Best Truck Driving Schools in New York City

Best Truck Driving Schools in New York City

Best Truck Driving Schools in New York City

New York City is filled with big industries, factories, NGOs, and medicine companies work in metropolitan areas, and so are their significant transportation issues to carry the goods here and there. I just moved to NYC and completed my truck driving course. 

There are many famous truck driving schools in New York City. This is a detailed guide that explains all the best schools that offer a truck driving course in NYC.

So, here comes a need for excellent drivers for these big industries, with expertise in driving to carry out responsible duties of transportation with in the city or across the city. 

It’s very challenging to be an expert truck driver, having excellent driving skills and a legally valid commercial driver’s license (CDL) from a legally authorized driving institute or driving school, to carry out massive transportation duties.

The age for applying for a commercial truck driver’s license is 21. But some states allow you to get your driving license between ages 18 to 21. But there is a restriction to drive only in the State of your residence. After the age of 21 years, this restriction is no more valid.

Best Truck Driving Schools in New York City

Many institutes provide regular and proper training to drivers. These driving academies help the drivers in getting their commercial driver’s license CDL of category A, B, and C. A class A commercial driver’s license is a universal kind of driving-license that covers class B and class C driving licenses also. It allows you to drive any vehicle commercially.

With a class A driving permit, you can drive large vehicles like tractor-trailers, the combination of a tractor and a trailer or any eighteen-wheelers, large tanker vehicles, flatbeds, and large livestock carriers.

A class B commercial driver’s license CDL does not cover the heavy vehicles of class A (CDL) but allows you to drive single framed vehicles like small trucks, minibusses, garbage trucks, and food trucks. A class C commercial driver’s license does not cover Class A and Class B vehicles.

It allows you to drive small 16 passenger vans, minibusses, and ti transport trucks containing hazardous material.

We have shortlisted some of the best truck driving schools in New York City:

Best Truck Driving Schools in NYC Complete Address Services
TRUCKAR DRIVING SCHOOL LLC  648 Prospect Ave, The Bronx, NYC

Phone: (718) 742 0220


It provides driving lessons 7 days a week. Class A, Class B, and Class B/P commercial driving lessons are available
NYC CDL Auto CLUB 1501 Gravesend Neck Road, Brooklyn, NYC Remains closed on Saturday. It provides driving classes not only to the people of Brooklyn but also to the people of Staten Island. The cost of courses for Brooklyn and Staten Island is different.
Queens Auto School 102-12 Roosevelt Avenue Lower Level, corona, New York City

Phone: (7180) 446 5457

Services are available seven days a week. Pickup facilities are also available.
New York Commercial Driving School Corps 4243 Broadway, New York City

Phone: (212) 927 0007

Highly trained staff provides quality training to students. Commercial CDL of Class A, Class, B, and Class C are also available.
US Mule CDL Driving School 277 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NYC

Phone number: (929) 302 2122

Coordinating staff,

Provide defensive and safe driving tactics to students of Brooklyn.



1001 East Gun Hill Road Bronx. NYC

Phone number (718) 547 1674

Highly trained staff having experience of almost 50 years. Home to home pickup services are available.
Accent Commercial Driving School 503 E 183rd St Bronx, NY 10458 Belmont

Phone: (718) 220 0800

The staff is polite and insightful have excellent communication skills. Totally friendly and comfortable environment. Relatively cheaper rates. Remains off on Sunday.
Al Sorano’s Professional Driving School 1059 E Gun Hill Rd, Bronx, NY 10469

(718) 547 3000

(718) 547 3001

Comfortable environment. Door to door pick up services


Truckar driving school LLC is a very famous driving school providing standard driving skills and instructions to its trainees and turning them into trained and expert drivers. The services of the institute are up to date and are available seven days a week.

Their focus of interest is to educate their students about the basic rules of safe driving and help them get the best driving skills, which are essential in obtaining their commercial driver’s license. The School provides CDL of class A to tractor-trailers, buses, and trucks.

For checking out the ability for Class A license, a road test is also conducted. In the road test, the driver operates a tractor-trailer on the road to qualify for their certificate.

It also provides a class B license to drive buses and trucks commercially. Students also attain the driving skills to achieve a class BP license. Upon the completion of their driving instructions and skills, students have to pass a road test in which they practice to drive a bus or coach on a road where the instructors make sure about their best driving skills. It is one of the famous truck driving schools in NYC.

After passing the road test, the students get their certificates for the completion of training and become certified professionals to drive coaches and city buses. The age limit to drive commercial vehicles within a state is 18, and for driving within other sates, the age should be at least 21.


New York CDL Auto club is a recognized driving school in Brooklyn. Although it is in Brooklyn, but it also provides it’s driving skills and services to people of Staten Island. The Auto Club driving academy has two branches that are adjacent to each other, allowing more space for trainees to join and seek their professional driving skills and a commercial driver’s license CDL.

