What is the Largest Bridge in New York City

What is the Largest Bridge in New York City?

Here is the list of 5 largest bridges in NYC. We have added their size, width, and height and all other features in a comparison chart.

What is the Largest Bridge in New York City? Tappan Zee Bridge is the largest bridge in NYC; it is 5000 meters long, with a height of 129 meters. It was opened in 2018 with 4 lanes.

What is the Largest Bridge in New York City?

Tappan Zee Bridge is one of the longest bridges in NYC. It is also one of the wonderful bridge that attracts the viewers to them.

Tappan Zee Bridge

It is a massive bridge that comprises a length of five kilometers. The width of the bridge is around 56 meters. These dimensions will make a vast two-way bridge that has many more capabilities.

Its height is around 129 meters. Different types of materials are used to make it strong that can bear the weight of the heavy traffic on the roads.

It was thin in the near past and became the reason for the city’s peoples’ traffic problems. The administration decided to extend it while keeping the other part in working condition.

They have made a comprehensive plan for its construction and start implementing it. We cannot use it after forty years from its construction date.

There are more than a hundred thousand cars pass through this location. Administrators have acknowledged their bad condition, and they have decided to make a new one by demolishing the older structure. They have given a contract to one of the biggest construction companies in New York to construct it.


You will be impressed by its construction, it was made in the 1950s after the Korean War. The budget allocated for this site was too less that it was constructed only for 50 years life span.

Its budget was around $80 million. After its construction, there are just 40,000 vehicles that pass from this here. It was constructed by taking the figures of that time.

The population growth has risen so rapidly that in the 2010s there are 138,000 vehicles pass through it every day.

It could not carry the functions correctly after this sudden increase in the population and the vehicles passing through it. Many engineers have shown concern about its status and complain to the administration to revamp it as soon as possible.

The administration has checked the situation by forming a team of engineers. They have submitted a report that it could not sustain too long and damage can occur if the administration delayed it.

The administration has started to work on it by giving tenders and constructing a new structure beside it. When the construction completes, they will demolish the older one.

Construction of Tappan Zee Bridge

Planning of the construction was started after the submission of the report by the engineers. They have decided to construct a new part in the north to the older bridge.

The bidding process was started in 2012, and the contract was signed with the Tappan Zee constructors, who were the lowest bidders at more than $3 billion.

The administration has requested them to complete the project in the shortest period. They have planned to start the construction in October 2013, and they will consider all the things to make the environment better.

They have made a motivating target to complete the project at the last of 2017. They planned that there should be four lanes on both sides of driving so that the traffic may not be blocked.

The vehicles’ toll was also decided by the legislative assembly to cover its cost in the coming years. There will be separate lanes for cyclists and pedestrians.

The administration has planned by considering the needs of the coming decades also. There will no need to change it for almost seven to eight decades.

The transport department has approved all the features of the plan in October 2012. The public-private partnership funded this project.

The cost of the tolls will also increase by some percentage. Construction was started by deciding all its parameters in 2013. It was completed at the start of 2017 and opened for the traffic in the august 2017. It was opened in the few steps, and the complete opening of all the spans was in September 2018.

There are different toll charges at day and night time. You can check their rates that are displaying at their collection point. It is one of the remarkable construction that is different from all the older bridges. It is the real masterpiece of the construction work.

The current structure of the bridge

It is in the best condition as the number of vehicles passing through it is not increased yet. There are fewer chances that its capacity will increase in the coming years.

All vehicles like public transport, cars, buses, and cycles can pass through it. There is a beautiful lighting arrangement at night time that increases its beauty for the viewers. If you are just visiting, you should know that fireworks are illegal in NYC.

There are individual lights if there is an event that can also become a recreation source for visitors. NYC population is declining, and such places help attract visitors.

Its current structure also provides synchronization of the lights with the music. It also becomes a source of entertainment for the people living in this area. There are many hostels for solo travelers in this area.

Different names

There are different names of this bridge that was called in the past. Its name was the new NY Bridge. It did not last too long.

Then the governor of the New York state called this bridge with the name of his late father. Other parties of the state also opposed this name. The new governor of the state again changes its name.

All the politicians and other stack holders were agreed on the name of the New Tappan Zee Bridge. There are different other names that the people of this state call it with it.

It is also called as the golden gate bridge of the east. It is among the famous places for suicides because many people have committed suicide on this bridge. There are many famous places for sunbathing near this location.

Hold your breath bridge, is also one of its common names as it provides an exciting view while passing through it. You can call it with all these names. The number can see the importance of the names it has.

5 Largest Bridges in New York City

Name Length Date of opening Specifications
Tappan zee bridge 5000 meters (16400 feet) 2018 It is one of the longest bridge that has the four lanes on both sides of the traffic. There are specific lanes for cyclists and pedestrians.
Williamsburg bridge 2226 meters (7308 feet) 1903 There are 8 lanes of traffic that mean four in one direction.
Manhattan Bridge 2088 meters (6854 feet) 1909 There are 7 lanes of traffic, and it specifies the lane for double-decker trucks.
Brooklyn bridge 1826 meters (5990 feet) 1883 It comprises six lanes, and it is one of the oldest bridges.
Rikers island bridge 1278 meters (4202 feet) 1966 It comprises of four lanes that is two lanes in both directions.