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Best Horse Riding Schools in New York City

Best Horse Riding Schools in New York City

Horse riding is a game and source of fun and pleasure for New Yorkers. People of all ages are involved in horse riding. No doubt, it is an entertaining activity, but mastering it is not easy. Age, sex, and background do not affect the ability of horse riding. I enjoy horse riding and I live in NYC.

Horse riding gives you the physical and psychological advantages. It makes healthy and strong your arm and leg muscles. Riding on a horse will clean out all stress.

Experienced riders have their well-trained horse and essential riding stuff. You must have to join a horse riding school to become an experienced rider. The school will provide you a well-trained horse and necessary tools for training. After getting proper training, you will become a more confident and expert rider.

Before getting admission, you have to choose a riding school, check it out, visit it and get all the necessary information. If you cannot go, you have to call the instructor and tell him about your physique and experience.

Best Horse Riding Schools in New York City

Below is the comparison chart for the famous horse riding schools that are located within NYC.

New York’s warmer season is a splendid period to enjoy the nature and best to ride on a horse on lush green tracks, City coastlines and water channels in parks. You can make your experience most excellent if you get admission to the following schools. Students will learn about the basics, technical skills and can enjoy your lessons.

Best Horse Riding Schools in NYC Address Experience
Jamaica Bay 1 Ward’s Island Bridge, New York, NY 10035, With the best session of riding classes, Jamaica bay also have summer camps and boarding facility
GallopNYC 80-98 Linden Blvd, Howard Beach, NY 11414  Providing recreational riding, horse education, and coaching with horses to disabled students.
Kensington stables 51 Caton Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11218  Famous due to Prospect Park, which has a woodland area and a freshwater lake. Pony rides session for children’s is also its uniqueness
Boulder brook equestrian center  291 Mamaroneck Rd, Scarsdale, NY 10583 This center is famous for its Equine Education Program and ride and cheese program. A leasing facility is also available
NYC riding academy Manhattan Randall’s island park New York City, New York 10035 Provide lessons about English and western styles of riding with barn maintenance, tacking, and grooming.


South Horse Stables Stratford stables, 120 cottage Ave, Purchase, NY 10577 Famous for its smart pony rides, highly trained competitors.
Saddle River Equestrian 300 Red Schoolhouse Rd, chestnut ridge, NY 10977 Horse leasing and after schools program and also offers horse showing and sales
Flying Manes Therapeutic Riding 6100 Mosholu Ave, the Bronx, NY 10471. Provide therapeutic riding classes and horsemanship lessons
Thomas school of horsemanship 250 Round Swamp Rd, Melville, 11747 NY Experience for all skill levels.
Gold Coat Equestrian 62 Hegeman’s Ln, Old Brookville, NY 11545 For children, it offers a pony ride program and fun riding lessons. Also, have a boarding facility

As New York is the best place for living, it has the best school for learning about horse riding.

There is a list of riding schools, which are providing horse-riding education at different places with different levels of education.

Jamaica Bay Riding Academy

It is a family maintained horse-riding academy since 1972. This academy, just like a park, covers over 400 acres of lush green ground, and also three miles’ area for the horse riders is fixed.

Jamaica Bay is providing a full services faculty and providing you a lot for learning like horse riding lessons, hiring of horses, horse shows, horse hunting, therapeutic riding, summer base camps, and many more.

The services that they are providing include laundry services, a supply of nutrition, and medicine. Grooming services, sheets, and blankets will provide. They feel pride in the services that they are offering and treat their customers in the best way.

Hours of working for Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday are 10:00 to 5:00 and Tuesday /Thursday timings are 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, and for Saturday/Sunday/holiday timing is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. The horse riding academy remains closed for holidays like New year’s day, Christmas Day, 4th July, Easter Sunday, and Thanksgiving Day.

For private guided, ride cost is 75$, lesson timing is approximately 50 minutes. The age for this program is eight years or more. For pony ride, the cost of five laps is 25$, and this ride is for 7-year-old students for youngers.

For 50 minutes’ private lessons, the riding cost is 98$ for the age of 4 years’ children and above. 25-minute private lesson fee is 55$ for 13 years and older students. Private lessons for children up to the age of 12 years’ lesson fee is 50$.

Trainer’s names are Jane Dacosta, Maria Danza, Serafino Danza, Jessica Longo, Ellen K. To spend a hot summer, Jamaica academy is providing excellent facilities for both boys and girls, and the age range is from 5 years to 15 years.

Activities include riding instruction lessons, concern for horses, horse care sessions, and horsemanship, guided instructional rides and beach riding lessons, and many considerable courses. Summer camp consists of 5 sessions. This academy is also providing boarding facilities. The Boarding facilities include horse care with feeding five times in a day.

