The shapes and style of these engraved pendants are different and versatile. The store is offering another choice of engraving. If you want to engrave a particular quote, a text, or a saying to be engraved on the pendant, you must visit this store.

All of the pendants available in this store are of high quality. These are 316L pendants. All of the pendants are of high possible hardness & quality. The metal material is strong stainless steel, which shows its durability and reliability.

These pendants are resistant to water, rust, perfume, and sweat, so you can protect it from corrosion. The variety of jewelry is so amazing and so affordable that you can easily buy or customize it for yourself or gift this to someone.

The jewelry engraving store provides you your order through delivery to your place. A guaranteed secure payment procedure is there where you can make the payment through credit cards. After 12 hours of your order, all process is being completed by the services, and they deliver it to you.

For your services store remains open from Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 4:30 pm, on Saturdays 9:00 am – 1:30 pm. On Sundays, the store remains closed.  So if you want a long-lasting and beautiful image engraved pendant, you should go and visit this store.

Brooklyn Charm

If you have that passion for designing your own jewelry and you want to wear something which is designed by you. Then this store in Brooklyn is the best place for you to visit. Here you can get the best personalized engraved jewelry of your choice.

The jewelry engraving store is offering a wide range of engraved, personalized jewelry. Multiple options for personalized engraved necklace, pendants, rings, Key chains, pins, earrings are available. If you are wondering to find some special occasion jewelry like an engraved, personalized engagement ring or a wedding band, then this store is the place to get the best of all.

As the name of the jewelry store, the charming charms are available. These charms are present in black color. They are available in different shapes. Some of them are oval, and some of them are square in shape.

You can choose and design your own kind of engraving; either it’s an image a text a quote or a saying to be engraved on this charm. You can choose any chain of your choice; the store services will turn this in one of a kind customized jewel.

The facility of In house engraving finished jewelry is also available. Regarding this, the store is providing you a facility that you can bring any finished jewelry product like a ring, a bracelet, or a pendant.

The jewelry engraving store will provide you a service of designing that finished product in the same way as you desire. In this facility, any finished product, either it’s a ring or a bracelet, can be engraved by your choice of design or a phrase or a word.

Engraving of your own choice can be done on any jewel of your choice in the store. This is the specialty of the store that it provides jewels and charms to be engraved.

Either you want to wear it, or you want to gift these engraved charms to anyone special.

The prices of these engraved charms and jewelry are reasonable. For beautiful and versatile engraved charms of your own choice, you must visit Brooklyn charm.

The owner of the shop is so cooperative and polite. Every minor detail of your imagined designed is being discussed in detail. You will worth the masterpiece of your own designing when the store services will bring it to existence. For your services, the store is open for a whole week. It serves you from Monday to Sunday 11: am -8:00 am

So, these are some of the finest stores for the services of the engraved jewelry in New York City. I hope this information will help you to find out the best shop for your engraved jewel.

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