Best Places for Italian Pasta in New York City

Best Places for Italian Pasta in New York City

Best Places for Italian Pasta in New York City

NYC is famous for Italian Pasta Restaurants. People of all ages love pasta. It is also suitable for health and is proper nutrition. It does not contain fats and is beneficial for the people who are blood pressure patients and cannot bear fats. People eat pasta when they want to eat to their full and do not even want to worry about fats.

In this article, our editors have explained these places that are famous for Italian Pasta in New York City.

People in New York are much conscious about their diet and because of which they are very selective about their food. They know what pasta is made of, and that is why they love to eat it to their full. We are not saying that pasta will make you lose weight. We are saying that pasta does not increase cholesterol, which is good for a human body.

Best Places for Italian Pasta in New York City

Children after their homework, adults after their hectic routine when eating pasta to their full they are delighted at the end of the day. We know that you get bored because you eat the same pasta from the same restaurant because you do not understand what pasta in other restaurants tastes like.

To help you change your taste and try new restaurants for Italian pasta, we have a list of restaurants that serve the best pasta in town.

Best Places for Italian Pasta in NYC Location Facilities
Ambrosio Italian Restaurant & Banquet Hall 2071 Clove Rd, Staten Island, NY 10304 Party packages, dinner buffet, private bookings, soups, salads, Italian pasta, martinis, fishes.
TrattoriaRomana 1476 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305 Weekly offers, events, pizza, pasta, antipasti dishes, beverages, wines, deserts,
Park Side Restaurant 107-01 Corona Ave, Corona, NY 11368 Party packages, gift cards, appetizers, soups, salads, pasta, grilled items, vegetables, sea-food, Pollo, deserts, valet parking
Papazzio Restaurant & caterer 39-38 Bell Blvd, Bayside, NY 11361 Catering, online ordering, dinner, lunch, pasta, dessert, reservation, wine offers, E-gifts, valet parking
Portofino Seafood & Italian Restaurant 555 City Island Ave

Bronx, NY 10464

Appetizers, salads, chicken steak, desserts, fish, party offers, pasta, lunch, outdoor dining, high-class dining.
Dominick’s 2335 Arthur Ave, The Bronx, NY 10458 Walk-in welcomes, take-away, table, Pasta, Lunch, Dinner.
River Deli 32 Joralemon St, Brooklyn, NY 11201 Reservations, dinner, brunch, cocktails, old fashioned food, Italian dishes.
Broccolino 446 Dean St, Brooklyn, NY 11217 Android app, reservation, outdoor tables, indoor service, home delivery, pasta, sea-food, Italian food.

Ambrosio Italian Restaurant & Banquet Hall

The restaurant is very famous for its beauty and environment. It serves the best Italian Pasta in NYC. The place is excellent for family, friends, meetings as well as parties. They support all the events in their restaurant and try to fulfill the needs of their customers. The menus are exciting. The taste of the chef’s special on the list is so pleasing and satisfying that you always want to come here.

They have the best Italian pasta in town, and they serve it with love and affection. The pasta is served according to your own choice. Whether you want it spicy, sweet, simple, veg, or non-veg. It all depends on you. The things that you like, the things that you want from them, they will respect that and will try to satisfy with everything they can.

The staff at Ambrosio Italian Restaurant is very kind and helpful. They always help you and guide you with the menu and offers. If you ask about their suggestions, they will never disappoint you. Whenever you need any help, you want to go to the restroom, you want to meet the chef, you want any help, and they will always be there for your assistance.

The restaurant is serving in Staten Island for more than ten years. The restaurant is specialized in Italian food because it is an Italian restaurant. So, it will be an excellent choice to visit this restaurant if you want to eat Italian food or Italian pasta. They have all types of Italian pastas available in their menu. 

We are not stating all the names of the pasta, but if you are an Italian pasta lover, then you will know what we are talking about. These pastas will bring you so much satisfaction that you will love the place. The restaurant has a fixed price menu, which they call the Ambrosio menu. This menu offers mouthwatering items, which will make you forget about what you were about to eat there.

They have red and white wines, they have Champagne, and they have Sparkling. These categories of drinks have more drinks than we have mentioned here. They serve you at your table and a bar too. The bartenders at this restaurant are very talented. People love them and always go for a drink there. They also offer after-dinner drinks, which are also on the menu.

Trattoria Romana

The restaurant creates a beautiful environment for you and your family. The antipasti that they offer are delicious. The chef is a very talented man. He believes in creativity, and he always impresses the customers with his skills. He uses an individual furnace instead of an oven to bake and cook things with steam.

