Best Pole Dancing Classes in New York City

Best Pole Dancing Classes in New York City

Best Pole Dancing Classes in New York City

Pole dance is a form of art in which dance and acrobats both co-exist. This form of dance is not only popular in men’s club as erotic dance but also is an excellent source of exercise for many people. This dance form helps in keeping themselves physically fit.

In this article, our editors have explained 7 of these famous places to learn Pole Dance in NYC.

Pole dance form is a combination of dance and acrobats around a vertical axis. Pole dance provides strength and flexibility to the body. Many gymnastic shows have pole dancing in their programs.

Best Pole Dancing Classes in New York City

Pole dancing in New York City has its unique popularity among both women and men. Pole dancing has gain fame in women because it makes them super fresh and healthy. Women got empowerment in New York City.

There are many pole dancing schools in New York City which teach necessary pole dancing skills. This article will discuss some of the best pole dancing schools in New York City. So let’s explore a pole dancing school in NYC.

Best Pole Dancing Classes in NYC location programs
Body and pole New York City Pole dance classes workshops and memberships
Foxy fitness and pole training studios New York City Different pole dancing tricks and techniques
Yoga pole studios Brooklyn Pole dance aerial hoop classes for all level dancer
Incredipole Brooklyn Beginners intermediate and advanced pole dancing classes
The Bachelorette loft New York City Ole dance class yoga class happy hour class private session
Brooklyn finest pole dancing studio Brooklyn Newbie class intermediate and advanced class private session
Poetic justice Bronx Newbies beginners advanced and private session

Body & pole, Best Place to Learn Pole Dance in NYC

Body and pole is one of the best pole dancing school in New York City. Kyra Johnson and Lian Tal Lebert both are the founders of Body and pole school. In 2010 both Kyra and Lian came with a single room studio in New York City. Body and pole is one of the most massive pole and aerial dance studio in New York City.

Body and pole schools extend to more than 10000 square feet area. This area contains five studios. All studios are fully equipped and provide a comfortable environment for pole dancing. Body and pole offers 180 classes in pole hoop flexibility and core.

Body&Pole has the best and experienced instructor to teach you the necessary skills of pole and aerial dance. All the instructors have a certificate in the field of pole dancing. They train both newcomers and practicing in a friendly way.

Body & pole offers various programs. Some of them are the following.

Body&plus, a special workshop of pole dance, is available at Body&pole. Special Expert instructors are available to train your mind and body. You can join the Body&plus program by monthly membership.

Truncation is a week-long program to enhance your pole dancing skills. You can join this week-long class at any time in a year. World-renowned experts train you to strengthen your pole and aerial skills.Body&pole charges $397 for 30 days of training. This program includes pole Hoop Silk Core and Flex class. Membership expires after one year from the date of purchase.

Showcase series contain both group and solo performance series. This includes four weeks of training with 2 hours’ workshop. This program costs $349-$499.People who are already members will get a discount.

Body&pole offers pole classes, and these classes break down various spins dance movement floorwork and conditioning exercise. Body&Pole offers 3 to 5 intro classes if you are newcomers. Body&pole offers pole dance classes at multiple levels depending upon your capabilities.

These levels provide training on essential skills for beginners in level 1.level 1&2 increase your body strength and pole fluidity. Level 3&4 is for intermediate and advanced pole dancers helping them boost their skills.

Body&pole is one of the affordable schools in New York City. Body&pole charges differently for classes.

For one class $40

For five classes $165

For ten classes $320

For 15 classes $450

You can get a discount of 15% on the renewal of any of these packages. Body &Pole also offers a discount of 15% to students veteran military and senior citizens over 65 years. You can achieve this discount only by showing a student ID card military card and photo ID.

Body&Pole also offers private and semi-private classes on demand. The individual sessions are for up to 2 people. You have to specify the discipline before booking your private session.Body&Pole charge differently for sessions.

