Best Bowling Alleys in New York City

Best Bowling Alleys in New York City

Best Bowling Alleys in New York City

Bowling alley is a long, narrow track in which balls are rolling in the games of skittles or tenpin bowling. In simple words, a room or building used to play the game of bowling. I live in NYC and I love to visit Bowling Alleys on weekends.

Bowling is an exciting game, it demands full concentration and enthusiasm. It is a source of entertainment for people of all age groups. Customers play bowling in a fun or competition. It is the best indoor game, the indoor location after activities during inclement weather, for work social or birthday.

In this article, our editors have explained these famous bowling alleys in NYC.

The 7 Best Bowling Alleys in New York City

Bowling is a tough game that is played indoor by professionally competent players, and it is the most conventional and royal type of game. Below is the comparison chart for the best bowling alleys located in New York City.

Although it is an expensive game but full of interest and charm when it plays with full enthusiasm, it not only just remain a game, it will become a passion.

Best Bowling Alleys in NYC Address and Contact Number Famous For
SHELL LANES  1 Bouck Ct, Brooklyn, NY 11223,

+1 718-336-6700

It has 32 lanes. Special cigarettes are available here.
GARWOOD LANES 346 North Ave, Garwood, NY 07027,

+1 908-789-2040


It is the best place for old age people. They allow special bowling time for the senior citizen.
BROOKLYN BOWL  11522 Brooklyn Rd, Brooklyn, MI 49230, NYC

+1 517-592-2114

It is the best family place. It also offers other games along with bowling.
MELODY LANES  461 37th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232,

+1 718-832-2695

The music of the melody lane is very famous, sweet and rhythmic. The food court has a variety of items.
RAB’S COUNTRY LANES 1600 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10305,

+1 718-979-1600

It is the biggest bowling alley among all has 42 lanes even greater than shell lanes.
LASER BOUNCE  80-28 Cooper Ave, Glendale, NY 11385,

+1 347-599-1919

It is famous for Its laser beam technology to move forward the balls and the birthday hall, party hall is more than excellent.
LUCKY STRIKE MANHATTAN 660 West 42nd St., NY 10036

+1 646-829-0170

It is the bowling alley along with the table tennis and other games.

SHELL LANES, Famous Place for Bowling

Shell lanes is the best bowling alley because it offers a lot of activities along with bowling. It has a snack bar, and they offer a lot of opportunities for the players. It has a resting place for the players. Bowling plays the main role to give a healthy body.

The shell lanes is famous for its many qualities. It is considered as the biggest lane of the New York state. It has more than thirty lanes for customer entertainment. It also a snack counter for a break for refreshment purposes. It has a bar when you visit with your friends you can enjoy a lot and have great fun.

It has a beautiful place for children’s birthday parties. The shell lane bowling alley presents the cosmic-bowling on special weekend like on Fridays and Saturdays. It is the best bowling center in New York City.

The staff of shell lanes is very co-operative and helpful and assists you in every helpful way, and the snack bar has a variety of options that help you in various ways. It has an excellent place for kid birthday celebration and offer a lot of deals for the birthday parties. Kids want to visit again and again because the playing area of kids is very beautiful and has a lot of toys and swings for the kids to entertain them. Children enjoy a lot there.

On slight terms and conditions, they offer cookies to entertain their customers. The main specialty of this alley is you never pay more than 5.25 dollars for a lot of special activities with plenty of discounts, and it opens late on Friday and Saturday with glow in the dark cosmic bowling area from 9 pm till closing.

The lean is clean, and the staff is co-operative and friendly. They offer tournaments, party hosting, and leagues.

All Saturday and Sunday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm specials will end promptly at 12:00 pm. Any lanes that start after the 9:00 am time will only be valid until 12:00 pm during lunches.

GARWOOD LANES, Best Bowling Alley in New York City

Garwood lanes are the family-oriented place. It is small and decently placed for kids, adults, and other old-age people. It is a small family-operated bowling alley featuring an old fashioned bar and a primary grill menu. It is a small but family-oriented place chilled cold drinks are available here. The staff members are very friendly and co-operative, and the environment is the most decent and friendly. From the outside, it does not look too good, but from inside, it is very neat and clean.

The parking place is very short and limited. A nice alley but only has eight lanes. Its price is very reasonable and affordable.

