Best Affordable Nail Salons in NYC

Best Affordable Nail Salons in NYC

Best Affordable Nail Salons in NYC

Nail salon is a beauty salon that provides special beauty treatment for nails. These nail salons offer pedicure manicure nail shaping and nail enhancement services. Nail salons offer special nail care like acrylic and fiberglass wraps.

In this article, our editors have explained 7 of these best cheap nail salons in NYC.

Nail salons offer different varieties of pedicure manicures and polish. Some nail salons also offer waxing skin polish facial and other skincare treatments. Nail salons also offer various nail art services. A specialized nail technician is here to suggest a different kind of nail arts.

Nail salons are an excellent source of maintaining the beauty of our nail. In such a busy schedule in a city like New York City, it is challenging for ladies to take care of their beauty. Nail salons are the most natural way to maintain the beauty of nails.

Best Affordable Nail Salons in NYC

New York City has many affordable nail salons at prime locations. These nail salons are very economical and are located at nearby places. Let us explore some popular nail salons with the best services in New York City.

Here is a list of some top-rated nail salons of New York City

Best Affordable Nail Salons in NYC Location Services
Tenoverten nail salon Manhattan Manicure and pedicure
Sweet Lily natural spa 222 west broadway Manicure and pedicure
Akiko nails 135 Eldridge St, NYC Hand polishes and nail arts
Jin soon natural hand-foot spa 37 Walker St, New York, NYC Pedicure manicure and nail arts
Hortus nail works & sugaring 210 Forsyth St, NYC Hand and foot treatment and waxing
Nail couture NYC Manhattan Hand polish and nail arts
Sakura nails and spa New York City Nails spa

Tenoverten nail salon

Tenoverten nail salon is located in many areas in New York City, like lower Manhattan. Tenoverten Nail salon aims to provide an area where you can relax and enjoy services in a comfortable environment. Tenoverten nail salon have customer satisfaction as their priority.

This salon provides quality services and uses nontoxic and healthy products for nail treatment. Tenoverten nail salon also has a shop where we can buy nail polish and nail care kits.

Here are some of the services available at Tenoverten nail salon.


Tenoverten nail salon offers different variety of manicures at a very affordable price. This salon uses high-quality nontoxic products and ingredients for nail care and skin care treatment. The instruments and other stuff used in Manicure are sterile.

Signature manicure is a basic manicure available at this salon. This Manicure includes moisturizing and hand massage. This also provides cuticle care nail sharpening and hand polish. Hand polishes are also available in various brands. This Manicure usually takes half an hour.

Luxe manicure is superior to signature manicure. This Manicure includes hand and nail moisturizing and massage. Luxe manicure also includes cuticle care nail sharpening and hand polish. Luxe manicure offers deep stone massage and deep hydrating cream.

Hatch Mama Manicure is especially for pregnant and postpartum ladies. This Manicure includes a hot stone massage of hands and arms. In this massage, the staff uses nutrient-rich serum baby oil, which helps hydrate and nourish the hands.

Hatch Mama Manicure also includes cuticle care nail sharpening and Tenoverten cruelty-free polish. This Manicure also gives a free five minutes shoulder massage. This whole process almost takes 35 minutes.

Quickie dry Manicure is for those who need immediate nails and hand treatment. This Manicure includes cuticle care nails sharpening and quick dry polish. This Manicure takes 20 minutes.

Kiddie Manicure is for kids of 10 years or below. This is a basic manicure, just like signature Manicure. This includes hands massage cuticle care and chemical-free polish.


Tenoverten nail salon offers a different variety of pedicures.some of them is below

Signature pedicure includes nail shaping cuticle care and foot massage. Signature pedicure also includes heels treatment and callus removing step. This is followed by a polish of your own choice.

Luxe pedicure includes cuticle care hydrating massage of feet and nail shaping. Luxe also includes callus remover and special high-grade polish.

Custom pedicure is an hour-long pedicure. In this pedicure particular coarse filer is used for removing calluses. For softening, a nourishing wrap is applied. This pedicure also includes foot massage cuticle care and nail sharpening. It is one of the best cheap nail salons in NYC.

Hatch Mama pedicure is for pregnant and postpartum ladies. This service includes 10 minutes revitalizing foot massage with Hatch Mama’s Down girl cooling cream. This massage helps in reliving tired and swollen feet. This pedicure also includes nail sharpening cuticle care and polish. Prices are affordable to the majority of the visitors.