Private session $105 per hour for one person

Semi-private $140 per hour for two people

For three sessions $300 for one person

For five-session $475 for one person

Foxy fitness and pole training studios

Foxy fitness and pole training studios is one of the best pole dancing school in New York City. This school was founded by Ashley fox and Virgil Avery in 2011. Foxy fitness is located at one of the central location of Midtown Manhattan.

Foxy fitness and pole training studio work on fundamentals of pole dancing. This school professionals help you boost your artistic skills and pole dancing moves. The instructor creates a love of pole dancing along with good health and strength.

Foxy fitness and pole training studios offer group classes and workshops on pole dancing. The group classes welcome all level dancers. The instructor works with all individuals independently. Some of the group classes are as follows.

Pole (Tricks and climbs) is a class for all level dancers. This class focuses on pole techniques and moves. The instructor trains you on pole grip move and inversion on the pole. The instructor tries to improve your techniques and tricks. This class is a 60 min class.

Low flow pole is 80 min group class. This class works on your glide on pole. The small flow pole class train you to flow and glide on pole connecting it to sensuality rhythmically.

The exotic flow pole group class is for fascinating pole dance movements. This class is longs for 60 to 80 minutes. This class works on tricks and skills of sensual dance on the pole and off pole.

Twerk flow pole is a 60 min class. This class focuses on twerking tricks on the pole. Blend & flexy class is of 80 minutes. This class improves your back and neck flexibility.

Foxy fitness and pole training studios also offer workshops on pole dance 

 . One pole workshop is an individual workshop on a single pole in which there is no need for an instructor. This workshop lasts for 60 minutes. Fox fitness offers dance techniques, and fluidity workshop is of 12 minutes, enhancing your fluidity on pole.

Fox fitness and pole dancing studios charge differently for different class 

For 1 class $20

For two class$39

Foe 3 class $55

For five classes $89

For ten classes $149

Foxy fitness and pole dancing studios offer private sessions with any instructor. The school chargers$70 for a 1-hour session. They charge $100 for a private session for three people.

Yoga Pole Studio, Best Pole Dancing Classes in NYC

 yoga pole studio is one of the most affordable and warmly welcoming studios located in Brooklyn. Yoga pole studio offers a fully equipped studio with highly professional instructors. These instructors give their instruction in a friendly manner.

Here you get free access to pole yoga mats wraps blocks and other types of equipment to learn the necessary skills of pole dancing. These equipments are of high standard and easy to use. The experts help you boost your strength on pole and upper body flexibility.

Yoga pole studio offers different programs. These programs help you develop strength, body coordination, and flexibility. Some of the programs are as follows.

Pole 360 wellness program is 30 days program. You have to complete 30 hours of classes in 3 months. This program focuses on pole climbing pole inversion and improving your movement around the pole. Upon completion of 200 classes, you can become an assistant in coaching.

Aerial hoop 360 wellness program offers you basic techniques of hoop climbing standing and inversion. This program also provides 30 hours of classes in three months. After this, the instructor helps you to improve your skills further.

Two hundred hours advance program is also available after completion of this, you can become a coaching assistant. Yoga pole studio also provides certification upon completion of this advanced program.

Yoga pole studio offers ground classes that provide necessary skills training like handstand footwork and basic gymnastics. Yoga pole studio offers a particular instructor for this class who can teach the beginners in a friendly way.

Yoga pole studios have some policies for classes that are following.

You have to come in class in complete attire; no regular dressing is allowed.

You should arrive in class 15 minutes before the class; otherwise, you are not permitted to go to class.

Wearing any jewelry is strongly prohibited.

For cancellation of membership, you have to pay $15 if you cancel 6 hours before class. If you cancel your membership 6 to 12 hours before class, you have to pay $5.Cancellation before more than 12 hours before class is free.

Yoga pole studios offer many classes for beginners and advanced dancers at affordable prices.

