Best Trance Clubs in New York City

Best Trance Clubs in New York City

Best Trance Clubs in New York City

The nightlife of New York City is full of Glamour and lights. The never-ending rave parties and fun in the underground is so exotic that one never wants to leave the party early.

I live in NYC and I visit Trance Clubs on weekends with my friends. The today’s age is the age of trance music. Evolved from electrical beats, trance music has gained much popularity worldwide due to its rhythms and unique tempo that makes one go crazy as hell.

Trance music has gained much fame in the city of New York too. The hipsters love to listen to trance on their iPods and phones. The city has been a birthplace of many renowned trance artists, and it has been a home to one of the best trance clubs in the world.

Best Trance Clubs in New York City

Our team of editors has picked some of the top Trance clubs in NYC, and we will feature them in this article to help you choose the best of your choice. If you know any club, then do tell us in the comments so we can add up here too.

Here is the list of best trance clubs of New York City 2020.

Best Trance Clubs in NYC

Special Features


Bembe Nightclub Perfect Latino trances, environmental-friendly and Instagrammable. 81 S 6th St., Brooklyn, NY 11249
1 OAK One of a kind, Best dance floors, and bars. 453 W 17th St, New York, NY 10011
Webster Hall Historical and phenomenal, newly renovated halls and air-conditioned. 125 E 11th St,, NY 10003
Good Room The good in the name stands for music, the room is full of transitive beasts. 98 Meserole Ave, Greenpoint, NY 11222
Avant Gardner One of the biggest party hall in Brooklyn, sick parties are held here. EDM Eden! 140 Stewart Avenue, Brooklyn, NYC 11237
Marquee NY Also called Trance Haven, dance like sardines, lights, and best sound systems are mood boosters. 289 10th Ave, NY 10001

Bembe Nightclub

You want to feel like a Brooklyn Baby, just like Lana Del Ray? If yes, then you are going to enjoy one of the best trance club in the area named Bembe. The name itself gives you Latino vibes, and yes, they indeed provide Latino music as well.

Bembe opened its gates to the public back in 2002. Since then, it has become a center where you will find cultural diversity with lots of dance and unlimited music. This place has hosted some of the best shows with top DJs of NYC, and some International as well.

Bembe is not just another club. Let’s say, for example, most of their interior contains recycled items. The owners wanted to make this trance club environment-friendly. Although you can get noise pollution due to loud music, but their efforts for recycling and re-using are highly commendable.

The Bembe nightclub has a unique little cocktail bar that serves the best blend of soft and hard drinks. You will find some fantastic mojitos and cocktails in this small bar of joy. Do not drink to your fill, and leave some space for the sick trance music, which will let you dance too hard on the floor.

Unlike other big dance clubs, this trance club has a smaller space. But this will not stop you from dancing to the sick beats, and oh boy! The floor gets crazy when Martin Garrix comes on.

There are special days reserved for events. If you come on Tuesday, you will enjoy Reggae music that will vanish your Tuesday blues away. The club prefers company, so you better go with a date or a cute female colleague of yours to pass through easily. And hey, have some money in your wallet as they take cash only.

The operational hours of Bembe are from 7:30 pm to 4 am (Monday to Thursday), and 7 pm to 4 am (Friday to Sunday). I would recommend going before 11 as this little two-floored club can be quite crowdy at midnight.

1 OAK, Best Trance Club In New York City

Wildness has just got a new definition, also known as 1 OAK. This club is not your typical nightclub. This place is a haven for party-beasts, and you will always find a celebrity having fun here.

1OAK has been the apple of an eye for New Yorkers since its inauguration in 2008 by the Butter Group. 1 OAK is one of the most popular and busiest nightclubs, and it has earned its name quite much. The 1 OAK stands for one of a kind, which makes sense as they provide you never-ending entertainment with luxuries you would not find elsewhere.

The trance club has sections. One section comes with a bar which has the most exquisite blend of drinks in New York (Beware! They cost too much), one portion is the VIP lounge that includes mesmerizing art-work and top-notch facilities. You will also find a smoking room near the VIP lounge.

This little room has these beautiful mirror walls and the perfect spot to take some Instagram photos. The DJ podium is also available for you.

One unique thing that I found here is that they have an enjoyable yet expensive seating option. You can come with your group of wealthy friends and enjoy it there. The prices are too much costly, and that is why you would only see the Elite class of New York partying here.

The sick beats are so out-of-the-world. The DJ mostly plays hip-hop and energetic music. You may also dance to the best Progressive mix. The lighting system is so synchronized with music that it creates a feel, just so deep that you dwell deep into it.

