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Where is the Chinese New Year Parade NYC 2020?

Where is the Chinese New Year Parade NYC 2020?

As we hear the word New Year, a lot of things come into our minds like Carnivals, ceremonies, fireworks, etc. On the last day of the year, people around the globe gather and welcome the New Year with great enthusiasm.

People usually reunite with their loved ones and go to the festivities around midnight and start the countdown and Welcome the new year by greeting each other. With the mesmerizing view of fireworks and lightning. Life is all about enjoying these little moments and making memories.

This Exciting event is going to happen for fifteen days as there will be public holidays for Chinese for more than a week. So, this is probably the best way to utilize the holidays by participating in this Parade.

Chinese New Year Parade NYC 2020 will be held at the Chinatown in downtown Manhattan. This energetic new year parade will be held in New York City on 8th February 2020. So, Mark your calendars, pack your backpacks and prepare yourself for so much fun. See you there.

Living in NYC has its own perks, you would be wondering why so? Well, let me take you to one of the most awaited events of the year which is the “Chinese New Year Parade”.

Where is the Chinese New Year Parade NYC 2020?

The Chinese New Year parade is a very picturesque and enjoyable event where hundreds and thousands of people gather on the places and do the New Year parade across the city.

The Chinese New Year parade is held in Manhattan, San Francisco and China Town in New York City where people can go and relish themselves.


The Chinese New Year Parade has a very compelling story. It started back in the 1860s. It was started by Chinese men to persuade and instruct about Chinese culture in San Francisco so that people may know about their lifestyles and virtues.

With time it began to rise and transform and turns out to be the largest cultural celebration carnival outside of Asia.

How to grab the opportunity?

You can ensure your presence at the Chinese New Year Parade New York 2020 by purchasing a ticket just for thirty-five dollars through the event-related app. be the first one to get it. Good luck!

Don’t worry this parade will not go too far it will approximately cover 1.3 miles merely for your warm-up starting around Union Square and meets at Kearny Street. It would be amusing to be in the parade. Don’t miss the chance and be there on time.

What makes Chinese Parade New York Special?

Numerous things make the Chinese New Year Parade 2020 exceptional.

Chinese New Year will start from 25th January 2020 to 8th February. A New Year eve without any liveliness and parties is not possible. Some of the most traditional and attractive activities of the New Year parade are as follows.

  • The Traditional Dragon Dancing

 The word Chinese is a word of rituals and discipline. The best part of the New Year Parade is the “Dragon Dance”. The dragon dance is a traditional dance of Chinese.

Chinese men curls with colorful dragon costume exhibit a picture of a dragon floating in the wind. This dragon dance is such a celebration certainly, which you do not want to refrain from.

  • Magic shows & tricks.

 The Chinese New Year Parade is an event with many thrilling and entertaining activities. The magic show is one of them. A huge amount of visitants gather to see the show and experience diverse illusions of magic. There is a large number of children who attend and witness this show with their parents.

  • Folkloric Music

 The Chinese New Year Parade is an event full of cultures and eloquence. Antique Chinese music is part of Chinese civilization and legacy. The event cannot be held without this comforting activity. You can find Music scenes in the parade and enjoy the music with your loved ones and family with a cup of tea.

  • Acrobatics

 Acrobatics is a part of Chinese art. Acrobatics is a gymnasium activity like stretching of the body and doing gymnastics or floating in the air with the help of threads bound with a circle.

The parade will also have these acrobatics in which a lot of acrobats will depict their skills and amuse visitors. If you go to the parade don’t miss this show.

  • Dazzling and eccentric outfits

 The Chinese New Year Parade is a picturesque event in which a lot of thrilling activities will be held. People are dressed in shiny outfits which will manifest the actual representation of their culture.

Happy people with bright outfits will leave a positive influence on visitors. Make plans with your friends and attend the parade to encounter artistic tones of life.

  • Martial Arts

Martial art is the symbol of fitness, self-defense, relaxation and mediation among the Chinese and a part of their culture.

The Chinese New Year parade will contain martial art shows in which the experts can show their exceptional skills. Be there on time and don’t miss the show. You will enjoy it for sure. You will find Hipsters at this event.

  • Fireworks

 Fireworks are the center of attraction for the New Year celebration. Visitors observe fireworks in New Year celebrations around the world.

The Chinese New Year parade 2020 will also have some fireworks for the amusement of visitants and to make to the event more cheerful.

What substances are banned in the Chinese New Year Parade in New York City?

When we go to any event we have to comprehend its protocols. We have to follow the laws and directions of the event. If we don’t follow them we will not be a part of it. There are certain things which we cannot take with us in the Chinese New Year Parade New York 2020 and these are as follows.

  • Weaponry 
  • Ammunition
  • Side-arms
  • Drones
  • Daggers

 Make sure to not take any of these items with yourself while going to the parade and inform others to prevent them from getting banned from this marvelous event.

What is the best approach for attending the Chinese New Year Parade in NYC?

When there is an event someplace there are numerous people who want to be a part of it. Due to globalization, there is a tremendous boost in transportation which causes hustle on roads and causes parking issues.

