Best Kindergarten Schools in New York City

Best Kindergarten Schools in New York City

Best Kindergarten Schools in New York City

There are a lot of private kindergarten schools in NYC providing excellent education to our kids. The admission process in schools is becoming a challenge in New York.

Parent’s preferences regarding the perfect Kindergarten school option for their kids may vary. Some parents look for reasonable tuition while academic distinction, class size, and personalized attention might be the primary concern for others.

I am a teacher at one of the best Kindergarten schools in NYC and to justify this article, I have not included my school name in this article. being an authentic review resource has done extensive research on kindergarten schools. It has just revealed its list of top twenty best private kindergarten schools in New York City. Each school on the list has its own particular appeal with unique resources and facilities.

If the parents are thinking about their child’s admission in the next year, then it’s time to plan for it. We have used key statistics and authentic reviews from the students and parents to provide a comprehensive guide about best kindergarten schools in New York City.

Best Kindergarten Schools in New York City

Parents can use our streamlined descriptions regarding top kindergarten schools and can choose dream schooling options for their kids.

Best Kindergarten Schools in NYC Location Phone Experience
The Town School 540 East 76th Street

New York, NY 10021

(212) 288-4383 Right balance of activities and academic rigor, Teachers interweave the topics the different disciplines, Environment is diverse and nurturing, Students are responsible and confident, Excellent faculty, Numerous extracurricular activities
The Studio School 117 W 95th St

New York, NY 10025

(212) 678-2416 Interdisciplinary approach, Offer personalized educational plan in addition to specifically designed curriculum, Diverse and safe environment, Students share their individual accomplishments, Teacher are reachable outside the class, Amazing extracurricular activities
St. Bernard Elementary School 2030 E 69th St

Brooklyn, NY 11234

(718) 241-6040 Rigorous academics, Teach great catholic values, Safe and diverse environment, Students are helpful, Teachers lead discussion-based class, Plenty of activities and sports, Financial aid is available
The Chapel School 172 White Plains Road

Bronxville, NY 10708

(914) 337-3202 Curriculum is integrated with the latest technology, Christ-centered nurturing environment, Class size is kept smaller, Strict policies for bullying, Large number of Chapel students receive scholarships, Numerous clubs, sports and activities
North Shore Montessori School 218 Christian Avenue

Stony Brook, NY 11790

(631) 689-8273 Exceptional academics, Create the individual curriculum plan, Does not follow any religious values, Families have great interaction, Students have excellent presentation skills, Teachers are the best part of school, Many recreational and athletic programs, Wide-range of activities
Our Kids Place Nursery School Our Kids Place Hewlett

1346 Broadway

Hewlett, NY 11557

(516) 569-5999 Top-notch academics, Community is diverse, Students are competitive, Upgraded security, After-school programs, Summer program
Midwood Catholic Academy 1501 Hendrickson St

Brooklyn, NY 11234

(718) 377-1800 Guidance counselor is available, Follows catholic faith and values, Little diversity, Environment is safe and nurturing, Students have strong bonds, Variety of sports and activities options
Maryel School of New York 28E 35th Street

New York, NY 10016

(212) 213-2097 Location offers a variety of learning options and educational sources, Multiple intelligence approach, Playground inside the school building, Safety is tight, Students have increased cognitive abilities, Large gym, Plenty of activities and sports
MUSE Academy 126 St Felix St

Brooklyn, NY 11217

(718) 622-1940 Great emphasis on music education, Academics are integrated with the arts, Inquiry-based learning model, Great focus on the behavioral norms, Students are original thinkers, Each master teacher has its associate, Outstanding resources and facilities
Queens Paideia School 4402 23rd St

Long Island City, NY 11101

(718) 361-0070 More structure and rigor, Small community, Perfect school if child needs more attention and care, Lot of productive activities, Students can choose the subjects of their interest, Environment is safe and  progressive, School does not have any playground, Excellent writing, and reading skills, After-school programs
Bank street school 610 W 112th St

New York, NY 10025

(212) 875-4420 Students hold the values of larger community, Interdisciplinary approach for academics, Bullying is less, Diverse community, Have activities for the parents, Empathetic students, Teachers encourage individual interests, Lot of activities, After-school program
HudsonWay Immersion School Midtown West, NYC

525 W 52nd

New York, NY 10019

(212) 787-8088 Follows inquiry-based curriculum, Kids have access to chrome books and iPads, On-going summative and formative assessments, Unable to handle the two-year-old toddlers properly, After-school language programs in Spanish and Mandarin
City and Country school 146 W 13th St

New York, NY 10011

(212) 242-7802 Classrooms are spacious and bright, Emphasis on research skills and in-depth learning approach, Jobs program, Bullying is strictly controlled, Numerous extracurricular activities and sports options, Outstanding resources and facilities
Blue School 241 Water St

New York, NY 10038

(212) 228-6341 Curriculum is based on deep imaginative learning, Environment is nurturing, Bullying is not an issue, Teachers give individual feedback, Lot of inquiry-driven and joyful activities, Does not have spacious outdoor space, After-school program
Manhattan Country School 150 West 85th Street.

New York, NY 10024

(212) 348-0952 Diverse community, Academics are unique and comprehensive, Environment is warm, Strict policies regarding safety and bullying, Facility is trained and supportive, Staff is approachable outside the class, Plenty of opportunities in activities and sports, School has beautiful farm upstate
ECFS – Fieldston Lower School 3901 Fieldston Rd

Bronx, NY 10471

(718) 329-7300 Academics are based on ten core tenets, No mandatory homework for kindergarten, Environment is health-driven and safe, Ethnic culture is diverse, Teachers promote individual interests, After-school program, and variety of activities
St. Gregory the Great Catholic Academy 2520 Church Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11226

(718) 774-3330 One of the best Catholic schools in Brooklyn, AP classes, Academics are generous, Strict with discipline and bullying issues, Plenty of activities
St. Mark Day School 1346 President Street, Brooklyn, NY 11213 (718)756-6602 Challenging curriculum, Community is religious and not much diverse, Students are smart, Teacher follow the unconventional methods of teaching, Wide-range of activities, After-School Enrichment program
Brooklyn Heights Montessori School 185 Court St

Brooklyn, NY 11201

(718) 858-5100 School offers individualized learning, Beautiful building, Academics are rigorous and in-depth, Few bullying cases, Dedicated and passionate teachers, Many activities are available
United Nations International School – Queens Campus 173-53 Croydon Rd

Jamaica, NY 11432

(718) 658-6166 Follows progressive educational philosophy, Financial aid is available, Environment is safe, Teachers strive for individual compassion, Plenty of options for activities, Amazing after-school program

The Town School

It is a leading elementary private school located on the east side of New York. There are four hundred students in the school from grades kindergarten to eight. The school also provides pre-kindergarten education. The Teacher-students ratio in the class is 1:5. Its yearly tuition fee for the highest grade is dollar 49,800. School is a member of NAIS.

Town makes sure meaning learning process and discipline in classrooms for the kids of all ages. Its primary purpose is to provide fantastic education and bring joy along with the academics. The owner is doing its best in making the school creative, full of spirit, and the best learning place for the students.

School is famous for providing excellent academics to the students. It is incredible how they manage to interweave the topics all around the different disciplines. The method leads toward authentic learning and gaining understands on the much broader and more profound level at the early stages. This learning approach foster kids interest and incite real eagerness toward the topics

The institute is incredibly balancing outstanding education with passion and genuine joy for learning. There is also the right balance of activities and academic rigor. At the town middle school like a breeze after kindergarten. The town’s splendid matriculation list is the evidence of its successful programs.

The Kindergarten school culture is friendly and full of learning. It has strict policies regarding safety measures. Kids feel safe and happy there. The environment is diverse and nurturing for kids where they learn, explore, and grow in their unique way. Polices regarding bullying are strict, and they have zero tolerance toward it. The school community is encouraging and helpful to each other toward individual interests and growth.