The introductory offer is of 30 to 45-minute class for beginners, which costs only $20.First-month ground classes are only for $149, and first-month pole dance classes are only for $199.Yoga pole studio also offers three months of classes, and these classes are available at an 80% discount.


Incredipole is the only pole school in New York City, which is operated by women. This school was established in 2015. Incredible priority is to ensure quality training on pole dancing and fitness.

Incredipole offers loft classes. For loft classes, Incredipolehas six stainless steel pole.4 poles are permanently mounted in the ceiling, and they range from 14 to 16 feet.2 poles are removable and are 9 feet tall.

These loft classes are scheduled throughout the week, e.g., Monday to Friday at different timings. These classes give instructions on various techniques of pole dancing.

Incredipole liar is the newest edition in the Incredipole studio. This ground floor is used for floor work and ground classes. Liar contains eight ceiling and six stainless steel pulpit tension poles. All these poles are removable.

Liar’s class is also arranged throughout the week. These classes are arranged at different timings. These classes give instructions on different pole skills. Incredipole studio offers classes at a very affordable price. It is one of the best places for Pole Dancing in NYC.

Incredipole offers different classes for beginners intermediate and advanced level dancers who are followings

Intro to Pole is a 60 minutes class for beginners. For this class, no experience is required, and this class focuses on your intro to pole. Shorts and sleeveless shirt is the necessary costume.

Beginners’ pole 1 class is for those who have already taken two intro classes. Incredipole has highly expert for coaching. At least two intro class experience at another studio and approval from teacher is required.

Beginners pole 2 is for those who have already taken two beginner pole 1 class and want to improve spin climbing and inversion skills. Beginner pole 2 focuses on your fluidity and dance skills.

Incredipole also offers intermediate one and intermediate two classes to improve your dancing skills further. These class’s focuses on some more complicated tricks and combinations of pole dancing.

Incredipole also offers spin rolls and liquid motion classes for improving your spin and flow on pole. Incredipole offers a Vinyasa yoga class that helps in improving strength and flexibility.

Incredipole offers classes at a very affordable price. Incredipole charges $20 for one intro class and $60 for three intro class. You can enjoy one week trial for only $80.Incredipole offers conditioning class fo$27 and 5 conditioning class for $125.

Incredipole also offers private lessons on demand. The private lesson is delivered to a group of 12 people or more.15% Deposit is necessary for booking any private session. Incredipole has a highly competent instructor for private sessions.

The Bachelorette Loft

The Bachelorette loft is one of the best pole dancing studio in New York City. The Bachelorette aims to provide quality services to his trainees. The Bachelorette loft is the only studio with the most significant number of poles.

The Bachelorette loft also has some of the best and expert instructors to beginners intermediate and advanced dancer. All these experts are certified and pay close attention to all the students. They help students in brushing their fundamental skills in pole dancing.

The Bachelorette loft provides many pole dance classes at different timings and a very affordable price. The Bachelorette loft also offers yoga classes to students for fitness.

The Bachelorette loft provides the fully equipped studio with 18 brass poles, and all these poles are 12 feet tall. The Bachelorette is the only studio to accommodate a large number of girls at a time.

The Bachelorette loft has large mirrors draperies, and a fully air-conditioned studio to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment. The studio also has a professional music system to provide quality music in the studio.

The Bachelorette loft offers a bar system for parties where you can enjoy red and white wine. The studio also has Bus boy facility for large parties. The Bachelorette loft also facilitate by bar attendant at night parties.

The Bachelorette loft offers a happy hour pole class at different timings in a week.No experience is required for this class. This class is full of fun and adventure. Beginners intermediate and advanced dancer all can participate in this happy hour pole class.

You can buy tickets for this class at a very affordable price. One ticket charges only $40, 2 tickets $60, and 4 cards are for only $120.A discount on tickets are also available.

The Bachelorette loft also offers Yoga pole class to all level dancers. This yoga pole class enables you to stretch your body and increase body flexibility. This is a 45 minutes class and consists of 3 sections of yoga exercise.