The restaurant glows in the daytime because it has glass walls and provide a pleasant environment for customers. The brightness from sunlight gives the restaurant a fresh look. The TrattoriaRomana is at the main street and is located at the eye-catching spot. You cannot ignore it if you are near the restaurant.

The restaurant is very famous for its pizza because it may be the best restaurant for pizza in town. The restaurant also offers delicious pasta. If you are craving pasta, the pasta is always available at the restaurant. It is available in many different tastes and types.

The Italian pastas are the best among all. We can also say that the place makes the most exceptional pasta too. If you want to eat excellent pasta and you are near the restaurant you should go in and check it out.

You will not be disappointed with their service and serving. The wines here are also great. The theme of the restaurant is lovely in the evening. The restaurant looks like a different place in the evening and a different place in the morning entirely. People mostly come here for lunch and dinner. Groups of friends are always there for their service, and they love the site.

The restaurant has delicious deserts for you. You will love it.

Parkside Restaurant, Famous for Italian Pasta in NYC

Parkside restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Corona, Queens. The restaurant is always busy with reservations, and you have to pre-book your ticket if you want to plan a birthday or a small event. The restaurant is famous for its taste in food and dessert. The restaurant has the best lunch in town that you will ever have.

The environment is clean and friendly. The bar is great. The restaurant has a corner location on the street and provides a better look at it. Not very sunny, but it has a great theme if you do not like sunlight and want only to enjoy the indoor food, this place is better for you.

They provide a service of valet parking, which is very beneficial for the ones who visit the restaurant on their car when they are on a date. The restaurant can be at a tricky place to find because there are several restaurants at that location. But when you reach this restaurant, you will feel the difference.

The restaurant does not deliver to the doorstep. The restaurant offers a reservation, which can be a good thing to do if you want to wait outside due to the full house. It has all the foods with veg and non-veg options.

If we talk about pasta, the pasta is loved by everyone in town. People come and eat pasta as they only come here to eat pasta. They always try to find a chance to eat there as they walk by the restaurant. All types of Italian foods are available at this restaurant. If you are an Italian food lover, then you may become a park side lover.

The park side restaurant is loved by celebrities too. Most of the stars love to come to this restaurant whenever they are in town. Because of this reason, the restaurant has caught so much attention. The best environment, the best staff, the best food, and the best service, these are the main objective of this restaurant, and they are doing a great job at these.

Papazzio Restaurant & caterer

An excellent restaurant with so many offers and dining options. The restaurant is the finest one in its way. The restaurant presents a great environment and gives a good competition in the market. This Italian restaurant is at a great location, which attracts the people towards it.

The wines are of great importance there. People go at night to drink their wine and champagne. The restaurant is open to the customers for the whole week but remains closed on Mondays. They provide you food according to your choice. You can select from their menu and ask for changes in the dish.

People come to this restaurant with their kids and friends to eat Italian pasta, and they love this place. Papazzio is a great place to eat pasta and other dishes. The meatballs are delicious in this restaurant. You will get every type of veg and non-veg Italian recipes in this restaurant.

This place is excellent for dating and informal meetings. The place has salads. The restaurant has a large variety of Entrees. The restaurant has food which is free of gluten. So, all the things that they offer and present, that dictates that the place is your choice.

Papazzio is a well-known name in queens for catering. You want a birthday party to be served, you want a marriage to be served, you want a party to be served, and you want a gathering to be served with a lot of people. Papazzio is a great place to come and book your caterings for your events. They have a hardworking and talented staff who are always there to help. The catering team is well organized and skilled.

The Papazzio restaurant is very conscious of maintaining a clean environment in the kitchen. The chef is always worried about cleanliness. These little things make this place a charming and hygienic place to eat your meal. They are serving the community for the past thirty years, and they are best at what they do.

Portofino Seafood & Italian Restaurant

The Portofino restaurant provides a glamorous and pleasant look to the environment. The restaurant serves both indoor and outdoor dining. So, the restaurant will help you outside if you want to enjoy the weather and the sea while eating, then this restaurant is the best place for you.

The tables and chairs are comfy and unique in outdoor sitting. If the weather is bright and sunny, then the Portofino restaurant is the best place to sit and eat outdoors. People love it when there is a sunny day in New York. The people of the Bronx are lucky to have this kind of place in town. The most exciting thing about this place is that they do not charge extra for outdoor dining.

Everything on the menu is mouthwatering. If you want to enjoy the indoor environment, then the restaurant has an enormous indoor space and arrangement for you. All veg and non-veg Italian dishes are available for you to eat. They have the sea-food, the chicken, and the wild. They do their best to satisfy all your cravings. In case of any misconduct, the staff is there to assist you. They provide a healthy and elegant environment inside their restaurant.