Students at the school are competent, critical, responsible, and confident in their abilities. Teachers encourage them to take risks to turn them into leaders. They are taught to be social and helpful to each other. Students at the school are lifelong learners and concerned about their growth. Students are relaxed and confident in public speaking. They have effective writing skills.

Faculty is drawn out of best practice and research. Teachers are well educated, competent, friendly, and warm.  Teachers genuinely care about the students, and they are very supportive of their interests. They give engaging lessons in broader horizons. They encourage kids to takes risks and get out of their comfort zone.

Teachers do their best to instill curiosity and joyful learning attitude. The parent body associated with town is also very supportive of the school mission. Teachers are dedicated and committed to their duties with lasting impact on kid’s personalities.

There is a decision class every week for the students of higher grades. In this class, they are taught how to present themselves in the best way by conducting mock interviews. This class makes students prepare to handle any task without any mystery and anxiety.

There are numerous extracurricular activities with fantastic facilities at the school. Kids actively participate in activities and events like robotics tournament, stage performance or basketball court, etc. They have special field days trips to Randall’s Island. The best part about the school is its friendly community.

The Studio School

It’s a top-notch private elementary school that is located in New York City. It’sfounded in 1971. There are one hundred and twenty students in grades pre-kindergarten to eight. The teacher-student ratio at the school can vary, but usually, it is one to nine. The tuition fee for the highest grade is dollar 43,120.

The school follows an interdisciplinary approach to foster the kid’s skills toward critical thinking. They are encouraged to solve the problems by using their creativity. School follows the child-development approach and a curriculum that enhances the natural intelligence and creativity of the kid. School is dedicated to making its students think original.

Each student in class tries hard to achieve academic excellence over the others. Strategies are also made by the school to develop the emotional and social IQ of the students.

Academics are strong and distinctive at the Studio. This Kindergarten School follows a personalized educational plan in addition to a specially designed curriculum (called Inscape). Students are not forced to learn in one specific way. In this way, kids will learn to respect themselves and others.

Students at the elementary level learn writing, reading, different foreign languages, geography, scientific inquiry, PE, art, social sciences, and history. They are taught to be reflective and to question everything regarding their curriculum. In this way, they can come up with the well-thought-out logical conclusions regarding their education.

Students also discuss their thoughts and concerns with the teachers regarding the day holds, and it’s a part of their daily curriculum. School arranges a gathering every Friday afternoon, where teachers highlight different aspects of studies and education. Staff encourage kids to practice what they learn.

The Kindergarten school uses non-traditional methods to teach tough subjects (like math) to accomplish educational objectives. Students are progressing with this unique academic system in less period, which is also making them best prepare for their future.

At Studio, parents do not need to worry about if their child is doing its homework.  At the kindergarten stage, students have not fixed homework for home; instead, kids do all the homework within the class time.

The overall environment at the school is friendly, diverse, and safe. Studio is very strict regarding its safety policies. Kids are taught to be respected and respect others as well. The institute is doing its best to teach students about their values and manners. They are putting more emphasis on the major attributes like individual integrity and character building.

Students are taught to be active listeners and speakers to develop the mutual respect and feeling of community among themselves. The school is helpful to the students regarding their self-identification (like their natural intelligence or interests, etc.) to promote and integrate the learning process.

Students are intelligent, hardworking, and helpful to each other. They always work together and share individual accomplishments (like artwork or poetry) with the school at least once a month. Students have a vast vocabulary, and they are vocal about everything. Studio students are responsible regarding themselves and their work. They love their school as well.

Students use all their senses, especially when they learn anything new. They are filled with enthusiasm regarding learning, and they have a friendly attitude toward each other. Kids are very good at writing and reading. They write their own stories to learn vocabulary, grammar, spelling, and punctuation

Teachers are highly qualified, competent, and supportive to the students. They are reachable outside the class if any students need extra time.  For all the classes, there is a teacher and its teaching assistant. There is a maximum of sixteen students in a class. Student groups are created for the two years.

Students are greatly encouraged by the teachers to express their thoughts and opinion. Teachers make every possible effort for the kids in order to make them independent and confident from the early age period. They are great at instilling the spirit and enthusiasm among the kids regarding their work. Kids enjoy their work and take an interest in their studies.

There are plenty of activities and extracurricular with fantastic facilities for the students of kindergarten and onward. Most of the students participate in these activities. These activities are adequately funded. There are spots for the students of higher grades.

St. Bernard Elementary School

It is an elementary Catholic private school that is located in Brooklyn, New York. It has three hundred and thirty-seven students in grades pre-kindergarten to eight. The teacher-student ratio at the school is 1 to 17.

School philosophy is to teach kids respect, integrity, and values. Principal and teachers follow a child development approach. They are dedicated and passionate to educate the social values along with the academics. School gives creative freedom and plenty of activities to make its students learn, develop, and grow.

Academics are rigorous but joyful at the kindergarten stage. Appropriate homework is given to them to enforce learning. Teachers provide an enjoyable, accurate, and thorough introduction to the curriculum and social life. Students are taught high catholic values in addition to academics in this Kindergarten School.

The environment is safe, friendly, and nurturing. The school has an enjoyable and creative community. Students come from diverse backgrounds in the school. They have a strong sense of consideration for others. The school is raising confident kids with a sense of citizenship.

School is not just a building providing services; instead, it’s a lifestyle choice parish for the catholic values. The environment is thriving religiously, academically, and socially. Kids feel blessed to be part of this school that is nurturing a respectful and educated society.

Students are hardworking, competent, and respectful to each other. They are artsy and creative. They help each other in academics. School only enrolls qualified students. Kids are lifelong learners with high catholic values. They are confident in their abilities. Teachers encourage them for public speaking.

Teachers are amazing; they are well educated and dedicated to their task. They genuinely care for the students and go above and beyond in making the place a well-rounded one. The staff encourages the kids to learn and grow. Their suggestions for kids are thought-provoking. They are reachable outside the class. All in all, they are trying their best to make the school the best place for learning.

Teachers encourage the natural intelligence of the students. They give them challenging tasks to make them best prepare for the future. Students follow their teachers as role models. Teachers are lifelong learners, and they offer valuable advice to the students to make their personality well rounded. They tackle parent’s and student’s anxiety wisely.

There are plenty of extracurricular activities for the kindergarten kids and students of higher grades. The extra programs include clubs, music, step-dance, and technology, etc. Many brilliant students participate in these activities.

School has a financial aid program for the students, as well. This aid is for the needy students on the condition that they will make good use of this educational opportunity. The committee holding financial aid considers every individual case for the school scholarship facility. The information regarding the needy students is collected in strict confidence.

The Chapel School

It is a private elementary school in New York City that is located in Bronxville. There are three hundred and eighteen students in grades pre-kindergarten to eight. The tuition fee for the highest grade is dollar 12,400. The average class strength is sixteen. The teacher-student is 1 to 12.

The Chapel’s objective is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for students to achieve academic excellence. Its goal is to foster social, spiritual, and emotional growth among students. School community (students, teachers, and parents/guardians) feels like a lovely school-home partnership relationship possessing shared values.

Chapel is basically a professional development institute having a partnership with the education department of Concordia College. The institute is a proud-arm of the ministry of VLC. Both the institutes follow the shared mission of Christ that is to spread love and prosperity. The school is aspiring to tomorrow’s leaders by providing excellent opportunities for learning with top-notch facilities.

Academics are top-notch with state of the art curriculum that is integrated with the latest technology. From kindergarten to fifth-grade school provide quality education with excellent facilities. Kids in these grades receive an outstanding Christ-centered nurturing environment.  They receive full support from the staff and administration to reach their full potential.

