Best Tennis Schools in New York City

Best Tennis Schools in New York City

Best Tennis Schools in New York City

Tennis and other games are reasonable means of exercise and make us physically active and increase our stamina and strength. Sports play an essential role in the normal functioning of our body. Physical activities boost our mental sharpness, peace, and mental concentration. I am a teacher at a Tennis School in New York City.

Sports are also essential for character building and helps to empower our skills. Games are also crucial for time management skills. They also bring discipline in our life. Sports also help in improving our leadership qualities and self-confidence.

In this article, our editors have explained the famous tennis schools in New York City.

 Tennis is somehow unique than other games as it has fewer chances of Injuries. It has no requirement for a team, and we can enjoy it with a friend. It makes us mentally alert and sharp. Secondly, tennis is not costly and just a racquet and balls are needed to play this.

Best Tennis Schools in New York City

Here is the comparison chart for places that offer Tennis Lessons in NYC.

Best Tennis Schools in NYC Location Facilities
John MCENROE Tennis academy Randall island 10 deco courts, 10 clay courts, different program for all age groups
Gotham tennis academy Millpond park Bronx 8-Hard-Tru clay courts, Classes for all age group, Different programs
The Manhattan tennis academy Manhattan Classes for all age groups. mini racquets and balls for kids
Tiger tennis academy Manhattan 8 indoor clay courts provide private lessons
Sutton east tennis club Midtown Manhattan 8 indoor clay courts, adult clinics cardio tennis
Midtown tennis club Manhattan, Queens Both hard and clay courts, special red clay outdoor courts
Advantage tennis club Clubs located in Manhattan Roosevelt island Both hard and clay courts, different clubs at different places

 JHONMCENORE tennis academy NYC

JohnMcenore tennis academy one of the leading and reputed academy located in NEW YORK City.  JohnMcenore, a tennis legend founded this academy in September 2010, in partnership with sporting club. 

JohnMcenore’s purpose in founding tennis academy was his ambition of developing in youth kids and all of the other age groups a skill of tennis sports. His aim was to make all of them realize the importance of Tennis in their daily life. His dream was to make the young generation of NEWYORK City more creative, energetic, and to produce some extraordinary tennis player.

JohnMcenore provides tennis training to the trainees 52 weeks a year.

JohnMcenore tennis academy offers many training programs for all age groups. They also provide lunch and transportation facilities to the trainees.

The tennis academy announces different training programs in summer 2019-2020 for kids and young to boost their energy and creativity with other benefits like food and transportation.

Camp timing: 9 am to 4 pm

Below are some of the training programs offered by the academy.

JohnMcenore tennis academy green and yellow ball training program

Green and yellow ball training program is a summer camp for kids of age 7 to 18 years to use their summer vacations time in some constructive activities. This .program provide training according to their age.

Camp timing: 4 am to 9 pm

This training program is established for those players who are willing to take part in school tennis competitive matches and any tournament. The tennis coaches have their expertise in training players with athletic training drills off matches mental toughness and cross-training.

JMTA Mac red ball and orange ball camp

This program uses a red dot and orange dot balls. The red ball curriculum is for 5 to 7 years of kids.  The orange ball curriculum is for 7 to 10 years of age. Making all of the elite players by their professional coaching. This program offer cross-training courts match and training o all individuals according to their abilities.

Tennis whizz camp

This program provides training to the kids of the age group 3 to 5 years. This program is specialized for kids to offer them training in skilled care. This program enables the kids to learn some more skills like arts and crafts in the care of trained coaches.

Gotham Tennis Academy

Gotham tennis academy is famous for is professional training in tennis and friendly .environment. This academy provides tennis training for beginners’ intermediate players and also to the advanced players.

This academy has brilliant features like its ample lighting and its extensive background. Gotham tennis academy is one of the best tennis schools in New York City.

Gotham tennis academy offers a training program for all age groups e.g., kids adults’ intermediate players and also for professional players. This tennis academy also provides other facilities like ample space and background café pro shop, a library a workspace for kids, and lounge.

Here are some of the programs offered by Gotham academy

Adult Tennis class

This program is for adults providing them 90 to 120 minutes training.

This program provides the players with an expert instructor to train their footwork. The instructor also gives lessons on double matches and cardio tennis.

Cardio tennis

This unique type of tennis is for players who want some cardiac activity and burn some calories. This tennis is to improve cardiovascular functioning and blood circulation. Players are directed to extreme physical activity using some difficult drill and courts.

 A body warming music also boosts players’ energy and helps them to speed up their footwork and stamina.

Manhattan tennis academy, Best Tennis School in New York City

Manhattan tennis academy is a famous tennis school in New York City located in Penn south mutual development houses. This tennis academy provides training to trainees by high ranked professionals. This academy has a dream of building a sound knowledge of the necessary skills of tennis.

Manhattan tennis academy offers different programs for all age groups. Some of them are described below

Quickstart program:

This program is for kids and beginners, and it usually enrolls kids age 4 to 9 years. This program uses red balls for kids providing them training of duration 45 min to 1 hour.

