The 5 Best Home Security Companies in New York City

The 5 Best Home Security Companies in New York City

The 5 Best Home Security Companies in New York City

As everyone knows that New York is a big city, and in big towns, home security is most important. All the people want to live a safe life, and for this purpose, they do everything thing to make their houses safe and sound. Home security is more important than anything.

A house is a place in which every person feels secure and comfortable, so the house should always be secured and safe. In such a big city there are many home security companies which provide you a complete security system. There are many different ways to make your home secure and safe.

People place security hardware to make their houses safe. They place devices such as both exterior and interior motion detector, wireless and wired camera, lighting, high decibel alarm, and sensors at doors windows and entrance places.

In these security systems, they put sensors, doors, and windows when opened the sensors can detect, and the second type of sensors can detect sounds of broken glass and motion detectors help when residents are not present at home and cameras record movies. Increasing crimes in communities, people need a security system.

The 5 Best Home Security Companies in New York City

There many home security companies in New York, but it is challenging to select the best home security company. In this article, we describe the best home security companies in New York City. You can choose a home security company according to your residential area and demands.

Here is the complete description of the best home security companies in New York City.

Best Home Security Companies in NYC Address and contact number experience
Alarms R Us 1809 Stillwell Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11223, United States This security company gives security systems to residential, commercial, and also medical alert systems.
Vertex Security Systems 400 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10010, United States Vertex security company provides its services in New York City. It is biggest security company which gives security system to residential, commercial, government, educational and religious institutes.

New York City Alarm Corporation


160-32 Willets Point Blvd, Whitestone, NYC


It is a huge network of the best security systems in NYC.
Paragon Security & Locksmith 24 W 8th St, New York, NY 10011, United States This is a large network of security that provides security services across all 5 boroughs of New York City.


Sherlock is a licensed and approved company by the new york city fire department. And provide security services in Brooklyn.

Alarm R Us, Best Security System in NYC

It is the best security company in New York City and available security systems in the New York area, which including Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. The New York state security company licenses the Alarm R Us. The open timing of this company is Monday to Friday is 8:30 am to 5:00 pm and Saturday, Sunday is a closed day.

This company is published since 1985. It protects small businesses and homes also. Its primary focuses to satisfy the customer and protects investment and extraordinary people.

This company mainly focused on fulfillment and provided you the protection of a high level, which includes the latest technologies to find the best solution to your business and home. It also gives you a peaceful mind and life during all the daily activities of your living. It provides you a fully serviced and complete security system. It gives you the protection of both commercial and residential and also offers medical alert systems.

Alarm R Us give solutions to your problems related to safety under your budget, location, and expectations. It gives you a residence security system, which is of utmost importance to protect your beautiful relations and family. For residential security, we provide free monitoring of 3 months based on your security package.

It gives you three boxes of residential plans, and the first one is the value package, which is starting from $495 and gives you free monitoring of 1 month. This package includes 10 p Vista burglar control panel, one honey well, one central connection, one sensor of motion, one siren of indoor, one key fob, two contacted of opening, four Decals, and one lawn sign and gives you zones up to 22. 

The second one is premium package for residential, which costs us $595 and offers free monitoring of 2 months. This package includes security systems such as Vista 20p fire or burglar control panel, 1 Honeywell, provide zones up to 64, 1 siren of indoor, one sensor motion, one central connection, two contacted openings, one key fob, four Decals, and one lawn sign.

Third one is platinum package of residential area which cost is $895 and gives you free monitoring of 3 months, Vista 20p and 1 Honeywell, provide you zones up to 64, 1 siren of indoor, one key fob, one sensor of motion, two contacted, one central connection, 4 Decals, one detector of smoke and also one detector of carbon. All three package monitoring starts from $25 per month.

Alarm R Us also gives you the complete security system to your commercials. The protection of your employees and the company is also most essential for us too. We give you a competent and reliable security system that reduces harm and risk to your investment dramatically. This company uses advanced technology to provide you with a better security system. It gives your business security system which related solutions to your problem and cost about protection. It offers its customers with 100 instant mental satisfaction.

It gives you a security system under the size of the business, customer’s expectations, and industry specifics and according to your budget. The commercial services include video surveillance, burglar and fire alarm system, and the last one is access control.

The commercial services include wireless setup, motion detector, space detector, and place these detectors at entrances and other points like ceilings and walls. It provides video surveillance, which becomes better than before because of technological advancement. This security company also gives a medical alert system for those people who are alone, condition of an accident, and emergency, and no one is there to help you, so just call at Alarm R Us.