Class size is kept smaller to ensure individual attention and differentiation. The faculty receives proper training and adopts proven methods of teaching. Sometimes teachers assign challenging tasks to the kids. These tasks make them best prepare for the upcoming work burden at the highest grades. The school is offering a two-day pre-school program for about two-year-old kids, and four-year-old kids have to come regularly.

The institute has many proven academic programs like writing, math, and reading, etc. These academic programs help in developing a robust educational foundation among the students. The school has many other programs as well, like character building and service-learning. Child-development programs foster religious values, social awareness, and empathy among the kids.

The environment of the school is safe and warm. School has strict policies regarding bullying. Students are helpful to each other.  According to the reviews taken from students and parents, 83 percent agree that students feel safe at the school, and it has adequate safety policies.

This Best Kindergarten School has a small nurturing atmosphere, especially for kindergarten students. The community is diverse and belongs to the Bronx and Westchester. According to the survey results, forty-three percent student body is Asian, African-American, and Hispanic.

Students are smart, hardworking, and creative. They are loving and helpful. Kids are comfortable and confident in public speaking. They respect themselves and have high religious values. Students enjoy doing challenging tasks assigned by the teachers and other school staff.

The faculty is well-educated, knowledgeable, and dedicated while the administration is attentive. Teachers encourage students to take risks and help them get out of their comfort zone. A large number of Chapel students receive scholarships (almost received more than $100,000 merit scholarship till now) every year after completing their middle school period.

Teachers are approachable outside the class. They share their life experiences and valuable tools to guide the students for the future. Students receive spiritual, academic, and social foundation from the staff. Chapel teachers are doing their best to build and foster individual character and self-esteem.

School provides plenty of fantastic activities and extracurricular options to its students. Students get involved in these programs according to their interests. Sports options include Track and Field, Squash, Volleyball, Golf, Basketball, Softball and Cross Country.

There is an excellent music and arts program (like Beginner and Advanced Band, Chamber Choir, Fall Drama Workshop, Prep Choir, Select Choir, Spring Musical) for the students of the lower class, including kindergarten. These activities get the required funding. Almost eighty percent of the students take part in these forty-plus activities.

Students have many club and organization options (like Chess Club, Communications Club, National Junior Honor Society, Peer Tutoring, Service Learning, Student Council, and Technology Club) as well to join, and they can join many clubs at a time.

North Shore Montessori School

NSMS is a topnotch kindergarten private school of New York that is located in the Christian Avenue, Stony Brook. School has one hundred and twenty students in grades Preschool to Kindergarten. The tuition fee for the highest grade is dollar 485, and the acceptance rate is ninety-five percent.  There are sixteen students in each class, with a teacher-student ratio of 1 to 17. Students wear a casual dress code.

The school mission is to provide an excellent learning experience for kindergarten and pre-school students. This institute receives kids from the ages of eighteen-month to six years. NSMS is a unique place in the departments of quality education, Montessori philosophy, community, and staff.

School offers exceptional academics and curriculum. Appropriate planning is done by the staff to provide quality lessons. They don’t follow a pre-fixed curriculum for every student. School believes that every student is different in personality traits. They create the individual curriculum plan by doing proper research that fits the natural intelligence of the kid as well.

The environment is welcoming for all the families having different religious backgrounds. The school does not follow any religious values. Students receive proper attention and care from the teachers. The class environment is positively organized and supportive. Kids love going to school, and they enjoy their tasks as well. Parents are well satisfied with the school strategies regarding child-development.

School has a serious safety policy, which is a significant concern for the parents these days. The majority of the students and parents agree that they feel safe at school. Bullying is less without a few exceptions. School is strict at dealing the bullying issues. School offers a fantastic summer program for its kids.

NSMS community is constructive, warm, and friendly to each other. They have consistent shared values no matter to whom (teachers, administrators, and parent) you interact. Families have significant interaction with one another even they also hangout outside the school.

Students and teachers follow the Montessori philosophy. The overall environment of the school facilitates creativity, freedom, and independence. The standout objectives of the school are to focus on manners, kindness, and respect.

Students are highly flexible and versatile. They can work in groups and individually as well. They are encouraged to make decisions (make appropriate choices regarding their daily tasks) from an early age. Kids have excellent time management skills.

Students have excellent writing and presentation skills. They can speak in public with confidence. A two and a half-year-old kid at the school is seemed to recognize many things (like recognize all of the letters and their sounds, sing the alphabet, recognize shapes, identify colors, recognize many animals and creatures in nature and most impressive of all kids can count past ten and understand the concept of counting)

Montessori teachers are the best part of the school. The credit of such an adaptable environment goes to its teachers and principle (Meg Sheehan). The overall class environment (social climate, room, and materials) is supportive and carefully prepared by the teachers to foster the learning process. Staff facilitates kids and offers resources to work in a positive and safe atmosphere.

There is a friendly and robust student-teacher relation in the classroom. Teachers encourage kids to take risks and try new things to build their self-confidence. Teachers are available outside the class if any students need extra time. School principal Meg Sheehan genuinely cares about the kids and the families that attend the school. She talks nicely and willing to guarantee anything to satisfy parents about their kids.

Teachers remain in contact with their parents. They continuously update the parents about their kid’s performance and monthly task schedule. They also offer valuable suggestions to parents for home to reinforce.  Teachers are lifelong learners. The school is a perfect place if you are looking for individual attention for your kid.

There are plenty of clubs and organizations (Bite-Size Bakers, STEM Program) and extracurricular activities options for kids.  The majority of students participate in these activities. The Kindergarten school offers excellent music programs for kids like Stage Stars and Instrumental Music.

The school is doing an excellent job in collaboration with the parents to organize events for kids. There are many recreational and Athletic programs (Soccer Shots, Yoga, etc.) as well. These programs get the needed funds from the Kindergarten school.

Our Kids Place Nursery School

It’s a leading private kindergarten school that is located in Broadway Hewlett, New York. The main focus of the school is to develop the Language Acquisition Skills and Sensory Motor of the kids. They have a “let’s play” program for the kids.

This program focus on understanding the struggles of toddlers like kids at the early stages of life struck between independence and dependence. The Kindergarten school offers a consistent environment for kids where they can learn to develop internal control and social behavior. It is one of the best Kindergarten Schools in NYC.

Academics are excellent at all levels. There is a four-year-old educational program at the kindergarten level which offers the essential skills for the child-development. Academics are rigorous and challenging. Curriculum includes life skills, social studies, science, math, reading, art, and phonics.

The community is friendly and consistent with the school philosophy. The school environment is diverse. There is a custom-designed “up, up” and “Away program” (based on how children develop and learn) to reflect the diversity and spirit for adventures.

These programs are based on the variety of experiences, materials, and concepts that are designed to fulfill the developmental needs (social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development) of students.

The school has a friendly and safe environment. Security at the institute is good enough, and it’s a major concern these days. They have upgraded security, and guards are placed all around the neighborhood. They have zero tolerance for bullying, and it is quite less.

Students feel safe and happy at the place. They like their school as well. Every child is confident enough to question the world in its unique way. The school environment is hands-on in maintaining the quality experience for both pre-school and kindergarten.

Students are competitive and intelligent. They are very good at managing the daily tasks and activities. Kids are helpful to each other. There is a productive competition among the kids. Students are creative and artsy. They congratulate each other upon success.

Teachers are well qualified and knowledgeable. They are friendly and helpful to the students. Staff gives equal importance to ‘how children learn’ in addition to ‘what children learn’. Teachers are easy to approach outside the class. They construct creative lesson plans to instill the kid’s interest. This artistic approach allows kids to retain the presented (taught) information.

They believe that every kid has unique development and intelligence. Kindergarten kids need a wide range of experiences and a stimulating environment to grow and develop true potential. Teachers create a comfortable and warm environment for the kids where they understand and explore themselves.