This program focuses on the essential learning and tactics of the tennis game. This Tennis Program uses racquet of 19 and 21 inches. This program hires highly expert professionals for teaching basic mechanics and strategy of tennis. Professional instructor guide in a friendly and creative manner.

Each kid is trained according to his level of learning and tactical abilities. This program makes the trainee acknowledge the importance of sports in their daily life.

Junior development program

This tennis program is for all levels of players e g newcomers intermediate player and progressing players. This program usually register student of age 9 to 17 years of age. JDP uses orange, green, yellow balls for students and conduct a class of 1 to 1.5 hours.

 This program focuses on footwork body coordination and the mental sharpness of students. Kids learn the basic strategies of shots. This training also helps in boosting decision making power and uses live balls drills to improve railing.

Competitive training program

This program is specified for progressing and intermediate players. This program usually enroll trainees of the age group 10 to 17 years. This program uses tennis balls of color, green and yellow. It has racquet of sizes 25 26 and 27inches. This program primary focus on player athletic skills for playing tennis.

This competitive training program gives 2 hours of training class per day. The first hour is devoted to player essential playing strategy time management and decision-making skills. In this hour players, shorts making skills are improved. The second hour is for match play. This hour develop in player an ability of competitive matches and tournaments.

Tiger Tennis Academy

Tiger tennis academy is one of the renowned academy of New York City. They train kids who have join tennis sport. They aim to inspire all kids to develop a habit of physical activity in their life. As we all know that tennis sport is the best source of physical activity.

The philosophy behind the foundation of the Tiger tennis academy is that an active child is a happy child. Such sports make the child mentally sharp and creative. This also helps kids in their daily life tasks. Tiger tennis academy is located at various places Bayside, Brookline Manhattan, and Queens.

Tennis courses for children

Tiger tennis academy offers tennis classes to children age 3 to 14 years. It provides tennis courses of duration 8 to 12 weeks. This program gives training to the kids in a safe and loving environment.

Tiger tennis academy staff are professionals in the field of tennis. They aim to teach kids the fundamental skills of tennis sport. Specialized racquets and mini courts are used to train kids.

Below are some of the courses offered to kids

Bayside fall indoors

 This course provides Indoor training to kids of three age groups.

3 to 5 years Sunday 4 to 4 50pm

6 to 9 years Sunday 11 to 12 noon

10 to 14 years Sunday 12 to 1 pm

Garden city fall indoors

This program also provides training to kids of 3 age groups.

Age group Day and timing

3 to 5 years Sunday 1o 30 to 11 30

6 to 9 years Saturday 1 30 to 2 30, Sunday 11 30 t0 2 30

10 to 14 years Sunday 12 30 to 1 30

Pick and drop services are also provided to kids.

Jericho fall indoors

Jericho fall indoors also established for kids of three age groups.

Age group Day and timing

3 to 5 years

6 to 9 years Saturday 2 to 3 PM Sunday 3 to 4 PM

10 to 14 years Saturday 2to 3 PM Sunday 3 to 4 PM

Adult classes

Tiger tennis academy also offers courses to adults, including all kinds of players, e.g., beginners struggling and skilled players. These classes give all of them a chance to improve their tennis tactic strategies. This also provides them with a good source of practice to train them for tournaments.

Newcomers to intermediate group class

This class builds an active learning of basic tactics of tennis with all the necessary types of equipment. All players have individual training according to their caliber.

Classes are conducted on Saturday and Sunday from 10 to 11 PM.

Sweat and smash class

Sweat and smash classes are provided with fast-paced drills and provide an excellent mean of workout. By attending these classes, players can enjoy cardio tennis and can burn their calories. This class enables the students to lead a healthy life and prevent many diseases like obesity.

Advantage tennis club

The advantage tennis club offers classes for all the age groups, including indoors outdoors midnight and weekend classes. The advantage tennis club has its clubs in various locations.

Manhattan plaza racquet club

New york tennis club

Roosevelt island racquet club

Advantage quick start

The advantage tennis club also offers a training program to adults and juniors.

Junior programs

The advantage tennis club has a junior program that enrolls kids of age three and above. This program teaches the fundamentals of tennis and develop a knowledge of tennis in juniors. These programs create a sense of discipline and time management in kids. You can enjoy these classes at affordable prices in any of the locations of clubs.

Below are some of the tennis programs offered by advantage tennis club to juniors.

Advantage Quick-start

 This program allows kids to learn tennis more efficiently, providing them with training in a caring and friendly environment. This offers classes two days a week eg, Saturday and Sunday. This tennis program offers classes at a very affordable price.

Specialized and professional instructors hired for training children the fundamental skill of tennis sports. There is a structured program organized for kids.

This program has the following stages:

Red ball: Red ball comprises of three levels.

 Red ball 1: Red ball 1 enroll kids of 3 to 5 years and teaches them racquet handling. This stage also focuses on hand and eye movements. The time frame for this stage is 6 to 18 months.

