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The 6 Best Places for Cryotherapy in New York City

Best Places for Cryotherapy in New York City

Cryotherapy is the best solution for pain, swelling, and soreness for the athletes and everyone. Cryotherapy can treat acne, pimples, muscle pain, inflammation, headaches, and migraines. Cryotherapy helps to tights your skin, reduces wrinkles, and gives you deeper and calm sleep. It is also used for weight control, benign lesions, and increases muscle strength.

In this article, we have added 6 of these famous Spas for Cryotherapy in NYC.

Cryotherapy is used for skin care treatment and also used to prevent muscle pain and relieve swelling after surgery. This is the treatment in which we apply ice packs on the affected area and even an ice bath. Cryotherapy helps to heal swollen muscles and joints. 

The 6 Best Places for Cryotherapy in New York City

New York is the biggest city that has many cryotherapy places that work for the community according to the daily needs of people. Everyone wants to stay healthy and fit; specifically, women want to become beautiful. For this purpose, they join Jim and medical spas.

Here is the list of all best places of cryotherapy in New York City

Best Places for Cryotherapy in NYC Address Experience
Cryotherapy Spa Brooklyn 2606 E16th Str, Brooklyn, NY 11235, United States This medical spa has awesome staff and gives very affordable and cheap packages to their users. The staff and high-quality products help to look younger and pretty.
Soul Recovery


231C Bedford Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11211

This spa gives free Wi-Fi to their users and offer special packages for their members. It accepts credit cards and also gives gender-neutral rooms.  
Advanced Cryo NYC


Serving New York Area

132 Crosby St
Fl 8 New York, NY

This gives free Wi-Fi to their clients and has amazing professional that can deal with the client in a better way. This center also provides vitamin drip to helps the client to heal inside.
Chill Space


124 E 40th St Ste 603, Manhattan, New York, NY


This is a unique and best spa for the people of new york, which gives you innovative therapies and uses the latest technology in treatment.


Quick Cryo



Serving New York Area

271 Church St New York, NY 


This is the premier luxury cryotherapy spa of New York City. It offers free Wi-Fi to their clients and also gives the facility of gender-neutral rooms. It gives 1 free session of oxygen bar to clients.



Serving New York Area

200 W 57th St
Ste 308, New York, NY


This spa offers free Wi-Fi to clients. This spa has the best professionals. Erin is the best and attentive manager ever.

Cryotherapy Spa Brooklyn

This is located in Brooklyn, New York City. The timing of this cryotherapy place is 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday. This center is closed on Sunday and Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday timings differ from 10 am to 7 pm. The therapist and technicians are fantastic. The price is more suitable for people to have cryotherapy.

This spa offers fusion and vela shape, cryotherapy, which gives you a benefit for the whole body. This spa provides you many treatment plans to fulfill your basic needs regarding your beauty and health. This medical spa gives you many treatments with different packages. The one treatment is Velashape technology, which helps to reduce weight. This technique helps to burn your fat and heat fat cells.

This technique also involves technology, bi-polar radio frequencies with vacuum stimulation to diminish fat cells. The other treatment, which includes is cryotherapy facial treatment; this treatment gives you unique facial therapy and cryotherapy. We use the best quality products, and certified staff helps to provide you with a younger look.

The packages are different according to session and treatment, but all packages are affordable for users. The package ranges of this cryotherapy center are from $70 to $550. The face cleansing package of 1 session is $70. The full-body cryotherapy of a single course is $50.

Upperparts of body and face cryotherapy with single session is $50. Full-body cryotherapy with five sessions is $325. Package with ten sessions of full body is for $550. Package with five courses of the upper body and face cryotherapy is for $325 and with ten sessions is $550. Fusion facial treatment of 1 session is for $145. Body contouring, face slimming, and neck with single session is for $70. Advanced body contouring and cellulite reduction with a single session are fir $130. These are all packages that this spa offers to its users.

Soul Recovery

Soul recovery is one of the best, clean, and efficient for cryotherapy. It is located in Brooklyn, New York City. This spa accepts credit cards and gives free wi-fi to its users and also has gender-neutral rooms. The timing of soul recovery from Monday to Friday is 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and Saturday Sunday timing is changed from 10:0am is to 6:00 pm. The packages and sessions are best for their users. The staffs are amazing and experienced.

It gives you many a package according to the treatment and session. The whole body cryotherapy with a single session is for $ 75, with 5 sessions is for $325 and with ten sessions is for $550, and if you have a membership of this spa, then we give you a special offer, one session per week is $199 in a month. The second unlimited monthly session is for $399.