There are numerous activities at the school for students to get involved. Institute offers ‘before and after school programs,’ and parents can take advantage of these extra hours. Afternoon programs include test prep, enrichment, arts and crafts, homework help, healthy snack, and recreational time.

Two-year-old kids participate in the soccer class while four-year-old students participate in piano, karate classes, ballet, and soccer. There is a forty-five mint class period for the Ballet program conducted by Miss Lorraine. In this class, kids are taught about the basic movements (which students would need to excel in higher-level ballet classes)of ballet. She follows her training techniques to incorporate the basic concepts that kids need to grasp.

These classes are carried once in a week during the daily academic routine, while in the summer, kids receive lessons two days a week. All the students take advantage of this program. Kids have proper costume (black leggings, an OKP Dance shirt, and ballet slippers) for ballet class. Parents pay the Costume fee as well.

School offers a beautiful piano program that is conducted by the ‘School of Music’. At the basic level, an introduction to music is taught. The instructor is available once in a week and provide one on one instructions.

Piano program is conducted in three seasons (ten weeks per session, fall, winter, and spring) during one school year. After the three seasons of practice, kids perform at the ‘Lincoln Center’ in NYC. Parents pay an additional fee for this program.

Karate Program is conducted in a half-hour class period (eight to ten consecutive weeks) by Warren Levi expert at Martial Arts. School has experienced instructors to teach Karate techniques. Kids have a proper karate uniform to attend the class.

School offers a half-hour class (eight consecutive weeks) for the Soccer Program that is conducted by the Soccer Shots. Certified instructors make sure that if the kids are developing socially and physically. The program is available to all the students.

The school has designed a summer program to facilitate the campers’ ages (three to ten). It is an eight-week program in which your kid will receive educational enrichment in reading, math, and activities, etc. Under the certified counselors, kids enjoy sports activities (swimming, tennis, soccer, ballet, bowling, etc.), arts and crafts, and trips during the summer program.

Midwood Catholic Academy

It is a topnotch private catholic elementary school that is located in Brooklyn, New York. It has three hundred and thirty-six students in grades pre-kindergarten to eight. Teacher-students ratio at the school is 1 to 18.

Students are taught a well-rounded curriculum (including art, music, band, foreign language, and physical education and computer science). Curriculum includes many particular subjects (PE, Technology & Sign Language, and Music/Choir) as well. There is a guidance counselor at the school. Students can approach counselors individually at any time they need guidance.

Students receive daily homework to reinforce the learning process. Students take responsibility for all the assignments, notebooks, and textbooks. Teachers adopt a creative curriculum pattern and foster the natural intelligence of the kid. They have a proper schedule to accomplish daily tasks.

The institute has a welcoming, nurturing, and learning-oriented environment. The class environment is friendly and supportive to all. School is strict regarding bulling issues. This institute’s primary concern is to promote an authentic learning experience. Students are taught to handle stressful situations and behavior control practices to make them successful.

School is safe; they have security guards all around the place. Owners take appropriate steps to ensure the overall security. Kids feel safe and happy at school. The community is friendly. School needs to take serious attempts regarding diversity as it follows the catholic values. Students can get breakfast and lunch from the school as well.

School follows catholic faith and values. They teach kids the meaning of care, respect, and honesty. School teaches Religious instructions (Catholic faith) and makes kids participate and gain deeper awareness regarding the sacramental life of the church.

Students are intelligent, competitive, and friendly. They can access school resources and facilities. Kids are polite and well mannered. They are helpful to each other in the studies and extracurricular activities. Students accept challenging tasks. The school creates life long bonds among the students. Students (kindergarten to eight) can get financial aid from the school as well. Eligible students are carefully identified.

Faculty is well rounded and knowledge. There is a great coordination between faculty and administration. They work with great collaboration to develop and enforce rules and policies. Teachers solve the discipline problems individually and if the issue is serious student is called by the principle. Teachers reward and reinforce positive behavior with love and justice.

School offers a wide range of extracurricular and club options for its students. Many brilliant kids participate in the activities. These programs are adequately funded to provide quality resources. The school has an excellent after school program that is available five days a week.

Maryel School of New York

It’s a topnotch private primary school (bilingual English/Spanish) that is centrally located (between Park and Madison Avenues) in the heart of Manhattan. The school offers education from nursery to 5th grade. Maryel follows the combination of Europe and the US educational system.

Its location offers a variety of learning options and educational sources (The Morgan Library Museum for kids, The National Museum of Mathematics, and Bryant Park). Maryel School focuses on emotional, academic, and social potential in a global perspective. The school has warm and inviting classrooms with bright natural light.

Academics are challenging and unique at the place. Academic facilities are recently upgraded to ensure learning in a productive environment. The academic program for kindergarten is designed to train the kid as an active learner and recognition of self-worth sense.  Educational Philosophy at Maryel is based on multiple intelligence approach, dual language education (English and Spanish) and The Maryel Method.

School offers ways to teach the verbal (linguistic intelligence), logical (mathematical intelligence), spatial intelligence, musical intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, and naturalistic intelligence.

The primary function of ‘The Maryel Method’ is to motivate the kids for learning. This process has four stages.

  • Integration of knowledge and concepts
  • Processing Information
  • Practical application of acquired knowledge (Projects)
  • Emotional integration

The school has done a lot to promote diversity. It somewhat gives privileges and rights to all the students without any discrimination of any color, race, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic, and national origin. Kids open up to other religions, cultures, and traditions and gain global perspectives by learning another language.

School has a safe and friendly environment without any discrimination among students. There is a playground inside the school building with full proof security for the kids to enjoy outdoor places.

Students in this school are creative and critical, with increased cognitive flexibility. They are taught problem-solving skills. Students are encouraged to take their decisions regarding the daily routine and tasks. School promotes original and out of the box thinking among the students. Both the teachers and students are lifelong learners.

The facility is knowledgeable and competent. Teachers encourage students to challenge themselves and achieve difficult tasks. They help and support kids to explore and reach their full potential, personally, academically, emotionally, and physically.

There are plenty of activities at the school. Kids at the kindergarten level can participate in chess, music, visual arts, and athletes programs. The chess program is carried in English, and it instills critical and logical thinking, improves memory and concentration, and fosters reading and math skills.

School follows the Kodály approach for the music program at the kindergarten. Kodály’s training is very comprehensive for music education. Kids perform simple tasks at the primary level in the music class. Programs on visual Arts are related to Math, history, and science. Kindergarten kids play constructions with clay, paper, fabric, recycled materials, and various other media to explore the necessary skill set.

School has a large gym on the 1st floor for students to perform physical activities. There are plenty of options in the athletics program which promote cooperation, good health, enthusiasm, discipline, and dedication among kids.  Athletics activities include basketball, Tennis, Soccer, andTaekwondo.

Students can also perform in after school activities (Kinder bots, music, movement and theater, C.A.T.S tennis, yoga, super soccer stars, piano class). Several events are also available in the summer camp program. These activities include water games, arts, and crafts, cooking singing & dancing, dramatic play, sports, local trips.

MUSE Academy, Best Kindergarten School in NYC

It is a private elementary school located in the cultural district in Brooklyn. There are more than thirty students in grades pre-kindergarten to primary. The tuition fee for the highest grade is dollar 24,000. Teacher-students ratio at the school is 1 to 4. School has an outstanding child-friendly location near the kids’ Museum and Prospect Park Zoo.

MUSE offers a combination of challenging academics with intensive focus activities. Head of the institute (Deborah Bradley-Kramer) has taught at Columbia University for almost twenty years. She also conducted the music program at the university for about thirteen years.

Deborah believes that music education is essential for the social and cognitive development. The school is a perfect choice for those families who want great creative potential in their child, along with excellent academics.

