Best Dirt Bike Riding Schools in NYC

Best Dirt Bike Riding Schools in NYC

Best Dirt Bike Riding Schools in NYC

Every person wants to spend their leisure time in hobbies, sports, and games. Dirt bike riding is like other games, e.g., hockey, cricket, etc. It is a tough little game and requires more time as compared with other sports and costly games.

I have recently completed my Dirt Bike Riding lessons in New York City. Riding a dirt bike is always fun.

Dirt bike is the vehicle that is mostly used for rough terrain means unequal and used for uneven surfaces or roads. It is also called off-road bike. Dirt bike riding is not an easy game, and it gives you the most benefit.

Dirt bike riding increases your heartbeat, strength, and improve your physical and mental health. Dirt bike riding is a challenging game that needs the guidance of an expert. It is challenging to ride a dirt bike alone, and it needs to have a friend, neighbor, and a dirt bike teacher.

In this article, our editors have explained 6 of these famous motorcycle riding schools in NYC. Dirt bike riding is not an easy game, it is recommended that you attend the riding classes.

It requires a guide of expert rider and some classes in dirt bike school. So every county and city has some particular school which guides the student who want to learn how to ride this bike.

Best Dirt Bike Riding Schools in NYC

 Dirt bike riding school is one of great facility that contributes to parents and the student who has an interest and need to ride this bike carefully. For this purpose, they join the riding schools and gain some experience to ride dirt bikes.

As everybody knows about the famous quote, that practice makes a man perfect. Everything wants some training to become an expert in every field. New York City has a big list of the best dirt bike school.

Best Dirt Bike Riding School in NYC Location and contact Experience
Rivera’s Auto driving school 4110 White plain road, Bronx NY10466-3008

Phone number: (718)325-5150

This school offers a 5-hour pre-licensing safety course and a 6-hour defensive driving course. Course fee $50.00 on cash.
Motorcycle Safety School 2001 Oriental Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11235 Manhattan BeachPhone number(718) 599-1079
This school is one of the best dirt bike riding school in New york city. This school hires amazing instructors.
Image Driving School ·Serving Brooklyn Area

9621 Flatlands Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11236

b/t 96th St & Rockaway Pky Canarsie

This driving school provides free Wi-Fi.

This school has a great manager and awesome staff, friendly and courageous.

Learn-Rite Driving


Serving Queens Area

136-18 35th Ave
Ste 1A
Queens, NY 11354

Downtown Flushing, Flushing

Phone number(718) 939-6969

This driving school offer 7days class in a week. This school provides free Wi-Fi to students and it offers a 5-hour class.
Drive Rite Academy

This Driving Academy has 3 branches or locations.

Address:145 Kenilworth Place Unit 1B Brooklyn New York 11210)


Address:594 Dean Street # 1 
Brooklyn New York 11238)

This Academy offers many packages with different prices according to the needs and desires of students. This Academy provides paid Wi-Fi. This offers lessons not only for locals also for those who are immigrated to this area.
Ferrari Driving School 2444 Linden Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11208b/t Milford St & Logan St 
New Lots
This is the largest driving school in New york city. This school has four locations. This is a 6-day training school. This school offers 5 level programs.

Rivera’s Auto driving school

As every field of life demand practice and experience, dirt bike riding is a skill that also needs training to become a perfect rider. Rivera’s auto driving school provides their student with some necessary instruction and lessons about driving.

This school gives you a 6-hour defensive driving course. The school registration time is 9:45 am, and there is notice to come 10 minutes before registration, and you must bring your photo and interim permit. The course time is 10:00 am. This school provides two types of course; one is defensive driving and the second is a Pre-licensing motorcycle riding course.

This school provides their students with a complete program which includes classes on defensive driving, how to control yourself and vehicles during driving and lesson about highway driving. The driving schools do not mean sit on the vehicle. Driving is a complicated and dangerous task. That’s why this school hires trained and experienced staff.

The staff committed with their students about the quality of education at affordable rates. All of the team and instructors of this school are well trained and certified by DMV. The people at their any age from young to older can learn dirt bike driving here. There is no limitation on their age.

