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How to Open a Hostel in NYC?

How to Open a Hostel in NYC?

Opening a hostel in New York City is a big challenge as it requires multiple requirements. It needs numerous challenges to be fulfilled. Hostels in NewYork City is one of the most fantastic facilities for travelers and other people who want to stay in a secure and facilitated place for seven or more than seven days.

It depends on the stay, and various kinds of hostels with different packages are available. A considerable list of hostels in New York City is well facilitated and equipped.

Some facilities which are required to open a hostel in New York City, these facilities are supplementary and must be there for opening a hostel in a city like New York. For opening a hostel in New York City, these facilities required. The facilities include license and registrations, location, security terms, affordable rates, staff, cleanliness, atmosphere, and other facilities.

Other facilities include general and specific facilities. Public facilities include some free facilities like free breakfast, free internet access, linen changes, towels change. Other facilities are BBQ, standard room, cooker, fridge/freezer, hairdryers, hot showers, iron and iron board, microwave, outdoor terrace, parking, security lockers, and utensils.

Services must include 24-hour reception, internet access, laundry facilities. Tea and coffee facilities must consist of; these facilities should be a must for opening a hostel. Facilities and services required for opening a hostel in New York City are as follow.

How to Open a Hostel in NYC?

In this article, our editors have explained all major requirements for opening a hostel in New York City from scratch. 

A good hostel must have all basic services at an affordable price. Services must include 24-hour reception, internet access, laundry facilities. Tea and coffee facilities must consist of; these facilities should be a must for opening a hostel. Facilities and services required for opening a hostel in New York City are as follow.

License and registration for opening a hostel in NYC

For opening a hostel in New York City, you need a license from the government for starting your business legally. You should get a permit from the state of the city and agencies. By these permits and registration licenses, the company becomes legal, and you can run your business without any stress of being captured or questioned about your place.

This license is a business license and is of prime importance and is very useful for the hostel openers. Legally certified hostels are a prominent attractive feature for the visitors and paying guests.


Location plays a significant role in opening a hostel in New York City. Because the hostel must be at a particular place that it must be approachable for everyone, the hostel should be near to the bus stations and other vehicles stops. The location should be prime and beautiful. It must be attractive and charming.

The entrance should be welcoming and the color of the building must colorful or otherwise it should be of such a color which is appealing for the visitors as well as paying guests. The building should be comprehensive and enough space. It should comprise all the visitors and must place all the visitors accordingly. The placement of beds in the rooms must be appropriate and convenient.

Security terms

For opening, a hostel in New York City required security terms. These security terms must be of high quality and should be reliable. The security conditions move from the security of the building to the security at the entrance of the building. There must be a security guard or more than a security guard at the door, and that person should be responsible for the check-ins and check out of all the visitors.

The security team should take care of which the person is entering or leaving the hostel. A biometric system makes security terms more reliable and protected. It saves from an error and any kind of disturbance regarding a security facility. Security plans and terms play a vital role in the demand of the hostel.

Affordable rates

There must be affordable rates of the rooms for the accommodation; it is one of the critical features for staying in for all the visitors. As most of the people who stay in the hostels are travelers or either are students or foreigners.

They already are payers and spending on their activities, either traveling or their studies — that why most people look forward to accommodations which are affordable and suitable for their stay. People remain concerned about their money so the rate of the hostels must be reasonable and attractive for the visitors.

Cleanliness and hygiene

One of the most amazing features of a hostel in New York City is its cleanliness and hygiene. The rooms should be clean. Furniture and walls in the rooms should be appropriately painted and cleaned. The floors of the rooms and corridors must be washed and cleaned properly.

There should be any kind of dust and dirt. The area inside the hostel must be free from different types of flies and other insects. Proper hygiene keeps the visitors protected from diseases, and this is a significant point in opening a hostel in a city like New York.

Polite and professional staff

The staff of the hostel must very well trained; they must be experts in the job; the team should provide multiple services in a very professional manner. The staff must listen to the customers very carefully. They should serve the facilities to all the customers without any chance of an error. The staff of the hostel should be customer friendly. They should behave with the guest in a very well-mannered way.

The team of the hostel should care for the privacy of its customers, and that’s why they should make sure that no hurdle may occur. The management should make their guests comfortable in the place; the services should be outstanding and punctual. The whole team and staff of the hostel should be incredibly professional and welcoming.

Free breakfast facility

A free breakfast facility is one of the most attractive features of a hostel for visitors, this is a beautiful facility, and it should be a part of the hostel facility. The breakfast should be of high quality should be neat and clean. It should be of excellent presentation.

Free internet access

In the hostel, the facility of free internet should be available. It enhances the attraction for the visitors and makes the place worth staying. People enjoy their free time and enjoy the check-in check put updating facility, this is an attractive feature and facility, and it should be in a hostel if you are building a hostel in New York City.

Linen changes in rooms and Towels change

Room facilities are significant in a hostel. These are an essential part of the facilities and prime priority. In these room services, the changing of bedsheets and lines must be included because everyone needs clean and precise lines and sitting sheets, that is why there should be clean sheets and linens.

These services should not invade the privacy of the visitors and guests; the team should change these bed linens in the absence of the customers. These services should be reliable. The services of towel change must include in the room services. The dirty and wet towels should be changed and replaced by new, clean, and dry towels.

BBQ and Common room

There should be room facilities in the hostel for the people who stay. This typical room facility should be with a television and Wi-Fi facility. This standard room should be clean and cozy for the visitors. The furniture inside should be free and comfortable. This standard room is an essential part of the building.

Cooker, fridge,/freezer facility in the hostel

A fridge or a freezer is a requirement nowadays to preserve food and other eatables. That is why this facility must be there in the hostel. Each room should contain a fridge or freezer; these appliances should be working correctly. 

Hairdryers, hot showers, iron and iron board, Microwave facility

Facilities like hot showers iron with its iron board and microwave in every room of the hostel is a supplementary. Warm waters in the baths are essential because most of the people who stay in the hostels are travelers, and they need up to date bathrooms with all the facilities. Rooms should facilitate with iron facilities for the cloths.

 Outdoor terrace

Outdoor terrace in a hostel is a gorgeous facility. It is necessary to show the view of the outside area. This facility makes the hostel more attractive and prominent. In the morning and evening, the visitors spend quality time in the outdoor terraces. These outdoor terrace must be clean, cozy, and engaging.

Security lockers and utensils

There must be some security lockers in the hostels so that people can feel safe about their personal properties. These lockers must have codes or keys for the visitors. For security purposes, these lockers play an essential role in the security of the hostels. Other utensils for the hostels must be available for the services and facilities of the visitors.

24-hour reception

There should be a 24-hour reception service for all the visitors. There should be a person on the front desk for attending the visitors, who should provide the information regarding the check-ins and rooms. These services should be reliable and appropriate


There must be an appropriate parking area outside the hostel. This area should be sufficient for the parking of vehicles; this parking lot should be safe and enough for the cars. This parking area should have a guarding team for the protection of all vehicles of the visitors.

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