Kiddie pedicure is for kids of 10 years or below. This service includes foot massage cuticle care and chemical-free polish.

In addition to pedicure and Manicure, Tenoverten nail salon offers waxing and eye care. In eye care includes eyebrow shaping eyebrow tinting and lash tinting.

Sweet Lily natural spa

Soft lily natural spa located at one of the premier locations of New York City.This natural salon emphasis on quality treatment wellness and relaxation of clients. Sweet lily natural spa uses natural ingredients in which they use fruits, vegetables, and essential oils.

Sweet lily natural spa takes excellent care of cleanliness and provides a comfortable environment to customers. Sweet lily natural spa staff is certified and follow all the protocols while delivering services to customers.

Here are some of the services available at Sweet Lilly natural spa

Lavender cream manicure

Lavender cream manicure first dips your hands in lavender cream soak. Lavender oil soothes dry skin, relieves stress swelling, and it is a natural antiseptic. Tea tree oil and citrus oil condition rough skin and treat the cuticles.

Lavender sugar is an excellent exfoliator. This lavender sugar removes calluses from hands. After this, you can have a deep layer of polish of your own choice. This Manicure not only enhances the beauty of our hands, but it also has the best antiseptic and antifungal properties.

Honey walnut manicure

Honey walnut manicure provides an extra softening effect. This Manicure is best for those who have dry and rough skin. In this Manicure, warm milk and almond oil soak is used to provide soothing effect. Almond oil treat the cuticles and file the nails.

After this honey and walnut mask is applied, honey rehydrates the skin, and walnuts exfoliate the skin. 

Healing hands treatment

This Manicure uses chamomile oil and sea salt soak. This soak treats the cuticle and exfoliates the calluses. Chamomile oil is an excellent reliever of joints pain. Then Khushi,s natural healing balm is here for massage of hands. This balm is a mixture of Shea butter calendula oil and vitamin E.


Sweet and simple pedicure

First of all, the staff use feet in cucumber and peppermint bath. Then they do filing and buffing of nails. Then they condition your feet with Tea tree and citrus oil. Peppermint and other essential oil regulate the circulation of blood.

The staff use sweet lily’s handcrafted scrub for massage. After this, they apply the polish of your own choice is available. This pedicure takes almost 40 minutes. This is one of the best affordable nail salons in NYC.

Orange cypress pedicure

This pedicure uses orange and cypress oil scrub has a softening effect. Cypress Shea butter provides relieves from stress and has a soothing effect. After massaging you can have a polish of your choice.

Honey walnut pedicure

Honey walnut pedicure used warm milk almond oil and rose petal foot bath. This foot bath is used for feet soaking. Then nail technician trim nail and remove calluses. Sweet Lilly moisturizing honey walnut mask provide soothing effect. After this, a coat of polish is applied.

Akiko Nails, Best Nail Salon in NYC

Akiko nails is one of the renowned salons of New York City. This salon provides quality services to the customers. Akiko nails emphasis on using products of high quality. The staff of Akiko nails is specialized in Japanese nail arts.

Akiko nails use high-grade German polishes and other ingredients. This salon provides a comfortable and relaxing environment. The skin products available at Akiko nails are low chemical grade products. These products contain antioxidants and vitamin E.

Here are some of the services available at Akiko nails.

Hand polish

Quick rush hour

Quick rush hour is a short hour polish with few steps. This hand polish provides an instant glow and softening effect. This step includes nail buffing. After this, the staff consists of nail trimming and nail shaping services. They also offer deep hand polish.

Akiko,s Signature

Akiko’s signature hand polish has a hydrating step. In this step, a hydrating bath is used for soaking the hands. This treatment provides nail shaping and sharpening service. A nourishing massage for hands provides from rough and dry skin. This is among the affordable nail salons in NYC.

The New York Deluxe

This hand polish is especially for rough, dry, and tired hands. This hand polish includes hydrating and nourishing hand soak. After this, they use a detox hand mask for detoxifying hands toxins. This polish also includes cuticle care nail trimming and nail sharpening.

Nail arts

Akiko nails also offer unique German nail arts. Akiko nails hire experienced artists who have complete command on different kinds of nail arts. Expert use high-quality nail polishes and colors for nail arts.

Experts also properly guide customers about the type and design of nail arts. Different types of nail arts are as follows.

Simple nail art is an essential nail art in which merely one or two-toned nail color is used. Nail polish of different shade gives a chic look to your nails.

Moderate nail art is a multi-shade nail art with some creative design on nails. This nail art is reasonable and gives your nail an elegant look.

