How Do I Get a Food Vendor's License in NYC?

How Do I Get a Food Vendor’s License in NYC?

How Do I Get a Food Vendor’s License in NYC?

With the increasing demand for a variety of food in New York City, the trend of food vendor is spreading throughout New York City. There are as many as 20000 food vendors in New York City. Food vendors is a person who sells food within a street or any public area. They may be mobile food vendors who sell food on mobile trucks or buses.

New York City, Environmental control Board clearance, is required to prove that there is no Health code or New York City Administrative code violations issued to the person applying for a food vendor’s license. If the person is a corporation partnership or limited liability company, the clearance must show the corporate partnership or LLC name. Payment of any outstanding fines may be made in person at the Citywide licensing center.

What is a food vendor license?

Food vendor license is a kind of work permit that allows you to sell your prepared food in streets local fairs and any other specific locations. The food vending license issued by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHM) as a photo I.D. badge.

How Do I Get a Food Vendor’s License in NYC?

Before you apply for a food vendor license, you will need an NYS certificate of Authority to collect your sales tax. You will need this certificate before you apply for a license. After applying for the certificate, it takes 20 days to receive your certificate after applying online.

You also need to pass a food protection course before submitting your application for a license. Applicants are also required to register and pay the course fee at the same time they apply for license

You are required to provide home address proof when you apply for a license. If you don’t have home address proof, you are required to provide a complete affidavit of the home address for your license application.

You are required to provide a valid government photo ID( driver,s license passport or employment authorization card).

No fee is charged to an applicant if he provides proof of honorable discharge from the U.S. Armed services in the form of a New York state peddlers Certificate or form DD-214(discharge document) from the U.S. Department of Veterans affairs. This benefit is also available to a surviving spouse or domestic partner of a veteran with this proof.

Procedure for application

Apply in person to get a food vendor license

Following are some of the steps to apply for license

Before you apply for a food vendor license, you will need an NYS certificate of Authority to collect your sales tax. You will need this certificate before you apply for a license. After applying for the certificate, it takes 20 days to receive your certificate after applying online.

Complete an application for mobile food vendor license form and additional forms in accordance with instructions provided

The following are the required documents for the mobile food vendor license.

Utility bills bank or credit card statement dated within the last 90 days

Affidavit of Home Address form carefully completed by a person who is living with the applicant and a recent utility bill or lease, which is issued at the name of that individual.

Photo identification

One government-issued I.D. with photo; such as

Driver license or nondriver I.D.

Alien Registration Card or Naturalization Certificate is required

U.S. or passport of any country.

Proof of Sales Tax collecting Authority is required.

 original NYS Certificate of Sales Tax Authority

Proof of incorporation

Certificate of incorporation (stamped with the New York State Department of State) or filling receipt is also needed by the N.S. Secretary of state

Workers’ compensation or disability insurance coverage

workers have to Submit proof of coverage when the establishment begins operation, including insurer name and expiration date. If such coverage is not required, submit form of Attestation of Exemption 

Payment of outstanding Fines for DOHM violations

Only Certified check credit card or money order payable to OATH Health Tribunal (In-person payment) or pay online with credit or debit card.

Proof of Not to profit status (IF APPLICABLE)

Power of Attorney and Authority to Act Affidavit(if applicable) is required

Instructions for completing the standard application

Complete all the sections of the application carefully. The application should be filled by ink in capital letters if completing by hand.

First of all, enter the name of the permit or license you want to obtain.

Section A

Enter the individual owner’s name or all partner name in the box specified for the name of owners. The permit is only issued to the corporation, partnership or person who,s name is mentioned here.

Add the name of the establishment in the space specified as a Trade name or DBA.

Provide the location where the establishment is to be located. The address should be entered in the space labeled as permission location. This includes all floor number booth number or store number where the establishment is to be located.

You also have to provide an establishment phone number fax or email number.

Provide your date of birth in case you are applying as an individual.

Section B

In section B, you have to provide the expected date of start operating.

Section C

In this section, you provide your New York State Tax Authority ID#. If you are applying as an individual, also enter your social security number. If you don’t have a social security number, you can provide individual Tax Identification Number(ITIN).

Section D

Add your postal address if the address is different from where the establishment is going to be established. All of the concerned stuff will be sent by mail will be sent to this address.

Section E

In section, E enter the name home address zip code phone number email address and the owners or all partners in the business.

Section F

This section is required only for Mobile food vendor permittees. 


You also have to sign the application carefully. The sign of the signature must be included in section E.

Enter the title and phone number of the person who signed the application for permit.

The applicant should be of 18 years of age or older.

Submission of application

Submit the completed application along with your certificate of Authority to collect sales tax all other required documents. The payment is submitted to the DGA Citywide Licensing Center. You also have to pay and register for the Food protection course at the same time you apply for your license. The application should be submitted in person. It will not be accepted by mail or any representative.

After submission of application

After submitting your application, you have to attend a food protection course at the NYC Health Academy. After you complete the final exam, your photo will be taken for your license. You will receive your license via email within three weeks. You will get your license after three weeks of passing the exam. If you have not received your license after three weeks of passing exams, you can call 311 for assistance.

Operating and renewing a food vendor’s license in NYC

Operating requirements

The Health Department has some easy to follow guidelines for food vendor to avoid violations and protect customers from food born disease.


The health department usually inspects food vending units once a year to make sure that they are complying with the law. Inspection is also concluded for 

Permit renewal

In response to violations or complaints

Notice of violations in case of any violations. This notifies the permit holder to attend a hearing at the office of Administrative Trials and Hearings.

Provides information to how to respond to the NOV

Permit holders must supervise their vending unit carefully at all times.

Types of equipment for your food vending unit

Portable water 


Handwash sinks

Wastewater tank

Overhead structure


Cold holding

Hot holding


The mobile food vending unit may not be larger than 5 feet wide and 10 feet long. This includes all pushcarts attachments and overhead structure.

All mobile food vendors must obey the regulations regarding vending on restricted areas.

Food cannot be sold from a pushcart stand or truck without a valid DOHMH Mobile unit permit or inspection sticker even when the vendor has a valid mobile food vending license.

Renew in person

You can renew your permit at the DGA citywide licensing center. If you send someone for renewal, they must possess the Authority to act on your behalf.

Renewal fee

$50 for full-term license is being charged for renewal of license.

$10 for seasonal is being charged for renewal of seasonal license.

List of fees for a food vendor’s license in NYC

$50 for full term (2 years) license fee (debit or credit card check or money order.License code H05.

$10 Seasonal (April to October) license fee (debit or credit card check or money order.License code isH01.

 Honorably Discharged Veteran of U.S. Armed services will not pay any fee for course.

 Spouse of survivor or domestic partner of such Veteran.

$53 Fee for the Mobile Food vendor Food protection course (debit or credit card, certified check government check, or money order).Payment for the course should be submitted separately from the payment for the license application or any violations of the Health code or Administrative code.

Payment for Health code or Administrative code violations if any (debit or credit card certified check or money order are usually made payable to the Environmental Control Board).

Payment for any violations must be submitted separated from the fee of license and food protection course.

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