The restaurant also offers a high-class dining facility, which is specially made available for rich people and business meetings. You want a productive environment to make any of your announcements and eat at the same time, or you want to have a formal dinner in the restaurant. The staff is much experienced in these kinds of stuff, and you will not be disappointed.

The restaurant also has a classical dinner menu which you can like. But if you want to eat Italian pasta, then what place is better than a pasta with a clear sea-view. Portofino provides an excellent environment for every meal. They even have musical evenings in their weeks. All these things make this restaurant an excellent place for every meal. The restaurant is open every day of the week.

Dominick’s Restaurant, Best Pasta in NYC

The restaurant is a traditional meal center for every age. They are known for their taste and service. The restaurant has one of the best staff in terms of gentleness and serving. Dominick’s maybe not a high-class restaurant, but they are a high class concerning their behavior and discipline.

Dominick’s restaurant does not have a bragging menu, but they love to serve you with the best of their abilities. They will note down everything you want in a diary and will help you in the shortest amount of time. They serve lunch and dinner and are great at taste — a beautiful place to eat at economical prices.

Dominick’s restaurant serves with the best economical price according to the environment that they offer. Sometimes they do not even write down the order from the customers and serves the authentic dishes to them.  This restaurant is one of the best restaurants on Arthur Ave for food at an economical price. No website advertisements, No online food delivery. The place only runs on dining and take away.

Italian pasta at Dominick’s restaurant is the best. The other meals are also great, but the pasta is very delicious. If you are looking for a restaurant with friendly staff and tasty Italian pasta, then you will love the place. The restaurant is a family and friends’ restaurant; because of this feature, they always maintain the environment-friendly and smiling.

People who do not want to spend so much money on food, they love this place. Here they can get deliciously perfect food at an affordable price. Whether it is a pasta or some chicken steak, people love the food at this restaurant. The place is a casual place and suitable for children as the area is extensive. Overall, a friendly environment with cleanliness and tasty meals, it deserves to be on the list.

Broccolino Restaurant

Broccolino Restaurant is a small restaurant with delicious Italian meals. Unlike other restaurants,the restaurant is not a giant lavish restaurant but serves you very similar to the 5-star restaurants where people love to spend money on non-essential bills. The restaurant location is in Brooklyn, NY, and is located within the crowded city.

The restaurant definitely takes reservations. They also provide the facility of home-delivery to their customers. Broccolino serves dining as well as take-away. If you are worried about the restaurant’s taste and hygiene, then there is a piece of good news for you. The restaurant is scored as A in terms of health with its reviews in the online world.

The place remains open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. People love the site, and they eat there regularly. The place a beautiful bar which has rich wines. The area always makes you feel like a family. People love the servers at this restaurant because they serve authentic and delicious food. The restaurant is famous for its pizza and pasta.

Everything on the menu, which is Italian, is the best. The Italian foods are authentic, and they are their specialty. Italian pasta has many categories, and every single pasta in this restaurant is the best. The restaurant offers you a light environment with functional space and an elegant interior. The place hits the market competition and is doing great.

The restaurant is very authentic in terms of quantity. If you order for one person, your appetite will be satisfied by their volume. If you request for more, you will be served as you require. There is no doubt in quantity or quality. The restaurant provides an application with which you can easily order online for your desired meal, whether it is a pasta or a pizza.

River Deli Restaurant

The river deli restaurant is serving in Brooklyn from the past nine years, and they are doing their job with love and kindness. The ingredients that they use in their foods are very well-maintained by them. They are very conscious about cleanliness, and they present a great example of it at their restaurant. The restaurant is open to customers seven days a week.

The restaurant is an old building with some very eye-catching improvements. The pasta in their restaurant is very comforting. They present the Italian pasta in a home-made manner. They allow you to celebrate your special occasions in their restaurant for a limited number of people. The place is great for dates as well as a conversation.

The river deli restaurant is one of the all-time favorite restaurants in Brooklyn. Most people do not even know that it exists. It is the hidden gem that everyone is missing. The restaurant is located on Brooklyn Heights and is loved by nearby people. Not very crowded, the place gives a decent and comfy environment.

The river deli restaurant structure is a historical one. The entrance is a corner entrance and has an elegant interior with decent old walls. The look is unique, and it looks like the place will be loved by the senior citizens. In fact, the situation has attracted the youngsters too. The staff in this restaurant is polite and humble.

People at Brooklyn heights love to eat pasta in the restaurant whenever they have cravings. The place has very spot for reading newspapers in the daylight. They have tables set up in front of the windows, which give you the natural light and gives a refreshing look to the restaurant.

Pasta and other Italian foods are of great importance in the restaurant as the restaurant is not purely Italian, but still, they have everything on priority.

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