The best way to attend the Chinese New Year New York 2020 is through the public conveyor. Use public transit and get rid of wheels and parking obstacles.

Any Meals at New Year Parade?

Any event that befalls around the world is deficient without the food. An adventure with an unfilled stomach is quite tiresome.

There are several eateries in New York which serve Chinese food. Visitors can go there and enjoy their ideal Chinese food to satisfy their craving. According to Chinese Mythology, some Chinese foods are a symbol of good fortune and Prosperity. You can also find these dishes in New York which are as follows.

  • Dumplings

 Dumpling is a mythical Chinese food which is Salty in flavor and steamed. It can be eaten with chopsticks. Dumpling is a symbol of wealth among Chinese and they eat this food on New Year hoping to get prosperous in the upcoming year.

  • Prawns

Prawn is seafood and eaten throughout the world. Prawn is salty and squishy in taste and Chinese eat with great zeal and it symbolizes affinity for them.

  • Gluttony Rice Balls

The gluttony rice balls are very famous among Chinese. It is usually syrupy with lots of nuts berries and sugar, filled in boiled balls of rice. It is a representation of family reunion among Chinese and they appreciate eating it on New Year’s eve with their loved ones.

  • Fish

Fish is seafood and very prevalent across the globe. According to Chinese, it is a symbol of overabundance and estate. Fish is normally steamed and salty in taste. Chinese eat it on New Year dinner to welcome immeasurable fortune.

  • Spring Rolls

It is obvious from the title of the meal that this food is made to welcome the spring. Fresh vegetables and other essential ingredients are wrapped up and fried in the oil.

These rolls are usually sweet and salty. Among Chinese, it is the symbol of luxury and a new start and the eat it and prepare themselves for a fresh beginning for the New Year.

  • Long Noodles

 The long noodles are a very special Chinese dish. They will eat it in distinct moments. Among Chinese long noodles are a symbol of durability and sleekness. Chinese eat this meal on New Year dinner for the sake of smoothness and goodwill for the upcoming year.

  • Rice Cake

 The rice cake is very popular among the Chinese. It is sweet and salty made with rice powder and other useful ingredients. Among the Chinese, it is a symbol of growth and success. The Chinese eat this rice cake on New Year for their achievements and progress.

  • Sushi 

Sushi is a species of fish famous for its unique taste and flavor. It is eaten worldwide and very popular among Chinese. Chinese eat it on New Year’s eve with soy or whatever they want to eat it with and savor the flavors of it.

  • Wontons

Amidst Chinese, the wontons are a symbol of treasure. It is salty and boiled. It is very famous among Chinese and they eat it for the sake of wealth for the upcoming year.

So, what are you waiting for? Make reservations and be the first one to relish the gratifying Chinese food.

Why the Chinese New Year is affiliated with pet titles?

The Chinese New is affiliated with pet titles because the Chinese believe that the years equated with pet names alter the nature and habits of people as they are influenced by astrology signs.

The Chinese calendar consists of 12 years and each year represents a different animal. After the 12-year cycle completes the calendar repeats itself for another 12 years. The analysis of the Chinese New Year calendar according to first-year from last with animal illustration is as follows.

Animal Characteristics
Rat Alertness
Ox Honesty
Tiger Bravery
Rabbit Decency
Dragon Dignity
Snake Mystery
Horse Energy
Sheep Calmness
Monkey Cleverness
Rooster Spirituality
Dog Loyalty
Pig Wealth

What’s Impressive in the Chinese New Year Parade in NYC?

There are a lot of things which are interesting and exciting. There is an estimated number of 100 and above entries in the event for the New Year parade.

All of them will march along the streets with multicolored lanterns and beating drums and most prominent among them are men with the dragon attire that will join them in the march. Don’t miss that thrilling parade and be there on time.

What message does the Chinese New Year Parade give us?

The New Year parade is all about love and encouragement. We associate along with our buddies and loved ones and wander in streets and celebrate New Year and enjoy every moment of it. The parade taught us many things but some vital things are discussed below.

  • World Peace

 The Chinese New Year parade gives us the message of love and peace. It encourages us to love and to be loved and respect every other human being on this planet. We can make this world a better place to live by following this advice.

  • Cultural Diversity

 The other thing which we can learn from the Chinese New Year Parade is Cultural diversity. When we go to the event there are numerous people who belong to various religions and beliefs. By gathering and meeting each other at festivals and events people can know much about each other.

We can get a better understanding of each other’s rich cultures, religious traditions, myths, and beliefs. In this way, we care to respect more about every other human being and exhibit unity.

  • Socialization 

 When we go to some event we are socializing. We go to different festivities and parties and socialize with each other. When we socialize we can get the chance to know other people better and know them by talking to them. The New Year parade is a chance to get to socialize and explore different people.

Among other famous events in New York City are Macy’s Flower Show that will be held on March 2020 and Cupid’s Undie Run that will be held on 8th February 2020.

Final words:

In life, we have two choices either we stay at home and celebrate the new year at home or we go to festivals or events for making our new year exceptional and inspiring.

Let’s join this joyous event with open arms and cherish each moment with our loved ones. Trust me, this is the best way to start your New Year.

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