How Thomas Fitzpatrick Landed a Plane Twice on NYC Streets?

How Thomas Fitzpatrick Landed a Plane Twice on NYC Streets?

Thomas Fitzpatrick landed the plane twice on the streets of New York City due to a challenge. He proved himself as an excellent pilot by landing both of them safely. The government didn’t find it a heroic act. He got punishment and a fine, but there was not a long-term prison. 

How Thomas Fitzpatrick Landed a Plane Twice on NYC Streets?

Thomas Fitzpatrick was an American pilot and well known in a specific era. He was a war pilot, and he knew the handling and control of planes.

Biography of Thomas Fitzpatrick


He was a well-known person, and few people knew him by his nickname. He had a pet name that was similar to his original name.

Thomas’s immediate family and friends called him with these names frequently. He was known as Tommy Fitz because of his name Thomas Fitzpatrick.

Born and place 

Thomas Fitzpatrick was born on 24th April 1930, in Manhattan, New York City. He lived and grown in New York City for the rest of his life. 

Place of death

He died at the age of 79 in New Jersey. His death date is 14- September and the year 2009. He was an adventurous man, but he died a natural death. 

Reason of popularity

He was popular among the people of America and all around the world. The reason for his popularity was the landing of two harmful planes on the streets. 

Popular flights of Thomas Fitzpatrick

He is well known for his multiple adventures, but few flights are remarkable. He was a warfighter, and one of his most famous flights is a late-night flight. People and the government of America also remember him for his non-heroic but still remarkable flights. 

Life and spouse

He lived an adventurous and fantastic, and his life was a box of all the mixed happenings. 

He was a fearless and rare person with various qualities. He also got married during his lifetime, and the name of his spouse was Helen Fitzpatrick. 

Where Thomas Fitzpatrick got these planes?

He was a pilot, but still, he steals two planes from different places. He was drunk in that situation, and both times he convinced the owners.

He never told any of them about the purpose of borrowing the plane. He asked them that he wanted to borrow a plane for a particular purpose.

In the first landing, Thomas Fitzpatrick got the Airplane from the Teter Boro School of Aeronautics. He had stolen a light aircraft from this academy. He never informed the owner that he is moving a plane out of his place. 

On the second time landing, he borrowed a plane from an aircraft academy. He never told the owner that he went to land his aircraft on the streets of Manhattan, New York City.

He was a returned fighter of a world war warrior pilot. He had connections with the plane academies during and after his career. 

He convinced the academy owner to give him the plane. Both of the times, he selected the light aircraft, but he never used the lights and radios of the airplanes during his adventure. 

Why he landed planes?

Thomas Fitzpatrick landed planes on the streets of New York City due to a challenge. It was never an event to harm the public or any authority of the city. He was a regular drinker, and he always remains in a state of challenge and adventure. 

His friends were aware of his nature, and it is one of them that provoked him in the first landing. He accepted the challenge, and within hours he bought the challenge into reality. 

The second landing proved that he had done the first one. He was drunk in the second landing as well.

It could be deadly for people, but both times the landing was safe and harmless. He was sitting in the bar when his friend said that he did not believe him for the first landing.

It was a moment of anger for him and he couldn’t absorb the sense of failure and doubt. He told his friend to hold his glass of alcohol.

Immediately, he rushed out of the bar and went to the aircraft academy. He had done the second plane landing in the same night when his friend challenged him.

Both of the plane landings were due to a small drunk challenge, but everyone noticed them. In this era, everyone in New York City is aware of the two intoxicated planes landing on their streets.

It was not a memorable event because there were chances of human harm, but they were noticeable by everyone.

He got the popularity because the landing was safe both of the times. There was no accidental event for the people of those streets. 

Manhattan was awakening at that time, and there is no single death reported both times. The landings were safe for the public and the planes.

There was no damage or crack on the outer structure of the aircraft. The machinery remained safe from physical cracks and lines.