Every TUESDAY at 1:00 pm GARWOOD LANES open for senior citizens on a reasonable amount just for 2 dollars games and shoes. It is simply a fun land for kids, children, adults as well as old age persons.

The facility of online booking and booking by call is not available. It offers no reservations. Lanes found on first come first get basis. So, if u want the road of your choice, you should come as early as possible.

It has an awesome hall for birthday parties and children gatherings. It provides the best menu on events and celebrations, and they offer lanes to children. The hall for parties and birthday celebrations is beautifully decorated and provides a beautiful theme according to the customer’s demand.

It has a bar having chilled drinks, cocktails, and Coladas. The food is surprisingly good, and the staff is attentive and friendly. It is simply a place of healthy enjoyment. It provides the best quality food in a reasonable amount. Their wings and finger fries are just awesome.


Brooklyn Bowl is a music place, bowling alley, and restaurant in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. It is famous for its high-tech green creation and multiplicity of musical acts. In 2013 Rolling Stone named Brooklyn Bowl the 20th best music club in America.

Brooklyn Bowl has redefined the purpose of entertainment experience. It is the best source of entertainment because, along with entertainment, this game provides a lot to keep the body and mind healthy. This is not just a game; this is also the exercise of the whole body.

It is the best bowling lane in NYC. Brooklyn is the best place for the visit, along with family and friends. 

It is the best place to hang out with friends and colleagues. The staff of the Brooklyn lane is very co-operative and friendly.

The lanes of the Brooklyn field are organized; the environment is comfortable and healthy.

It’s a concert venue. It’s a restaurant. That’s just how they roll. The bowling alley features 32 Brunswick state-of-the-art lanes, including huge high-def projection screens above the pins.

The time of the Brooklyn bowl is 4 pm -12 am. It opens the whole night during weekend nights.

Bowling competition occur here, many session or rounds of bowling occur in the Brooklyn lanes, and competitor of Brooklyn lane played on international level.

The food court of the Brooklyn bowl is very famous. It has a variety of fast food, cold drinks, Coladas, etc. There is a beautiful hall for birthday celebrations and parties, it is the best place for kids’ parties and get together. It is the best place for children because it has a lot of swings, toys for kids. There is also a short bowling session for kids.

Brooklyn bowl also has a special session for old age people or senior citizens. The Brooklyn bowl arrange many other games for the customers like playing cards. The staff of the Brooklyn bowl is very friendly and co-operative; they show the most humble attitude towards the customers.


Melody lanes is the most decent and elegant place for the kids, adults, and older people. The melody night is the best place to bowl. Although it is the best place in a small place but has full of fun and enjoyment, especially on Thursday night.

As the name, melody lane indicates the specialty of this bowling alley. Melody is the most common and special feature of the melody lane. Music played in this lane is very aesthetic and romantic and full of rhythm and softness. Music played in the melody lane provides the charm and attraction that enhance the beauty of the hall and provide the enthusiasm to the players and entertainment to the kids.

The best place for the kids as well for the old to get connected to old friends. Melody gives relaxation to the body, and when a person really feels it, he feels relax and peaceful.

It also has a beautiful hall for the kids to celebrate birthday parties and other kids get together. For kids to get together, it is beautifully decorated with different colors and themed wallpapers.

It is also the best place for friends to get together because it has a beautiful bar having a variety of drinks at a fair and reasonable price. Everyone can easily afford the prices of the eatables and tickets for the shows.

Overall, the price of the melody lane is very affordable and reasonable. The staff is very co-operative and friendly, and they give beautiful protocol to their customers.

In short and simple words, it is just a fantastic place for the celebrations at a reasonable and affordable price.

The Melody lanes are open between 9:00 am- 12:00 am, and it open for full night during weekend nights, especially on Friday and Saturday night it opens 9:00 am – 3:00 am. The bar and the food court also remain open until the bowling alley remains open. The music also played for the whole time with the same rhythm from the time it opens until it closes.


Rab’s country lanes are the largest bowling alley of New York City. It is the best alley having 48 lanes, and these lanes are properly arranged and organized for the competition.

The Rab’s country lane is very famous for the snack bar, co-operative staff, parties, birthday celebrations, beer, best parking, reasonable prices, along with all the fun it is simply a beautiful family place which provides a full package for the whole family including kids and older family members.

The staff is very co-operative, responsible, fast, and decent. All staff members guide the customers in a very good way. They provide the best hospitality to their customers and provide them with the most comfortable seats. They welcome their guests with a beautiful smile and give them honor and respect.