The second package is local cryo with single course of 12 minutes is $45, with five sessions $200 and with ten sessions is for $350, we offer membership with one session of local cryo per week $149 in a month, and unlimited monthly local cryo sessions is for $299. The third package is Infrared bed with a single course of 15 minutes is $75, 5 sessions of this package is for $325, 10 sessions of infrared bed is fir $550. For membership, one session per week is for $199 in a month. Unlimited monthly sessions are for $399.

Fourth package is Float with a single session of 60 minutes is $95, with five sessions is $425; with10 session is for $750. Fifth package Compression, which includes one session of 30 minutes, is for $30, with five sessions is for $135, and with ten sessions is for $250.

The sixth package is Nucalm sleep which includes one session of 20 minutes is for $35, with session this package will be for $160 and 10 sessions is for $300. The seventh package is Oxygen bar with one session of 20 minutes, is for $25, with five sessions is for $115, and with ten sessions is for $200. The last package is Bio changer with one session is for $35, with five sessions is for $160, and with ten-session of the Bio, the changer is $300.

Advanced Cryotherapy NYC

It is located in New York City. The timing of this treatment center is 8:00 am to 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday, Saturday timing is 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, and Sunday timing is 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. It gives you free Wi-Fi and accepts credit cards. It provides you also gender-neutral restrooms. Inessa K is the business owner of advanced cryotherapy NYC. Our therapist and professionals provide you top quality treatment and beauty services, which include cryo, local cryo, cryo facial, and Iv, and all treatments are according to the client’s budget and desires. The client’s wellness, beauty, and health are our first top priorities.

We give you more facial treatment with different packages. Our first package for whole body cryotherapy with one session is $50, with three sessions is $135, with five sessions is $215, with ten sessions is for $395 and with 20 sessions is for $599. In whole body cryotherapy, we give your recovery and minimize muscle pain, especially those people who are in sports. It is mostly used to fight with any inflammation, which can cause further diseases.

It is also used for those people who want to reduce weight and tighter and healthier skin. The second package is fir cryo facial with one session is for $29, with three sessions is for $79, with five sessions the package cost is for $129, and with ten sessions, the package cost is $239. Cryo facial is used to keep your skin younger and healthier. Cryo facial helps to reduce aging signs, wrinkles, fine lines, and blemishes due to the use of low-quality products.

We also offer local cryo, which helps to treat isolated areas and joint pains. It treats aches of back, knees, elbows, shoulders, and other parts like that. This center offers micronutrient therapy, which manages the problems regarding lack of vitamin and hydration. This therapy increases blood circulation and reduces signs of growing age.

Chill Space, Best Place for Cryotherapy in New York City

This is located in New York City since 2016. The owner of this spa is Dr. Josh Kantor, who is practicing for 20 years. Dr. Kantor is the founder of chill space, and he is a certified Nutritionist. This spa provides free Wi-Fi to its clients and offers military discounts and gives gender-neutral restrooms, which are soundproof. The timing of this treating center is 10:00 am to 9:30 pm from Monday to Sunday.

This center offers seven day working. Chill space offers Floatation, cryo-sauna, and infrared. Our purpose is to relieve from everyday causes of diseases, such as inflammation, anxiety, and toxic. The therapists are more experienced and provide a simple way to get balance and relaxation and free from aches and pain.

We offer infrared sauna per week, which gives you stress management. The regular base cryotherapy sessions help their client to reduce muscle pain and relieve swelling. With our uncomplicated and beneficial Cryofacial, provide smooth fine lines, reduce wrinkles, and improve your skin condition.

It gives you sound private proof rooms which are quietest place that gives you calm and relaxation. This medical and wellness spa is established on the base of technology and science, which improves your health, skin, and makes you feel good.

We offer Led red light facial, which gives you energy. This treats your acne, pimples wrinkles, blemishes, and gives you a better skin tone. Cryofacial gives you smooth fine lines, and refuse migraine and headaches. In cryo facial, we apply CO2 on the face neck and scalp.

Routine treatment can brighten and tight your skin and relieve from anti-aging and improve your whole complexion. We also offer cryo-sauna in which we are using high and modern technology, in which we used temperature -220 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 minutes. It reduces the temperature of your skin, relaxes muscles, and produces endorphins.

This spa gives you cheap and low-cost packages with high quality and best treatment. It gives you a discount when having two or more two services. We give you 15% off with combined two services and provide 20% off on combined three services and gives you 25% apart on combined four services.

This cryotherapy therapy center offers many affordable packages to their users. We offer clear light Infrared sauna room1 with a single session is $65 and with five sessions is $300 and saves $25. Infrared sauna with ten sessions is $550 and saves $100. We offer the second treatment of Vitalhealth infrared sauna, room 2, which prices are the same with infrared sauna room 1.

