Best Places to Buy Curtains in New York City

Best Places to Buy Curtains in New York City

Best Places to Buy Curtains in New York City

Curtain is a piece of cloth used to block the light and passage. It is hung on the inside wall of a window. It also improves the overall appearance of a wall. Curtains come in a variety of material design colors and patterns.

In this article, our editors have explained 7 of the famous curtain stores in NYC.

Curtains in New York City have an essential role in homes. They provide excellent light control in the summer. In cities like New York City, noise pollution is disturbing our daily lives. Curtains also play an essential role in noise reduction. Curtains also provide temperature stability.

In New York City, proper curtains for the window is of prime importance. Firstly we should know about the places from which we can get the best curtains. In this article, there is a detail of the best places to buy curtains in New York City.

Best Places to Buy Curtains in New York City

Below are some of the best curtain store in NYC.

Best Places to Buy Curtains in NYC location Facilities
Manhattan window fashion Manhattan Curtains draperies blinds and shades
The shade company New York city Shades blinds and drapes
Vogue window fashion Manhattan Curtains drapes blinds
New York window design Queens Curtains blinds shades and drapes
NY City blinds Westside broadway Curtains drapes blinds and shades
Innovation shades window treatment Brooklyn Shades blinds curtains and drapery
The shade store Wooster street Midtown east Shades blinds curtains

Manhattan window fashion

Manhattan window fashion one of the best locations to find affordable curtains for your windows. Manhattan window fashion is an independently operated company. This company provides curtains with a variety of fabrics, design sizes, and patterns. This company also offers professional measurement and installation of curtains. This company gives curtains ina great variety.

The following are some of the curtains found in Manhattan window fashion.

Aluminette Alustria modern curtains

These curtains are excellent for large windows and living and guest rooms. These curtains are affordable and completely customizable. These curtains soften or completely block sunlight. These curtains are tied back to create a focal length.

Aluminette Alustria curtains are available in almost every fabric color and texture. These curtains can be put on a rod and track. The curtains gather at regular intervals on the top. These curtains are available in various lengths, and we can combine them with sheets.

Pinch pleat curtains

These curtains are also for guest rooms and living rooms. These curtains provide insulation from sunlight and noise pollution. These curtains are available in various sizes, fabrics, and texture. These curtains are available in combined with sheets and linings.

Pinch pleat curtains are available in various sizes. These curtains gather at regular intervals on rods. These curtains also give a textured appearance.

Grommet drapery

These curtains are durable and stylish with metal or plastic rings. These curtains give the room a bold appearance. These curtains can slide easily with heavy fabrics. In these curtains, grommet helps in smooth sliding. 

These curtains are customizable and available in almost even size and fabrics. These curtains can cover both small and large windows. These draperies give length to the room and improve the overall appearance of the room. These curtains have a combination of sheets and linings.

Pocket rod curtains

These curtains contain decorative fringes that enhance the beauty of the room. These curtains are available in almost every fabric and give a uniform look. These curtains include various linings, including thermal and blackout. These contain decorative top ruffle by pockets.

These curtains are available with various pocket size. Pockets accommodate most of the rods. These curtains are also customizable. These curtains also provide light control.

Ripple fold curtains

These curtains are available in guest rooms and master bedrooms. These curtains are available in almost every fabric and color. These curtains are identical on both sides. These curtains have a unique design and customizable.

These curtains have uniform ripples that widen towards the floor. These curtains are available in combined with sheets and blackout sheets. These curtains also contain liners for better light control.


These are electric curtains with a touch of a button; we can adjust the amount of light coming to our room. These curtains are also convenient to use and safe for children. These curtains are also cord loops free. We can manage each section individually.

These curtains also have timers for timely opening and closing. These curtains provide excellent UV safety. These curtains also play an essential role in energy saving. These curtains are also available in any color and pattern.

The shade company, Best Curtain Store in NYC

The shade company is one of the leading companies in NYC. It was established in 2006. This company provides customized window treatment manufacturing and installation.