School offers challenging academics that are integrated with the immersive arts program. Educational experience at MUSE is centered at performance, music, and movement. These programs contribute to student’s social and cognitive growth. School offers an ‘inquiry-based learning model’ which engages all the practices (verbal, analytical, kinesthetic, spatial, social, and emotional) for the kids to learn, communicate, and grow.

School has adopted Per-formative approach to teach the language skills at the kindergarten level. In this approach, speaking, reading, and writing are taught as gratifying activities (that grow out of vivid texts and shared creation). These fundamental skills are then groomed by teaching literary performance, grammar, and rhetoric.

Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten math is introduced as a field of exploration and creation. Curriculum is based on geometrical awareness and number sense by using a creative play, song, arts, dance, and manipulatives. Engineering, math, and science specialists join kindergarten kids to broaden their exposure and awareness.

The environment is nurturing and safe. The community is helpful and friendly. Each day starts with the exciting activities at the school. The rigorous curriculum is intertwined with the visual arts, music, and performances. Principal is generous; he warmly greets the students every morning

Classroom activities start with the fifteen minutes of character and community building approach, usually with the help of interactive songs, games, and dances. Master teachers focus on the behavioral norms to shape kids as an active citizen of the state.

Students are highly challenging, confident, and competitive. They have great creative potential, along with excellent academics. They are original thinkers and problem solvers. Kids possess outstanding behavioral norms.

Facility is impressive at MUSE having background from the Juilliard and Columbia. Teachers engage all senses (tactile, visual, olfactory, movement, rhythm) of the kids to ensure the powerful flow of wonder and discovery. Teachers motivate kids to question, think, and try new things.

Every master teacher has an associate in each class. Students receive individual support and attention. Classes are small and differentiated. Teachers are developing educational building blocks and costly integrations with visual arts, dance, science discovery, creative movement, and musical instruments.

Extracurricular is exceptional at the school with outstanding resources and facilities in this Kindergarten School. Music is considered as an integral part of the activities for the kids to learn and develop self-reflection and expression (body awareness, strength, social learning, and energy regulation).

Early age activities at the school include storytelling, Creative play, and drama. Kindergarten kids enhance their social skills by constructing easy characters and narratives through role-playing and reflecting different situations from their daily lives and communities. MUSE also offers extended options (science discovery, art, and movement combined with outdoor play) in after school programs for the working parents.

In the early morning, kindergarten kids receive Spanish instruction to play games like “I Spy” that helps in building the vocabulary. There are dances and songs as well to foster comprehension and fluency in kids.

Queens Paideia School

It is a leading private school that is located in Long Island City, New York. There are thirty students in the school in grade s kindergarten to eight. The teacher-student ratio is one to six. The school is non-sectarian as it does not have any religious affiliation.

The founder of the institute is Francis Mechner. He has got his Ph.D. degree for Columbia University in psychology and taught at the university as well. He is a very successful serial entrepreneur, as well. QPS approach is to build more structure and rigor than any other progressive school.

School is small, but the community has individual bonds among them. School is perfect if you want that teacher to give special attention to your child, along with a social and emotional learning environment. School’s day starts with the fifteen minutes of a drawing and reading activity after that subject classes start. Then students visit the ‘Murray Playground’ to have lunch and recess.

Academics are extraordinary and challenging to stretch the world’s knowledge. School’s educational philosophy follows the child-centered approach, which engages the students to learn in their unique way. Homework is very less at the kindergarten stage because there are a lot of productive activities at school time. Each learning manager has its learning assistance.

QPS follows a distinctive educational approach. Parents and students can choose the subjects of their interest. Mixed-age students interact with each other. Senior students help the junior one in their studies and all around. Students have individual projects (e.g., drawing a storyboard to make a movie, incorporating drawing skills, narrative skills, writing) to work. Students show their work to their parents and peers.

The environment is safe, progressive, and rigorous. Diversity is seen at the ethnic side while there is a lack of socio-economic diversity because scholarship funds are absent, and tuition fee is high. The security staff is tight and alert. School offers a small and safe environment where students are understood in their unique way.

The building of the school is shared, and they rent rooms there. They do not have a particular place for the gym; instead, they are using the facilities of LIC ballet that is located on the same floor. Students go for local playgrounds because school does not have any. School has an excellent location for the quick field trips to visit Manhattan museums.

The community is welcoming, smart, and friendly. Most of the families belong to Queens, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. School is fostering an open dialogue environment where kids are encouraged to express their opinions and thoughts. Parents and children are comfortable in addressing the concerns with the QPS administration and staff.  Minor complaints about the school are that school should be spacious, and Spanish must be taught every day.

Students are very concerned about their educational objects and performance. They are smart, hardworking, and confident enough to own their thoughts and opinions. Students articulate quite logical views, and this is because of QPS’ group work, open dialogue, class presentations, and town halls. Kids are self-motivated and creative-minded. They think differently and ask questions without any fear.

QPS motivate kids to work independently and follow their interests that foster a love for learning. It appreciates critical thinking rather than memorization and test preparation. Students are aware of their natural intelligence and self-reflection. They have excellent writing and reading skills.

Learning programs are not only limited to the classroom; instead, students perform follow up science experiments outside the class. Student’s presentation skills are excellent; they present their work in the history fair and science fair twice in a year.

Students have self-management and Social skills in addition to excellent academics. They receive proper training regarding self-observation, self-reflection, task tracking, time management, decision-making, and goal setting. They receive daily feedback from the teachers and the staff.

The staff is knowledgeable and caring. Turnover is quite less at QPS. Teachers are dedicated to their tasks, school goals, and mission. They are reachable outside the class for the students and parents to discuss academic concerns. They are attentive to the students’ academic and emotional progress because of the smaller student-teacher ratio.

School’s learning consultants are well-rounded, as well. Kids feel validated in the classroom. Teacher motivates kids to take risks and assign challenging tasks to make them best prepare for the future.

There are numerous activities at the school for the kids to get involved in. QPS follows a multidisciplinary approach and has drama, arts, Spanish, belief system, rotation of electives, and movement. There are few limitations to the individual choice of activities that are according to the kids’ interest because of its small community.

Queens Paideia has a wide range of after-school programs.  School location is excellent as it has the most famous institutes of NYC like the Secret Theatre, a plethora of talented people, and Long Island City School of Ballet in its neighborhood. School is offering outstanding after-school activities (dance and theater classes, writing workshops, fine art and craft lessons, conversational French, and other programming choices) in partnership with theses local programs.

Bank Street School

It is a topnotch private elementary school that is located near the ‘Bank Street College of Education’ in NY. There are four hundred and sixty-four students in grades pre-kindergarten to eight. The teacher-student ratio at the school is one to five. The tuition fee for the highest grade is dollar 52,824.

School stands proud in providing excellent progressive education. Lower school offers training to the nursery, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten grades. The equipment and materials in every classroom are tailored according to the requirements of young kids. The school is best if you want your child to hold the values of a broader community with a rigorous education and a critical mindset.

Academics are varied and rich to learn, observe, explore, experience. Kids use their hands-on learning and activities (block building, cooking, and trips to explore the world beyond the classroom) to make creative discoveries. The curriculum is based on a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach.

At first, kindergarten kids make connections among different disciplines, and then they use their learning to form questions. Social study is regarded as the core of the academic curriculum. Kids discover the age-appropriate concepts (social justice, literacy, movement, and physical education, Spanish, art, and shop, mathematics, music, library, and science) by using the lens of human experience.

School has a nurturing, dynamic, and challenging environment where every student feels comfortable and confident. Security is tight and alert at the school. Security guards are appointed all around the neighborhood. There is zero tolerance for bullying, and it’s quite less without little exception.