We provide the third treatment of cryotherapy with a single session is $85, and the cost with five sessions of this treatment is $375, and with ten-session price will be $70. We offer our next treatment is a sensory deprivation tank with a single session is $105, with five session price is $475 and with ten float tank session price is $900.

Sensory deprivation tank treatment is most costly from other therapies. Our cryo facial single session is $55, with five sessions is $250 and with ten sessions is $450. Our red light facial with one pack is $55, with five packs is $250, and with ten pack treatment is $450. Chill space glow with one pack is $95, with three packs is $210, 5 packs is $450, and 10 packs is $850.

Quick Cryo

It is the first luxury cryo in New York City, established in 2017. Joe Hoekman is the business owner of this spa. He is fascinated with the new world cryotherapy and has a great passion for health and fitness. He designed a luxury cryo spa for the busiest people in New York. The people want to refresh their body, mind, and soul most quickly. The timing of this spa from Tuesday to Friday is 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, Monday is closed, and Saturday timing is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm; Sunday timing is 9:00 -4:00 pm. Our priority is beauty, health, and whole-body wellness. The whole body wellness leads to weight loss, improve your skin, and make you a younger look.

Three minutes of whole-body cryotherapy sessions at this spa burn 500 to 800 calories. The one hour at the gym helps to burn many calories. Three months of this therapy will give you a significant difference from before and after.

The beauty session at this Quick spa helps a lot to reproduce cells of your skin, reduce the inflammation, and make your skin younger, tighter, and beautiful. This spa provides benefits to people to have strong muscles and diminish inflammation. Through this, people feel younger within three minutes.

This spa provides many different, credible, and valid services to the people of New York City. It gives one free session of oxygen bar for mew people. It provides many affordable packages with different services. The whole body cryotherapy with a single session is $85, with three packs of entire body cryo is $75/each, with ten pack is $65/each, with 20 packages is $60/each.

The local cryo facial with a single session is $50, with three packs is $47.50 each, with five packs is $45 each, with ten packs is $42.50 each, with 20 packs each session is $40. In local cry facial, we offer treatment to recover from inflammation and pain on targeted spots speedily.

We apply the cold air of cryogenically -160 degree on skin and face that air helps to increase metabolism rate and flow of blood, this air use four times and reduce wrinkles, black complexion, and promote tone of your skin. Quick slim cryo-sculpting is another service provided by Quick cryo. This service package for one session is $350, and 5 sessions of this service is $1500. This cryo-sculpting helps to break fat cells, reduce the fat of your body without any side effects. These are the 20 to 30-minute treatment sessions that burn your fat cells and give you a smooth shape.

This treatment is not including any exercise and diet control. The other service is compression with one session price is $30 of 30 minutes, with 60-minute session price is $50, 3 packs of those sessions the price will be $27 each, with 5 packages the cost of each session is $26, with ten packages the price of each session will be $25. The compression of the lymph and blood circulation system will reduce swelling, inflammation, and soreness, and it will also tighten and slim your muscles and your skin too.

The other package for oxygen bar with the 10-minute session the price is $20, and with a 20-minute session, the price is $35. The next package for cryo hack solution of the 3-month program, the amount of this package is $2250.

This advanced technological spa provides special offers to its members. It gives a special discount for whole body cryotherapy and local cryotherapy, which have three packages one is the silver package. Silver package includes 2 credits per week is $200, Gold package consists of four credits per week is $300, platinum package consists of six credits per week is $400, the platinum package gives 10% off to all services and all products.


It is another medical spa in New York City. The timing of this spa from Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is 8:00 to 7:00 pm. Tuesday and Thursday timings are different from those 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Saturday timing is very short that is different from other days, which is 12:00 am to 5:00 pm. Sunday is a close day. This cryotherapy center accepts both cash and credit cards from clients. It gives facility to clients of parking the bikes. It offers free wi-fi to users and provides facility of wheelchairs.

The appointment is a must for any service such as whole body cryotherapy, face cryo, and all others you want or need. This spa provides its services to everyone, such as young, old, male, and female. This medical spa also offers neutral restrooms for males and females. This spa does not accept the insurance of anyone.

This spa gives many facilities to clients who help them to choose this spa easily without any risk about their skin and body. This spa has the best, experienced, and certified therapist and professionals.  This spa offers solutions to the problems of clients related to weak muscles, overweight, and also to your skin. The professional also give free guide and consultation to clients about their any issue.

This spa provides a discount and offers many affordable packages to clients. It is located in the heart of Manhattan cryotherapy luxury spa, which offers infrared LED light therapy, IV vitamin therapy, Body sculpting, and skin tightening. Erin is an attentive, kind, honest, and experienced manager. The staff are experienced, friendly, and competent consultants.

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