This yoga class is under the supervision of Victoria instructor; she is one of the renowned instructors of Chinese folk dance. This yoga class is also available at an affordable price.

1 class $20

Ten classes $150

Two-month package $200

The Bachelorette loft also offers private pole dance classes to people. The private session is available quickly, and a highly professional instructor is here to help you improve your skills. A semi-private class is also open for two students.

Brooklyn finest pole dancing studio

Brooklyn’s finest pole dancing studio is for women inclusive of 21 years or above. Brooklyn studio has working hours 6 to 9 pm. This studio is off on Friday and Sunday. Here women can learn pole movement climbing spin inversion and other tricks of pole dancing.

Brooklyn’s finest pole dancing studio offers many classes for students and also to the women wellness classes. This studio also offers many workshops for women’s healthy sexuality and wellness. Some of the classes are as follows.

Try pole newbies is for students who have no prior experience of pole dancing. This class focuses on necessary skills like pole gripping handling and spinning.

Beginners pole try is for pole dancers who can climb and spin around the pole without assistance. This class helps you improve your body strength and flexibility.

Intermediate and advanced level pole try class is for those who are proficient in basic techniques and tricks od pole dancing. This class further improves your pole dancing abilities. This class enables you to incorporate some complex combinations of your pole dancing.

Open level pole-try class is for all levels of dancers, e.g., beginners intermediate and advanced pole dancers. The instructor instructs every individual according to their caliber. No specific experience is required for this class.

Vinyasa flow yoga is also one of the specialties of Brooklyn’s finest pole dancing studio. This yoga helps you relive your daily stress.

Brooklyn’s finest pole dancing studio offers classes at discounted prices to VIP club members. You can get classes at an affordable price by becoming a member of this group.

VIP 4 dance class deal is only for $109 and enjoys any four classes for a month.

VIP 8 dance class deal is only for $199 and enjoys any eight classes for a month.

VIP 4 fitness class deal is only for $75 and enjoys any four classes of your choice.

VIP 8 fitness class deal is only for $132 and enjoys any eight classes of your choice.

This famous pole dancing studio also offers pole parties like birthdays Bachelorette and night outs. The studio charges per hour to customers. The cancellation of the party must be 14 days before the pole party.

This best pole dancing studio also offers studio rental facilities to customers. One studio with six pole charges $80p/hour. This rental studio is fully equipped and provides a relaxing and luxurious environment for clients.

Poletic Justice

Poletic justice is located at the prime location of the Bronx. Mona Marie is the owner of Poletic justice. Poletic justice ambitious is to not only make you a skilled pole dancer but also to make you fearless and empowered.

Poletic justice has a professional instructor who knows all the aspects of pole dancing. All these instructors are licensed and certified and train you in all necessary techniques and tricks of pole dancing. It is among the best places for pole dancing in NYC.

Poletic justice offers pole dancing classes to all level dancers, e.g., newbies intermediate and advanced dancers.

The newbies series is for beginners who have no prior pole experience, and here they get instructions on pole gripping moving around pole and pole spins.

The escape series is somehow advance series to polish your necessary pole dancing skills. This class focuses on some tricky and artistic moves and different pole combos.

The empowerment series is for advanced dancers who have proficient skills in pole dancing. This class is only for professionals who have experienced pole performance.

Open pole classes are for trainees where they can openly practice their pole dance alone or with some friends.

Poletic justice is also one of the most cost-effective pole dancing school in the Bronx. Poletic justice has a special discount for first-timer one class for $25 and after this $30 for a single type. All these classes are drop-in classes. You can join these classes at any time.

Poletic justice also offers private one on one session and private group sessions. For such private sessions, it provides some of the best instructors who accompany you at your ease. All these instructors also pay close attention to our individual needs.

Poetic justice has a membership policy. This policy enables you to get monthly and yearly packages at very affordable prices. Three-month package is only for $275 per month, and a 6-month package is for only $250 per month.

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