This school offers different packages according to lessons, and it depends on you to choose packages which you can easily afford, and you needed. The kits, according to lessons, are given. The first package is $300, which includes five road lessons of 45 minutes, gives a car for the road test, and provides an appointment for the test.

The second package is expensive from the first package, but this gives you more information regarding driving. This package is $430, which includes seven lessons of 45 minutes of road lessons, 5-hour pre-licensing course. Provide your road test appointment and bike for the road test.

The third package is more costly that is $560, which includes ten road lessons of 45 minutes, a 5-hour Pre-licensing safety course, provide an appointment for the road test, and also give dirt bikes for road tests.

This driving school also offers a refresher course of $120, which includes three road lessons each 45 minutes, not available for highway lessons, and also not possible to permit holders, and the riders must hold a valid New York City driver’s license.

There are few things which are must to bring for the road test which is the pic of student permit, valid certificate of 5-Hour class, and if the student is less than 18 years old than required 50-Hour driving course and this certificate must be signed by father or guardian. If you are using your bike, then you also need to bring a license of driving 21, insurance card, registration from this school. The vehicle’s test must be valid, registered, and proper working conditions.

If you are using the impermanent status on your license and you get your permanent visiting status on your license, you must exchange the resident from the DMV office. Furthermore right previous condition for your license. If you are not correct the resident information and remove your consent, then you are not allowed to appear in the test.

Motorcycle Safety School

This school is situated in Brooklyn. The timing of this school from Monday to Friday is 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and Saturday timing is 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Sunday is closed. The motorcycle safety school was established in 1999.

Ms. Diane Howells established this driving school, and her father helped her to introduced dirt bike riding. She took her riding course at her home, and with the help of fellows, she produces a documentary on women motorcyclists.

MSS school offers three discounted packages, and these are Introductory Motorcycle Experience, which is the 2-hour course; in this course, experts familiarize the drivers with the dirt bikes. The second course is the MSF Basic rider course, which is a 2-day licensing course.

The participants who successfully pass MSF’s basic rider course become licensed bike rider. The third package is MSF Basic rider course 2, which helps the rider to improve their riding skills on either their dirt bike or the bike given by Motorcycle Safety School.

This school is the best and largest driving training school in New York City because of its best educational and training experience for their students. This school encourages its students to learn skills and knowledge about driving. The staff of this school put enormous pressure on students to use their potential and ride at their best.

This school’s team is experienced, has skills to ride, and also has capabilities to coaching students, and their good coaching helps their riders to prevent accidents. This driving school has terrific instructors and extraordinary, who quickly sort out daily problems of their students related to bikes such as clutch and throttle control.

The James, Yoda, Dana, and Ali are great and excellent instructors of this riding school. They care for their students, keeps class environment interesting, friendly calm, chill, and taught students how to ride and control dirt bikes safely. The students can learn things about driving very fast with limited time and practice.

Image driving school

This motorcycle riding school is located in Brooklyn since 1979. The image driving school provide services is the “one-stop-shop” for the resident of New York, people who need and want to drive, get insurance, and other incredible services related to driving.

This dirt bike riding school starts driving a course from one driver, but with the time these schools grow because of its valuable services, affordable prices, and great instructors.

This school taught students at their any age and helps their students to pass their road test and become an excellent defensive driver. This motorcycle riding school provides free Wi-Fi to their riders, and the school offers a $70 deposit, and you can also pay as you plan for your packages.

This school provides a 5-hour pre-licensing class and this class 6 times per week and defensive driving class 6 days a week. The timing of classes is Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, and on Saturday the timing is different, that is 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, and the Sunday is closed. These classes include step by step guidance, which helps to pass road tests carefully.

John t is the manager of image driving school. He is a well-experienced person who can know how to handle different types of people and also know about the simple way to afford practice and teaching that every rider needs to learn the ways to become a safe and responsible driver.