This company provides quality fabrics and designs for window curtains. It contains all types of curtains, draperies shades, blinds, and skylights. It provides curtains of all sizes in all colors and texture.

This company also hires professionals to provide free consultation. These professionals help in choosing elegant fabric and design for our window treatment. Such consultancy also helps in designing our room according to our requirements.

The shade company provides following window treatment options

Curtains and draperies

The shade company design curtains precisely according to our requirements. The curtains are designed to provide a smooth flow of sunlight in the room. The curtains are also designed to provide energy and temperature stability.

The shade company provides curtains and draperies in almost all fabrics, colors, and texture. The curtains and draperies are according to the size of the windows. This company offers measuring and installing services of curtains

Motorized curtains and drapes

The shade company also provides motorized curtains and draperies. Motorized curtains are designed to manually controlling the flow of light in the room. With a click of a button, we can control the opening and closing of curtains.

Motorized curtains also have timer for timely opening and closing of curtains and draperies. These motorized curtains are also safe for children and are devoid of any loop cords. Professionals install these motorized curtains.

Vogue window fashion, Best Place to Buy Curtains in New York City

Vogue window fashion is a prime location to buy curtains of your choice in NYC. Vogue window fashion provides distinct window treatment with a combination of tradition and style. Vogue window fashion provides curtains shades and blinds of plain and classic fabrics with patterns.

Such different varieties of curtains increase the beauty and aesthetic appeal of our rooms. This curtain store provides professional services for the measurement and installation of curtains. These professionals also guide us about interior design and modern styles of window treatment.

Below are different categories of curtains of vogue window fashion

Pinch pleat drapes

Pinch pleat drapes have fancy and decorative tops. These curtains have a lot of fabric gathered at the top at regular intervals. These curtains have permanent and elegant pleats from top to bottom. These curtains are usually hung on a rod or track.

These curtains are available in almost every kind of fabric color and pattern. These curtains are open in different linings. These curtains are best-suited for guest rooms and bedrooms. These curtains also give a chic and stylish look to rooms. 

Ripple fold drapes

These are traditional and straightforward curtains to give a contemporary look to your rooms. These curtains are usually extensively sought by designers. These curtains have ripples along equal intervals. These curtains effortlessly glide over rods and cover the desired length.

These curtains are also available in a variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and fabrics. These curtains are usually the same from both sides. These curtains, due to its linings and width, provide excellent light control.

Grommet drapes

These curtains are customizable and have an efficient light control. Their curtains have round metallic rings or opening on their top panel. These openings are for hanging curtains on rods.

These curtains can easily slide over rods and tracks. These curtains are combines with sheets and linings. These curtains are also available in almost every kind of fabric design color and texture. These curtains also give an elegant look to our rooms.

Motorized curtains and draperies

This curtain store provides an excellent range of motorized curtains and drapes. This company is committed to give the best combination of aesthetic appeal and technology. This company offers motorized curtains with style and class. 

These motorized curtains have an automatically controlled system by wall outlet or remote control. These curtains have timer for the timely opening and closing of curtains. These high technology give luxurious benefits in your rooms and office.

New York window design

New York window design is a family-owned and operated company providing services in NYC since 1994. This company offers a wide range of window treatment, including blind shades, curtains, and drapes.

This company also has a particular workroom to provide window treatments according to our desires. This company also offers in-home consultations with evening and weekend facilities. Specialized experts guide us for measurements and installations of curtains.

Following are some of the window treatments available

Aluminum blinds

Aluminum blinds provide the most advanced light blocking effect. Aluminum blinds are made from spring tempered alloy. These blinds are available in a wide range of color and texture. Aluminum blinds are incredibly durable and kid-proof.

These blinds also provide UV protection and energy-absorbing qualities. Aluminum blinds have three operating systems like Standard cord system cordless system and power tilt system. These blinds have productive soil and dust repelling abilities.

Aluminum blinds have dynamic sound-absorbing qualities. These blinds have safety features and kids’ resistance. These blinds are also helpful in energy saving.

