Why are Fireworks Illegal in New York City

Why are Fireworks Illegal in New York City?

Here are 11 real facts about the use of fireworks in NYC. Usually, people use them to celebrate their cultural and religious events.

Fireworks create various pollution types in the environment by leaving smoke, metal elements, dangerous chemicals, and harmful toxins in the atmosphere for a few hours or a day.

Why are Fireworks Illegal in New York City? Fireworks are illegal in NYC because of air contamination, fir burns, sleep disturbance, produce smoke, and cause injuries to people. These can cause adverse health complications like heart attacks, coughing, asthma attacks, wheezing, and breathing trouble. 

Why are Fireworks Illegal in New York City?

Fireworks are like a low volatile pyrotechnic device which mostly used for entertainment and aesthetic purpose. They create four effects, such as light, floating material, smoke, and noise.

The manufacture produces different colored sparks like silver, red, purple, orange, green, yellow, and blue.

In NYC, about 35% of the complaint are registered each year. New york harsh laws against illuminations use. It is banned to sell, use, buy or transport any firecrackers. 

Air contamination

When you burn illumination, many toxic particles releases and these particles enter the air. When you breathe, it can damage your lungs and respiratory system.

Its smoke contains dangerous gases, like ozone, sulfur dioxide, sulfur compounds, poisonous substances, and heavy metals. People with lung diseases, chemical sensitivity, and asthma suffer significantly due to harmful chemicals. 


Multiple firecrackers are building with two types of materials non-biodegradable and degradable. Usually, the cover or shell is made with non-biodegradable plastic.

These chemicals gradually contaminate the earth and do not decline. They cause serious fertilization problems of soil and its metallic substances to create permanent harm to the planet. 

Fireworks cause Sleep disturbance

Generally, people burn firecrackers at night due to their beautiful colored sparks and celebrate their events.

It can interfere with the sleep of other people who are sleeping after working the whole day and want a peaceful nap. If you want to have fun, visit the largest bridge in NYC.

Your neighbors need to sleep as everybody wants, and they have the right too. Burning illuminations at odd hours can disturb people living in the colony. Take care of other people’s rights, and always try to keep calm around you.

Fire burns

Using rockets without precautions and proper care can lead to severe fire accidents. 

People are still showing carelessness behavior towards burning firecrackers. This results in a lot of injuries, loss of property, death, and fire accidents. 

Produce smoke

Various types of roman candles give out excessive smoke. The little metallic units create smog that is foggy and dense.

People are driving and walking on the streets, unable to see coming vehicles due to improper visibility and accidents.

Sometimes, people lose their attention or concentration and miss their balance during driving when there is too smog. It is the primary cause of road accidents, especially in the new year or other celebration days. 

Harmful to Public and animals

Every human-like elder, sick infants, and also animals require serenity, calm, and peace. The older people are weak-hearted, their nostrils and lungs are tender, and have many illnesses.

Therefore they can not suffer any trauma or sudden shock. Many old age people suffer a heart attack and strokes due to noise.

Babies and animals get scared and sick people may die. The little pets and animals get discomfort and fear and can not bear loud noises, and lightning bursts. 

Water pollution

It is essential to save your drinking water from toxic chemicals. Our health depends on our food and water intake.

Sometimes people burn rockets near the lakes, rivers, or other water bodies to save from fire accidents.

They protect the people from fire but indirectly create emotional health issues on another side. Illuminations contain perchlorate units that mix in the lakes and cause water pollution. 

Sparklers are legal in new york city

In some regions, it is allowed to have fun on independence day by using sparklers. You can burn the bursts by following rules and safety guidelines.

According to the safety commissioner, more than 8500 individuals end up in emergency rooms due to fire flower injuries. Most people burn on legs, face, fingers, eyes, hands, and ears.

According to the 6 June 2019 law, they permit sparkling devices throughout the city, such as Bronx, Queens, Kings, and Brooklyn.

They allow the use of sparklers, spinners, roman candles, bottle rockets, and the firecrackers that go high in the air. It is legal to set off, sell, or buy sparklers with some restrictions. This happens in the Cupid’s Undie Run and you will love it.

Restrictions to use of sparklers

Sparkles that are allowed should handheld and put on a stick or a base and should not encompass more significant than 500 grams of pyrotechnic chemicals.

The sparklers are allowed that create colored flames or colored sparks. They produce a crackling or whistling noise and liberate smoke.

According to this law, fireworks on a wooden stick, party poppers, cylindrical, snakes, cone-shaped fountains, smoking devices, and snappers cover in papers are legal.

The people above 18 years old are permitted to buy or set off sparklers. You can buy or sell Catherine wheels on July 4 during a particular time.

You can buy them from permanent certified stores. You can purchase bursts from 20 June to 5 July from temporary stands.

In a few areas, sparklers are also allowed for weddings throughout Manhattan. If you want to buy wedding sparklers, buy online and call your venue to make sure they are entitled. 

Injuries and complaint history due to firecrackers

  • On Wednesday, 16 June 2020, two men were hut by illuminations. One person burning bursts in Brooklyn and second watching the burning bursts in the Bronx due to fireworks’ illegal use.
  • Firecrackers crashed a spectator on Wednesday, 16 June 2020, about 12: 50 a.m.
  • First, 15 days of June 2020, 1700 complaints were registered on 311.

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