The community is real, larger, and diverse. It is kind, charming, and interesting. There are strong and lifelong bonds among the students and their families. Kids are active participants in academics and activities. School provides plenty of opportunities to involve parents. They have activities for the parents as well.

Students are knowledgeable, creative, and smart. They openly express their opinion and thoughts without any fear. Students are good at tackling anxiety and shyness. They are empathetic and have a deep awareness of others. Kids are caring and helpful. They encourage each other at the tough times while congratulate and celebrate at the success time.

Students are change-makers and original thinkers. Each student is aware of its weaknesses and strengths. They learn by performing a variety of activities. Students trust themselves and have deep self-reflection. The dynamic environment has made the students lifelong learners.

Faculty is knowledgeable, dedicated, engaging, and well rounded. Teachers are doing a great job of creating a love for education and learning. They are devoted and expert at teaching their subjects. They are providing a challenging educational experience for the kids in a unique and challenging environment. Teachers are accessible outside the class to discuss academic concerns to parents and students.

Teacher motivates students to broaden their thoughts horizons. They are making a significant difference in the life of students by offering their personal experience, useful tools, and suggestion. Teachers encourage students for public speaking and activity performance. They foster kid’s curiosity, understanding of the world, emotional, and social growth.

There is a strong teacher-student relationship in this amazing Kindergarten School. Teachers make students feel validated and comfortable. They encourage and support the individual interests and natural intelligence of kids. Students receive valuable suggestions from their teachers to excel in their own unique way.

School has a wide array of options for extracurricular activities (building with blocks, playing on enclosed play deck, painting at the art table, etc.) and sports for the students. Many brilliant students participate in sports (Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Softball, and Volleyball) and recreational athletic programs.

There are arts and music (chorus and instrumental Music) programs for the kindergarten grade. The activities are substantially supported and appropriately funded by the school owners. Bank Street has numerous activity options in the after-school program to ease the working parents.

HudsonWay Immersion School

It is a leading private primary school that is located in Midtown West, New York City. It has two hundred students in grades pre-kindergarten to five. The teacher-student ratio is one to seven. This is the 1st Spanish and Mandarin (New York metropolitan area) school, and it was founded in 2005. HWIS is committed to provide best practices for the community. Its objective is to guide children to develop confidence and skills to become the respected members of the community and self-directed learners.

Academics are rigorous and challenging. HWIS follows an inquiry-based curriculum and interdisciplinary approach to give content instruction for Social Studies (history), Mathematics, Language Arts (Literacy), Science. These subjects are taught to the kindergarten kids and grade one in the target language for almost eighty percent of the day.

This intensive exposure of a 2nd language to the academic content fosters mental flexibility (leading to higher cognitive abilities), and language proficiency. Technology is integrated along with the studies from the early age period. Kindergarten kids have access to many deceives, like Chrome books and iPads.

This Kindergarten School ensures its differentiation status by employing on-going summative and formative assessments and flexible groupings. This approach maximizes the learning process for each kid. Children can be grouped according to the cross-age or by grade. This curriculum approach provides understanding and enables students to thinks profoundly and broadly in every aspect of life.

The environment is full of learning, but strict. School has strict policies regarding safety and bullying.  The community is cooperative and helpful toward individual objectives. Students feel safe and like the school. School focuses on self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship, and decision-making skills.

Students are brilliant and hardworking at school. They are helpful to each other. Kids are responsible individuals regarding their daily tasks and routine. They are learned to use all the senses. They are always excited to learn about new things.  Students are critical, creative, and confident in their abilities. They are good at public speaking. Students do not feel shy about expressing their thoughts.

The staff is well educated and knowledgeable. They are very supportive and genuinely care about the students. Students receive thought-provoking lessons and valuable suggestions from their teachers. Teachers explore the natural intelligence of the kids and support them to grow within.

Kids receive social, academic, and spiritual support from the teachers. They are role models for the kids. Teachers are also available outside the class. The only complaint about the staff is that they are unable to handle the two-year-old toddlers properly.

There are plenty of options for activities, clubs, and organizations. The majority of students participate in these activities. School provides appropriate funding for extra-curricular activities. There are innovative after-school language programs in Spanish and Mandarin for a full day. These programs enable kids to learn educational content in 2 languages and become bi-cultural, bi-cognitive, and bilingual.

City and Country school

It’s a progressive private middle school that is located in Greenwich Village (occupies seven landmark brownstones and their adjoining internal courtyards) in New York City. It has three hundred and eighty-five students in grades pre-kindergarten to eight.

The teacher-student ratio at the school is 1 to 6, with an average class size of sixteen students. Yearly tuition fee is dollar 50,400 for the highest grade. Students wear a casual dress code. This school is a member of NAIS, and it was founded in 1914 by Caroline Pratt.

This Kindergarten school is dedicated to making it the right learning place for the students. The environment is carefully planned by the principal and staff to bring significant differences in academics and to integrate creativity with rigor. The school offers many programs for the students to make them capable of original thinking. It provides a natural setting for social and intellectual challenges for kids to solve and learn.

Classrooms are spacious and bright (natural light) with ample resources and materials for kids. School follows Pratt’s creation (wooden indoor unit blocks, as well as her famed Jobs Program) to foster sophisticated academic learning and social skills among kids.

Academic are top-notch and challenging. School’s curriculum emphasizes research skills and an in-depth learning approach. Specials classes are available for the students in Science, Library, Technology, Art, Woodshop, Rhythms, Music, Spanish, and Orchestra. Through these classes, students integrate their artistic and scientific experiences with culture, history, and social justice.

School is offering a ‘Jobs program,’ which is a breakthrough in academics history. In this program, every grade is assigned a job that is for the whole community of school (for example, post office, printing press, or school store). Through this job, students develop a strong sense of resourcefulness and responsibility. Students gain practical exposure to leadership, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills, as well.

In the lower school kids, concretely expresses Social studies (core of the curriculum) by using blocks. Middle school also follows a similar job. Teachers coordinate in their discipline and integrate these studies with subjects like science, language arts, and math and teachers coordinate. The only complaint about the school is that there is a need to put more emphasis on math studies.

The environment is comfortable, warm, and well-rounded for learning. The safety policy at the school is quite good, and security guards are kept all around the school. Bullying is strictly controlled, and it is quite less. Students feel happy and safe at school.

The community is helpful and friendly — families associated with the school hangout outside the class as well. Graduating students of City and Country get admission to the top schools of the country. The overall environment is well-rounded as school has made excellent history in providing progressive education. Students are cooperative and helpful to each other.

Students are creative, confident, and smart. They have great potential for learning and accepted by top schools in the country for graduation. Students have significant collaboration with each other to solve the problems in critical situations. They can pursue their inspirations in an engaging, lively, and diverse bunch of class fellows.

They perform challenging tasks and can work both in groups and individual projects. Students are resourceful researchers, and they have excellent writing and reading skills. Kids have a thrust for learning, and they practice being thoughtful, empathetic, and curious individuals. The majority of parents are satisfied with school policies regarding their child development. Students learn “3 R’s” to boot their thinking abilities.

The faculty is well educated, inspiring, and dedicated. They teach kids with great care and love. Teachers are supportive and good at guiding the academic material. They much cooperate with students and inspire creativity. Students follow them as role models, and they are worthy of it.

Staff is reachable outside the class as well if any student is facing problems in understanding the lessons. They are always in contact with the parents and discuss the monthly schedule with them. The student-teacher relationship is fantastic at the school.

Teachers use practical contextual and systematic methods to teach writing, reading, and math. They are super attentive toward the student’s problems. The important thing is all the staff members enjoy their work without a few exceptions.

Teachers post deep imaginative questions toward students that foster creativity and decision-making skills. They encourage the natural intelligence of the students. Teachers share their personal experiences with the students to guide them to their full potential. They instill the qualities of a democratic society among children, which fosters purposeful skills, cooperation, responsibility, respect, care, and active participation.