GallopNYC, Best Horseback Riding Lessons in New York City

GallopNYC is a center of therapeutic horsemanship programs. Six hundred eighty-six students are getting riding lessons in a week. Their mission is to help the riders that have disabilities in walking and talking. They teach their students how to enjoy an independent life.

Highly talented staff and Teachers will motivate and passionate you to set your career. Following is the detail of the courses that are carrying here. They are providing recreational riding lessons like private and group lessons to the community.

Lesson places are sun stables, forest places, and hills. Sunrise stable is an outdoor place having a significant ground with grazing corrals while forest hill is an indoor place, which consists of the reception area, riding position, and tack room. Forest hills group lessons cost is 55$, and the time range is from 30 to 60 minutes for private and group lessons.

The cost range is 50$ to 80$ in Sunrise stables horse for individual students and groups, and the time range is 30 to 60 minutes. Horse education is free for the public. First, come and first learn the riding lesson. A horse will be given to you and then provide a riding lesson.

This session is only for children. The classes for this program are conducting at two places one is the prospect park, and the other is sunrise stables. The session timing is from April to June and September to November.

In the coaching with horse program, you will work with your horse. You will create a team and relation with your horse. If you have no current knowledge about the horse, it does not matter. You will attend a traditional workshop with horses, develop settings and exercises, and receive actionable consequences.

Kensington Stables, Famous Horse Riding School in NYC

It is located in the Prospect Park area and providing pleasant reasonable, and manageable riding classes to New Yorkers. Staff of the Kensington stable is amiable and highly skilled and guide you in such a way that you will achieve your goal.

Names of the instructors are Walker, Zoe, Barbara, Anna, Bill, and Brain. The instructor will guide you about your horse, ride, and provide you the trail lessons. They deliver experiences to both grownups and children. The place for lessons is Prospect Park, in 40 ft. Small arena.

The lesson cost is different for different courses as the private lesson cost is 68$ for one hour, and the group lesson cost is 58$ for one hour. Make your reservation in advance. Kensington sables is famous for its Pony rides session. Children develop a close relationship with their favorite horses and daily get horseback riding, grooming and tacking lessons, and horse management lessons.

You must have to carry proper dressings and helmet. Another program, horsemanship for teens, will focus on the children of age 12 to 18 years. In this training course, the riding, care of the hoses, and teaching are under consideration.

Boulder brook equestrian center

This center is working for more than 90 years and providing affection to both horse and horse lovers. This institute is providing horse and pony ride lessons to children of all ages and adults. This center is a place of horse boarding.

This center is consists of horse space sublet, indoor and outdoor rings, and extensive grounds for practice. The head of the staff is Audrey Feldman, who is providing support and training to be students. Other members of the team are Kat Fish, Dina Surace, and Courtney Clark. The primary purpose of the staff is providing a friendly and pleasant environment for their customers.

Children can take both private and group lessons after attending school and at weekends. Pony ride lesson is for the age of 4-year children, and other readings are for 6-year children’s and ups. Adults can enjoy their experiences in daytime or evening hours.

If you are taking a single person lesson, then one of the four instructors will be with you. After this, you will attend the group lessons. For the half-hour and 45-minute group class, the lesson cost is 95$. You have to reserve your seat for a session in booking. It is the best center for leasing and boarding of horses. Some people want shared leases, and some want a full-time contract.

People fix horses for their selves like for shared rent; people ride a horse to take a jumping lesson, flat, and hack experience. In full-time lease lessons, people fix a horse for a long time, like one year, to enjoy ownership. Some students take part in different shows, show off their talent, and get scores.

You can go camping here and can enjoy the day programs. During camping, you will receive riding and horse care instructions. For half-hour and 45-minute private classes, the total cost is 85$.

NYC Riding Academy

Dr. George E Blair is the founder and president of the New York City riding academy. This academy was come into existence 32 years ago. This academy is working for full time and part-time volunteers. Two types of programs are conducting here one is the horseback riding program, and the other is the children’s summer camp program.

The New York Academy promotes learning and horse maintenance. They instill a sense of courage in children and build trust in students so that they carry skills with a lot of passion. Children, young, old, and students of all levels can come here. Students in the form of groups and individuals sessions can learn both western and English styles.

It is not for profit institute because it is running on the donations of people and due to volunteer efforts. The opening time of this institute is from April to November. The primary purpose of this academy is to enrich and improve the community.

South Horse stables

It is an excellent place for horses and riders. The staff is amicable and take good care of horses. The staff is very knowledgeable and has an approach to every student. This institute improves riding skills and builds self-confidence and develops connections with horses.

This horse riding school is providing private and group lessons for all levels. They are offering both individual and semi-private classes with highly skilled staff and trained horses. They welcome all students, either they are beginners or good challengers. They provide lessons on smart pony rides for children age three to six years.