As it is one of the biggest bowling alleys of NYC, so at the same time many customers visit the place, the parking place is very good, open and full. The parking place has security guards to guard the belongings of the customers.

The snack bar is the best part of Rab’s bowling alley. Eatables available in the food court has a lot of variety. All the food items available at a very reasonable and affordable amount.

A beautiful hall is present in Rab’s country bowling alley for birthday celebrations. The hall is beautifully decorated with a themed wallpaper and beautifully painted walls having sketches of cartoons and Barbie dolls. Children come to celebrate their birthday surprise with many beautiful gifts, cookies, milk, and chocolate.

The staff is very co-operative and friendly. They help their customers in a very good and decent way. They happily help the customers and welcome them warmly.

The awesome bar is present here that makes it the best place for the adults to arrange their parties here. The bar has a variety of drinks at a very affordable and reasonable amount.

It has special seats for the senior citizen special time for their bowling. The price for bowling is also very reasonable and affordable.

The time of opening and closing of Rab’s country lane is from 9:00 am to 1:00 am, and it opens almost the whole night on weekend nights from 9:00 am to 3:00 am. Along with the bowling area bar, parking, party hall, food court also remain open.


Laser bounce is the fun-loving family place. It has a laser technology to bounce the bowls. It is famous for the birthday celebrations and the parties. It has a special place for kids and adults.

Laser bounce is famous for its laser technology. When someone hits the ball, a laser beam is there to move the ball forward.

It is the latest technology to play bowling. Laser bounce alley is the best for its laser technology and other offers. It has a wide area for parking of the vehicles. It has a beautiful hall for the kids and an adult birthday celebration. The hall is beautifully decorated with glitter colors, and the wall has a beautiful themed wallpaper according to the children’s demand. For children’s birthday party celebration they give special surprises to the children. Candies are free for the children who attend the birthday celebration.

It is famous for group events, and general get together. Some office workers arrange their meetings in the beautiful, elegant meeting hall so that along with work they also get somehow enjoyment and entertain themselves with the competition of the bowling.

The staff of this alley is professionally competent and friendly. They guide the customer with great hospitality. They give complete information and knowledge about the bowling game.

Many types of electric toys, swings are there for the entertainment of the children. Children enjoy electric motor ride having themed cars for the ride e.g., spider-like the car, Barbie-like the car.

Laser bounce is a complete place for whole family laser bowling for the adults, playing area, and food court for the kids, club, bar. Food court is famous for its reasonable prices and a lot of variety of food items. The bar of laser bounce is famous for the multiple varieties of drinks.

Time of opening and closing of the bar 11:00 am- 9:00 pm and on weekend i-e Friday night and Saturday night it opens at 10:00 am and closes at 11:00 pm.

It presents many packages on the bookings. They also provide a discount on special offers and also provide a lot of offers on special occasions like on Christmas, new-year, etc.

They provide maximum discount up to 71% off on the booking for parties and the gatherings.

The laser bounce offer bookings by visiting or by calling them and online too.


Lucky strike Manhattan is the beautiful bowling alley featuring arcade games, billiards, and snack bars. It is the best bowling alley, which has a beautiful location. It has a beautiful tennis court and other games along with bowling. It also has a video game parlor for the entertainment.

The atmosphere of the lucky strike Manhattan is the best, and the staff is very friendly and co-operative. The food court has a delicious taste and a number of food items. The staff members are very talented. It has a snack corner for the purpose of refreshment and break.

The lanes are arranged in a very good way and provide proper space for the participants to play bowling and also helpful to those who want to learn about bowling.

The staff of this alley properly guides and teaches the customers about the game, and proper training sessions are conducted here for the training of the newcomers, and for this purpose, special teachers are there to guide and instruct the customers.

The tournaments are organized on a large level in this alley. At here, players from far come and present their expertise before the audience.

The food bar has a variety of food item nuggets of this alley is very famous. The cold bar is very famous for chilled drinks, Coladas, shakes, ice creams, and wine. The price of the cold bar, the food court is very reasonable and affordable, and the price of the show is also reasonable, and one can easily buy the show ticket.

There is a beautiful hall for the children to celebrate their birthday and parties. Hall is beautifully decorated with paints of different colors and themed wallpaper to entertain children. Few staff members are dressed up like cartoons and dolls to entertain the children. 

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