Best TV Mounting Service in New York City

Best TV Mounting Service in New York City

Best TV Mounting Service in New York City

The television mounting is the attachment of the television screen to the wall. It is attached to the wall by different methods. The method by which television mounting occurs is the flat display of mounting interface to the wall. The television is hanged on the wall for better image and sound quality.

In this article, our editors have explained 7 of these famous companies that are best for TV installation and mounting service in NYC.

The most important benefit of the wall-mounted television is the space between the television and the wall. This space gives support and protection to the television screen. These wall-mounted television are mostly used as the focal point of a room and give a sleek and modern finish — the wires of the television hidden behind the television screen. 

Mounting television on the wall of the room seems attractive in the room and gives a cinema-like look. It is the best and latest trend of television adjustment. For this purpose, there are many workers and workshops all around the world.

Best TV Mounting Service in New York City

Here is a list of some top-ranked TV mounting shops in New York City that you must visit when you need it if you are the resident of New York City.

Best TV Mounting Service in NYC ADDRESS FAMOUS FOR


It is famous for its fastest installation at reasonable prices.
ANDREW TV MOUNTING 1355 EAST / 18TH STREET BROOKLYN, NY 11230 UNITE STATES OF AMERICA. It helps to remove old TV from the wall and fix the new one even on very old walls of the 20th century. They remain open 24/7.
TECH DAD 119 WEST /23RD STREET 404, NEW YORK, NY 10011 B/W 7TH AVENUE, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It is famous for giving the theme look and installation of other IT devices.
 AUDIO BREAKTHROUGHS 1534/ NORTHERN BLVD MANHASSET, NY 11030, UNITE STATES OF AMERICA. It is famous for the fixing of audio devices like woofers and sub-woofers along with TV.
KING INSTALLATIONS 2060 OCEAN AVENUE BROOKLYN, NY 11230 B/W AVENUE P AND O MID WOOD, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It is famous for its most experienced services in very affordable money.
NYC TV MOUNTING 48 WEST 48TH STREET NEW YORK, NY 10036 B/W 5THAVENUE & ROCKEFELLER PLAZA MIDTOWN WEST. It is famous for its best services. they clean the place before installing the TV.
FAST TECH PROS PARK SLOPE, NEW YORK, NY 11215, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It is famous for its quick reply and other than TV they are experts in projector, wiring, Samsung frame TV installation.


It is the best television mounting service in New York City. It is the fastest one. They fix the large LED’S in a very short time and in a professional way. They fix the LED with excellent grace and perfectness. They provide their best services in a very short time and at a very affordable price. 

They are specialized in their services, and the workers are highly qualified and trained. They are great and fantastic at their work. They performed their duties in a very appropriate way. They work when you fix an appointment with them before a day or more. Everyone can book your appointment by calling them and by visiting their shop.

They provide their services effectively and quickly. They also give a warranty for their work. Other than tv mounting, they also provide other services to the television and LED’S. They have additional remote control if the remote of your TV is lost or any other mechanical fault occur in it you can do it from here. The price is very reasonable and affordable. 

The staff is very cooperative and humble. They deal with customers in a very friendly way. They also deal with the customers professionally and elegantly. They fulfill your expectations in a very good way. They take great care of your selection and your demand. 

The time of opening and closing of modern TV mounting is from Monday to Sunday is 9 am to 7 pm. It provides its services seven days a week. Under reasonable and affordable price, this is the best mounting place of the area.


Andrew mounting is the best and famous for it’s the best TV installation facilities. If your television is nit mounted on a wall, you must call Andrew mounting services for their best and awesome services.

Andrew is the owner of the Andrew TV mounting shop. He is a very responsible and professional person. He is professionally competent for his work. He is the best in his services. His famous most work is fixing of new TV on the old walls of the 20th century with full-motion mount. His this ability is the special gift of GOD to him.

They prepare the wall with a good finishing texture for the installation of the television. They are perfect and best in the fixing of large-size LED’S i-e 65″ or 70″ with great perfection and awesome care. They also fix small size screen with a beautiful outlook and border. 

They install the television on the wall and hide all the wires behind the screen that gives a neat look. Andrew mounting is the best one in its brilliant and excellent services. If you want to fix the new LED or television in the place of the old one so they are also the perfect one in their service.