They teach them how to maintain balance and control during trip George Ventricelli is a National Champion and instructor and best trainer. His students that get training under this school take part in the Olympic Games. He is also a National Dressage Champion.

He also trains their students about barn management. People join this school for different purposes like for competition, training, happiness. Whatever your goal, they will provide you the horse that suits you. The course price changes according to the session. For an hour lesson, the course cost is 450$ for four sessions, and eight sessions is 800$. For a one-hour single experience, the price is 75$, and the cost for smart pony rides is 50$.

Saddle River Equestrian

This school offers lessons for all age riders from starters to advanced riders to competitors and advanced riders. The school will teach you about the stable management, grooming, braiding, tacking and untacking of horses. This school is providing two types of services to your horse one is the groom service board, and the other is the full-service board.

Ten lessons, the cost is 600$. For half an hour, the private lesson cost is 65$. They are providing the facility of specialization in training and education. This school produces the right combination of individual and horse.

A tack shop, the other name of which is the little saddler, situated on the saddle river. This tack shop provides you all the necessary supplies for ride and equine fitness. There is the facility of summer camp for all ages. First, the campers learn about the safety of their selves and their horses.

Then they get information’s about various equipment. In the last, they get Instructions about the lead, groom, and bridle of the horse. Students can also enjoy the games, arts and crafts, and indoor and outdoor activities. During camp students, receive a one-hour class of instruction in a day.

Students have to come with proper dress and low heel shoes with a safety helmet. There is also an after-school program for spring and fall session. This horse riding service runs every Friday. The cost for this program is 125$ for one sitting, and for ten sessions, the price is 1000$. They encourage and train their students to join the IEA team, which provides the level of playing to all riders to show their abilities.

Flying Manes Therapeutic Riding

It is a charitable organization to offer therapeutic benefits to people and connect the people of the community. This organization encourages people to fight with emotional challenges. Two friends Jack and Bess in 2009, founded the school.

Students of all ages can get therapeutic riding benefits and also gain physical and emotional health benefits. Children and adults both can get therapeutic riding benefits.

Students gain PATH instructions, and then they improve their coordination with horses. They not only learn about horsemanship but also maintain excellent physical strength, courage, confidence, and social skills. Students get lessons in the form of groups, and groups are according to their ability, age, and picking level.

Lesson timing is from half-hour to a complete hour. This institute provide PATH instructors and also speech therapist so that students can get maximum benefits of the riding and horsemanship. Students can also take part in horse-related games.

This horse riding school provides a best, safe, and enjoyable environment so that the students can face all the challenges of riding and life. There is also the facility of summer camp, during which the students get instructions of mounted and unmounted horsemanship, grooming, and tacking.

The summer camp is only for one week. Persons who want to join the organization should follow the eligibility criteria and fulfill the applications. You have to pay 30% and other cost covers by the donation if you are a needed person.

Thomas school of horsemanship

This horse riding school is working form for 75 years. Some people call this school their second home. After getting admission, students learn about responsibilities, sympathy, and tolerance.

Student strengthen himself or herself physically. When a person works with another living thing, he becomes caring and sympathetic. Your child develops confidence.

Students become more creative and advanced. This school allows your children to get a pleasant and highly enjoyable experience. Adults and children of all ages, from beginners to competitors can join weekly and several days’ lessons.

Students can also take additional private lessons and extra riding time. Beginners can enjoy a unique experience here. The staff of the school is very spectacular. The name of the director is Janine Innes Ortiz. Faculty teach the students and provide support to them. They develop confidence and increase their talent. Your child will generate a new sense of team ship and horsemanship.

Gold Coat Equestrian

This equestrian is best for its training programs. They are providing the most extensive area for training. This Equestrian consists of indoor and outdoor arenas and 76 stalls. They are offering lessons from beginners to highly competed riders. Classes are both for children and adults. You can individually get lessons and in the form of groups.

Staff is highly talented and have experience of about 50 years. The lesson timing is from Tuesday to Friday. For private lessons, the cost range is from 75$ to 125$. For three to five year children, the pony ride cost is 40$ to 55$.

For horsemanship lessons, the price is 50$. This equestrian also has the boarding facility to meet the needs of the equestrian. This boarding facility includes the lunging, grooming, tacking, body clipping, and feet cleaning of the horses.

Final words 

Each school is best according to the facilities that they are providing. If you want to be the best rider and competitor, join the riding school. Entering a school will eliminate any fear of horse riding.

When you become an expert horse rider, you will enjoy horse riding physically and mentally. Riding on your horse will become a source of pleasure for you after becoming an expert rider. All this will not be possible until you join a horse riding school.

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