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Best Sailing Schools in New York City

Best Sailing Schools in New York City

Sailing school ate those schools which provide the environment to you to learn about sailing skills. They give you beginner’s understanding nothing more than that. Upon completion of your schooling, you have to practice your own to be efficient in it and try to perfect in your specialization.

I have just completed my course at one of the famous sailing schools in NYC. Sailing school gives you a complete understanding of the sailing skills in one-course time, and time may vary in different schools of New York.

In this article, our editors have explained 10 of these best sailing schools in New York City.

Sailing schools are the best place for beginners to learn about sailing, but once you get the idea, join different practice session to increase your skills.

Best Sailing Schools in New York City

You can get benefits from your sailing school at any stage of your sailing life, but the most significant benefit is for the beginners of this process under professional trainers. You can also consult your family members and closest friends about sailing if you feel any difficulty in the process. Still, they can inherit a positive mistake in your sailing ability, which cannot be omitted from your body later on.

You become attached to them, so sailing school provides a better sense to learn about sailing. You can also have to be a proper idea about sailing schools, and no two sailing schools are similar to each other in the sense of the quality of professional trainers and their equipment according to beginner’s needs.

You must have to be aware of the cost of the different sailing schools in the market. Ask different queries to talk about the price, although their costs are almost $225 to $475. You have to be aware of the price before joining any school.

Now we will discuss the various schools that are best in New York City. 

Best Sailing Schools in NYC Address & Contact No. Specialties
Port Sailing School 22 Pelham Road New Rochelle NY 10801, United States

+1 9143555400

Private courses and weekend courses
Sag Harbor Sailing 51 Pine neck Ave Sag Harbor NY,11963 United States

+1 6317255100

Daysail charters and sunset cruises
Sail Long Island Brewer Yacht Yard1410 Manhanset Avenue Greenport NY11944 United States

+1 9179126342

Women only courses and courses for couples.
Sail Montauk 32 Star Island Road, Montauk, NY 11954, United States

+1 6315225183

Sunset cruises and racing cruises
Atlantic yachting 79 Hudson river greenway, New York, NY 10024, United States

+1 2125184604

Weekend courses and summer camp
New York sailing center 231 Kirby Street, The Bronx, NY 10464, united States

+1 7188850335

Youth courses and Summer camps
SOUL Sailing 417 Hunter Ave, The Bronx, NY 10464, United States

+1 4070017

Corporate team building
Croton Sailing School 2 Elliot Way, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520, United States

+1 9142716868

Day Sail charters
Griffin Sailing School 102 1st St, Connelly, NY 12417, United States

+1 8456882000

Spinnaker courses
Sail Ontario Charters 124 pike road, Sackets Harbor, NY 13685, United States Weekend courses


Port Sailing School

The port sailing school provides beginners understanding to the sailors, and their beginners’ course comprises of two to three days, and they are just 18 to 20 miles away from New York City to the long island in New Rochelle. After completion of the beginners’ course, you can rent away their new boats to their sailing locations and learn sailing in a practical way.

 They rent out more boats than any other sailing school in New York City, and you have to learn about sailing by practice again and again. They rent out boats from 21 feet to 36 feet in length. You can take them according to your professional understanding of boats. They have specialized classes in winter and in summer. Summer classes are started in June of every year, especially for the children of the age of 8 years. 

They offer various courses for their students in which some of them are private courses, weekday and weekend courses, corporate courses, ASA challenges, and summer camps for the kids of age more than eight years. In these courses, they specialized their customers in a professional manner. Some other courses are Day Sail Charters, Vacation Charters, Sunset cruises, and many other courses which is available for you seven days a week.

  • May – Wed. To Sun.
  • June – Seven days a week
  • July – Seven days a week
  • August – seven days a week
  • September – Wed-Sun.
  • October – Weekends only

 Sag Harbor Sailing

They have different types of sailboats on which they will guide you and teach you the best sailing skills. Their instructors have the 7-9 years’ experience with the American sailing school association certification classes. They are recognized for the teaching of the best sailing abilities to their customers. They have also arranged a summer camps for the children who are not available in other days of the year and try them to teach in a positive way. 

 Their courses include day sail charters and sunset cruises. Summer classes have been arranged for the kids. They have also organized classes on weekdays and weekends. Their professional trainers are also abilities that are competing for the other institutions of New York City.

They will teach their customers, best sailing abilities, and work for their lagging abilities in which they need to be good at. They also offer certifications from the American sailing school association if you want to get a certificate in sailing. They have professional instructors and equipment that may help anyone to learn in a faster direction. Open 7 Days a week.