They remove the old one with great care and full concentration and clear the wall by giving a new look. Then, they replace the old with a new one after its installation. They take good care of their customers and guide them properly and sincerely. The price of their best services is reasonable and affordable for the customers. They charge very little amount of their prestigious services.

The staff is very responsible and humble. They take good care of their customers and help them by their best efforts and sincere trials. If you want to visit you have to book your appointment at least a day before or more. 

The time of opening and closing of the Andrew TV mounting is 24/7. They remain their shop open all the time. They entertain the customers with their best services all day long for all seven days of the week.

TECH DAD, Best TV Mounting Service in NYC

Tech dad is famous for its services regarding all IT services, computer repair, and home theater, and home automation. It is the fastest and latest one in its services. It is the top rating mounting house of New York City. It is the best service in New York City.

It is famous for the mounting of TV in a good and professional way. The honor of the tech dad is Jamie, who is a fantastic man in nature and very friendly. He responds to every mail and visit. He welcomes the customers in a very good way. He is an expert in his work. The other staff members and co-workers are also very good and effective. They are helpful in nature and expert in their work.

They install the television and other LED and LCDs in a perfect way. They give them awesome support and strength. Their finishing is just more than wonderful. They are very professional in their work. They visit upon one call if you book your appointment them. They behave very responsibly and actively.

Jamie does the task in very less time with great finishing and aesthetic look. He charges very less amount of his awesome work and satisfies the customer with his most humble and friendly behavior. He provides the best work on your demand. 

He is very famous for giving the theme look to the TV mounting area. His installation is the perfect one, and it is very neat and strong. He applied the beautiful theme of what the customer demands and what is best according to location and area.

Other than television, they are also experts in their fixing of other IT devices like internet connection, CCTV cameras, monitor, and CPU repairing. Book an appointment with them before you need it. So that you may not suffer any issue.

As they are good and professional in their work, so they have a lot of work. So you may get your turn after one to two days of your visit. They guide you, sincerely and humbly. They help their customers in the best way they can. 

The time of opening and closing of tech dad is from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm, but they remain closed on Saturday and Sunday. They do their best tasks in very less and affordable money. 


Audio breakthroughs are the good TV mounting service shop in New York City. It is famous for home installation services. Along with the television, it is also famous for the fixing of the audio devices and high –end audio devices like woofer and the sub-woofer speakers and all others. 

They are very famous for giving the cinema or theater-like appearance to the room. They are the best for the fixing of the multi-room audios, audiophiles stereo information system. They fix huge woofers along with the large television screen. When the audio played on those speakers, they give a very charming and attractive look to the room. 

Bruce is the owner of this shop. He is a very intelligent person and a very responsible one. They had a great knowledge of fixing a TV screen in the wall with a perfect look and awesome finishing. He and his whole staff are very responsible for his work.

Bruce and the co-workers are very helpful in nature. They are the best and perfectly competent for their prestigious services all around New York City. They have a piece of great knowledge and a sense of best installation of all cinema-like devices in the room of the house. It is one of the best TV mounting services in NYC.

He chooses the system with the choice of the customer and also by noticing the range of the customer. His aim is to satisfy the customers and make them happy with his friendly attitude and sincere efforts. He is the best in selecting the best quality speaker in the best affordable amount. 

The equipment he uses for the mounting services is the latest one and the perfect in quality. He performed his work in a very little time and at an affordable amount. He charged very less amount for the sake of his awesome services. You have to book an appointment before one to two days when you need his awesome services. You can book by calling or by visiting.

The time of opening and closing of the audio breakthroughs is 11 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday. It closes early at 6 pm on Saturday, and it remains closes on Sunday.

KING INSTALLATIONS, TV Installation Company

King installations are the best TV mounting service shop in New York City. It is famous for its prestigious services regarding the best quality audios and videos. It is an expert in TV mounting services. They provide the best services by fixing TV in a perfect way.

The king installation is famous for it’s the best services of high quality and best performance. They take great care of their quality and never compromise on quality. They provide prestigious services from more than the last ten years.