Wood blinds

These are wood products, and a variety of woods are available. These woods vary in color grain and texture. These variations are normal and visible in light color stains. These wood blinds provide an efficient light and temperature control.

These blinds have top shield finishing for protection. This finishing makes It fade moisture chemical and scratch-resistant. These blinds also have three operating system cordless power tilt and standard headmaster.

These blinds have distinct colors and finishes. These blinds also have fixed or moveable slats. These blinds are energy efficient. Wood blinds also play a role in sound absorption and UV 

Roller shades

Roller shades are available in a diverse range of fabrics grouped into natural soft. Traditional materials give a classic tone and look. These fabrics are used alone or in combination with tops.

Natural fabric is casual and comfortable and give an elegant look to your interior. Soft tissue has a simple, beautiful texture and luxurious pattern. These roller shades have five operating systems standard cord system dual shade system cordless lifting system and motorization.

Soft shades

Soft shades are present in various styles, including Austria Roman balloon and Cased shades. These shades can be raised or lowered to block light and conserve energy. Soft tones can be combined with draperies to create a dual function window treatment.

Soft shades are available in almost every design color and texture. A particular professional is hired for consultation to develop a tone according to your style and interior. Soft shades vary in style and use and provide chic and contemporary look to your rooms.

NY City blinds

A NY City blind is one of the trusted companies in New York City. Customer satisfaction is their priority. NY City blinds a major tri-state company with two showrooms and design staff. The design staff guides us in window treatment selection and installation.

NY City blinds provide a diverse range of shades blinds and curtains. These are products are custom made and in a variety of fabrics and patterns. NY City blinds also provide in-home electricians to install motorized curtains.

Below are some of the curtains and draperies available in NY City blinds

Acoustic curtains

Acoustic curtains are soundproof or sound-absorbing curtains. These curtains are designed to absorb noise coming from inside or outside. These curtains separate a room from both external and internal noise. These curtains help absorb sound in recording studios, restaurants, bars, and bedrooms, which face busy, noisy streets.

These curtains usually have heavy fabric like velvet or cotton. These curtains have two thick layers. These linings are either made of self-material or with translucent blackout linings.

There is a variety of colors and designs. These curtains have a ripple fold pinch pleated and pocket rod drapery style. These curtains are open in manual or motorization operation.

Sheer curtains

Sheer curtains are drapery that provides window covering without complete separation. Sheer curtains offer a moderate light-blocking noise-absorbing effect. These curtains allow some visibility through fabrics.

Sheer curtains are used to add style and allowing some light to come inside. These curtains are available in a variety of designs and fabrics. These curtains are used alone or sometimes in combination with shades or blinds.

Ripple fold drapes

Ripple fold draperies have a uniform look from both inside and outside. These curtains are for residential areas. .These draperies have tight fold that gives a neat and consistent ripple. These ripples widen towards the floor, giving it width and texture.

The professional staff helps us with its measurement and installation. These curtains usually hang on a rod or a track. These curtains can easily slide over a rod and are equally spaced. These curtains are available in a variety of fabrics and designs and are cost-effective.

Pinch pleat drapes

Pinch pleat drapes are gathered at regular intervals and gradually expand towards the bottom to give a full textured appearance. They are self- lined and can be combined with a valance or cornice.

These curtains are available in different style French pleat Box pleat inverted pleat double pleat and triple pleat. These curtains are open in a variety of fabrics like heavier fabrics are available to increase energy efficiency. Opaque materials are available for light control.

Pocket rod curtains and drapes

Pocket rod curtains have a pocket sewn into them through which they pass the rods. Pocket rod curtains are available in a variety of fabric acoustic sheer thermal fabrics. These curtains also come in a variety of lengths for all kinds of windows.

These curtains with a bit of extra length create a break and flow to floor uniformity. Adding top treatments will dress them up. These curtains will increase the beauty and aesthetics of our room.

Grommet curtains and drapes

Grommet curtains contain plastic metal or rubber rings along the top of the curtain. These rings also facilitate easy opening and closing of curtains. These curtains also reduce friction, usually made by drapes sliding.

