why is manhattan college in the bronx

Why is Manhattan College in The Bronx?

If you are planning to get admission to Manhattan College in the Bronx, you should its location and standard of education. It is one of the highest-ranked colleges, and students choose it as their priority.

Why is Manhattan College in The Bronx? The owners shifted the Manhattan College to the Bronx for better student growth. The population shifted to the northern areas of New York City, and that why the Manhattan College moved to the Bronx.

Why is Manhattan College in The Bronx?

Manhattan College Bronx is an excellent institute in many ways. It comprises a lot of qualities that make it one of the top institutes of Bronx. 

The students from the surrounding areas approach the Bronx more than Manhattan as an educational hose. 

There is an additional strength of students in the Bronx and the colleges get more educational recognition in that place.

Catholic religion response in the Bronx leads to the shifting of College there. The founders shifted the institute due to less accommodation space in the building. 

The Bronx location made the movement of college more significant. The founders wanted to promote the catholic religion, and it was only possible in the Bronx.

The government did not allow more space, and the authorities added three new buildings in the Bronx. 

What is Manhattan College?

It is an educational institute having all the essential facilities and study programs. It is an art college that includes various art subjects.

It was built by five Christian brothers who started a small institute, and it became one of the best colleges in that place. The brothers then moved it to the Bronx, and it is present here nowadays. 

History of Manhattan College

It is a historic educational spot that is popular in New York City. The Christian brothers and partners started the school in 1958, and they called it Manhattan Ville.

Many students joined the school due to a higher tendency of educational activities and results. The partners then moved the school to 131 street in Manhattan.

The work of teaching school increased day by day and its popularity reached to the North areas. There were transport systems, but the time consumption made the process difficult.

There was a much greater tendency of students in the Bronx than in Manhattan. The brothers moved the institute to the Bronx with the same name. 

They laid the brick of new Manhattan in the Bronx in 1922. It is due to inadequate space for more compartments.

The institute turned into a whole campus with all the educational and religious facilities. The students found it attractive, and strength increased within days. It was a fascinating institute for the students of New York City.

Owners of Manhattan College Bronx

The five Christian brothers are the founder and owners of the educational institute. There is a president of the is college, and he is known as Brennan O’Donnell. 

Is Manhattan College a good college? 

This educational institute is one of the highest-ranked colleges. It is at the number 13 in the rank list of the best colleges in New York states. The multiple facilities and high-quality systems helped this college to increase its rank wondrously. 

Comprehensive courses

It includes all types of educational courses. It comprises engineering of all fields that include civil engineering. 

It also includes telecommunication and other such subjects. You get a vast range of educational fields in this fantastic institute. 


The institute offers multiple scholarships for brilliant students. These scholarships never bound to the students of the state but it has a comprehensive range.

Scholarships are also available for underprivileged students in the college. It is one of the best colleges that provide social and moral support. 

Is Manhattan College in a safe area?

The security system of the educational institute is one of the beneficial features. It helps in the complete protection of all the students of New York City.

The institute includes a panel of security guards who have various duties. The student remains safe inside the campus and in their classrooms. They can study and move without any fear. 

Hostel facilities

Hostel facility is essential for those students that come from distant areas. These hostels have vast rooms with all the casual facilities. 

The food and other features make the hostel an excellent place. These are a complete setup of protection inside the hostel as well. 

Sports and festivals

Its campus is vast, and it includes all the fascinating features. There are greenery and plants in the surrounding. The environment is significant for all the students.

There is no bias, and all the departments have their separate buildings. The classrooms are of adequate size for the maximum accommodation of students. 

How Manhattan College is improving student’s performance in their studies?

The authorities of the institute separated the departments to enhance the growth of students. The faculty members contributed to the Excellency of educational patterns, and they arranged different schedules for every field. 

The students got maximum attention in their relevant education programs. 

The founders distributed the institute in six major classes, and they separated the art colleges from all other courses.

The programmers comprise engineering, health and sciences, and other professional studies. The college is running approximately 60 programs presently. 

Engineering is one of the categories of college programs. The students get the knowledge and education in regards to math and religion.

They can study their respective subject more than any other topic. The institute focuses on the priorities of the students. The system works on a semester basis, and at the end, the student gets their degrees. 

It is like any other undergraduate academic institute. They offer pre-medical, pre-engineering, and pre-physical therapeutic programs. There is a vast list of these educational activities, and there is a complete document for such information. 

The institute changed the approach of students. It is a place with all the perspective concepts of culture and religion. The faculty increase student’s horizons, so they cope in all other areas of the country. 

What are the academic facilities of the college?

  • The institute forces the person-centered education system. It embraces all the people of different religions and academic approaches. 
  • The concentrations of programs include both science and art systems. They also promote the business and other such facilities. 
  • The system transforms the student based on knowledge and wisdom.
  • The institute is a complete hose of all the essential education. The academic facility also includes extra tuition classes. There are different fee programs for underprivileged students, and there is no discrimination based on religion. 
  • They promote the catholic religion as a way of life. The promotions of educational activities are usually practical. The actual and physical work builds the interest of students. They cooperate with the faculty members, and the institutes rank globally. There are a strategy and plan of the college that leads to excellent results. 
  • The student chooses the program according to their interest levels. There is a proper way in which any student can change the subjects before the semester end. It provides feasibility and confidence among the students. They excel more in the practical and professional field without any fear.