Intricate nail art is a multi-shade nail art with some complex design on nails. Intricate nail art is the most advance nail art and very common these days. Akiko nails provide the best and high-quality colors and ingredients for nail arts.

Jin soon natural hand-foot spa, Affordable Nail Saloon

 Jin, soon natural hand and foot spa, is on the name of famous nail artist jin Soon. In 1999 Jin Soon open her first hand and foot spa in New York City. After getting success in jin introduced her first eponymous nail collection in 2012.

Jin SOON nail polishes are free from harmful toxins and chemicals. They contain high-grade polymer and resin, which give long wear and shiny finish. Jin soon natural hand foot spa also offers varieties of pedicures and manicures.

Jin Soon spa have humble and friendly staff for providing services. Staff is certified and have skill in nail art manicure and pedicure. Jin Soon spa offers a comfortable and relaxing environment to customers.

Here are some of the services available at Jin Soon natural hand foot spa

Hand and foot treatment

Essence of soul

This treatment contains sea salt and essential oil bath. You can choose an essential oil of your choice like lavender oil tea tree oil and peppermint oil. The staff soak your feet and hands in this bath. The sea salt provides an exfoliant effect. The essential oil provides a soothing and moisturizing effect on hands and feet.

This treatment also has a calming effect on your mind and body. This treatment offers nail trimming nail sharpening and buffing. This treatment also has a deep hand and foot polish. This treatment charges $20 for hands and $35 for feet.

The balm of purity 

In this treatment, they soak our hands and feet in vitamin E rich moisturizer. This moisturizer deeply cleans your hands and feet. This step retreat your dry and rough skin. This step also helps in softening the calluses.

After this, the essential oil is here for massage. Different varieties of essential oil is available for massage. This treatment also provides cuticle care nail buffing and sharpening.

Flower petal float

This treatment offers a bath full of rose petals and essential rose oil. Soak your hands and feet for a soothing and calming effect. This bath repair scaly and dry skin. After this, the expert use aloe Vera massage. This massage reenergizes your skin and gives it a shiny glow.

Summer oasis

This treatment provides a dip bath full of cucumber slices mint leaves and essential peppermint oil. This bath thoroughly treats dry and patchy skin. Cucumber contains a hydrating effect on the surface. Peppermint oil provides soothing and moisturizing effect on your skin.

After bathing of hands and feet, they use cucumber slices for massaging and calluses removal. They use a refreshing lotion for cleansing and revitalizing your skin. This treatment costs $25 for hands and $45 for feet.

Bread of milk and honey

This treatment offers a dipping bath of warm milk. Milk is a natural moisturizer and soothes dry and rough skin. They use honey and sugar scrub for exfoliation of skin. This scrub removes all dead and patchy skin and calluses.

Nail art

Jin, soon natural hand and foot spa, offers different nail arts like simple polish art shellac art and accent nail art. This spa has a highly expert nail artist for nail arts. These experts guide about which type of nail arts is better for you.

Hortus nail works & sugaring, Best Cheap Nail Salon in NYC

Hortus nail works, and sugaring is famous for its natural and organic products. This spa offers all treatments in a comfortable and luxurious environment. It aims to provide quality services to its customers. The products they use are organic.

They provide products having no toxins and chemicals. They ensure the effectiveness of treatment with no side effects. They offer Manicure and pedicure, which is of high quality and provides beautifying and healing effects.

Here are some of the services available at Hortus nail works and sugaring.

The New Yorker

This is an immediate treatment of hands and feet. This service includes nail trimming and shaping. This also provides cuticle care. This treatment costs $15 for hands and $25 for feet.

Luxe Express

This treatment provides a nourishing effect. They use a lotion for deep hydration. This also includes nail shaping and trimming. This also contains calluses removal and a shiny buff. This treatment costs $22 for hands and $38 for feet.

Hortus signature

This treatment only uses products that are organic in origin. They use olive oil for cleansing.Sea salt bath provides a significant detoxifying effect. This treatment also includes a deep massage of hands and feet. They provide cuticle care calluses removal and nail sharpening services.

Healing Lavender

This hand and foot treatment uses essential oil like lavender oil and olive oil. These oils not only moisturize but heal the dry and patchy skin. They use butter for massaging, which soothe the skin and hydrates the skin.

They use a sea salt scrub for exfoliation and removing calluses. This treatment also includes nail trimming cuticle care and a highly shiny buff. This treatment costs $55for hands and $85 for feet.