The zig-zag B&W floor tiles are an absolute classic, take the hands of your partner, get into the crowd, and dance like crazies. You will find some poles there to get naughty or take some support while feeling dizzy.

You might want to wear high heels (probably red stilettos) to hit the pub, or if you are a gentleman, then dress yourself more dapper.

The timings of 1 OAK are 11 pm to 4 in the morning. 1 OAK has the same schedules throughout the week. So don’t hesitate and book yourself for a perfect Saturday night there. You can also celebrate your special events there, so go ahead.

Webster Hall

If you are a true New Yorker, then you already know about the glory of Webster Hall. This historic venue is the center of art and music for the city, and it has hosted some unforgettable shows that will be marked as best in the pages of history.

This East Village concert hall is historical, as I have mentioned earlier. The establishment of this venue took place in the mid-1880’s. Now you get the idea of how ancient this place is. Since then, this place has been a mecca for artists and music-lovers.

Everyone wanted to host or attend a party at the Webster Hall, and there was always a houseful and lengthy waits outside the club. This best trance club is just perfect for parties.

The Webster Hall is not just an ordinary night club; it is a place of music revolution. The 40000 sq. Feet space is enough to sing its glory. It also makes it one of the most prominent entertainment spots in New York. The building has four levels. The basement is usually for check-ins and coat hangings, you will also be welcomed by a bar which is gold-plated and reminds of the significance of this place.

There are two rooms. One consists of the Marlin Room, while there are other smaller studios and separate dance rooms that can work well for private events. The décor inside is a mixture of modern art with old aesthetics. It is a sheer pleasure to watch.

Let me describe the main ballroom of this trance club. The excellent disco ball is hanging, and you will find a stage above you which is as old as this place. The dazzling lights are there to boost your energy accompanied by the best DJs of New York that cast a magic spell on the crowd.

And by crowd, I mean that it is big enough to accommodate hundreds of attendees. You can also join through the stairways or lobbies if the space is full.

There is no emphasis on the dress code, so wear whatever you want to. If you don’t want to wait in line for like 30 to 40 minutes, then try to come early. Do not bring any recording items or weapons with you as the Webster Hall is much strict in following the rules. Do not try to go outside as getting inside again might be a troublesome experience.

You can visit the Webster hall from 12 pm to 10 pm from Monday to Wednesday. The rest of the days are open till 4 in the morning, except Sunday, which is off. So don’t just stay here and visit this excellent venue now.

Good Room

If you want to see where the hearts of hipsters lie, then you must check this venue on your list. The Good Room is one of the most spectacular places in the Greenpoint area. There is so much to this place that a mere review cannot describe it. So let’s begin with a brief introduction to this classic night club.

The owners of the Good Room wanted to create such a night club that will have one of the best bar and dance parties in the city. They wanted to make a platform for those who loved music just as much as they do. This club got created out of love; that is why it has become a hotspot for the locals.

Many renowned DJs have performed in this club, and their epic performances became super viral over the years. Some of the top names in the DJ’s list include Martyn, Lloydski, Justin Strauss and Billy Caldwell, Kim Ann Foxman, and many more. They have become icons of this club. You will have a great deal of enjoyment while listening to them.

The place is not for you if you are a fancy party lover. This little club is a beast-mode always turned on. The sick beats of deep house, trances, and techno always make your mood so high up the sky. You dance carelessly with the crowd. You might even get a chance to make out.

The ambiance of the club is perfect. Epic disco lights drive the whole room. The big ball is love.

The floor is medium-sized yet big enough to dance crazily. There is a separate space/room on the side which has seats to sit, so you can rest a bit after dancing. There is a VIP lounge also available beside the DJ booth.

The DJ is attentive and knows how to mix the music and enhance your mood. The exclusive parties are the best ones, they may charge you extra for them, but they are worth it. To compliment all this, a large bar is present which provides you drinks at meager prices. The bartenders are efficient, friendly, and they know their job. It makes the Good Room the “Good” room.

The best parties are on weekends, and we recommend you to come on weekends also. The waiting outside can take half an hour. The parking is on the street side, so be careful about that. Entry tickets may vary from party to party, so don’t argue with the bouncers about that. Wear an appropriate dress and try to come before 10 pm if you don’t want to wait longer in the queue.

The Good Room opens at 8 pm to 4 am on Wednesday. It opens at 10 pm and closes at 4 am for the rest of the days. Do not go there from Sunday to Tuesday as they don’t operate on these days. Weird.