They have highly experienced staff. They fulfill their duty in the best way. They take great care of the customer’s demand. They are also best in cabinet painting. They have the best theme colors for the painting of the cabinets. 

They are also best in the repair of doors. They also provide excellent services for the repairing of the floor. They also provide the best matching to the wall on which TV is going to install. They also have perfect artist for the exterior paintings.

They are the best in the installation of TV along with perfect finishing and an elegant look. They fix the TV with the help of the drill machine. The drill machine helped them to dig holes in the wall for the fixing of nuts of the TV.

They have a great decent staff. All the staff members are decent and friendly. They guide the customer in a sincere way and show them the best path for the beautiful decoration of precious clients. They treat all the customers with great courtesy and friendly.

The price of TV installation and all other services is very less and affordable. They are just more than perfect for the business of home maintenance and decoration. They dedicate their sincere efforts for the well-being of the customers.

They have special experts for every task who are also responsible and decent and friendly. You have to book an appointment to contact them. Feel free and comfortable to contact them because they just treat you like a family. You book your appointment at least a day or two before when you require a visit.

The time schedule of the king installation is 8 am to 7 pm from Monday to Sunday. They work seven days a week for customer’s satisfaction and ease.


NYC TV mounting is the latest service in New York City. Enormous TV simply doesn’t look right when it’s perched on a TV stand. Current level screens are intended to be mounted upon the divider, as though they were coasting on air. Accomplish that front line look with TV Mounting Services.

They confirm specialists can distinguish the best divider mounts for you and use them for secure TV establishment on the divider. They give free gauges to the entirety of our clients. NYC is very famous for the best and prestigious services. This company offers the best TV installation in NYC.

Give their professionals a chance to deal with the level screen establishment process. They fix the television in a very short time and with great care and perfection. They clean the place before fixing the television. They wear gloves before starting their work. Handle all the operation very carefully.

They respond to the proper time when you call them. They took a vacuum cleaner along with them for the cleaning of old TV. They will take responsibility to fix the TV at the best level for mounting. Your choices may incorporate tilting, flush, and thin or low-profile sections for an ultra-flush look.

They perform all the best activities in a very less and affordable amount. They came in a few hours when you call them. They are very famous for their extra fast services at very reasonable and affordable money. You can book them by calling or visiting. After your call, they come within a few minutes.

The staff is very cooperative and humble. They deal with their customers in a great way and satisfy them with their sincere efforts. They welcome their customers with a smile on face. They provide them special discounts when you visit on and off for their brilliant services.

It is open from 8 am to 9 pm from Monday to Sunday. They perform their brilliant services seven days a week. They are always there to help customers and entertain them every day when you need them.


Fast tech pros are the best in its prestigious services all over New York City. They are famous for their prestigious services for the installation of television, projector, and other theater devices. They are famous for their work in a very less time.

Leo is the owner of the fast tech pros, for he is a very responsible and great man. He has great knowledge. He provides his best services in a very short time. He schedules the visit on the same day when you call him. He tries his best to provide you the service within an hour. He mounted the television in a great way. He visited you and helped by just your one call. He performed a great job in a very less time.

After the visit, he starts his work urgently and fixes the television within 20 minutes of the start. His work is good and fast. He cleans the wall before the mounting of the television and fix the television with great grace and charm. He is very expert in giving a cinema-like look to the room.

The staff is very active and professional. He responds to your question humbly. They guide their customers in a very good and professional way. They welcome them with great courtesy. They satisfy their customers in a good way with their fastest and professional services.

The cost is very affordable and reasonable. They also provide special discount on special days and occasions. It is open from 7 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday, and they close at 9 pm on Saturday and 3 pm on Sunday.

In the end, I would like to say that fast tech installations is the best one. They provide the best work in a very short time and in a very less amount. The also offers discount and contact you within one hour of your call. They also guide you sincerely about the installation. I visited fast tech pros for the installation of TV.

They welcomed me with great courtesy and smile. They guide me properly and fix my television within an hour. They charged a very reasonable amount and give me a discount because these days the black Friday sale is running.

I want to install my television on the right wall of the room they adjust them at the same place and also along with television they install speakers and hide all the wires behind the screen. I am much satisfied with their work.

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