Best RC Hobby Shops in New York City

Best RC Hobby Shops in New York City

Best RC Hobby Shops in New York City

The technology today is very challenging for us as parents. But kids of the new generation always seem to adapt themselves with the technology no matter how fast the technology is upgrading with time. The kids used to play games like hide and seek stone paper scissors and used to think these games as the best of all time.

In this article, our editors have explained 7 of these Famous RC Hobby Shops in New York City. Kids are young adults, they want to play with real-looking toys.

Unfortunately, kids are not like that nowadays. Kids want technology. They want an iPad, they want Xbox, they want PlayStation. But some kids are more intelligent than normal kids. They want to play with RC planes, RC Helicopters, RC Boats, and RC cars.

Best RC Hobby Shops in New York City

In the past, the hobbies used to be like gardening, collecting old coins, and many more. But now, hobbies are like flying an RC drone or helicopter, playing with an RC car. Even New York City has so many places where people can fly their planes or having a small rally race.

Some kids only want to play, and some want to build them too. But parents always worry about how can they fulfill their kids’ needs. So, we are here to help you with that. We have got the best places where you can find RC related stuff with an amazing service.

Best RC Hobby Shops in NYC Address Equipment Available
Brooklyn Hobbies 3852 Flatlands Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11234 RC Cars, RC Trucks, Drones, RC 4-wheel, RC Buggy, custom wheels, custom skirts, custom lights, cameras, nitro cars, repair
Planet Hobbywood 35-27 Junction Blvd, Corona, NY 11368 RC Vehicles, console gaming, sports goods, toys, puzzles and games, art equipment, camping equipment, phone accessories, women’s section
Rui Yong Hobby 6013 5th AveGround Shop Brooklyn NY 11220 Brand shop, action figures, paints, Rustler parts, RC vehicles, Battery, online store
Fordham Hobbies 2446 Creston Ave, The Bronx, NY 10468 Nitro cars, Drones, RC cars, Trucks, Boats, Planes, models, tools, spare parts, repair and maintenance
The Hobby Store 114 Mt Vernon Ave, Mt Vernon, NY 10550 Airplanes, Cars, and Trucks, helicopters, trains
VCS Hobbies 7515 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209 T scale trains, Z Scale trains, Sherline Tools, Vario RC trucks 3801 23rd Avenue, #407 Astoria, NY 11105 Brands, Model kits, Military kits, Diecast, Action figures, Slot Cars, RC Cars, Trucks and Helicopters, trains of three scales, Rockets, wood kits, robotics

Brooklyn Hobbies

The shop is located in Brooklyn and claims to have two more shops in different locations in NYC. They are working in the field for 21 years. The specialty of Brooklyn hobbies is RC cars. They have a lot of RC cars with a wide variety of models in their shop.

The staff has a good sense of knowledge for RC Toys as well as other hobbies. They suggest RC vehicles based on the buyer’s purpose. If you want to buy a race RC car or truck, they can modify the best nitro cars for you.

They have RC cars. They have RC trucks. They have a variety of RC drones. They have Desert monsters. They have everything that a car lover needs. If your kid loves to play with cars or demand for an RC car, this is a good place to buy an RC car for him.

The modern trend is drift and drag racing. Kids watch movies, and they want to do the same things they see in them. Just like when they drag race in fast and furious, kids want to do all types of things that they can because they love to watch it. The thing is, when they love seeing something, they will try to do it too.

According to the owner of the Brooklyn Hobbies store, there is a growing trend for drag race in the kids nowadays. The kids buy RC cars and race them with their friends for fun. The store has all the modifications available for RC cars in their shop. The wheels, the skirts, the antennas, the cameras, all types of accessories are available in the store.

If you go with your kids to this shop, make sure you have a full wallet because your kids are going to like the things that they see in the shop. They have a nice staff, and they give good advice for your purchase. So, buckle up, and have a great experience in the RC world.

Planet Hoobywood, Famous Hobby Shop

This store gives a large variety of hobbies in the area. The store name justifies its place of worth because it is a planet for hobbies. They provide several categories in hobbies that they have almost everything.

A large store in corona, which satisfies the customer hobbies of every type. If you are a sports lover, you have babies, and you want puzzles, you want to buy paint and art accessories, you want to buy camping goods, or you want to buy phone accessories, this is a real planet for you. This place has everything you need for a hobby.

But that’s not all; the store also has a separate section for women fashion. We want to give you a disclaimer. Try to control yourself when you step into the store because you will personally love everything in the store and will want to buy your favorite things.