He had long term experience with the need of clients, and he created the management and provided services to learn to drive in an affordable way, which helps to become a licensed driver in such a busy city of New York. This school also offers DMV registration up services. This school provides its services for Auto, Homeowners, Motorcycle, and commercial needs.

The image driving school has also experienced and well staff. Dane, Lene, Washington, Julian, and Bernard are great, excellent, and professional instructors of this school. They help students to overcome with low confidence and encourage them to have safe driving.

The instructors are strict, and they know well about their teaching guide and help them to get over from any nervousness because students are perplexed about how to keep safe themselves and their bikes. The image driving school providing their students affordable and inexpensive packages, all packages are below from $80 deposit, and drivers can make a payment plan.

This dirt bike riding school offers 45 minute lessons as low as $34 each. This school provides early road tests, rapid road test, and rush road test. Within seven days, the drivers can get a license to drive safely.

Learn- Rite driving school

This motorcycle riding school established in 2010. First, it is open in Queens, New York, and now it is also built-in Manhattan, New York, because of the basic needs of driver and passion for learning driving. This school also provides free Wi-Fi to its learners.

This driving school offers a 5-hour driving lessons in Queens and also provides these services in Manhattan. This driving school offers driving class 7 days a week in Queens. The timing of classes is 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and on Sunday timing is changed, that is 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Elizabeth c is the business owner of this school.

Learning driving safely has now totally changed as ten years ago. This school is not only helping students to pass the road test and get the driving lesson. It also allows students to become good safe drivers among rush driving. This school provides a 5-hour class which is full of fun and interactive, not dull and informative. This driving school is the winner of the best.

The school has knowledgeable instructors who are responsible, and they know how to teach different personality persons. Daniel is one of the best instructors of learn-Rite driving school, he is a calm person, soft voice, and the attitude is so encouraging. He very well knows about how to adjust mirrors and how to comfort with turning steering wheels.

The Sparkle is one of the fantastic instructors of this driving school; she has excellent experience related to teaching driving and has too much knowledge of driving. Sparkle is the best example of a driving teacher; she is very informative and encourages students in her every driving lesson. This driving school is the center of Motor Vehicle courses.

This school also helps students who want to appoint a fast road test. The instructors of this school are friendly, co-operative, and courteous. They guide their learners to get pre-license and give reminders before lessons and road test. The pre-licensing course is very knowledgeable and informative.

The Avery is another best instructor of this driving school; he teaches very well. To put great effort will help to learn fast. To learn driving is passion, and it does not just depend on school and instructors, it also depends on the willingness of riders to learn driving. Joseph B is an incredible instructor.

He is kind, diligent, and patient. He knows about the anxieties and fear of the students about the road test. He increases the confidence and makes drivers stronger. The administrative and management staff is professional and more helpful. The cost of all courses is affordable that riders can afford without any problem.

This is the best driving school for every person at any age. Carlos is a confident, calm, encouraging instructor and has the right attitude every time for everyone. The students who have zero experience regarding driving and are much confused before taking classes after taking the first class in this school knew that they can become a competent, safe, and confident driver and can pass their road tests.

In the road test, the Department of Motor Vehicles examiner will examine your skill to handle the bike and the expertise to ride a motorcycle safely in traffic. For the road test, the rider the things that are required are photo learner permit, glasses or lenses, original pre-licensing course certificate.

If the rider is less than age 18, than the certification of supervised driving filled by parents or guardians, and this is must give to the examiner during the road test. A driver with the age of 21 must have a license to ride the bike.

 A dirt bike during driving has a registration and run correctly and in a better condition. Try to arrive 30 minutes before the road test, and if you are late to appear in the trial, the examiner can reschedule. To get an appointment in your living area, you need to check multiple locations.

Road tests are mostly conducted on working days and rarely on Sunday. Riders cannot have more than one appointment at the same time. If you want to reschedule your test, you have must cancel your appointment before searching for the new test date. After the pass, your road test, the examiner will give the interim license, which allows the rider to keep driving.

The students get their photo driver license within two weeks. If you don’t pass your road test, then there is no need to worry about it because the learner permit remains valid until the expiry date. You do not need to wait more than one day to test again.