These curtains are available as room dividers and shower curtains. These curtains are usually installed alone or in layers with blinds or shades. These curtains are available in a variety of sizes for small and large windows.

Innovation shade window treatment

Innovation shade treatment was established in 1987 and had its showrooms in Manhattan Brooklyn Williamsburg and park slope. This company delivers services according to its customer needs. This company provides consultation and estimates without any cost.

This company provides a wide selection of curtains, draperies, blinds shades, and skylights. Their commitment is to provide the best quality of all window treatment. Design experts are available for giving window treatment according to your interior.

Following are the window treatment options available

Ripple fold sheer

These curtains have soft folds throughout the length. These fold flow through the entire range. These curtains have noise-absorbing quality. These curtains also provide moderate privacy and temperature stability.

Pinch pleat curtains

These curtains have pleats that have pinches below the header, which gives it a decorative appearance. These curtains come in a variety of designs and styles. These curtains provide sunlight control.

These curtains also have a noise cancellation effect. These curtains provide moderate temperature stability and energy efficiency. These curtains also protect our privacy.

Grommet curtains

As the name indicates, these curtains have metal plastic or rubber grommet on the top of the curtain. These grommets provide smooth sliding of curtains by minimizing friction. These curtains on rod or tracks.

Grommet curtains have the following features, e.g., noise reduction, privacy control temperature, and light control. These curtains also provide UV protection. These curtains are custom made and cost-effective.

Solar shades

Solar shades are transparent to provide a view and also have a blocking effect on harmful sun rays. These shades are modern and are available in both traditional and contemporary design.

These shades reduce glare and cuts. These shades also protect us from UV rays. These shades provide moderate privacy and temperature stability.

Roman shades

Roman shades provide an excellent mean of blocking sun rays. These shades also have a room darkening effect. These shades are available in a variety of designer fabrics and colors. These shades are easy to install and have a standard cord system.

Aluminum blinds

Aluminum blinds are available for all types of windows. These blinds are economical and have a room darkening effect. These blinds are available in a variety of alloys in various styles. These blinds provide privacy and noise blocking effect.

The shade store

The shade store has more than 85 showrooms nationwide. This company provides a natural alternative to traditional shopping. This company brings the best window treatment options. This company offers all ranges of curtains, shades blinds, and draperies.

The following are some of the products of The shade store.


The shade store has a wide range of shades for every type of window. These includes 

1 Roller shades 

Roller shades filter natural light and provide full privacy. These shades are durable and easy to clean. These shades have various designs and patterns.

Solar shades

Solar shades are transparent and keep view intact. These shades have designer texture and weave. These provide UV protection and light control.

Cellular shades

These shades have single or double cells. These shades help naturally filter light and insulate windows. 


Wood blind 

These blinds have three collections like essential wood blinds faux wood design and designer wood design. These blinds are durable and wrap resistance. These blinds are moisture scratch and chemical resistant.

Vertical blinds

These blinds are of two types panel track panels and vertical blinds. These blinds have sliding panels and can glide on track. These blinds have excellent light control functioning.

Custom Drapery 

Custom drapery has eight drapery styles.

Ripple drapery fold

Ripple fold drapery has ripples pinched at the top of a drapery. These ripples have positions at regular intervals. These ripples give a decorative and elegant appearance. This drapery can glide on track quickly.

Tailored pleat drapery

Tailored pleat drapes have handcrafted pleats. These drapes are modern and beautiful and give a contemporary look to your interior.

Pinch pleat drapery

These pinch pleat drapery have pleats pinched at the top of drapery. These can glide easily over rod and gradually widen towards the floor. These pinch pleated draperies are incredibly functional.

Cubicle drapery

Cubicle drapery is a curtain for hospital set up for providing enclosure to one or more patients. This drapery has three grommet finishes and can glide over rod.

Grommet drapery

Grommet drapery has meal rubber or plastic rings on top through which it can slide on the rod. These draperies reduce friction and slide smoothly in a regular position. These draperies have efficient functioning.

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