The team provides two types of packages to its trainees. They either offer hourly packages to the students in which the students pay per hour for their lessons. They also provide affordable driving deals or packages to their students. This is among the best truck driving schools in NYC.

The well experienced, qualified, and certified experts teach the driving lessons. These lessons taught by experts help the students passing their exams of driving. Students also have to give their road tests by driving the vehicles on the road. If the students fail to qualify road tests, the academy offers free additional driving lessons and a free of cost second appointment for the road test.

For the second time failure, the trainee has to pay for the car bus or truck used for the road test, or he will have to pay for another appointment for road test. Above 90 percent of students pass their driving exam in the first attempt.

The driving services for a bus cost,

100$ for one hour
135$ for one and half hour
185$ for two hours

And if you need a bus for a road test, its price for Brooklyn is 250$, and for Staten Island, it is 300$.

The services for tractor-trailer cost,

100$ for automatic tractor-trailer per hour
110$ for manual tractor-trailer per hour
And the price for tractor-trailer for the road test is,
250$ for manual tractor-trailer for Brooklyn
300$ for automatic tractor for Brooklyn
300$ for manual tractor-trailer for Staten Island
300$ for automatic tractor-trailer for Staten Island

QUEENS Auto School, Best Truck Driving School in NYC

Queens trucking school is an old and experienced trucking school that provides quality driver’s training to teens, seniors, and adult ones about driving a car, BusBus, truck, or a tractor-trailer. It has been providing excellent driving skills to people of queens for more than 30 years.

It is well-known for its customer services and teaches driving instructions in English and Spanish. For some years, it has been considered one of the popular driving schools of queens in providing matchless safety techniques to drivers who are confused about their professional skills.

The expert instructors also conduct the practical lessons about rules of braking steering skills in almost all weather conditions. The expert instructors provide their services to their customers seven days a week. The School also offers free pick up facility to its student and pick them up from their homes, office, and any location in queens.

New York Commercial Driving School Corps

New-York commercial driving school corps is another driving academy in New York City that has earned fame in providing quality driving skills and tactics to its students to obtain their commercial driver’s license. Their CDL programs offer a variety of skills and techniques to young and senior drivers.

These programs help the trainees o to get their CDL of any class from Class A, Class B, and Class C. The expert instructors train entirely the students for the challenges a professional driver has to come across during his driving career.

The dedicated staff and team ensures that all the student receive sufficient knowledge to pass their road test to get CDL. The expert trainers also offer extra coaching services to the students and help them reach their CDL in less than a month. The institute also provides jobs for deserving students after they have successfully received their commercial driver’s license.

The academy has the following requirements for its students for getting their CDL of Class A, Class B, and Class B-P.

Requirements Class A license to drive a tractor-trailer or other huge vehicles include a car license, 21 years age or older, a permit test consisting of general knowledge questions of 50 marks: air brake questions of 25marks: and combined questions of 25 marks.

Furthermore, for road tests, the vehicle and instructor are available. A tractor-trailer is available for lessons and road test.

Requirements for Class B license include a car license, age 21 years or older, and a permit test consisting of general knowledge questions of 50 marks: and Air brake questions of 25 marks. Furthermore, automatic trucks are available for lessons and road test.

Requirements for B-P license to drive a bus or truck include a car license, age 21 years or older, and a permit test consisting of general knowledge questions of 50 marks, air brake, and passenger related questions of 45 marks. Furthermore, BusBus and trucks are available for lessons and road test.

US Mule CDL Driving School

US Mule CDL driving school is another one of its kind and has a big name in offering driving classes through professional instructors at cheap and affordable rates. The truck driving institute has been providing professional driving classes to students of Brooklyn for ten years.

The passionate, dedicated staff struggles to make you able to pass the road exam at first try. The interesting thing about this Truck School is that they focus on providing you defensive and safe driving lessons. Most of the experienced drivers of Brooklyn are not familiar with safe driving tactics and still make mistakes.

The safe driving techniques help the students learn the tactics to handle the vehicle in unfortunate weather circumstances. These techniques also guide the drivers to operate the vehicle on rough roads and to overcome the speed issues in all situations, to handle the emergency issues a driver has to come across during his night shifts and other responsibilities of a professional driver during his driving career.

The US Mule CD School prepares the students to obtain their class A and class B licenses to drive the vehicles regarding the corresponding Class commercially. To get a Class B truck driving license, you have to qualify a general knowledge and air brake test. For a class B bus license, you have to qualify general knowledge, passenger and air brakes test.

For school buses, you have to qualify air brakes, school buses, and genera knowledge test questions. After qualifying all the rounds for the BusBus, truck, and school bus, you have to qualify your final road exam on a school bus. Qualifying the final round, the institute provides you a Class B license, after which you can drive any vehicle in class B.