What are the co-curricular activities?

The college understands that co-curricular activities are an essential part of growth. There is not only the system of continuous classes to degrade the students. The sports faculty checks and utilizes the skills of students.

They appreciate their work by offering scholarships and prices. The college has a separate system for such activities. It is one of the essential portions of the institute in various ways, and the students enroll in these programs. 

They play and represent their college with other institutes. The training of sports is equally excellent like their education system.

The college makes the best players that represent the institute everywhere with their significant playing qualities. 

Who were Jaspers?

There was a coach of discipline in Manhattan College. He worked for the excellent training of the sports team in the institute.

The name of the coach was Brother Jasper, and he was a well-disciple man. He trained the students about baseball and its rules. The team included all the baseball players with expertise. 

The students tribute their coach by giving the name Jasper to their team. All of them called themselves jaspers, and then it became a trend.

Everyone on the campus called the baseball players jaspers. It became a tradition latterly even when the baseball players left the institute. The new player was also named as jaspers when they joined the baseball team. 

How jaspers contributed to the growth of college from Manhattan to the Bronx?

The jaspers played their role in the growth of the institute. They played in the inter-college competitions and made their coach proud.

Every institute in the New York states knew the baseballers of the Manhattan College as Jaspers. 

Manhattan College Bronx – Progress over the years

The Manhattan College kept on growing during world war ll. It never compromised over its quality and growth patterns. The institutes included all the educational courses, and faculties improved over time. 

It prospered every day and added many other schools to it. It was a school and a college for all the high-grade students. 

It upgraded itself at different stages of the year. There was nothing that could stop this institute, it started another programmer of coeducation.

Initially, it was a big surprise for the government and all the educational institutes. People defended the thought, but the authorities were firm in their decision. They allowed the undergraduate programs for the woman like a man.

The institute originated in 1973, and it became popular than ever. Few people criticized it, but it empowered the woman.

The community of women required a hostel for their accommodations. The college provided those facilities. The institute grew with the accommodation patterns. 

People recognized it as an oasis of safe and facilitated education. The buildings increased in number, and they become three from one.

The owners added libraries and halls for better accommodation of students from all over the New York states. 

What are the attractive traditions of the college?

Multiple attractive traditions of college make it remarkable. The institutional activities include religion’s promotion, Jaspers night, weekends with family and friends, Festivals, graduation parties, movies, games, lectures by speakers, concerts, and parades.

Promotion of religion

There is a catholic tendency in the institute, and they celebrate all the religious events by collecting the students together. These events have various activities for all classes. 

The catholic professor gives lectures and religious guidance to the faculty and catholic students. The community considers it as a spiritual gathering, and the students celebrate it. 

Jaspers night

The sports teams are known as jaspers for baseball or basketball. The students gather before a match of basketball between man and woman. It is a pre-night celebration, and they call it jasper night.

All the team members and other students join together and celebrate it with games and fun. It is one of the most attractive traditions of the Institute. 

Weekends with family and friends

These weekends have specific patterns, and the institute does not celebrate the event every weekend. They select a weekend for this gathering.

The students from all over the states invite their family and friends. The meet-up happens inside the campus with many other activities. 


The traditional festivals inside the churches are one of the significant traditions of the institute. The professor and Christen scholars give lectures on religious thoughts. It helps in the spiritual buildup of the students. 

Graduation parties

The graduation parties are like a festival for all the students. The parents and friends of the students join them.

The student affairs team organizes the event with fun and cooperation.

Lectures by speakers

The institute invites various scholars for the career counseling of the students. These scholars guide all the students about their relevant fields and professional life. The students find it attractive and informative at the same time. 

Movies and games 

The institute arranges a movie night with the collaboration of students. All the students from different departments interact with each other. They celebrate the evening by playing games. It enhances confidence and cultural interaction among students. 

Concerts and parades

Concerts and parades are traditions of this place. They never miss the student walks because it enhances discipline among students. The musical events are of pure enjoyment, and it gives relief from hectic routines of studies.

What is the hierarchy of staff?

There is a comprehensive and vast hierarchy of this institute. The founders were five brothers, and they had all the authorities. In the present situation, there are several administrators in the institution.

Every department and field has a separate representative. The college has a president who is the highest authority of the system. 

He holds all the authorities of signature and decisions. The lower administrative staff cannot do anything without his permission. 

He handles all the educational programs and their amendments. There is a president for the general cabinet, and he looks after all the student’s issues to the faculty.

There are vice presidents for the management of enrollments. The vice presidents of human resources and advancement of college work in collaboration. There are presidential officers for finances and student affairs.

Some advisors work for the growth of all the presidencies. They provide suitable suggestions for the advancement of the institute. 

The departments include liberal arts, science, business, counting, education, health, and engineering. All of these departments have separate deans. They have their authority and responsibilities at the same time.

What are the policies of Manhattan College Bronx?

  • There are three forms that the students require for their enrollment. The admission fees are a must for enrolling the students.
  • There are few clauses about the rules and regulations of the system inside the campus. 
  • The students chose their subjects, and the campuses enroll them in the relevant department. They have to fill another separate form for their residencies. 
  • The alumni offer excellent facilities on the campus. If any student wants to change the subjects, he must inform the relevant president of the department. 
  • There is a documentation process for such changes. The campus offers the best students and results. 
  • The policies include jobs for the students from the best companies of their relevant fields.

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