Sail Long Island

Their American sailing school association is located in the North Fork in the Green port in New York City. This school is for both of the sailors if you are a beginner, or you are professional sailors. In both categories they have the best sailing professionals to teach according to what you want to do and in which portions your ability is lagging, they will show you and make you feel good at your sailing abilities. 

As they are affiliated with the American sailing school association, they will give you different types of certification if that is your goal. Their location is between the best sailing locations in New York; you will get a cha\nce to learn more about sailing due to their preferred locations. You can also rent out their boats and travel with them according to your likeliness of region.

This famous sailing school offers courses which they offered to their worthy customers are Women courses, couple courses, weekday and weekend courses, sunset and racing cruises, and sail trim cruises. You can join one of them according to what you need to be good at or to be assumed from different courses.   

Their hours of operation are

  • Friday 4pm-9pm
  • Saturday 9 am-7 pm
  • Sunday 9am-7:30pm

Sail Montauk, Famous Sailing School in NYC

It is an ASA accredited school which different courses of sailing in their school in the lake Montauk and Block Island. They provide greater opportunity for the beginners and guide the professional sailor about their mistakes. They also guide children about their interest in sailing.

This best sailing school offers a better chance to excel in your career in the field of sailing in the blue waters of beautiful lakes of New York. They give you fine-tuning in the field of sailing. 

Their customers have given them a very positive review. They offer different courses, such as private, corporate, weekend weekday courses. They also offer summer classes for the kids of New York and the neighboring area. They also provide day sail charters, sunset cruises, and racing cruises.

American sailing school association has applauded them on their work in the field of sailing. They charge a very nominal rate to their and offer a very handsome dealings. They also offer two certification which are: ASA 101, Basic Keelboat Sailing and ASA 111, Sailing Review.

If anyone has an interest in doing certification, he or she can join these certifications. They are just a call away from your query and confusion. Their trainers are licensed from the American sailing association. They offer private lessons, and kids sail camp. 

They are available seven days a week, and their timings are 9 am-8 pm. 

Atlantic yachting, Best Sailing Lessons in NYC

This is located on the upper side of Manhattan, and their trainers are very cool and cooperative. They create love for sailing in the hearts of their students and allow them to show a hopeful spark. They offer courses in which you can learn more and get it hand on hand. Their beginners’ course has allowed you to sail the boat in waters of New York, and they also offer different certifications from the sailing association. 

They have very many courses for the youth and offer them a variety of programs to learn sailing in a very short period of time and kick their career in the field of sailing. They also offer a chance for young sailors to get away with J24 in the Hudson River, and to take full control of that river, that is really an awesome feeling. They also offer American sailing school certification in the field of keelboat sailing and coastal cruising. They have a very much conducive environment in their schooling. 

The courses that they offer are private, weekend, and corporate courses. They have arranged summer classes of children under the kind supervision of the professional trainers. They also offer some challenges that have been offered by the sailing school association. You can also join them in the form of groups with the colleagues of your company or area where you are living. 

 They are just called away from any type of confusion or query. They are available seven days a week from 9 am- 11 pm.

New York sailing center

They offer a wide range of courses from basic level to an efficient level. If you want to start from scratch or you want to take a quick review of the whole system, that means you want to revise your learning, then all these cases this school is for you. You definitely make a visit to their arrangements and get to know how well their trainers are training their students. You have to go there, their behavior and customer care will tell you that you are in the right place.

 This famous sailing school offers you training in the city island that is the finest and best place to sail in. You must have to visit the school before getting attached to it. If you are a beginner then after some courses they will allow you to sail in the waters and you will enjoy your journey with them, and you will come to know that you should come here before now.

You will have a great fun time there, and there will be no wastage of time and money there. They also rent out their boats for their customers to sail in the waters.

 Their history and reviews of their customers are telling you that they have done a very good work in this field and you have to visit this before joining them. They will value your arrival there and guide you according to what you want to do. They also offer different certifications from the American sailing association in Keelboat sailing, coastal cruising, bareboat cruising, radar endorsement, and coastal navigation.

 If you have any questions in your mind, you can easily ask them through FAQs, email, website, or just a phone call. They offer a lot of courses such as couple, youth, private, weekday, weekend, and corporate team courses. They have also offered American sailing association challenges. Like all other schools, they also arrange summer classes for children.

They are also available for vacation charters. They also offer different cruises such as sunset, sailboat, racing, sail trim, and spinnaker cruises.  