Little Hortus

This treatment is for kids of 10 years or younger. This treatment includes hands and foot massage cuticle care and nail trimming. This treatment costs $15 for hands and $25 for feet.


Hortus nails works, and sugaring also offers sugaring for safe hair removal. They use sugar paste, which contains natural ingredients. This paste is free from all toxins and chemicals. This paste is hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic.

This process is safe for all body parts. It safely and correctly remove hairs from all body parts. Hortus has a highly expert in delivering this service. This process eliminates hairs deeply from roots. It is among the best cheap nail salons in NYC.

Nail couture NYC

Nail couture NYC is located in midtown Manhattan. The Nail Couture offers a variety of hand and feet treatment. This salon offers nail arts. Customer satisfaction is their priority. They use high-quality ingredients and products for Manicure and pedicure. The products are chemical and toxin-free.

They use high-quality manicure gel to make its effect long-lasting. Nail couture NYC delivers services in a friendly and courteous manner. They have highly trained staff to provide satisfactory service.

Here are some of the services available at Nail couture NYC

Regular polish Manicure includes warm water for dipping hands. This process removes dust and dead skin from hands. After this, a cleansing milk provides moisturization to dull and dry skin. In this Manicure, you can choose the polish of your own choice. This entire process costs $20.

Nail couture NYC offers Japanese gel solid color. This color is long-lasting and has no harmful effects. This Manicure costs$45.This is one of the affordable gel manicures available at Nail couture.

French gel manicure is also available at Nail couture. This gel manicure is gentle on nails and lasts long on nails. This Manicure prevents the gel nails from chipping and cracking. This Manicure $65.

Nail couture also offers hard gel extension at a very affordable price. This salon also provides hard gel acrylic gel Japanese gel removing services. Charges of this removing services is variable depending upon the type of gel.

Nail art services are available at Nail couture NYC. Highly experts are here to deliver the services. These experts also guide the customer about the varieties of nail arts.

Sakura nails and spa

Sakura nail and spa is one of the most renowned nail salon in NYC. 

Sakura nails and spa provides various varieties of pedicures manicures and nail arts. Sakura nails and resort offers a mind relaxing and mood-elevating environment to its customers.

Here are some of the services available at Sakura nails and spa.

Manicure classic

This is a basic manicure, which includes hands, massage, and cleansing. This type of Manicure provides nail trimming nail shaping and nail sharpening. This Manicure soothes your dry and dull skin.

This classic Manicure also includes cuticle care and calluses removing the facility. This Manicure offers you a deep hand polish of your own choice. This Manicure is very affordable and cost-effective. After this, a shiny buff gives a bright glow to the skin.

Paraffin wax manicure

This type of Manicure is somehow different than classic Manicure. This Manicure uses paraffin wax for massaging and cleansing. The soothing effect of paraffin wax restores your hand’s younger looks.

This Manicure includes nail shaping and trimming. Cuticle treatment is also a part of this Manicure. After this, a deep polish which they use to provide sheen and glow to your hands.

Manicure deluxe

This Manicure includes all the steps of classic Manicure except hand steam. The steam deeply rehydrate our skin. This process also provides nail trimming and nail buffing services. They also offer a polish of your choice.

Dip powder

Dip powder is an excellent technique for nail extension. This dip powders use gels and acrylics for nail extension. This process causes our thin nail to become active and allow them to grow. This process provides a protective layer on nails to protect them from further breakage and chipping.

Dip powder has many varieties like 

dip powder overlay, this type doesn’t have any artificial tips.

Dip powder Xtra provides artificial tips and shapes.

Ocean refresh pedicure

Ocean refresh pedicure includes peppermint oil, which has a soothing effect and improves circulation. This treatment consists of a sea salt bath and mud mask and lotions

Vitamin recharge pedicure

This pedicure provides vitamin enrich treatment eg, vitamin C.vItamin C heal dry skin and prevents wrinkling. This pedicure also includes foot massage scrub and mud masque.

Lavender relieves pedicure

This pedicure offers lavender oil treatment, which is naturally antiseptic and antifungal. This helps in rejuvenating the parched skin. This pedicure also has all necessary steps of pedicure eg, foot massage foot scrub, and nourishing lotion.

Lemon quench pedicure

This lemon juice enrich pedicure provides a healing effect to dull skin. Lemon juice is enriched in vitamin C, which provides a natural glow to skin. This pedicure also includes all the necessary steps of basic pedicure.

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