Is it Cheaper to Take a Taxi or Uber in NYC?

Is it Cheaper to Take a Taxi or Uber in NYC?

New York City is full of surprises when it comes to daily routine expenses and services provided by regular companies. It has been a great place for startups and entrepreneurs for people who want to do something on their own. But it has been challenging for people to choose a travel partner for them.

People who have been using the yellow cab service in NYC cannot shift to uber because they understand the nature of fares with the taxis better than uber. So, it is hard for them to change to uber.

On the other hand, people who never used taxis before and started using uber to reach their destination also cannot understand the nature of fares with taxis.

Yellow cabs and Uber have different criteria to charge the customers, but both tend to provide cheaper fares to their customers. Uber has become an international service for the customers and is known by every single person who does not travel with personal vehicles. In New York City people are trusting Uber more than standard Taxi services. Uber also seems to be a bit cheaper than Yellow Cab Taxi in NYC.

It does not matter whether we are in their city or some other city, we can see the estimated fare on the screen and can order that according to their convenience. Whereas, people in the past were always confused when they needed to find a taxi because they did not know whether the taxi driver is asking for a standard price or not.

Is it Cheaper to Take a Taxi or Uber in NYC?

Taxis are also metered from many years in the past. You only have to determine whether the taxi driver is taking you through a direct route or from a long way. The uber does not have a single type of service. It offers its customers a variety of services from the most standard service to the most luxurious service and charges according to that.

It has also started offering uber taxi to attract the daily yellow cab customers towards their service. So, we have come with a list of uber fares concerning the type of services that they offer.

Estimated Uber fare for New York City
Name of service Driver specialty Standard Fare Fare w.r.t Minute + Mile Least Fare
Uber X Regular or professional drivers with regular cars $2.50 $0.35/minute + $1.70 per mile $7.05
Uber XL regular or professional drivers with ordinary SUVs $3.87 $0.50/minute + $2.85/mile $10.57
Uber BLACK professional drivers with high-end cars $7.05 $0.65/minute + $3.80/mile $15.09
Uber SUV professional drivers with high-end SUVs $14.04 $0.84 per minute + $4.50 per mile $25.80
Uber T yellow cab by uber $2.49 $0.50 per 1/5 mile + $0.50/minute in traffic or when the vehicle has to rest. $2.53

So, when you are using an uber, you can pay from a standard five dollars to twenty-five dollars for the same distance by choosing the type of service that you want.

In this article, we shall explain:

  • Services of uber
  • Services of the yellow cab
  • Payment options
  • Helpline service
  • Tax

So, let us provide you with enough explanation which will allow you to choose the essential service that you want.

Services of Uber in New York City

Uber is a multinational transportation company that has to satisfy its customers and employees for security and reliability. If you are an uber customer, uber will do its best to give you the best ride ata cheaper price. If you are an Uber driver, uber will tend to provide you with the best income from its customers.

There are five types of uber services which uber offers to the customers according to the class of journey that they want. The standard Uber service that uber provides to its customers is Uber X. The Uber X comes with a regular car with a daily but professional driver.

All the drivers of Uber are trained and certified by Uber itself. Uber X gives you a comfortable ride at an affordable price so that you are not stranded somewhere.

Another service offered by Uber is Uber XL, which comes with a better car and a professional driver. The better car means that they offer you a ride in a regular SUV. This service charges more than the Uber X because they are offering a more comfortable and bigger car.

So, they can charge with a price difference of three to five dollars per mile but worth it. The third service that they offer is Uber Black, which is also a better service than the Uber X. If you are looking to ride in a more luxury car but not an SUV, this option is right for you. But services offered by Uber may vary for locations.

So, Uber Black offers a high-end car that can provide a seating capacity from one to three people or more. Of course, these cars are driven by a professional driver. If you want to reach somewhere very fast, then this service is for you. But it can cost you more than booking an SUV because it has an average price difference of almost five dollars per mile from Uber XL.

So, think before booking any service from uber, because for a better ride you will have to pay more. The next one is Uber SUV. This service comes with a luxury and high-class SUV giving you the most comfortable experience of your journey. It can cost you much more than Uber Black. So, always think before booking.

Uber has also taken the initiative and is doing great by providing the local yellow cab to its customers. If people do not want to pay for excellent or regular cars but still want to enjoy the services of Uber, they can book an Uber Taxi, which is named as Uber T. The taxi service offered by the Uber gives an excellent competition to the regular yellow cabs in the city.

Uber provides you the yellow cab service at almost similar prices as the yellow cab does. Among all other things such as security and behavior, Uber has been the favorite among people.

Services of Yellow Cab Taxi in NYC

The services offered by the yellow cab are not very rare. They are the traditional yellow cabs with a device that measures the amount of fare for distance and time. There is no extra service that they offer. Instead, they have become evolved with the modern age and have adapted some services.

These services include providing a variety of payment options, tipping service, no additional Tax, and many more. They do not differ in terms of pricing because they are all the same cars and come with the same fare.

Comparing to Uber regular cars, Yellow cab is much affordable for the people who want to travel a few miles. Because they usually drive around 20 to 30 miles per hour. If you want them to go fast, then they charge more, whereas it is different from Uber in that aspect. If you are planning to go to some farther place, then you should book an Uber.

Because Uber will go faster and will charge according to the criteria defined by the company, not the driver itself.

Payment options for Uber vs Yellow Cab Taxi

Uber offers its customers to pay in cash, credit card, visa or debit card, online payments, or through Uber wallet. They do not want you to only pay in cash. If you are a regular Uber rider, then you do not have to keep money or cards with you. You can credit your money in the Uber wallet and use it for future rides.

On the other hand, yellow cabs only accepted cash in the past. But now, they have also developed a system with which they can get their fare through credit or debit cards from the customers. When the fare is more than $26, then they also take a signature on the receipt from the customers. Whereas, Uber riders get an online generated slip on their registered emails.

This is a must comparison when discussing Uber or Taxi in NYC.

Helpline service

The uber has an online portal and also a helpline number where the customers can complain about the type of misbehavior by the driver. The drivers have an online profile that can be reported to the helpline, and Uber will take care of it. If you accidentally leave something in your ride, Uber gives you the option of contacting your driver, and he can return your things at that instance.

On the other hand, yellow cabs are only recognized by their medallion number. If you want to talk to the helpline or register an online complaint to the commission website, you have to know the medallion number of that taxi in which you have been traveling. If you leave or forget something in the cab, that is also recovered by knowing the medallion number of your taxi.


The taxi and Uber have a vast difference in numbers in terms of tax. Uber charges way more than the cab where it comes to tax. The yellow cab has defined a standard that in terms of traffic or road conditions, they will charge with a small amount which is pre-defined.

But uber does not work this way. Uber prices are increased during peak hours or when you cannot find any ride. They can Tax their customers to a more significant amount of money, which has no limit.

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