On which city he landed planes?

Thomas Fitzpatrick landed his planes twice on the streets. It was New York City that faced such an adventurous event twice. People were astonished by his deed, but few of them considered it fascinating as well. 

What happened in the first landing?

Thomas’s first plane landing was in Manhattan, New York City. He was sitting at a bar at that time and was drunk. The date of the first landing is 30-September, and the year was 1956. 

He was with a group of his friends, and they were drinking alcohol. The name of the bar in Washington heights.

His friends provoked him for this adventure, and it was a bet. He had the nature of taking challenges and completing them without any fear.

He was at a very young age of 26 years when he first landed the aircraft on the streets. He left the bar right after accepting the challenge.

He reaches the airplane academy, and he never told the owner. It was a plan of stealing the air device, and he did it without any harm.

He had chosen a light aircraft, but his plane was a bit different. He never used the lights of the machine. He kept them off and kept on flying it.

He had not used the radio and signals to interact with any base unit. He controlled the aircraft without any instructions.

It could lead to a huge disaster, but he was an expert. He was in drunken state anything could happen. His target was never the streets of Manhattan because he was aware of the damage.

He had chosen a park for landing the plane, but he had to change his plan. The park was out of lights, and he did not find any directions.

The lights of his device were also off because he was not in the position to be identified. He decided to change the location within seconds, and the decision was quick.

He landed the aircraft on Nicholas Street near Avenue 191 street. The people found this landing as one of the wildest events. 

Few people were sleeping during this adventure. They woke up and realized that there is a plane landed in the middle of the street.

Everyone amused by this event, and the news spread like fire. Everyone wanted to know the person who did this wild thing.

The bet was that Thomas could travel from New Jersey to Manhattan within fifteen minutes. His friends didn’t believe him, but he proved them wrong. 

Few people have given interviews about the plane landing. They spread their views in the media coverage. One person who was a resident of the streets said that it was not a planned landing.

The person said that he landed at the school near Nicholas street. He found that there were no lights, and Thomas changed the plan.

The children of the streets were interviewed about the incident as well. They found it astonishing and unbelievable.

Some of them said that they never thought they could see a plane so closely. Few children found the adventure unreal, and they wanted to do it too.

Everyone was amazed and shocked due to the first plane landing on the streets of Manhattan. Some people said it is almost impossible to land a plane on the marrow streets of this area. They said that a pilot is a professional person. 

Initially, people thought it is a wrong and emergency landing. Meanwhile, everyone got aware of Thomas Fitzpatrick and his friend’s challenge. It leads to a sense of uncomfortable feeling among people.

The newspapers highlighted the event as misery. They said although the landing was safe, and anything could have happened. The newspapers spread the news as a deadly act.

It was advisable not to try it in any condition because people feel the urge to do it by themselves. It considered the act as feet of aeronautics. 

Everyone was an admirer of Fitzpatrick, and no one was against him. Few people were furious, but they were small in number.

The owner of the plane got the news in front of the media and other people. He got shocked initially, but he was more amused.

He loved the highlighting and popularity. He never complained about him for stealing the plane. He found his plane in precise conditions, and hence he had no problem with the landing.

The police of New York City investigated the landing. They said it is a once in few incidents, and he required fame. 

What happened in the second landing?

The story has not ended at this spot because the landing happened again. He did this wild act right after two years.

No one expected another plane to land on the streets. Two years was a long time to forget about everything related to plane landing. He selected the same place that had given him so much polarity.

His intention was not getting attention this time too. There was a bet behind the whole scenario once again. Thomas was drunk in the second landing as well.

He was sitting in a bar surrounded by his friends. Those people tried to provoke him about his first landing. One of his friends said that he did not believe him. The friend said if he had done the first landing, then he can do another.

Thomas was a bit hesitant in the beginning, but the friend kept on provoking him. He said it means Thomas was not the person who did the first landing on Manhattan streets.