There are numerous extracurricular activities and sports options with outstanding resources and facilities for the students to get involved. Most of the students participate in these activities. Sports include Volleyball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball and Cross Country. School has adequate funds to support these activities.

Blue School

It is a top-rated private school that is located on the west side of New York City. It has three hundred students in grades pre-kindergarten to eight. The student-teacher ratio at the school is four to one. School is a member of NAIS. Its yearly tuition fee is dollar 47,700.

School offers excellent facilities for classrooms, academics, and affinity groups. Their work is palpable and visible regarding professional development, staff, workgroups, and committees. Everyone at the school is welcoming and part of progressive philosophy. Every member of the community has space, and they can bring their identities in the classroom.

This Kindergarten school is committed to provide immeasurable ways to enhance the living standard of students.  There is a significant commitment and passion among the community, including board, staff, and parents.

Academics are top-notch and rigorous in this Best Kindergarten School. Usually, kindergarten kids are at the age of developmental integration, where they struggle to organize and combine a variety of skills to achieve and understand difficult tasks. At the early stages, the school emphasizes the kid’s creative thinking, playing, and enjoying. At this stage, they are taught activism and social justice work.

Teachers use the lens of American history to taught social justice and civil rights. The curriculum of this Kindergarten School is based on deep imaginative learning. Kids are taught gender in fairy tales. School offers plastics research, book, and sign making. The curriculum includes the study of outsider artists as well.

The environment of this Kindergarten School is welcoming and nurturing. This Kindergarten School gives priority to diversity, social justice, and equity. The atmosphere is warm, engaging, and joyful. Citizenship and community are very important to Blue School. They follow the international approach. Every student thrives and learns in his/her unique way.

School has strict security policies. Bullying is not an issue at the school. The parent community is engaged, understanding, and thoughtful. They strive to learn the system. Schools, teachers, and parents work as a team to support the child.

There are plenty of publishing parties, informative presentations, and more. The institute has fostered a respectable and helpful community of engaged and caring parents. The parent body has real strength. Although it’s quite expensive, but it is worth spending.

Students are respectful, smart, creative, and arteries. They are accommodating and have good intentions. Pre-school kids can lead their conferences with parents and teachers. Children are developed into curious and unique individuals. They openly express their opinions and thoughts and do not afraid to raise questions in the classroom.

Students can formulate and comprehend the ideas and queries about their world. They can reason, anticipate outcomes, and classify objects. School provides a natural environment to solve problems and choose between the alternatives (decision-making skills).

Children nurture their creativity and learning. They are empathetic and kind to their class fellows. Every student is competitive toward its interest interests. They do creative, deep, and meaningful academic work. They strive for learning and developing their skills.

The facility is dedicated, knowledgeable, and supportive of the kids. They enjoy their tasks and duties. Teachers offer useful tools to help students to work with their full potential. Staff challenge and guide the students to be reflective. They are always ready to revise the work heartily and receive individual feedback. Students and parents can access the staff anytime to discuss particular issues.

Teachers adopt engaging and witty methods to incorporate learning among students. They share their personal experiences and useful advice to the students. They do their best to balance the progressive and rigorous curriculum with the emotional and social learning. Staff accesses the academics progress of each student according to the benchmarks regularly.

The school has plenty of activities for the students to take part in. There are a lot of inquiry-driven and joyful activities (including our Little Blue Book Club and toddler yoga class) at the school for the kindergarten kids. The only complaint about the school is that it does not have spacious outdoor space for kids to play, but there is a gym for the higher grade students.

This institute offers a unique combination of academic mastery, social intelligence, and creativity. There is an after-school program at the campus for the students of kindergarten to eight. This program contains two elements that are Clubhouse and Enrichment classes. Students and parents have to option to choose from the above program or attend both.

Manhattan Country School

It is a small top-rated private co-educational elementary school in New York City. It has two hundred and sixty-eight students in grades pre-kindergarten to eight. The teacher-student ratio at the school is one to six, with an average class size of nineteen students. Its yearly tuition fee is dollar 47,600 for the highest grade.

This Kindergarten school is famous for its active progressive educational program with a diverse community that took great care of their social responsibilities. MCS’s commitment to social justice, diversity, and equality is reflected through their curriculum that provides supports to the working democracies’ values. These values are free inquiry, respect for differences and self-reliance, etc.

Academics are unique and comprehensive. Successful academic careers require a strong educational foundation. In this respect, school is following a developmental approach to nurture physical, artistic, intellectual, emotional, and social parts. School regularly engages the students regarding social activism and justice, which gives them voice and confidence. In this way, students become active members of society and strive for positive change.

The environment is warm, friendly, competitive, and full of learning. School administration is rigorous regarding safety and bullying. MCS provides a robust nurturing environment to make students explore and grow in their true potential.

Community is diverse, which fosters a strong sense of identity, compassion, and individual interests. Students work together and take great care of their environment. They have life long bonds with their classmates.

Children are responsible individuals both for themselves and the community. They are smart and helpful. Kids are good at exploring their full potential and abilities. They listen to teachers carefully and ask questions openly without any fear. Students are well mannered; they respect and appreciate multiple perspectives of others.

Kids feel comfortable and positive in the classroom. They are good at public speaking. Students are activists in what they believed. Teachers and students are significantly connected — every student work with their full potential and ability.

The facility is trained, knowledgeable, and supportive. Administration and staff always make sure if the students are receiving the best education. Teachers contact the parents to discuss the monthly schedule and the kid’s performance. If a problem is caught by the teachers regarding the kid’s attitude or academics, then they do their best to solve that problem.

Teachers encourage and support students in getting out of their comfort zones, which is a difficult task at the early stages. Staff is approachable outside the class to discuss any issue or academic material. Teachers make sure that every kid is participating in the class and understanding the lesson. They are good at bridging the gap between a friend and a teacher.

MCS offers plenty of opportunities in activities and sports for the students. Resources and facilities are fantastic at the school. One of the beautiful things that MCS provides is its farm upstate. Kids go there many times in year. The majority of students participate in extracurricular activities and sports (Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Track, and Field). Appropriate funds are available at the school to facilitate these activities.

ECFS – Fieldston Lower School

It is a leading private elementary school that is located in Bronx, New York City. School has two hundred and fifty-eight students in grades pre-kindergarten to five. The teacher-student ratio is ten to one. This institute is an active member of NAIS.

The core part of the school’s educational philosophy is the study of ethics to take care of the student’s inner self and the world around them as well.  The school is fantastic for the students who want to study and learn inside and outside of the classroom. Student receives the option to discuss the current ethical issues and events in addition to the rigorous curriculum.

The educational program of the school is based on the ten core tenets regarding progressive education. These core tenets are developed by the school’s staff and faculty, which provide reliable guidance to the kids in their curriculum.

There is not one rough method of teaching; instead, every possible approach is adopted to make sure the learning process. School provides a curriculum that fosters innovation and pedagogical imagination. At the kindergarten level (and till grade three), there is no mandatory work for the home, which makes sure that school is working.

The environment is health-driven, nurturing, and safe. This Best Kindergarten School has strict policies regarding discipline, bullying, and security. Ethnic culture is diverse (37% of students identify as people of color, 46% identify as white, and 17% did not report). The community is helpful and supportive of individual interests.

Students are brilliant, hardworking, and helpful. They are excited about learning. Children are confident in their opinions and thoughts. They do not feel shy in public speaking. Kids are reflective in exploring g their inner potential and natural intelligence. They are flexible toward themselves and other members of the community.

The faculty is fantastic and friendly. They are very supportive of individual interests and abilities. Staff deeply understand the kids and promote their true potential. Students can access faculty outside the class as well to discuss any issues. School provides many options for the parents to get involved with the teachers. Parent-teachers association is excellent at the school.