Avant Gardner

If you live in Brooklyn and you crave to enjoy the best of the best Deep House mix with fresh trance beats, then we have a perfect venue for you in the Bushwick district. Yes, it is Avant Gardner we are talking about. Everyone in New York loves to go to Avant Gardner, be it celebrities, models, sportsmen, or the rest of the public.

Avant Gardner is the 2nd largest party venue in Brooklyn. It is truly massive. You will be much surprised to know that it occupies an area of almost 80000 square ft.

This trance club has been a center for many parties and big concerts. The large area can be roomy enough for thousands of music lovers. This is one of the best Trance Clubs in NYC.

Let me tell you how big this place is. It consists of four big chunks. These four separate party locations have specialties of their own, and they are always packed with a crowd whenever a concert is around. The names are:

  • Brooklyn Mirage
  • The Great Hall
  • The Kings Hall
  • The Lost Circus

The Brooklyn Mirage: 

Not everyone is a fan of indoor parties, and some have issues with suffocation and smoke, so the Brooklyn mirage is there for you. It is an open-air venture with supplies of unlimited foods and drinks for you.

The dance floor and the stage-platform both are wide enough to entertain a large number of people. The skyline view is fantastic, and walls are present to give you the best echoing sound effect.

The Great Hall: 

Also, the most significant and most crucial hall. A wide dance area accompanied by a stage and DJ booth that can make you dance like crazy. The sound system comes with the latest technology, and the lights are well-synchronized with the sound beats that make such a pleasing rhythm.

The continually moving lights are the heart of this place, and everyone prefers partying in the great hall.

The Kings Hall: 

This smaller space is perfect for private gigs like birthday parties and weddings. The glass walls are absolute love to see, especially in the day time when light passes from it and brightens the room. The magnificent chandelier is hanging, which is a luxury to behold. Not to mention the KV2 sound system, which is classy.

The Lost Circus: 

The smallest and most vividly fantastic part of this venue is the lost circus. The circus takes you back to vintage times. The floor is wooden and creates the perfect sound when you tap dance on it. The lighting is ideal with the disco ball hanging to create the mood. Tables are also set there if you want to have dinner with friends and family.

Trance, EDM, Deep House, and techno parties are held occasionally at Avant Gardner. It also has some good things on the menu to eat when you get tired of dancing. The entry is through tickets that we can buy online. There is no such dress restriction. The staff is cool if you act like a friendly citizen.

Marquee NYC

Let’s conclude our search for the best trance clubs in New York with one of the best venues in Manhattan named Marquee. This place has it all. It has luxury; it has a perfect seating plan, a decent dancing area, an ideal sound system, and frequent hosting of top International and local DJs.

It all started in 2003. Now, after 16 years, it has become a must-visit place of New Yorkers every weekend and Wednesday, which is considered the best day to visit. This place welcomes youngsters and adults. You will see celebrities celebrating their birthdays or after-awards parties here.

Let me take you on a tour of this fantastic club. There are three parts to this place. One is the main dance floor, which has a stage and DJ booth. The location is equipped with the latest laser beam and neon lights that light up your night so well. If we talk about the sound system, the Marquee has the latest Funktion One system, which is so satisfying for both the DJs and listeners.

The big Chandelier hanging is so sexy that you want to dance right under it. The LED lights and screens are there to compliment all the setup. The perfect ambiance gives you the feeling that you are sitting in a Vegas Casino.

The upper floor consists of a little dancing area and the VIP lounge along with a bar that contains all that you need to fuel up your night. The VIP area is perfect for hosting parties. The bartenders and the staff are much courteous, and they make you feel special.

There is also a bar next to the dance floor, which comes with seating options. You can drink your fill there and then rev up the party.

There is always a big party at the house. Many big names are associated with this place, such as David Guetta, EC twins, DJ Tiesto. They come here from time to time and entertain the trance lovers. You can also experience acrobat shows and lucky days may get you to see a fire breathing show as well. Music with stunts, an absolute beauty!

The average waiting time to enter is about half an hour to an hour unless you are a VIP. VIP’s don’t have to wait in the queue. Their dressing policy is simple; just don’t wear anything offensive or baggy and be yourself. The entry price may vary subject to the DJ performing. You will also have to pay for coat hanging and tips/taxes.

Marquee, NY, is only open on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Wednesday’s feature open house, there is Deep House on Fridays, and Saturdays host commercial houses. The party goes from 11 in the night till 4 in the morning. So party hard, dance to the monster beats, and live the best life.

Final Words

Boredom is a thing New Yorkers are unfamiliar with. They always find the best entertainment spots in the city and enjoy their fullest.

These clubs are the best in town, but I will always recommend not to drive if you are heavily drunk. Drive safe, play safe, and enjoy the party.

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