Drive Rite Academy, Best Dirt Bike Riding School in NYC

This driving academy is located in the Brooklyn area, New York City, since 2014. The other location of this academy is Downtown Brooklyn. The driving academy provides paid Wi-Fi. This school offers lessons with everyone who has the desire or wish to drive safely.

This driving academy offers 6-day classes, and Sunday is off. The timing of classes from Monday to Friday is 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, and Saturday timing is 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. This academy allows all ages to learn dirt bike driving.

This academy offers individual services such as single lesson=45 to 60 minutes

Highway lesson=90 minutes and also provide5 hour pre-licensing course and online defensive driving course. Renata B is the manager of this driving academy. This academy offers their driving course not only for the residents but also provide their classes who have immigrated from surrounded areas and other far countries too.

This motorcycle riding academy’s purpose is not only giving driving skills but also giving confidence and encouragement to the riders. This driving academy is the family business that cares about the people and cares about youngsters that what they do with their bikes on the road.

This driving academy focuses on driving skills for safe, independent driving. This academy knew that every person is not the same, so we developed the skills and ability to operate the bike and also customize all classes that will fit every person’s personality, mentality, and the strengths.

Before start driving, the riders must get NY learners permit from the local DMV office along with proof identity and date of birth. After that, you have to take both a vision and written permit test.

This academy offers many diving packages to their students, The first is a Gold package of $550 which includes ten driving lessons of 45 minutes, 5 hour class of pre-licensing course, provide bike for road test, road test appointment.

Second is the Chrome package of $750, which includes 15 driving lessons of 45 minutes, 5 hour class of pre-licensing course, provides dirt bike for road test, and last is a road test appointment.

Third is a Platinum package of $920, which includes 20 driving lessons of 45 minutes each, 5 hour class of pre-licensing course, provide bike, and an appointment for road test.

30 lesson bundle package of $1,170.00, which includes 30 driving lessons of 45 minutes each, about vehicle control instructions, provide a progress report, and individualized training. Pro package is $160.00, which include 5-hour pre-licensing course, provide a bike for road test and conduct regular road test.

Ferrari Driving School

This dirt bike driving school is located in Brooklyn, New York City, established in 1968. Ferrari offers a 5 level program and has instructors who are college trained, experienced, and NY certified.

This school provides driving lessons for Tractor- Trailers, Buses, Mini Buses, Trucks, Cars and Motorcycle, or dirt bikes. This is the largest and oldest driving school in New York City and provides training for larger cities, states, and a federal organization, Fleet training for government, organization, institutes, and companies.

This driving school also offers a program for beginners, intermediate, advanced driver training, and the students behind the wheels and in the classroom. Ferrari driving school developed a 5-hour pre-licensing course and a defensive driving course at the school in your location and also online.

This dirt bike driving school offers six days of training to the students; the timing of the classes from Monday to Friday is 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, and on Saturday, classes timing is 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. This school has locations in Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

The registration price is $115, and this school also gives you a discount of 13%, so you have saved $15, and you can buy at $100. This school also offers CDL tuition financing through CLIMB.

This motorcycle riding school offers 5 level training program “see and Be seen method.” Fleet of easy to ride dirt bike provides professional and trained instructors. This is the only school that gives their rider Satisfaction guaranteed from this school; otherwise, the next lesson is free from Ferrari driving school. Provide free evaluation and free Permit preparation Questions.

To choose dirt bike driving is the most complicated decision for you and your fellows. This school provides higher level instructions to every student. The students can pass their test at first attempt through follow these instructions.

This is the vital thing about Ferrari driving school that the price of a yelp deal and certificate does not expire. The yelp deal only is used among the stated promotional period.

This school has fantastic instructors, Ira, Francisco Martinez, Malik, and Karen are amazing instructors. Robert Pinzon is another great instructor who helps the students to overcome their weaknesses and make driving skills easy. The instructors are patient, friends, interact with their students about the problems that they face daily. The receptionists are also very responsible and efficient.

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