Why is NYC Population Declining?

Why is NYC Population Declining?

Here are 10 real facts that explain the sudden decrease in the New York City population. We have added a comparison chart that describes these facts along with a graph.

Why is NYC Population Declining? New York City’s population is declining gradually because of increased goods prices, expensive commercial areas, crowded environments, a rise in crime rate, and a low birth rate. According to the official figures, there is a rapid decrease in the NYC population in 2021 because of COVID-19, and thousands of people migrated to safe places.

Why is NYC Population Declining?

Here is a comparison chart that explains the rate of decline in the NYC population along with all the details.

Comparison Chart of New York City Population from the Year 2010 to 2021

Year Population Percentage of Population Reasons
2021 18,790,121 0.01% decline Less Jobs
2020 18,804,010 0.01% decline Covid-19
2019 18,805,009 0.07% decline Domestic Migration
2018 18,819,011 0.3% growth Less mortality rate
2017 18,762,017 0.3% increase More Immigration
2016 18,705,012 0.31% growth Low Inflation
2015 18,648,008 0.31% increase Less Migration
2014 18,591,003 0.31% growth High Birth Rate
2013 18,534,022 0.3% increase Low Migration Rate
2012 18,478,009 0.31% increase Low Crime Rate
2011 18,421,015 0.3% growth High Birth Figures
2010 18,365,007 0.31% growth More Jobs Available

Increased Goods Prices

One of the main elements that play a significant role in underpopulation is the uneven rise in household goods prices. 

They continue to change the policies, and the prices of the goods keep rising. It affects the lifestyle of residents living in that particular city.

The same thing is happening in NYC. The sudden rise in the merchandise prices disturbs the local community financially and mentally. The authorities do not pay them according to their needs. It gives citizens a reason to leave their city and settle abroad. 

Expensive Commercial Areas

Here middle-class society is not able to buy properties in commercial areas. The prices are so high that it’s out of their reach. 

It is just impossible for poor inhabitants to live in such high-cost places. With the rise in the prices of interest, the dealers buy these properties at high prices.

As a result, the cost of commercial plots rises. It increased the overall cost of living in the area. This situation forces them to leave and never come back.

Crowded environment

Over time, pollution in the city is increasing. It can either be water pollution or air pollution. The use of automobile vehicles causes air pollution.

Many citizens are allergic to dust, and some have problems with drinking bad water. Pollution has drastic and severe effects on the residents of this area. 

Many of the inhabitants are having short-term breathing problems while some others are having long-term health problems as well. Many visit the largest bridge in NYC, but now it is closed.

Lack of Essential Services

The government is ignoring its duties and is getting away from its responsibilities. Essential services like transportation, banking, health care, etc. are not available to citizens in time or it is lacking. 

The folks in charge of these primary services are not doing anything. Suitable roads are not available, and there is no one to look after this issue. Without proper roads, inhabitants cannot go from one place to the other. They cannot perform their daily life tasks or office work from home. 

There are not enough resources for gas and electricity for the entire town. Medical instruments in the hospitals are not up to date. Internet services are available in only a few areas. Police departments are not doing their duty appropriately. 

Low birth rate

The birth rate in this city is much less than the death rate, causing a decline in the area’s citizens.

Most citizens have this mindset that they do not want their kids to come and grow in this brutal environment. Some of them are afraid that their kids will be abnormal, and others are busy in their routines and have no time to start a family. 

Researches show that every five minutes defective baby comes into this world. This type of thinking prevents the growth of society.

Increased Mortality Rate

Most babies die at an early age. Some are born defective and could not live for many days. Those who live long enough are not able to continue their generation.

In case of any mishap, the whole family dies, and the mortality rate shoots.

A Rise in Crime

Crimes like robbery, murder, shooting, etc. are increasing day by day in New York City. This is important; statistics show that murder figures have risen by approximately 40 percent in the last two years. 

Inhabitants report crimes to the relevant department. They take notice for 1 or 2 days and then forget about it. Last year many visited Cupid’s Undie Run, but there were cases of robbery, etc, such incidents must be stopped.

No one is there to stop these violent crimes. Robbers rob people in their houses. The police department is too slow and lazy to perform its duties. 

Instead of reporting the crime, they try to take the law in hand. It causes violence and raises the overall crime figures in the area.

Sudden Changes like COVID-19 

In case of any disaster, thousands of citizens die, and hundreds of them suffer. 

COVID-19 is its best example. This virus mostly affected the middle class and poor citizens because they did not have the resources and facilities to fight this virus. 

Emigration of local people

Inhabitants leave their hometown or city and move to another place to feel safe. Due to sudden disasters, they need to settle to a better, healthier, and safer environment. 

The increase in violation can also be the reason that they want to move out. Many citizens move to other cities because they want to get a higher education or get a better job that is not available in their home town.

Some go for adventure purposes, and upon finding the place more peaceful and economical, they decide to settle there permanently. Many wild pets are now banned in NYC because they can bite people, Ferrets are illegal in NYC because of the same reasons.

What will happen if the NYC population keeps declining?

As every action has its reaction, every cause has its consequences. There are various consequences when the number of people starts decreasing. Some of them are as follows.

  • The decline in International Immigration

The number of immigrants in the country decreases because of increasing crime scenes. They do not want to move in because of poor economic conditions.

Goods prices and the cost of plots in commercial areas are increasing. It does not leave a positive image on the immigrants. 

They will not want to move to such a place. Instead, they will continue to seek education in their own country.

  • Fewer Workers at Work Places

There will be a shortage of workers in such a place. There will be more jobs available for a smaller number of people. 

They are either not suitable for the job or not strong enough to continue. The pay package is also not sufficient enough for the workers to fulfill their needs. 

A shortage of workers means that there will be a shortage of products to assemble. There will be very little input and almost no output at all. This thing affects the city’s economy as well.

  • Fewer People to Pay Tax

When there are few people, the number of taxpayers will also decrease. Less number of taxpayers lead to a high value of taxes.

Business owners will be out of business in no time. High taxes mean that the cost of industry products rises. 

Poor people will starve to death, while the remaining few people will leave their cities because of such high taxes.  

  • Rise in Waste of Resources

There will be plenty of resources unused when there are fewer people. Most of the products obtained naturally will stay unutilized. 

There will be an abundance of naturally obtained gas and petrol. These resources will be of no use. 

  • Public Transport Stays Closed

Public services will stay close because of a smaller number of people in the area. 

The authorities will not introduce a new transport system as there will be a smaller number of people to use such a service. They will either walk on foot or will use their car or bike.

  • Health and Police Departments

Lesser number of people will join the police and health care departments. In the case of a tragic incident or mishap, there will not be enough people in the hospitals and other departments.

Similarly, if there will be a massacre or bank robbery, officers will not respond in time and stop it.

  • Hospitals and Schools 

Schools will remain closed because there will be not enough teachers available for students to teach. Hospitals will stay closed because there will not be enough doctors to look after patients. 

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