The store has all the things that we need for our hobby. On the other hand, it also has the accessories and parts for those things that we buy. That means we can also buy batteries, chargers, fans, cameras, and all other parts that can be useful.

If you somehow cannot go to the store, then the store gives you the facility of shopping online. This is a great move by the marketing experts for increasing the sales of the store, and people love it. You can select the item from the online store and can also go to the store to buy after complete inspection. Everything is up to you.

Go to Planet Hobbywood to buy RC cars, drones or helicopters in corona because this will be the best among the list.

Rui Yong Hobby, Best RC Hobby Shop

The Rui Yong Hobby is one of the best hobby shops in Brooklyn, NY. They are famous for model cars and action figures. The most popular in their shop are Transformer action figures nowadays. But they do have a large variety of RC toys of almost every scale. The scale defines the largeness of the Car of drone.

The smaller the number of the scale ratio, the larger is the toy. They also have a variety of 4-wheel drive cars and jeeps. Bandai action figures are the beauty of that store. As they have a large variety of RC electronic Hobbies, they also have stocks of batteries, chargers, and all those accessories that you require. The custom wheels, custom wings, everything is available at that shop with reasonable prices.

The models’ section contains all types of model bikes, cars, ships, aircraft, tools, and military vehicles. You have one more advantage with this store. You can easily buy online from this store if you don’t want to get confused about the beauty of stock when you enter the shop.

You can easily surf their online shop and get the item at your doorstep. They have a nice bug free website, and the items are always on sale. Gundam is very trending in their shop if you want to buy RC and Gundam together. This can be the best place for you to shop.

Rui Yong not only sells RC Hobbies, but they also create RC Hobby competitions.  In August 2018, there was a Tamiyani 4-wheel car race in which many people took part to prove that they are the best RC driver. The showcase was very attractive, and they announced three places with prizes. These types of events are very beneficial for kids. They can build their minds with abilities that can help them in the future in many ways.

Their online shop also offers a free home delivery ff you shop over $100. This offer is valid for every Gundam item, all RC cars, 4-wheel drive cars, and all plastic models. They also give special offers for birthday parties as well as referring to your friend.

So, do not wait, and shop from Rui Yong Hobby Shop if you are an RC lover.

Fordham Hobbies

This Hobby shop is specialized in developing custom RC Cars for racing events. The showroom has a lot of variety of custom spare parts. They also have a large variety of parts with which they can modify an RC car to increase its performance for speed and better pick-up.

They install more powerful parts in the RC cars and increase their performance.

They have larger and smart batteries. The technology that they have in their batteries are made especially for more power. They can, therefore, create a full-fledged sports RC car and can win you a racing battle easily. The team at Fordham Hobbies is like automobile engineers. They take their work very seriously and they are well trained to build a car which can give a tough competition in any RC car race.

The vendors that they are dealing with for batteries and spare parts focus on power and maximum output. So, if you are a racing lover, then this place has everything you need to build your custom RC Car.

The best thing that every kid loves to do. The Fordham Hobby shop also participates in conducting many racing championships. That is why they have a lot of experience in what they do. The cars and trucks that they build are capable of racing of many types. The cars have the ability to drag race. They can drift. The buggies and trucks that they build can do rally race.

Depending on these abilities, the Fordham Hobbies are the best in the Bronx for building an RC Car. Your kids are going to love the people and the things that they can do with their abilities. So, do shop in Fordham Hobbies and experience something unique in your town.

The Hobby Store for Kids

The Hobby Store has a lot less variety, but the stock that they have speaks best of the quality. The Hobby Store has RC planes that are long-range planes, and kids use them to learn new stunts and techniques. These stocks that they have for planes contain many vintage and latest model RC planes.

The firebird Ray 7 Delta is a masterpiece and is available in this store. Kids at this store also love the freedom fighter. They also have the accessories for planes that they require to repair if any customer demands it.

The staff at this store is cooperative and well mannered. They look forward to fulfill your every demand related to RC Hobbies. They also have great buggies that can prove to be fast enough to disappear. The kids love the Racing Rally trucks named HPI. They always wait for new arrivals and buy these cars to have a lot of fun together. They do like the drones that they have in stock.

The shop has a nice display of the RC variety. When you enter the shop, you only need to point your finger to the RC item, and they explain everything related to that item. That’s why it is not false to say that the staff is cooperative. They want to sell the best they can because they care about your money.