There are numerous options for sports, clubs, and activities for the kids. Every student is allowed to create its own club. The club members can plan a meetup once a week. School has the necessary resources and funds for these activities.

School has an after-school program as well to ease the working parents. Students can receive financial aid in after-school subjects as well in addition to the regular working days. A proper procedure is available to get this aid.

St. Gregory the Great Catholic Academy

It is a top-rated private Catholic elementary school that is located in Brooklyn, New York City. School has two hundred and sixty-four students in grades pre-kindergarten to eight. The student-teacher ratio in the class is one to nineteen. In Brooklyn, it is considered as one of the best among Catholic schools. This institute is an active member of the NCEA (National Catholic Educational Association).

Academics are generous and rigorous. Students can attend the AP classes. Every student is directed to do their homework. School provides an effective approach to curriculum, which helps the kids to grow and improve in their educational career.

The environment is caring and friendly, coupled with challenging academics. School staff strictly deals with discipline and bullying issues. The community is supportive, and it follows high Catholic values. School’s environment is perfect for ethical and well-rounded academics. The majority of students feel happy and safe at school, and they like their school as well.

Kids are creative, intelligent, well-disciplined, and hardworking in this amazing Kindergarten school. They are polite with the class fellows and other members of the community. Students are respectable to themselves and others. Kids have good intentions toward each other — senior students look out for the junior ones. Kids have excellent reading and writing skills.

Teachers are well-organized, competent, dedicated, and helpful. They make every possible effort to teach kids in the best possible way. The principal is loving and disciplinarian. Some teachers are stringent, but their teaching method is excellent. The staff has a deep connection with students. They encourage every student to excel in their unique way.

There are plenty of activities for kindergarten kids and beyond. Many intelligent students who can manage academics with the activities participate in these activities. Every Monday there is a Piano class. Every Thursday afternoon, there is a basketball practice. Although events are numerous, but there is a need to organize these activities better.

St. Mark Day School

It is a leading Christian private elementary school that is located in Brooklyn, New York City. There are more than eighty students in grades pre-kindergarten to eight. The Student-teacher ratio at the school is seven to one.

The school promotes moral strength, cultural awareness, educational integrity, and personal responsibility. It is an academically driven place where kids receive a lifetime learning experience. Classrooms are small yet organized.

Academics are excellent with a challenging curriculum. School’s curriculum is designed to strengthen every God-given quality of the students to see God’s creation of beauty. School gives equal place to Sciences, Arts, and Humanities. School refers to updated textbooks. Students receive an effective amount of daily homework.

The environment is welcoming and friendly in this best Kindergarten school. Staff strictly deal with security issues, discipline, and bullying. The community is not much diverse. Most of the community at the school is religious. The community is small yet integrated into their interests.

Students are smart, creative, and helpful. They are confident in expressing their concerns, thoughts, and viewpoints. Students are empathic, polite, and treat each other with great respect. They have great self-awareness.

Teachers are well-educated, knowledgeable, and dedicated to their duties. The important thing about the teachers is they enjoy their work. They give engaging lessons and encourage students to participate in class discussions. Teachers follow the unconventional methods of teaching. They are attentive to every child, as the student-teacher ratio is small. Teachers are always in contact with parents. The staff is reachable out of the class as well.

School has a wide range of activities for the kids to get involved in. There are language programs, music, STEM/STEAM programs (focuses on developing disciplines and concepts through hands-on projects and experiments), etc. Students can play multiple stringed instruments. Many intelligent students participate in these activities. School has excellent facilities and resources to fund these activities.

This Kindergarten School also offers an After-School (Enrichment) program to help foster kids’ educational skills and creatively exploring new things. In after-school tutoring, students receive homework help, STEM program, music, piano, steel band, karate, and educational games.

Brooklyn Heights Montessori School

It is a top-notch private elementary school that is located in Brooklyn, New York City. School has two hundred and forty-seven in grades pre-kindergarten to eight. The teacher-student ratio at the school is one to six. Its yearly tuition fee is dollar 37,900 for the highest degree.

School offers individualized learning (at the child’s own pace and style), multi-age class model, a beautiful building with excellent amenities and facilities. The kindergarten program is fantastic at the school. This program is carefully structured for intelligent students to meet their developmental needs and to make them capable of pursuing challenging academics every day.

Academics are rigorous, in-depth, and carefully planned for the kindergarten students. Students are taught more progressive and advanced material (Montessori). Lessons are comprehensive and more extended. The mixed-age program provides an opportunity for the kids to stretch in the area of their strength. Educational philosophy emphasizes on “how and why” over worksheets. Teachers give purpose homework.

The environment is safe and friendly. The community is supportive and intimate. Community members of the school treat each other with dignity and respect. School is strict regarding bullying, but there are bullying cases among the students.

Students are caring, smart, and role models for the junior one. They reinforce the learning they gain from the staff and teachers. Kids have a caring and helpful attitude toward each other. Children exhibit critical thinking, leadership, independence, and collaboration inside and outside the classrooms. In the pre-school class, kindergarten kids are the leader.

Kids find joy in collaboration and learning with their class fellows. They have solid self-confidence and enhanced social skills. BHMS students are capable of public speaking. They express their thought and opinions openly and don’t feel shy to ask any questions in the classroom.

Teachers are top-notch and well rounded. They are dedicated and passionate regarding their work and duties. In addition to academics, teachers focus on independent thinking. Teachers adopt useful strategies to facilitate and encourage the uniqueness of every child. They push students to work beyond their full potential. Students access the teachers outside of the classroom, as well. It is among the famous Kindergarten Schools in NYC.

There are many activities for preschool and kindergarten kids. All the kids participate in physical education and music classes. Resources and facilities are excellent at the place. School provides adequate funds for these activities.

United Nations International School – Queens Campus

It is a top-rated international private school (Queens Campus) that is located in Jamaica, New York City. There are one hundred and sixty-four students in grades kindergarten to eight. The student-teacher ratio at the school is six to one. Its tuition fee is dollar 38,000 for the highest grade.

Academics are top-notch and challenging. School follows the progressive educational philosophy to teach its students. In addition to providing excellent academics, Spanish or French language is receiving more emphasis from the kindergarten and beyond. Financial aid is available for needy students.

The environment is safe, welcoming, and friendly. Principle and teachers know every child by their name and character. The administration is attentive and always accessible. The school is quiet, cozy, and diverse. The community is small, intimate, and caring. This is one of the best Kindergarten Schools in New York City.

The school has an NYPD officer and a guard at the front to ensure safety. Do not forget to bring the ID if you want to visit the school. School has lockdown drills and regular fire. The pastoral care system is good enough to discuss issues like bullying (including cyberbullying), stress, health issues (puberty, hygiene), time management, and organization. Nurse is also available.

Students are competent, smart, and helpful. They enjoy learning new things and have great potential for it. Kids are curious, creative, and artsy. Kids do not feel afraid to fail. Instead, they learn from the failure. Students are reflective and critical thinkers. They know their strength and weakness. They openly express their thoughts.

Teachers deeply care about the students learning. They strive for individual compassion and development among students and the society as a whole. Staff supports students in their social and emotional development. They give engaging and thought-provoking lessons and encourage every student to participate in the class discussion.

Teachers communicate with the parents effectively and discuss their child progress and improvement areas. They are very responsive to the concerns and questions of the parents and students. Students like the teachers and follow them as role models. Students are taught to be global citizens.

School has plenty of options for activities and sports. The music and arts program is amazing. All the students participate in music and arts program. School has excellent facilities and plenty of resources for these programs and activities.

There is a fantastic after-school program with numerous activities. These activities include nutrition and health, Arabic culture and language, chess, Indian dance, cooking, and more.

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