SOUL Sailing

They believe that any person at any stage of learning and age can come there to learn about sailing. They will expose to you about very basic concepts and teach you by a team of professional trainers from there you can get a wonderful experience and will learn a lot about sailing in the warm waters of the Green Island. They will teach according to your learning ability. 

They will not generalize all the courses for everyone but will formulate courses according to everyone’s needs and demands. Everyone has not the same ability to learn and understand. They will get familiar with your understanding of sailing and will teach you according to that. This school will teach you what you want to learn and in what direction you want to learn.  It is one of the best sailing schools in NYC.

Their leading instructor is MR. Dave Jenkins has the best in teaching sailing. He has started his career as a sailor on a very small boat, but now he has trained a lot of people under his kind supervision. He was a trainer of many trainers, and his work is loveable along New York City. He has perfect in his work and trained many of his students who gave a very positive response about him and worked according to the need of the students.  

This famous spot for sailing lessons also offer different certifications of American sailing associations, which are bareboat cruising, coastal navigation, and sailing review. They also offer different courses such as women courses, couple courses, private courses, and weekday and weekend courses. They also offer courses for the corporate teams. If you have any confusion, you can contact them by phone call or email. Their response time is very good. 

Croton Sailing School

If you are a professional sailor or a beginner, you can join them in a very way. No documentation and formalities are required. Their unique location gives you the chance to learn more about sailing and become an experienced sailor. They provide you an opportunity to learn in a conducive environment and excel your skills in a positive direction. They will teach you difficult techniques in a very simple manner. 

They have twenty years of experience in the field of sailing. They have made this school with the philosophy of patience, not pressure. They give you very simple instructions to learn about sailing. Mr. Steve Jennings was the founder of this school, and most of the time is spent on the boats by learning with expert sailors. This school has very vast experience in this field, and they allow racing on the Hudson River, which gives you a better chance to excel in the field of sailing.

 They give different certifications in the keelboat sailing, coastal cruising, and bareboat cruising and coastal navigation. They offer different courses such as private courses, weekday courses, weekend courses, corporate team building courses, and they also offer day sail charters. They also offer different challenges to the American sailing association. They have also arranged classes for the kids in the summer. They also offer sailing gifts, sailing lessons, and youth camps for the youth of the region. 

They have a very positive view of the general public. Their response time is very good. Their customers are satisfied with their behavior. They are just a call away from your query or confusion. You can contact them through email or phone call. Their working hours are 9 am-5 pm.

Griffin Sailing School

They provide you a chance to sail in the Hudson River. They have a variety of equipment to learn about, and their instructors are very well informed of their work. Definitely, you will love to be a part of this wonderful school and get a chance to learn an enjoyable experience of sailing. They have one instructor for every three students in this school. This ratio is considered to be the best in sailing schools.

Their instructors are very trained and taught in a very short span of time about basic concepts of sailing. You are cruiser, racer, or a beginner, and they will provide you the concepts and classes according to what you want. They will teach you how to sail softly and comfortably. They have a three-day beginners’ course that will lead you to sail in the waters. They offer you classes from May 1- October 15; you can visit them on any day except Thursday. 

They are also prepared for small rainfalls, they don’t disturb them too much. They offer different certificates of American sailing associations such as keelboat sailing, basic coastal sailing, bareboat sailing, coastal navigation, advanced coastal cruising, cruising catamaran, and docking endorsement. 

They offer different courses such as women, couple, private, weekday, weekend, corporate team building, and many others. They also offer different challenges of the American sailing association and day sail charters. They also offer vacation charters. They also offer different cruises such as sunset, sailboat, racing, sail trim, and spinnaker courses.

Sail Ontario

They will provide you basic skills of sailing by giving more time on the sailing boat. You will able to learn a lot of things and there and get to know about basic nature concepts out of it. They will put you on the boats within the minutes of the start, of course, under the surveillance of trained experts that are considered best in the whole New York City. You will excel in your career with them and learn a lot of things out of it. 

You will not be facing boring lectures and hectic routines there. You will enjoy your journey with them and learn a lot of things from them that will help you in your journey of sailing. You will become an expert in sailing after getting their training. They have a wide variety of boats for all customers, from beginners to experts. They allow different certifications from the American sailing association like other schools out there. 

They offer different courses such as couple courses, private courses, weekday courses, weekend courses, daysail charters, and sunset cruises. You can contact them by email or phone call. 

Here is the complete summary of the best sailing school in New York City. You can get any information from it which is required for you. These are the best schools that will give you a sense of relief to you and easy contact to all the schools from here.  

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