The trucks that were used in the movie‘Transporters’ are well maintained in large variety in The Hobby Store. They have breathtaking pieces of military models that you can not just pass by. You will always stop to look if it is a model or a real military fighter but in a small size.

The customers, too, demand the Xmaxx in the area that they get them delivered in their home. The good news is that they are now an authorized dealer of Razor parts for RC. You can easily get a huge variety because they have every item in stock. The best one on the market they have is the Mercedes 6-wheel model, which is a real beauty to watch.

The thing is, they never let their customers down. They always fulfill the demands of their customers, and they never brag about it. That’s why people of Mt. Vernon love them.

VCS Hobbies

The VCS Hobbies is a brand that sells items by its name. They have parts of their names, just like they have VCS wires and electronics. The wires of all types are available that can be used in RC items as well as electronic tools. They have circuit boards for different electronic items, and they have a large number of customers for them.

They have some thin films of military models of different types, for example, 1/200, 1/350/ 1/400, 1/500, and many other sizes. They provide ship decals and models, which are very attractive. Most people collect these models for their Hobbies. People love these models and buy them often from this store. The number of models that are mentioned, they all have sub-categories, and they form a series of models for warships.

The radios that they sell are very eye-catching.  They have three types of radios available. The handheld radios, the tray radios, and the surface radios. These radios give a unique look in their unique manner. People use them according to their taste. Some find these radios serving different purposes, but no. These radios are to be selected according to the customer demand in some way.

The battery chargers that they have are way more powerful than the normal ones. They charge very fast and provide a better backup to RC and other battery equipment. They have receivers and other accessories that you can use for your RC items. They try very hard to fulfill the demand of customers, which is why they keep a good amount and variety of stock.

The shop focuses more on building parts than the built model., This is the main reason that they provide a good amount of stock in photoetch models. These photo etch categories will blow your mind away.

We would recommend that you must do good research before buying any photoetch model to use its full benefits. The reason behind this is that they have a large variety of paragraphic series of photoetch and tools.

Now, what is the main reason we are talking about VCS hobbies so much? Why is this shop on our list? And why we want to like it? The answer to all these questions is that this shop has a unique series of models that you would love to buy for your kids.

They have some good RC builder models that are too good to be real. These RC model builders are heavy-duty models and can dig and pull up to their unique limits. Sometimes these RC builders seem to be the original builder cranes but quite small.

Other unique items on this store are the T and Z Gauge RC Trains. These trains are the unique train models that are available from the ancient ones to the latest models. Well, the shop has some uniqueness among the list. But others are also quite impressive. So, choose according to your kids’ tastes and demands and start shopping.


A large place to visit for RC lovers and brand conscious. The shop deals in the top brands of Hobbies and assures the customers of their authenticity. From the brand name, Revell to the brand named Atlas, the shop has everything.

These shops are like little planets, and you not only spent dollars here but also get attached to the stores. The shop is a couple of miles away from Manhattan.

The shop has model cars of large variety. My personal favorites on the store are Trucks and Emergency Vehicles. I admit that they are not very likable in real life, but you should admit that they will bring satisfaction to you when you see them as small models.

They have model cars available for formula cars drag racing cars, planes, Space crafts, Helicopters, boats, and trains.

They do not disappoint the military model lovers. They also have unique bomber RC aircraft. Among all models, the most beautiful is the vintage military model section. They have every model related to military vehicles and arsenals. They even have the military submarines which are loved by the kids.

This shop has a die-cast model stock too. They try to keep the stock of every model and item in separate types of Hobbies. That means, when they have every type of model in die-cast, then they aim to maintain that stock in RC Hobby too. This is the reason they also have every model and kit, but they also have kept a special place for RC Hobby as well.

The reason people love is their huge variety. You have to say the word, and the work is done. The salesman will get the model from the store and bring it to you, whether it is a helicopter, a tank, a car, or a truck. They have everything. The shop also has action figure models. What can we say? We are also impressed by the stock they are providing to the people of Astoria.

Did we talk about the rockets? No, we did not.  Well, this store has a special place for rockets too. They have every need for rockets. They have kits, and they have all the parts available for rockets.

Another interesting thing, if you want to create your models, then the shop has a fine class wood that you can use. The wood is recommended to you for planes, cars, and ships — the finest wood in town for model building. If your kid is way more intelligent, then you can use some robotic kits from the shop.

Other important items like glues, papers, and tools required for special purposes are also available in the shop as special purposes require special tools.

Well, these were some finest shops in NYC to buy RC Hobbies for your kids. We hope that this information helps you with the best for your needs.

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