Why Are Roosters Illegal in New York City?

Why Are Roosters Illegal in New York City?

Why Are Roosters Illegal in New York City?

New York City is a place where people love to have chickens as a pet. Raising chickens in their backyard is one of the most common hobbies among residents of New York City. Female chickens are crucial for those who crave to have fresh eggs. Residents of New York City also have roosters as a pet in their house.

In residential areas of New York City, rooster causes a lot of damage and, in most cases, the death of female hens. By addressing such an alarming situation, The health department of NYC banned the roosters in residential areas of New York City. The health department of NYC has strict laws against roosters keeping as a pet. People, if caught violating these laws, can be subjected to severe punishments and fines.

Roosters and many other animals are illegal in New York City. In early times the roosters were almost in every house, but due to their aggressive and noisiness, they are illegal in New York City.

Why Are Roosters Illegal in New York City?

In this article, we will discuss some reasons due to which roosters are illegal in New York City. Here are some of the reasons due to which roosters are illegal in New York City. We have explained all the reasons in detail. 

Let me explain all these:


Crowing is one of the main reasons roosters are illegal in New York City. Rooster crow all day long without any reason and purpose. The sound of crowing makes people anxious and irritable. It is not that bad if they make noise for a specific period, but they crow 24/7.

The allowed sound intensity in New York City is 45 decibels, but the crowing of roosters sometimes reach to 80 decibels. This sound is too high to tolerate. High sound not only affects our ears but also our other body organs.

If you have a rooster in your neighborhood, this thing is also an alarming situation. The roosters start making noise at dawn and wake up the neighbors early. All people who leave within the vicinity of that noise can’t sleep properly. The crowing of roosters all day makes all of us so anxious and cause irritation in our mood. Due to this noise, people can’t focus on their work.

Rooster fighting

The second most important reason why roosters are illegal in New York City is the rooter fighting. People of New York City use roosters for a cruel game called cockfighting. The cockfighting is a deadly blood sport in which two rooster fight with each other to death. Two gangs bet with each other on their rooster fight. The hallmark of this game is that the rooster fights with each other and try to kill each other.

Rooster fighting causes such significant damage not only to rooster but also to other people too. The roosters who are trained to fight with each other can attack other rooster and to the surrounding people. These roosters can’t be kept with other roosters and pets because they can attack and kill them also.

Rooster fighting is also associated with other crimes like gambling drug dealing and murder. Rooster fights are primary source of gambling in New York City. In this fight, not only rooster and other people get injured, but also there is an increased rate of crimes like gambling — That’s why the roosters are illegal in New York City.

Roosters don’t lay eggs

Roosters are male animals, and like most male species, they don’t lay eggs. Roosters don’t lay eggs and are also not required for egg production. Hens, which are female species, can lay eggs, and they lay eggs without roosters. They don’t need roosters for producing eggs. Roosters neither provide any benefit to residents of New York City nor to the economy and industry of NYC.

The health department of NYC illegalized the roosters because they provide no benefit, which a hen can give to the people. Hens lay eggs and are a source of meat for residents of New York City who love to have fresh eggs and meat. Rooster can’t produce fresh eggs and cannot be used as food. Roosters are not only incapable of producing eggs but also cause a reduction in the production of fresh eggs by fertilizing eggs.

Roosters fertilize eggs

Roosters are male species, and they fertilize female eggs to produce a new baby chick. The disadvantage of this fertilization is that roosters fertilize fresh eggs which are intended to be used at home. Due to this reason, roosters are illegal in New York City. Roosters can be used to produce a new breed of chicks.

Roosters cause a drastic reduction of fresh eggs in residential areas by fertilizing eggs. People of New York City suffer a lot by keeping roosters as a pet. Rooster also causes a lot of reduction in the economy of residents whose source of income is solely based on fresh eggs. Due to this drastic loss In the economy roosters are illegal in NYC.

Roosters attack humans

Roosters are very aggressive and dominating animals. Roosters being a male animal are very aggressive and took charge of the protection of the flock. Rooster usually attacks human when they reach their puberty. Roosters attack because they perceive humans as they are attacking them.

Roosters can be very dangerous because they can pierce your skin and draw blood out. In New York, City roosters have become the cause of deaths of many people. Roosters have become a threat to people of NYC because of their unpredictable and aggressive nature.

People have to be careful when dealing with roosters, especially in the case of your kids. Roosters can cause real harm to your kids. Roosters cause unbearable damage to human beings. The health department of New York City banned roosters because of their cruel behavior towards residents of New York City.

Roosters can kill each other

Roosters are very aggressive. They always try to dominate other chicks and roosters with whom they live in the same place. Usually, roosters fight with each other when they reach puberty. At this stage of life, they are hyperactive and try to take hold of others.

Roosters are also feeling insecure when they are with other roosters. Due to these reasons, they start fighting with each other and try to kill each other. Roosters fight with each other when they are deficient in their space and resources.

Roosters trying to save themselves and trying to take all the available space food and other resources become enemies and kill each other in revenge. Therefore, roosters are illegal in residential areas of NYC. The health department, due to the dominating and hostile nature of rooster, banned roosters keeping as a pet to make the environment safe for all living beings.

Roosters kill baby chickens

Roosters not only kill each other but also to the baby chicks. Rooster in a flock of hens and chicks try to mate with hens. If the hens are paying more attention to their baby chicks, the rooster due to their dominating nature kills baby chicks. Roosters trying to achieve all the time and attention of hens kill baby chicks who require more time and care.

The roosters are very nasty with chicks in this aspect and become a reason for the loss of baby chicks. These baby chicks that are required for fertilization and egg production become prey to these roosters. Therefore roosters are illegal in NYC.

Rooster can be harmful to female hens

Roosters are male animals, and they mate female hens to fertilize the eggs. They are responsible for producing new breeds of hens. On the average rooster mate with hens 30 times a day. This thing makes hens tiresome.

During this process of mating, they hold the hens from the back and can cause damage to their spurs and feathers. They cause severe injuries to hens. This mating sometimes results in total loss of their feathers from the back neck and head. Female hens suffer from this cruelty.

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