They provided medical systems in Brooklyn and the surrounded area. Alarm R Us uses resources such as Honeywell security products, Vista 20p Quick user guide, and touchpad 6160RF user guide.

Vertex security systems

This security company provides its services in 5 boroughs of New York City, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan, and the Bronx. The timing of this security company from Monday to Friday is 8:30 am to 6 pm, Saturday timing is from 8:30 am to 5 pm, and Sunday is off day. This certified security company specializes in the repair, installation, planning, design, and maintenance of a complete security system for commercial, residential, commercial, and business and facilities to industrial.

Vertex is famous for its specialized, unique, and best to develop physical and electronics, including management systems, alarm systems, video systems, access control panel, cameras, and telephone systems. It gives reliability, superior, and quality services to 20,000 clients of New York City.

It gives their services for commercial, residential, schools, hotels, small businesses, hospitality, property and construction companies, retail stores, educational, health care centers, and also for religious places. Vertex team is highly experienced in the industry of security. Our technicians are trained, authorized, and licensed.

They provide responsive and fully security customer service, attentive and qualified account managers, which are available every time to answer their questions and give solutions to problems. Our responsibility to make our team up to date to the latest technology, practices of the industry, enrichment courses, and training.

The business of this security company runs around the latest technologies, partnership, reliability, and trust. We provide security systems for the best brands in the world. When we talk about security, you always want the best than less. We still use well-known brands to give the best solution to our customers related to safety and protection.

New York City Alarm Corporation

This security company provides services 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. It provides its security services in 5 boroughs of New York City and Long Island.  It is a licensed security company and a fire alarm. It gives you security services at a possible low cost.

The facilities available at New York City Alarm Company are evacuation systems, smoke systems, fire alarms, sprinkler alarm systems, fire transmitters, and class E systems. It gives a special discount for Engineers, building owners, Architects, Electricians, and constructors. Rick Bisnoff is a president, owner, and operator of this security company. He has approved and certified U/L from the central station for about 35 years.

The technical services served by Peter Pizzo for 45 years, and he gave their services in the installation of the department and all fire alarm systems. The service manager of this company is Charles Krastschman provides his services in a fire alarm for 35 years. Thus this security company has equally qualified, experienced, and talented staff who give services in a timely, professional way and efficiently.

The fire alarm experts provide services for the installation of approved smoke, fire, and sprinkles alarm. It gives monitoring of the central station for 24 hours of fire alarm transmitters. It provides duty of technicians for midnight. It provides service of maintenance, repair of fire alarm, services of inspection and testing, and also offers service of fire alarm 24 hours in an emergency. It assists in removing violations efficiently and faster.

This company provides their services such as alarm equipment and fir of all best and major brands and also offers a special discount to the organizations of non-profiting. This fire alarm company provides much importance for their clients, and the customer has the opportunity to work with technicians who are dedicated to you. We always install the best equipment, which is well known in the market.

It gives responses to their clients rapidly and solves their problems. It also offers services in an emergency and at midnight and provides quick customer service. It also provides services for burglar and fire alarm, security systems, Cctv, rapid emergency service, and access control to intercom systems and telephone.

This company provides its services to different types of customers such as warehouse, Residential, Government, Religious, clubs and institutional, Business, Daycare and schools, landmark and historical, commercial and retail, Condos, high rise, and co-op, public assembly and also for non-profit organizations.

Paragon Security & Locksmith, Best Home Security Company in NYC

This company established in 1988 as a local locksmith and security company. It gives quality work, products, and focuses on putting attention and provides excellent security service to customers. It opens 24 hours in the day and 365 days a year. It gives its excellent services related to security in five boroughs Brooklyn, Manhattan, state island, Bronx, and Queens of new york city.

This home security company starts from a local west village as Locksmith Company. The headquarter of this company located in Greenwich Village at 8th street 24 west New york 10011 NY around avenues of 5th and 6th. We provide services for about 28 years ago and our purpose of giving reliable, secure, and trusted services to customers related to the safety of business, residence, and institutions.

The locksmith and safety company offer services in an emergency, repair, installation of intercom, keyless locks, security camera, alarm systems, and more. Paragon security can manage every type of security demands such as installation, replacement, repair, and product of gates, locks, intercom, safes, doors,  and also provide crucial safeguards 24/7 emergency security and safety services of lock replacement, repair and for lockouts.