Red ball 2: Red ball 2 stage focuses on hitting the ball and introduces the kids with the basics of rallying. This stage enrolls kids of 5 to 7 years. The time frame is six tom 18 months.

Red ball 3: This stage train the kids on strokes and scorekeeping techniques. This stage enrolls kids from 6 to 8 years of age. The time frame is of 6 to 18 months.

Orange ball:

This stage enrolls kid s of 6 to 8 years and 8 to 12 years of age. This stage gives lessons on the primary skills and tactics of tennis. This stage also focuses on footwork racquet handling and scorekeeping ability.

Advantage junior development

This tennis program is for kids of 7 years and above. This uses two stages for kids.

Green ball: Green 1 uses a ball of green and yellow court size 78 ×27.

                  Green2: Ball color Green and yellow court size 78× 27.

Yellow ball: Ball color yellow court size 78× 27.

Advantage advanced:

This provides training to skilled players to further improve their skills so they can compete in any tournaments. This tennis program offers two drills sessions weekly of 1 to 2 hours. They also provide one coach to 5 players. This tennis program also provides Two-thirty Minutes practice weekly. A coach also accompany students in tournaments.

Sutton East Tennis Club, Tennis Lessons in NYC

This tennis club is located in Manhattan and includes eight indoors red clay courts. This club offers a tennis program for everyone, e.g., beginners’ juniors and adults. Classes start from 7 AM to 11 PM every day.

Below are some of the tennis programs offered to juniors.

Peewee tennis

These tennis classes are for the age group of 3 to 5 years. In this tennis program, kids learn primary athletics and the fundamental skill of tennis. They also provided mini courts and racquets appropriate for their age group.

Kids are grouped for training according to their age group. They are trained in stroke and racquet handling. In this program, kids are introduced to tennis in a friendly way. This tennis program helps kids in developing the love of tennis and physical activity.

Red ball

This tennis program is for age group 5 to 8 years and uses equipment tailored to everyone’s age. Red ball and 36 court is used so that kids can learn the basics of tennis easily.1 professional instructor is assigned to 4 students. This helps students improving their footwork and stoke management.

Orange ball 

This tennis program is for kids age 8 to 10 years. This uses age-appropriate racquets orange dot ball and courts 60. This program assigns one professional instructor to 4 students.

This helps students to learn professional skills eg, stroke tactics time management skills. Students learn to throw balls to nets and using the technique of spin.

Green ball

This program enrolls students age 10 to 12 years old. This program uses a court of 78 and green dot balls. Courses are assigned to kids according to their age and learning capability. Grouping is based on learning abilities and age.

Yellow ball

This tennis program is for kids of 12 years or above. This uses yellow do balls and courts of 78. Grouping is also based on age and learning capability. This focuses on ways to boost student professional skills.

A highly professional instructor is hired for students. Instructors help the students in improving their fundamental skills and focus on live ball performance.

Adult tennis programs

Adult tennis clinic is mainly for adults who want to improve their tennis skills. Different weekly session weekend sessions are arranged for adults. They use fast-paced drills and equipment tailored to age and abilities. This focuses on footwork and Hand and eye movement and shot managing skills.

Drills and play

This uses different exercises for improving players’ scorekeeping abilities. This focuses on all low intermediate and skilled players. Early morning and evening two-hour class is arranged for players. Sometimes weekend classes are also planned. This two-hour session This two-hour session is followed by a double game of two hours.

Cardio tennis

This program is for the advanced players who don’t need any instructions and provide an excellent mean of workout. This program is especially for active players and uses fast-paced drills.

Midtown tennis club in NYC

Midtown tennis club is an indoor tennis club located in Midtown Manhattan. This idea of the club was made into reality in 1965. This tennis club is one of the finest clubs with all the facilities one can imagine. This club has  Har Tu court offering a comfortable and complete luxury environment. 

Some of the programs offered by Midtown Tennis Club:

Private Lessons:   

 Private lessons are also provided by the club at a very affordable price, accompanied by a private instructor. Reservations time is between Hours of operations from 7 AM to 11 PM. However, cancellation policy is also applicable; within the 48 hours, a client’s reservation cancellation is free.

Charges may differ depending upon the day and number of persons. The services of this club are 24 hours for the weekend. On weekdays it starts from 7 AM and remains open till 11 PM. 

Adult Program:

For this tennis program, the first availability of classes is checked by them. Both calls and emails can do this. If the course is available, then a spot will be held for that person. For registration, a form will be provided to fill in with information. 

Junior Tennis Program:                                     

For this tennis program, there are different sessions for a diverse group of ages. Such groups are given training in a friendly and caring way. Different sizes of courts and racquets are available. Different colors of balls are there. Kids learn about the basic techniques of tennis.

 Here kids are taught in a friendly and loving manner. This also provides kids with fun and enjoyment. This uses racquets mini courts and balls of different colors for children. This tennis program provides kids with a spare room and also teach them other crafts.

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