Thomas Fitzpatrick becomes so angry because he was a man of challenges. He told his friend to hold his glass of beer, and he left the bar immediately.

People of the bar thought that he had left for home. No one was sure that he did the aircraft landing once again. Hw was a warfighter pilot, and he was a man of rage.

He went to the aircraft academy, and this time he borrowed a light aircraft. He never told the owner about the purpose. He assured the owner that it is a personal task.

The owner accepted his request. Thomas left with the plane, and he chose a street of Manhattan for landing. This time the aircraft was out of lights and instructions as well.

The aircraft was a Cessna with a single-engine. These aircraft are small but efficient in their performance. The color of the structure was red and cream with proper alignments.

He landed the second plane on the 4-October, and the year was 1958. It was right after two years of the first plane landing. He landed the device in the middle of a street.

It was a street known as 187th street. The place was right in front of the Yeshiva University. Manhattan street was full of people at that time, and people were unaware of the activity.

The landing was as smooth as it was for the first time. There were no harms reported to the people. The buildings in the surrounding remained safe and sound.

The rage was the cause this time because he wanted to prove himself. He landed it near the bar, and the alcohol played a vital role in this event. He landed his device in a parking plot.

It had cars and other vehicles, and the time was about 12:15 am. People were shocked and amused by the rattling sound of an aircraft neat their buildings. The pilot left it in this place right after parking it safely. 

The police came for investigation, and it was easy to find out the culprit this time. They immediately thought about Fitzpatrick and called him to the police station. The inquiry started, and they asked Thomas about the event.

Initially, the pilot denied that he had not done anything. He was afraid of the consequences because he was not drunk during the investigations. The witness provides information about Thomas, and he had to accept that it was his doing.

The second plane landing was without a permit. It made the situation worse. The flying license was expired a long time ago, and it put Thomas in a miserable condition.

The government had suspended his flying permit right after his first landing. It was to stop him from doing it again, but he had not stopped.

A man inside a bus parking reported to the interviewer that it was a horrific event. He was against the adventure, and he said it is not suitable.

The bus owner said someday the plane could strike the human community. It can be deadly for the people living on the streets.

What is the leading cause of these events?

The leading causes of these events were the rage and challenging nature of Thomas Fitzpatrick. No one can provoke a fighter pilot for such doings until he is so furious. The pilot did all of this to prove himself. 

What did the government do to Thomas Fitzpatrick?

The first plane landing got all the hype and popularity. The people of New York city made him a hero. There was no loss of human life and buildings.

The police investigated to its fullest, and they did not find any death reported. The owner of the aircraft was satisfied because he got his plane without any damages.

He never complained about Thomas Fitzpatrick. When people told him to take any strict action against Thomas and the owner said I have no issues with him.

The aircraft owner was not in the position to suffer court and other proceedings. The government canceled the flying license of the pilot. It was an extreme act, but Thomas did not fight back. 

The police insisted the government take another strict action against such violent acts. In this pressure, the government charged him a fine of $100.

It was a handsome amount at that time. The hundred dollars of 1956 means eight hundred dollars of today’s time. There was no prison for the pilot. The government representative instructed him that he should never repeat it.

The second landing resulted in extreme results. Thomas flew the plane without licenses. The landing was safe, but it frightened the people.

They said it could happen to them, and they did not feel safe in New York City. In the second landing, the government charged Thomas with Grand Larceny.

They fined him for the reckless landing of the aircraft. The government sentenced him for violating the law of aeronautics, and they considered the act as an unauthorized act.

The court sentenced Thomas Fitzpatrick to a prison of six months. He used strict words about his prison. The judge said if the government had taken strict actions, then he was not able do it again.

The government fined it a criminal act, and they never allow him his flying license. He lived in punishment for six years, and his family funded the fine. Thomas Fitzpatricknever landed the plane again on the streets after these two adventures. 

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