Paragon Security Company provides security services such as maintenance, wiring projects, and repair services reliability, thoughtfully, and innovation to commercial and residential clients. Paragon security offer locksmith services such as doors installation, installation of security locks and installation of keyless locks, provide the high-security defense of bumping, picking, and drilling, we use keypad passwords to allow access, or you can also use smartphones.

The door installation provides complete safety whichever you want or need, whether for residential and commercial. Paragon security systems include intercom systems, access control, and security cameras in these security systems you can access to unlock the doors and get the entrance of person-time day by proximity and biometric devices.

 We repair, maintain, and supply security cameras or surveillance products. The security of people is an investment for the people you care about and your loved ones. The placement of security needs high-quality components and products. The paragon security company use top brand products available in the market. The locksmith products of this security company are safes, locks, desk cabinet locks, alarm locks, door closers, exit devices, keyless locks, panic bars, commercial locks, and master key locks.

The safes include home safe, electronic safes, wall, and floor safes drop safes, hotel safes, fireproof safes, commercial safe and firearms safes. The paragon security doors include architectural hardware, door hardware, glass doors, fireproof doors, high-security doors, and aluminum doors.

The window and gates include Ac gate, iron gates child guards, iron doors, and fire escape gate. The mailboxes include mailman key keeper, locks of the mailbox. The duplication of keys such as antique keys, high-security keys, key types, regular keys car ignition, key types, and car door locks.

The camera system of this paragon security include cameras such as DVR digital video recording, analogy cameras, wireless cameras, Vandal-proof security cameras, nanny cameras, IP cameras, Hvr hosted video recording, spy cameras, every weather cameras. The intercom system includes video intercom, intercom handsets, wireless intercom, audio intercom, telephone intercom, external intercom units, and intercom amplifier.

The access control of this company includes keypad access control, proximity readers, standalone wireless locks, card access system, key fob access system, cloud-based system, magnetic locks, face recognition, remote access management, and biometric access control.

The burglary alarm and network wiring include the management of wires and cables, wireless alarm system, monitoring of alarm systems, and trade alerts. We provide high-quality products of locksmith and a wide variety of brand locks to residential and commercial security systems and entry systems of keyless. 

Paragon security also offers solutions of custom in the market and commercial, and we also provide a partnership with the project team of construction, management of property, and security companies. Paragon security understands that every project needs to work on and the need to implement it.

Paragon security work with stakeholders of customers that will be using the solution we give. Paragon also worked with project holders who are working in the companies of construction, management of facility, and sophisticated security and safety system.

Paragon also offers different aspects related to commercial security systems such as Renovation upgrades, development integration, residential and commercial security system, construction of building and security solutions of Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, banks, and hospitals.

Sherlock security systems

The Sherlock Security Company opens from 9 am to 5 pm on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. Saturday and Sunday are closed days for security services. Sherlock security was established in 1982 and provides security systems over 30 years for all residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

The security system of Sherlock includes an intercom system, fire alarm, monitoring of central station, circuit TV systems, burglar alarm, supervisory, and access control system. Sherlock security approved and licensed by the fire department of New York City. It is also licensed and approved by the state of the New Jersey Department of community affairs.

Sherlock is also a member of NFPA and MBFAA, the leading associations. Sherlock offers a project of testing, necessary and vital equipment, programming, maintenance, installation, and the job layout. Sherlock Security provides security systems at affordable prices in the New York jersey area and metropolitan New York. Our experts help you to design a security system from simple to complex.

The fire alarm systems maintain, sell, and install fire alarm systems. We have manager of engineering who worked with your electrical contractor, owner of the property, and general contractor. The service manager of this company will see the system and project from start to end.

Few projects need programming and equipment, and some project needs technicians to bending pipe, device install, and to run wires. And few projects require approval and inspection by the New York City fire department. Sherlock provides security systems such as panic alarm, safes, and vaults and also use a wireless system.

We also use backup of security using GSM/ GPRS digital cellular data network. The mobile systems used to send signals of wireless when phone lines are disappeared. The central station monitoring services provided monitoring of 2r hours for all burglar alarm installation, fire alarm, and supervisory.

The fire department approves the tracking of the central station of New York City. We also offer to monitor fire alarm systems that already exist. The access control system service given by this company can supply, design, and supply with proximity card readers, key fob, cards, and control panel.

It is also worked with burglar alarm system. It also offers software to change and add security for all employees. The closed-circuit TV system uses modern technology such as recording systems and lives to monitor of internet.  The other security service includes nurse call, intercom and paging, and telephone to door access.

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