It also provides some other CDL to its students. For a class, A license, you will have to qualify all the test rounds for tractor-trailer, eighteen-wheeler, tanker, or combination of vehicles. After passing your road test on a tractor-trailer, the School will approve your Class A license. After receiving your category A license, you can freely drive any commercial vehicle of class A.


Colwell’s driving school is another big name in the Bronx that has been serving special driving skills and lessons to the people of the Bronx for 50 years. The truck driving institute has earned its fame by providing technical instructions about driving automatic and manual vehicles and making the students able to get their CDL.

The experienced and qualified instructors deliver extraordinary pre-licensing and defensive driving lessons completely following the safety rules of New York. The truck driving school provides pick up facilities to its students by picking them up from their homes, workplace, and any place in the Bronx.

The driving lessons are available to the students of the Bronx seven days per week. The staff consists of well trained, experienced, and certified instructors with excellent coordination skills. Truck driving lessons are offered in English and Spanish languages. So, Spanish Students living in Bronx can also avail of the driving classes of Colwell’s driving school. The School also offers extraordinary discount packages.

Colwell’s Truck Driving School also offers vehicles for road test. For your road test, you will first have to take an appointment for the test where a certified instructor gives you a truck or bus and the exact time for your road test. The instructor also provides an extra driving lesson before you take your driving exam.

Commercial driver’s licenses of Class B, B/P, and B/P/S are provided here. A highly trained and certified instructor will guide you all the way to get your commercial driving license. The instructor provided you with lessons on specialized buses used to train the students. CDL Lessons are prepaid, and each experience is of 45 minutes. The cost of each lesson is $75 and BusBus, or the corresponding vehicle is available for lessons.

The cost of one lesson, along with a road test is $250. Here the Bus is also available for driving lessons. For the ease of the student, the institute offers a study session for the CDL permit. This session helps the students in their written exam of CDL permit. The cost of this session is $80.

Accent Commercial Driving School NYC

Another excellent truck driving school in New York City is Accent Commercial Driving School. It remains open from Monday to Saturday. From Monday to Friday the timings of their classes are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. On Saturday our class timings are from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm.

The team offers exemplary driving services to students of Bronx and helping them out in obtaining their commercial licenses. Its staff includes certified instructors with incredible driving skills and techniques to transform the students into highly trained professional drivers.

The programs offered here include CDL licensing Programs, insurance reduction programs, and other driving packages to relief the students. Defensive driving courses, BusBus, and trucking services are also available to their Students. The rates of their driving packages are cheap as compared to other driving schools.

The instructors are very polite, cooperative, and understanding and offer free extra Class in case of any complaint. They provide a comfortable and friendly environment for their students. They also offer additional coaching services to their students who are very helpful in passing their road test in first try.

Personal driving instructions are also available and are charged as per hour. The instructors are great and insightful and struggle out hard to transform you into competitive and safe drivers.

One of my friends got his truck driver’s training from this institute, and now he is an incredible truck driver. He claims that staff is outstanding, and teaching techniques are reliable and up to date. He claims that the exceptional team made him pass his road driving test on the first attempt.

Another colleague claims that this Truck Driving School is the best one in providing customer services to its trainees. Instructors do an excellent job in setting up the schedules for appointments and road sessions

Al Sorano’s Professional Driving School

Al Sorano’s professional driving school is in the Bronx, New York City, and is a big name in providing skillful driving lessons to the students of the Bronx. The highly trained instructors deliver comprehensive experiences to their students, which proves to be extremely helpful in getting their commercial driving licenses. Here the professional teachers guide you best extensive training for truck driving.

These include Class A, Class B, Class B/PS, and Class C/PS commercial driving license training and struggle hard to make your way to achieve successful goals as incredible commercial drivers. The dedicated staff sacrifices all their efforts to train you to operate heavy vehicles like truck and other CDL vehicles, and guide you all the way to be safe and humble truck drivers.

People qualified from here are reputed as expert commercial drivers and excellent dealers in their driving career. Our focus is to give our students a comprehensive training and awareness about the safety rules of driving so that they can have an excellent understanding of highway transportation.

We focus on transforming young students into safe, professional truck drivers. Our driving classes are available 7 days a week, so every day is the working day. The timings of our courses are from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. You can either pay charges for each lecture or can buy a suitable discount package.

You can have the same vehicle and instructor for every speech. The commercial vehicles on which we deliver lectures include the following,

tractor-trailer with nine-speed and having a dual-clutch,
straight truck with speed five which is also duo clutch,
Automatic BusBus,
Automatic Mini Bus .with no air brakes and Automatic Cars are also available for those students who want to take driving lessons on cars.

All of our lessons on-road are private. The duration of each experience is 60 minutes. One restriction to our driving students is that before taking the lecture, he/she must submit a valid CDL permit. The cost of road tests for all the CDL motor vehicles is $180. We offer a free home to home service to our students. And our lectures are available in Spanish and English language.

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